Armor of Fafnir: Blood Armor of the Evil Dragon (悪竜の血鎧
, Akuryū no Chiyoroi
Āmā obu Favunīru
?) is an ability that embodies and re-enacts the legend of Siegfried bathing in dragon-blood from Fafnir, granting him a dragon's body with invulnerability that made all weapons ineffective against him during his life.[3][1] His tall stature, slim body, and darkened skin are all proof of having been soaked in the blood.[4] Having swallowed the blood as well, it circulates throughout his body and affects his organs, later affecting Sieg upon having Saber's heart transplanted into him.[5] Dyed brown with Fafnir's blood and composed of dragon scales, his skin is compared to steel in strength, unable to be wounded by either weapons or magic except with the greatest of attacks.[5] Called invincible in life until struck down by his friend, it caused him to lose the joy of battle because it did not allow him to feel the sensation of struggling against death, his body proofed against any and all attacks, making it possible to slaughter enemies without much thought like simple labor.[5][3]

It is a "continuously active-type Noble Phantasm" that allows for his skin to cancel physical attacks and magic equivalent to B-rank or lower.[3][1] He can directly fight those with B-rank strength like Rider of Red without taking a scratch, although special cases like Lancer of Red's spear can allow damage to go through.[3] It requires attacks of A-rank and above to harm him, but attacks only register as damage only after the defensive values of an amount equal to B-rank are subtracted from them.[1] All A-rank attacks are effectively reduced to E-rank attacks, meaning even qualifying blows directed towards vital points are rendered as minor scratches that can be healed by his Master at a quick rate.[6][3] When facing Noble Phantasms, it gains defensive values equivalent to B+ rank, but the boost will not apply in the attack calculations if the attack is not used by a proper hero or the attack or Skill is imbued with the properties of "Anti-Dragon".[6][1] Furthermore, given a case where he receives a blow while in a state of being purely "defenseless", defensive values also becomes equivalent to B+ rank. And in the case where he takes defensive action with Balmung to match the opponent's Noble Phantasm, the properties of the opposing enemy's Noble Phantasm will be further reduced.[6] Due to this Noble Phantasm, his Magic Resistance Skill has been lost.[1]

Due to a linden leaf sticking to him during the bathing process, he has a leaf-shaped mark upon his back where the blood did not touch that marks his only weakness.[1] His back does not gain defensive values, allowing even the weakest of Servants to kill him by striking him there.[1][3] He has a curse upon him that forces him to always leave his back exposed, preventing him from covering it with armor. Conceptual in nature, it would prevent even something like a spherical barrier from protecting him by opening a hole in the barrier facing his back.[4] Should it be struck even once, it will be extremely difficult to restore him with healing magecraft.[6] Due to his fame, it will become the primary target should his identity be found out by others, causing his Master Gordes to act with as much caution as possible to avoid revealing his identity.[3] Despite this worry over his weakness, there are not many heroes who possess the skill to pull off the difficult maneuver of aiming for his back while fighting him.[4]


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