Arthur Pendragon (アーサー・ペンドラゴン, Āsā Pendoragon?), Class Name Saber (セイバー, Seibā?), is a main character of Fate/Prototype. He is the Saber-class Servant of Manaka Sajyou in the First Holy Grail War of Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver, and Ayaka Sajyou in the Second Holy Grail War of Fate/Prototype.

He is one of the Servants of Ritsuka Fujimaru of the Grand Orders conflicts of Fate/Grand Order.



Otherwise known better as King Arthur. Approving of the virtuous and correcting atrocities. A hero who is like a knight in shining armor that anyone would dream about as a child. Also called the wielder of the holy sword of the planet. His true identity is that of the “King of Knights” of a parallel universe, who reached this world by chasing after some sort of existence.[1]

A completely identical, and yet different person than Heroic Spirit Artoria Pendragon, possessing the same past and legend as her.[1]


Saber has short blond hair and green eyes. He has the height and weight of a standard man in his 20s. He has a beautiful form and appears composed.

In his servant form, he wears the standard armor of a knight. The armor parts are silver in color. While the tunics part are blue. He also has a black and white hood attached to the back of the armor part of his neck.

In the 1991 Tokyo Holy Grail War, Saber wore an all black business suit which consisted of a black tie, shirt, vest and shoes. He also wore black gloves.

During the 1999 Tokyo Holy Grail War, Saber's casual clothing is a long black coat with a red shirt underneath it.[2] He also wears black jeans and black shoes.


Arthur is originally deeply plagued by his desire to save Britain to form an eternal utopia, and even while recognizing Manaka as potentially evil, he follows her commands to fulfill his wish. However, upon meeting Ayaka in the Garden he realizes that his wishes had already been entrusted to the present, and he becomes determined to protect the present over the past. He becomes a father figure and guardian for Ayaka from that point on until the Second War. By the time of the Grand Order conflicts, he had devoted himself fully to his quest to finish what he had started in the First Tokyo Holy Grail War and destroy Beast VI for good.

He has the sense of values of a matured man, as well as a strong sense of justice. He will bring things that bring virtue and goodness closer, and will ascertain those that bring atrocity. He is the image of a hero one can feel good about.[2]

In Ayaka's eyes, he is the ideal prince in addition to his station as her protector. However, for a brief period his style of speech was mingled with nihilistic mannerisms. Though, he also seemed to have had a playful side as he would at times tease or make fun of Ayaka.[2]

He is good at eating, but also good at making (cooking).[1] However, due to his experiences with Manaka and the large breakfasts that she makes, he seems to think that big meals are the staple for Japanese people.

In Japanese, the way he refers to himself differs depending on who he talks to.[3] To Ayaka, he uses 'boku'. To his enemies, he uses 'watashi'.

It is hinted that he has feelings for Ayaka. 

Astonishing words whose veracity cannot be judged even with the help of Chaldea’s system but, at the very least, he won’t spew lies to his Master. He places his wholehearted trust towards his Master. Deception and betrayal are unthinkable.[1]


Fate/Prototype Fragments of Sky Silver[]

Day One - Summoning[]

Saber was summoned to participate in the Holy Grail War of 1991 by Manaka Sajyou.

Day Two - Welcome Feast[]

On the second day of the Holy Grail War, Manaka welcomes Saber with a massive private feast of English cuisine. After some minor conversation about the food, the pair then have a strategy meeting about possible strategies to win the Holy Grail War with. However, in the middle of the conversation, Manaka winds up disturbing Saber when she talks about possibly using the Masters' own children against them. Hearing this proclamation, Saber scolds Manaka proclaiming that the Reiroukan daughter (Misaya) is her friend too. Manaka giggles and chides Saber in response. Maintaining her innocent act, Manaka unbuttons the front of her dress, reveals her Master's Degree, and declares that she doesn't want to use it on Saber with tears in her eyes.

