Arondight: The Unfading Light of the Lake (無毀なる湖光
, Mukinaru Kōkō
?) is a holy sword wielded by Lancelot that is the counterpart of King Arthur's Excalibur. It bears a similar design to that of Excalibur, carved with Fairy Letters to show that it was a Divine Construct not forged by mortal hands. It is a limitless sword capable of receiving any attack without taking damage that shines much like the water of the Lake. It was given only to someone who could be exalted as the "perfect knight", the strongest, bravest and truest knight of an era, which signifies the unrivaled Lancelot out of all those who sat at the Round Table of Camelot. As a Saber, during the time this sword is drawn out, it increases all of Lancelot's parameters by one rank, and due to the legend in which Lancelot slew a dragon, Arondight deals additional damage to Heroic Spirits who have a "dragon" attribute like Artoria.[2]

As a Berserker, the sword has lost its status as a holy sword after Lancelot used it to slay several of his fellow knights who were acting as guards for the execution of Guinevere.[3] His magical energy, filled with his madness and resentment, has dyed the sword pitch-black and caused it to fall to the state of a demonic sword of a mad warrior. It is Lancelot's true Noble Phantasm, which seals For Someone's Glory and Knight of Owner once it is drawn. Similar to his Saber self, it increases all of his parameters by one rank and deals additional damage to dragon-attribute Heroic Spirits. It also has the effect of doubling the success rate of saving throws.[4]

Arondight - OverloadEdit

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« Oath to my King!"
"Reaching the very end, beyond the boundaries. King on the other side, look at this light!"
"Arondight - Overload!! »


Arondight - Overload: Breaking All Restraints - Overloaded Light of the Lake (縛鎖全断・過重湖光
, Baku Kusari Zen Dan Kajū Koukō
Arondaito О̄bārōdo
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Lancelot. Lancelot bestows an overload to the Unbreakable Lake Light, letting the charged magical energy leak out. It is then re-purposed into an attack. This Noble Phantasm is something close to a sword skill, which deliberately refrains from emitting the mana as a slash of light, instead releasing it upon cutting at the target. The blue light of the vast magical energy that overflows from the severed section has been alluded as like a lake.[5]

Because it is not how it should be handled primarily, Lancelot himself comes under an intense burden when using it. In Fate/Grand Order, it is used as a Noble Phantasm towards a single body, but as for its primary usage, it is a Noble Phantasm meant to be used against an opposing army.[2] In Fate/EXTELLA LINK, Lancelot's Berserker counterpart makes use of this attack method.


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