Day Three - First Battle with Lancer[]

On the third day of the Holy Grail War, Manaka has a fight with her father about using Saber to lure out the other servants. Hiroki reminds Manaka that Servants are nothing more than weapons for the sake of the war, lumps of mysteries and argues that she should spend the day locked up at home. Manaka refuses, but Hiroki continues asking Manaka about what she is thinking and asks if she is capable of beating a Servant. Manaka says that she is and that she'll do something by herself, but Hiroki reminds her that the Holy Grail War is different from a magus vs magus battle. Jumping into the conversation, Saber remarks to Manaka that he agrees with her father and that he was summoned to fight with her. As Hiroki continues his arguments, Manaka comes up with the idea to do patrols instead.

Later that same night, Manaka and Saber go on patrol and encounter Lancer near the Sunshine 60 building. After sharing some pre-fight banter, Saber and Lancer fight for a series of blows destroying much of the vicinity,while exchanging praises for each other's skill. Noticing that Saber is truly the warrior that she think he is, Lancer brings out a mysterious red drug from her pocket and drinks it. After some more fighting against the physically enhanced Lancer, the two end their battle on a draw and run back to their masters.

Returning to his Master who is on a nearby rooftop, Saber is astounded to see that Manaka has laid out a midnight picnic for him. As Saber chides her on this, Manaka motions him to sit down and eat. As they eat, Saber reports to Manaka about the battle and of his concerns for her safety. Manaka reports that she's fine and that she has also met Assassin and that Assassin is willing to be their ally. Manaka then shyly asks for a reward for her "good deed " and Saber rewards her with a kiss to the forehead. Blushing, Manaka yells at Saber for being unfair and cheating her as she meant that she wanted an actual kiss.

Day Five - Training Regiment[]

On the fifth day of the Holy Grail War, Saber spends the day doing intense training by fighting against dolls prepared by Manaka's father, Hiroki Sajyou. After the training session is over, Hiroki comments on the difference between Servants and magic tools and remarks that his dolls are useless in preparing Saber for Servant on Servant battles. Sensing that Hiroki is about to leave, Saber asks to accompany him and Hiroki replies that he doesn't mind. Saber thanks him. As they are about to leave, Hiroki sighs and relays his concerns to Saber about Manaka's reckless behavior and how he feels that she may lose her life if she keeps this up. Seeing the concerned look on his face, Saber consoles Hiroki by agreeing that Servants are dangerous existences, no matter how excellent a Magus, Manaka is. In response, Hiroki asks Saber to take care of Manaka and himself and to entrust "that" to him. Saber agrees.

Day Seven - Battle With Archer[]

Saber encounters Archer while exploring the Okutama mountains with Manaka. They proceed to battle which ends when Manaka coerces Elza Saijo into working for her. Later that night, Manaka squabbles with Saber over going out on a search through the city for Servants. However, Saber insists on going out alone and leaves for the Reiroukan Mansion.

Day Eight - Final Battle with Berserker[]

Around one in the morning, Saber finds a distraught Misaya Reiroukan being attacked by Berserker. Saber battles with Berserker to protect Misaya and manages to drive Berserker away. Later that night, Saber engages in battle with a mad Berserker again alongside Archer, Lancer and Rider. Despite Saber demanding a one on one battle with Berserker, Berserker is ultimately defeated by Rider's Noble Phantasm, Mesektet after being weakened by Saber, Archer, Lancer and Rider's attacks. Saber then listens to Rider's declaration of war on them.

Day Nine - Conversation with Hiroki Sajyou[]

Saber meets with Hiroki Sajyou and reports to him about Berserker's defeat and Rider's declaration of war. Understanding, Hiroki asks where Manaka is and Saber reports that she is in kitchen. Hiroki teases that Manaka is making something for Saber, but Saber remarks that she is also making something for him. Hiroki calmly remarks that Saber is a horrible liar. Hiroki adds that Manaka acts more human-like, whenever she is with Saber. Surprised, Saber asks Hiroki about what Manaka was like before he was summoned. Hiroki replies that Manaka was a lot more empty and emotionless than she is now and had the ability to see through everything even her own future. Hiroki continues that this flourishing presence disappeared one day and Manaka lost all of her emotions as result.

He continues that around when their mother died, the wet nurse that Hiroki had hired had mentioned that Manaka was like a living ghost. Curious, Saber asks Hiroki feels about it. Hiroki sadly agrees that while Manaka makes light conversation with Ayaka, she does not truly recognize Ayaka's existence. Saber comments that is too cruel and Hiroki agrees, but remarks that it is true. Slumping into his chair, Hiroki reiterates that Manaka shows more emotion now, but does not know whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Later that night, Saber goes to the convenient store with Manaka. After finishing their business and leaving the store, Manaka leaves to do something, despite Saber's protests. Suddenly, Saber is attacked by one of Rider's Sphinxes, but the beast backs off when Lancer shows up. The pair then listen to Rider announce the start of the decisive battle at his temple.

Day Ten - Battle with Rider[]

On the night of the tenth day, Saber is alerted to the presence of Rider's Reality Marble and heads to Tokyo Bay with Manaka to confront Rider at his temple. Arriving, Saber and Manaka share a moment before they are suddenly assaulted by Rider's Sphinx. Saber asks Manaka to hide and Manaka reluctantly agrees, despite her protests. Before Manaka leaves, she gives Saber one of Caster's Philosopher Stones before sneaking away to the Reiroukan mansion. Fighting off Rider's Sphinx, Saber destroys the beast with Invisible Air.

Inside the temple, Saber meets up with Archer. Fighting their way through the temple, Saber and Archer finally make it to the main chamber room and confront Rider. Saber and Archer soon finds themselves surrounded by a pack of regenerating Sphinxes. Being pushed to their limits, a heavily weakened Saber and Archer are saved by Lancer who uses Brynhildr Romantia to destroy the main Sphinx.

Seizing this opportunity, Saber throws the Philosopher's Stone down on the ground to neutralize the Reality Marble's seal. Saber and Archer then attack Rider. During the fight, Rider senses the death of his master and is forced to use his Dendera Light to kill the three Servants. Hearing Elza's voice, Archer fires up his Noble Phantasm and launches a combined attack with Saber's Excalibur to take down Rider. Although they manage to defeat Rider, Saber loses half of his body in the process and Archer dies from his Noble Phantasm. Just as Archer is about to vanish, he asks Saber, “What, do you wish for from the Holy Grail?” Saber is later rescued from the crumbling temple by Lancer.

Day Eleven - Conversation with Caster[]

After returning back to his base, Saber's wounds are treated by Caster. While being healed, Saber has a conversation with Caster where Caster praises Saber's sword and asks to see its light again. Saber sharply replies that Caster will never see it again. Caster retorts that he hopes Manaka never orders Saber to use that light on him too. Caster additionally comments that Assassin had done more work by taking out the Isemi clan and adds Manaka is currently working on making preparations for the realization of Saber's wish at the Greater Grail.

Getting defensive, Saber is reassurred by Caster that he also desires to grant Saber's wish. Curious, Caster asks Saber why he doesn't try to kill Manaka when he saved Misaya from Berserker and Tokyo from Rider. Saber doesn't reply. So Caster further asks if it is because he is an Champion of Justice.

Day Twelve - Lingering Doubts[]

On the twelfth day of the Holy Grail War, Saber is standing guard as Manaka takes a bath. Coyly, Manaka asks Saber to join her in the bath, but immediately takes it back. After Manaka finishes her bath, Manaka makes Saber a feast for dinner. As the pair eat, Saber starts recalling Archer's and Rider's final words and expresses doubts about his conviction. In the middle of the meal, Saber tries to talk to Manaka who asserts that she has already won the Holy Grail War and declares that she will kill all of the remaining Masters and Servants.

Gradually, Saber notices that there are no discrepancies between the topic of Holy Grail War Manaka was talking and her earlier conversations with him about food. At that point, Saber recalls his and Manaka's earlier conversation about cooking and the Holy Grail War being the same and realizes that his words will never reach Manaka. Continuing the conversation, Manaka apologizes for doing such acts and hopes that he will not hate her. Manaka then darkens and declares that she will never make Saber say it. Manaka then re-pledges to do everything she can to realize Saber's ego (wish) even if it means killing everyone. In his mind, Saber sadly thinks to himself that he cannot defy her because she is doing it for his wish.

Day Thirteen - Battle with Lancer[]

On the thirteenth day, Saber becomes alerted to Lancer's rampage and goes to confront her. Along the way, he is telepathically contacted by Manaka who instructs him to take down Lancer while she handles Nigel Saward, her Master. Agreeing, Saber reaches Lancer and starts fighting her in the same place they met. During the fight, Saber tries to get Lancer (who confuses Saber for Sigurd) to snap out of her madness by calling her and eventually succeeds. However, Lancer then becomes possessed by Odin (the Counter Force) and tries to incinerate Tokyo with her Primodial Rune, "Frejya." As Saber tries harder to save her, Lancer briefly regains her sanity enough to beg Saber to kill her before she incinerates Tokyo. Saber reluctantly agrees and strikes Lancer with his blade. Vanishing, Lancer thanks Saber for saving her and warns him not to let the "thing" in the Greater Grail (Beast VI) be born.

Day Fourteen - Cafe Date[]

On Day 14, Saber and Manaka visit a seaside cafe and start discussing the nature of the Holy Grail. Saber remarks that he heard that the Grail:

« "....was originally made to collect people’s wishes, miracles with no observable form. When it is filled, the Lord’s Glory will flow forth from it." »

(Saber to Manaka [4])

Giggling, Manaka remarks that if the Grail needs to be filled up with wishes then that makes what flows out from it the opposite. Stirring his drink, Saber agrees and lamentingly remarks that it makes the Holy Grail corrupt from the start:

« “The Grail is conceived through human thought. ……But, it’s really quite tragic, the majority of people wish not with good intentions, but with evil intentions under the name of greed.” »

(Saber to Manaka [4])

Saber then ponders if he should really be making a wish on the Greater Grail and recalls his past as King Arthur and how he failed to save a dying child and his family during a battle with the Saxons.

Day Fifteen - Meeting Ayaka[]

Around 3: 12 am on the fifteenth day, Saber goes searching for Manaka when he receives a telepathic message from her. Upset, Saber demands the location of the Greater Grail, but Manaka argues that she still needs to make more preparations for his "surprise" party. Saber continues to try and persuade Manaka to let him join them, but Manaka refuses and orders him to stay at the house. Hearing the dejectedness in Saber's voice, Manaka reassures Saber that she will finally grant his wish and confesses her love for him. Slightly disturbed, a suspicious Saber decides to go searching for the Greater Grail's location. As he walks around Shinjuku, Saber starts contemplating on his past when he suddenly recalls Archer's words again. Saber then remembers Misaya and the words of all the other Servants and realizes that they were the same as himself. Looking up at the grey sky, Saber starts remembering his battle against Lucius Tiberius.

That night, a doubtful Saber returns to the Sajyou mansion and meets Hiroki at the entrance of Garden. Confused, Hiroki asks Saber why he isn't with Manaka and asks why he hasn't received any reports from Caster about the search for Greater Grail's location since last night. Saber replies that he hasn't heard anything and silently wonders to himself if Manaka is keeping it a secret from her father too. Hiroki finishes Saber's thought and agrees that Manaka has been keeping secrets from both of them. Hiroki then looks over at Garden and informs Saber that Ayaka is there and he will bring her over to him. Saber tries to reject Hiroki's offer, but Hiroki insists while lamenting that he wasn't a better father to both of his daughters.

Looking down, Hiroki wonders who will protect Ayaka if a second Holy Grail War occurs and laments over his inability to protect his daughters if that were to occur. Hiroki then remarks that it is remarkable that Misaya survived the Holy Grail War and hints that he would feel more relieved if Saber would be the one to protect Ayaka. Saber then remembers Mordred and his own failed relationship with his son. Suddenly, Saber snaps out of his trance and discovers Hiroki has gone off somewhere else. Going into Garden, Saber meets Ayaka and kneels to be eye level with her as his adoptive father did with him, compliments her on Garden. Chatting for a bit, Saber asks to protect Ayaka as a knight on behalf of her father and escort back to her bedroom.

Giggling, Ayaka asks for Saber's name and Saber introduces himself as Arthur. Ayaka introduces herself and starts explaining to Saber that Garden is the same as herself as it was created and left to her by her mother. Hearing that, Saber realizes that his wish was misguided. Thanking Ayaka for helping him realize what he must do, Saber vows to protect Ayaka and her world.

Day Sixteen - The Final Battle[]

On the last day of the Holy Grail War, Saber heads out with Hiroki to find the location of the Greater Grail. In the car, Saber asks what Hiroki is writing and Hiroki explains that it is a notebook with notes he has gathered on the Holy Grail War. Changing the subject, Hiroki continues explaining that the one he must interrogate as family head is Manaka because he cannot leave the issue with her alone. Saber apologizes, but Hiroki reassures Saber that he is not at fault as he is a Servant and not the Sajou's attendant. Hiroki then starts running down possible places where the Greater Grail could be.

Arriving at Yushima Sendou, Saber and Hiroki investigate the area. Sensing someone watching them, Saber calls out to the shadow and a man appears asking if they are looking for the Greater Grail. After receiving the details from the man, Saber and Hiroki drive to the Greater's Grail location. During the drive, Hiroki senses that the magical barriers that he had placed to protect Ayaka have been broken by Manaka and wonders how she could do that. As Hiroki further wonders why Manaka is in Ayaka's room, Saber becomes concerned and starts accelerating. When Hiroki asks why, Saber insists on heading to the Greater Grail as he senses that something is off. Hiroki agrees and they set off.

Arriving at the site of the Greater Grail, Saber and Hiroki encounter Sancraid Phahn who greets them. Asking why the Holy Church is protecting the entrance to the Holy Grail, Hiroki is instead attacked by Sancraid who sets off bombs which Saber blocks with his wind barrier. Avoiding the collapsing rocks, Hiroki insists that Saber goes on ahead, while he deals with Sancraid. Going down the path, Saber ends up facing both Assassin and Caster. Defeating them, Saber arrives just in time to save Ayaka from been thrown into the Grail by stabbing Manaka through her chest from behind. His words as he did so were "I too have committed a grave error. You and the Grail are insane!" Saber then pushes Manaka into the Grail with the force being projected from removing his blade.

However, this act angers the Beast which tries to devour Ayaka again. Noticing that his temporary body is disappearing, Saber tries to will himself to stay in the modern day world. However, just before his consciousness disappears, Saber hears the voices of the other defeated Servants encouraging him not to give up and save the world from the Beast Class Servant. Waking up, Saber realizes that he is carrying Ayaka and that the Beast is losing itself to rage because of Manaka's death.[5] The Beast then tries to devour the two of them while hastening its own manifestation.[6] Standing in the darkness, Saber activates his 13 Seal Release and receives approval to release 6 of Excalibur's seals from the Knights of the Round Table. However, due to not being able to release more than half of the seals, Saber is unable to release Excalibur's true power. As he is about to lose, the other 6 defeated Servants lend Saber their power and Saber defeats the beast with it.[7]

After the battle, Saber takes the unconscious Ayaka to the Reiroukan estate and leaves her in their care before disappearing. He is then transported back to the past to just after the Battle of Camlann where he sees Bedivere. Saber tells Bedivere about his dreams of his Holy Grail War battles and thanks Bedivere for his loyalty before ordering him to throw Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake. After Bedivere returns twice in failure, Saber tells Bedivere of his desire to protect one girl. Bedivere then leaves for the third time and after he accomplishes his goal, Bedivere returns to the site. There he sees that Saber has disappeared again, this time with only a pool of blood left behind (implying that he has been summoned back to the world of 1999).


He had been summoned to fight in the Grail War eight years prior by Manaka Sajyou, the elder sister of Ayaka. Though both he and Manaka had made it to the end, it was at this time that he discovered the true nature of the Grail and that she had been offering sacrifices to it. As Manaka was about to offer her sister Ayaka as a sacrifice, their father already a victim, Saber stabbed and killed his Master.

With Manaka dead, he threw her corpse into the Grail.

Like his counterpart, he has memories of the previous Grail War, and like her his wish was the altering of his destiny to give salvation to his land and people. With the nature of the Grail revealed he has been liberated of that wish. Because of this, he responded to and accepted the summons from a girl (Ayaka) who indirectly realized that a wish upon the Grail would be warped. He was summoned in time to save her life from Lancer, who had been hunting her.

At one point during the war, Saber and Ayaka face off with Misaya and Lancer again inside a bar. However, this time, Misaya and Lancer manage to get the upper hand, due to the difference in the Masters' capability and seriously wound Saber. As Misaya berates the pair, Saber calls Misaya a terrible Master, causing Lancer to say that it's "the end" to be told such by Saber of all people. Infuriated, Misaya orders Lancer to slowly torture him. Lancer does so. In the process, Saber manages to get away, but is forced to release Excalibur from Invisible Air, using it to bring Ayaka to safety. Lancer experiences great joy in seeing Saber unleash his Noble Phantasm, praising him as a knight among knights. When Ayaka brings up his comment about her also being a horrible Master, Lancer then reveals he was speaking of Saber's former Master, Manaka Sajyou.[8]

During the war, he would be seen as a rival by Archer, due to not only being summoned as a higher class than the Sumerian King, but also due to Archer's interest in Ayaka, whom Archer proposes to. Later on, he would be nearly killed by Berserker and then corrupted by his Master, Sancraid Phahn. This situation would be later inherited by Saber Alter and from notes his Dark Persona design would be inherited by Gilgamesh.[9]

He would, like his counterpart felt towards his Master's counterpart, fall in love with Ayaka. In one scene it is suggested that Ayaka was to confess to him. Within the twilight hours of the day in her classroom and the mood between the two getting better Gilgamesh would appear, compliment her and proclaim to make her his queen. Ayaka would leave the room shocked and babbling in panic.

He is also the one who suggests to Ayaka that she move from using Witchcraft to Formalcraft to fight with. Like her counterpart, she finds that she is much better at the latter to a stupendous degree, though it is normally considered useless by other Magi.

Fate/Grand Order[]

He has manifested in this world while taking an integrals form that can be described as an “ideal prince” or a “knight of silverly blue”. A heroic spirit visiting from a different world, or so he says but a heroic spirit belonging to a different world・parallel universe, who reached this world after chasing after a certain powerful antagonist, evil omen; so he tells.[1]

Arthur Pendragon Trial Quest[]

Arthur arrives in Avalon, only for Merlin to tell him that he can't enter quite yet. She tells him that he has yet to truly destroy Beast VI despite striking it down in 1991 and again in 1999. Arthur is then sent onto a journey across the multiverse, one that will not end until he slays Beast VI. During his journey, he encounters Romani Archaman in Fuyuki. Romani tells him how the Incineration of Humanity cannot be stopped, and confesses he will not see Arthur again in 2018 if the Incineration of Humanity is somehow successfully thwarted. He tells Arthur that in that case he eventually encounter the one who accomplishes just that.

Arthur eventually meets Ritsuka when saving them from a monster in jungled ruins. He then helps them slay the remaining monsters. After the monsters are slain, Arthur is impressed by the strength of Ritsuka's heart. He recognizes they're from either the 20th century or the beginning of the 21st century based on their clothing. He wonders if he met them before, but he isn't able to remember. He then correctly deduces that they were separated from their companions. He decides to stay with them until they reunite with their companions. Later, after Ritsuka returns to Chaldea, Arthur arrives in an empty field. He thought he sensed something sinister, but he senses neither Beast VI/L nor Beast VI/R. He realizes he will need to search more thoroughly if he is to end his journey.

Arthur later arrives at a ruined civilization in a parallel world that was culled, a scene he has seen many times. He then encounters Ritsuka again when they're suddenly rayshifted there. He warns them that the atmosphere poisonous, and offers one of his talismans if they lack a gas mask or Mystic Code. He is surprised they're able to survive against the poisonous atmosphere, and ascertains if they're uninjured. He then asks them why they came to such a dangerous place, but Ritsuka is unable to remember. Arthur wonders if they somewhere got caught in one of his warps. He decides not to explain what Ritsuka overheard since it would only make things complicated. He then properly introduces himself as King Arthur to Ritsuka's surprise.

Ritsuka then tells him about Chaldea, the Incineration of Humanity, the 21st century, and his female counterpart, along with introducing themselves. Arthur commends them for their tremendous efforts to save the world, finding they're on a path more treacherous on his own. He realizes Ritsuka is the one that Romani spoke of. He recounts to them how he met him before, even though he was unable to ascertain the era or the place. A giant beast then begins approaching, as Arthur explains he cannot control when he warps. After slaying the beast, he begins to reveals it was Romani he spoke with when Mash Kyrielight and Leonardo da Vinci suddenly make contact with Ritsuka. Da Vinci reveals the sudden rayshitfts Ritsuka has been experiencing resulted from a bug that was present since the design phase.

Neither her nor Mash are able to sense Arthur though. He assumes it's because his Spirit Origin doesn't exist in their world, or it's because Arthur has already warped. He confirms it was Romani that he spoke with, and wishes Ritsuka luck on their journey. He then expresses his desire to fight alongside them again before finally being warped.

Brynhildr Interlude[]

In the Brynhildr interlude, Arthur appears in Brynhildr's dream, having been transported there while sleeping in an alternate world. While wandering through the winter dreamscape, he rescues Ritsuka from some monsters and helps him find Brynhildr. Together, the three of them confront Brynhildr's fire and reunite the two halves, restoring Brynhildr to normal. After the battle, Arthur begins to disappear as he is about to wake up. As he vanishes, he says goodbye to Brynhildr and Ritsuka.

Arthur Interlude[]

In the Arthur Interlude, Ritsuka receives a report from the Hassan of Serenity that Arthur is purposefully distancing himself from the other servants especially Bradamante. After a suggestion from Cú Chulainn, Ritsuka decides to confront Arthur about this.

After this meeting, Cú Chulainn tries to recruit Arash, Mordred, Jekyll and Ozymandias into helping him. However Ozymandias refuses. The group confronts Arthur and Arthur admits that he is purposefully avoiding them because he has a bad omen about what might happen if he gets too close with the inhabitants of Ritsuka's world. However, Arash doesn't accept his explanation and insists that Arthur is being way too stiff. Arash then encourages Arthur to make more friends.

All of a sudden, Mordred recalls that she has a beef with Arthur for refusing to eat cake with her and Fran by walking away without saying anything. Hearing this story, Cú Chulainn laughs and chides Arthur for being ungentlemanly. Though Arthur apologizes, Mordred still insists on fighting and the two get into a fight. After the battle, the two sides praise each other for their strength and skill. Just as both sides are about to engage in another battle, however, the group gets attacked by Ozymandias and his sphinxes. So the group is forced to fend Ozymandias off.

After the battle with Ozymandias, Romulus appears and convinces Arthur to reveal the truth. Arthur reveals that he came to Ritsuka's world to find and defeat the Beast VI of his world, which he suspects has been attracted to the presence of the other Beasts. Arthur then asks for everyone's help and everyone agrees to help him. After this incident. Arthur introduces himself to Bradamante and starts getting closer to everyone in Chaldea.[10]

Fate/Grand Order Arcade[]

Convergent Singularity: Lilim Harlot[]

Arthur appears to help battle Beast VI/S, though also states that she is not the same Beast VI that he is hunting. When L and R are both present, Beasts VI/S and VI/G will manifest. Merlin sent Arthur into the world of Fate/Grand Order mobile to look for L and R, prompting S to appear in Arcade's world.[11]

After defeating the Beast, Arthur gets angry at Merlin for not telling him that she can just leave Avalon whenever she wants, and making him hunt for Beast VI all on his own instead of having her with him. Merlin explains that she decided to leave Avalon and help Mash and Fujimaru just because it seemed fun, which makes Arthur even angrier, prompting Merlin to beg Noah to save her.[11]

Other appearances[]

In Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA, the Doll of Zachary Ainsworth used the Saber Class Card. Although it was the card for his female counterpart, the armor and helmet were those of Saber.


Saber's parameters under Manaka

Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (A Rank): He, who is in the Saber Class, is in possession of a high-ranked Magical Resistance Skill. It is generally impossible for modern mages to inflict damage on him.[12]
  • Riding (B Rank): It is possible for one to operate all vehicles and beasts freely except for Magical Beasts, Phantasmal Beasts and Divine Beasts.[12]

Personal Skills[]

  • Mana Burst (A Rank): He is endowed with an extremely high-ranked Mana Burst Skill.[12]
  • Instinct (A Rank): At Rank A, it is essentially in the realm of predicting the future. Through this ability, it is possible to negate the penalties inflicted by visual and auditory interference to a certain extent.[2][12]
  • Giant Beast Hunt (A Rank): A skill that denotes having abundant combat experience against giant enemy lifeforms. King Arthur fought against and managed to completely defeat all the magic beasts that attempted to tramp down Britain.[1][2][12]
  • Charisma (B Rank): The natural talent to command an army corps. At this occasion, Arthur has been specialized for battle against large animals. Since the allies cannot keep up when fighting against large animals, and he ends up all alone, there is no place to display his Charisma.[1][2][12]

Noble Phantasms[]

Saber has the Noble Phantasms Excalibur Proto and Invisible Air much like his counterpart. It is unknown if Avalon exists in Prototype, but it is said that Ayaka was able to summon him due to having a holy relic buried within her to act as a catalyst much like Shirou.


Creation and Conception[]

Originally called Archetype Saber (旧セイバー, Kyū Seibā?), he is the version of Saber that was to be used in the original Fate/stay night novel that was penned and left uncompleted.[9] It was decided during the development of the visual novel that Saber's master, Ayaka, was not an ideal protagonist for the target audience, so both Saber and Sajyou were redesigned and had their genders swapped to make them more appealing. He was detailed in Character Material, and has been given an expanded role in Prototype. When the time came to redesign the characters, on Takeuchi Takashi's suggestion, Kinoko Nasu switched the gender of Arthur, who would then become the Saber seen in Fate/stay night.

Takeuchi calls him the ideal protagonist of the 90's era.[2]

In Fate/stay night, Archer would inherit nihilistic mannerisms. In fact, the nature of Saber and Ayaka's relationship, at least in the beginning, was similar to that of Rin Tohsaka and Archer.[2]

Chihiro Aikura was responsible for the redesign servant costume for Saber. Takeuchi says his armour design is pretty cool and his hoody makes him look MoeWP.[2]


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    • Addresses self as: “Boku” (towards Ayaka)/“Watashi” (towards enemies)
    • Servant Rank: Rank 1
    • Strength: B
    • Endurance: A
    • Agility: B
    • Magic: E
    • Luck: C
    • Noble Phantasm: C(EX)

    Comment from Takeuchi Takashi: Handsome and calm, the 90s ideal image of a legendary hero. As I thought, his plain clothes are a longcoat. The armor that Aikura-san designed is very cool. The hood is seriously moe.

    Explanation: He possesses mature values and a sense of justice. Likes good things, and investigates bad things, a pleasant hero. Although, sometimes he says some nihilistic things (Similar to Archer from Fate/Stay Night). With regards to Ayaka, he is an ideal prince and guardian.
    He originally answered the Holy Grail’s call with the intention of rewriting history. In the Grail War eight years ago he won all his battles until the very end, but when he was only a step away from the Grail, he was forced to abandon the summons, and withdraw. As though there were aftereffects of an illness, his memories of the previous Grail War are fuzzy……is what he says.
    His true name is King Arthur. It goes without saying that his Noble Phantasm is Excalibur, but because it is too well known he uses Invisible Air (a C ranked Noble Phantasm) to conceal it. By experiencing the previous Grail War, he freed himself from his previous dream of “saving his country”. Instead, this time he answered the Holy Grail’s call with the wish to save the girl who, eight years ago, indirectly showed him that the wishes placed on the Holy Grail would become distorted (Ayaka).


    • 一人称:
    • サーヴァント階位:
    • 筋力:
    • 耐久:
    • 敏捷:
    • 魔力:
    • 運:
    • 宝具:

    Comment from Takeuchi Takashi:


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    A sacred blade wielder who believes in justice, and loves goodness.

    He is the legendary king of knights who continued to fight together with his knights of the round table, risking it all for the rise and fall of their homeland, Britain.
    Despite feeling a tinge of uneasiness for the current state of his Master Manaka Sajyou, who enjoyed the massacre of the 6 Masters and Servants to the point of innocence――――
    The blue silver king of knights will throw down the gauntlet in many battles, in order to accomplish his duty as king, for the sake of his homeland.

    Personal Data:

    First Person:
    Watashi (boku only under certain conditions)
    Servant Rank:
    True Name:
    Arthur Pendragon
    Magical Resistance (Anti-Magic), Riding, Instinct, Prana Emission, Charisma,
    Noble Phantasm:
    Invisible Air: Bounded Field of the Wind King

    Excalibur: The Sword that brings the Promised Victory


    Physical Strength:
    Noble Phantasm:
    C (EX)

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