Artoria Avalon (アルトリア・アヴァロン, Arutoria Avaron?), Class Name Caster (キャスター, Kyasutā?), is a Caster-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Also known as Artoria Caster (アルトリア・キャスター, Arutoria Kyasutā?), she is a version of Artoria Pendragon who was the "Child of Prophecy" chosen by the "Staff of Selection" rather than the Sword of Selection. Her appearance is during the midway point in her journey of eventually arriving at Camelot.[1]

Sixteen years ago, Ainsel of the Mirror Clan foretold that in sixteen years' time the Child of Prophecy would ring the six bells, overthrow the evil Queen Morgan, and unite humans and fairies as King of Britain.[3] Artoria was found on a boat as a baby around that time along with the Staff of Selection, and raised in Tintagel by Ector knowing the staff marked her as the Child of Prophecy that Ainsel spoke of. She was taught magecraft by Merlin in her dreams. She is not part of any clans within the English Lostbelt.

Unlike other versions of Artoria, Caster does not have the dragon and king traits nor does she have the Pendragon surname, as she does not have the same history as the Artoria who became King Arthur. She is a fairy created by the planet itself to be Lostbelt Britain's savior after the previous Child of Prophecy, Tonelico, failed.


The "Child of Prophecy" that saves the Fairy Nation.
A special fairy that was dispatched from the inland sea of the star... from Avalon to the surface along with the "Staff of Selection".
After drifting into the Lake DistrictWP, she was placed on a boat along with many treasures by the decision of the Chief of the Mirror Clan, eventually reaching the coast of Tintagel and being raised as a fairy of Tintagel from then on.[2]

In the Lostbelt, she is the same being as the "someone" who was eventually burdened with the holy sword in Proper Human History.
Also, an "accumulation device" sent to collect information on the surface, in order to produce the holy sword - a decisive weapon against the "threat to the star".[2]

Since she is not a fairy originated from the Fairy Nation Britain, the fairies from Britain have an instinctive antipathy against her.
Conversely, for fairies who hate all fairies from Britain, fairies not born in the Six Clans and fairies who hate themselves to begin with, the "fairy of paradise" is a source of solace.[2]

Artoria Caster fulfilled her duties in the Fairy Nation and vanished.
Afterwards, having consecrated her body to the holy sword and turned into the holy sword itself, she became an anthropic principle auxiliary device that aids "those who oppose a threat that endangers the star".
Its name is Artoria Avalon.
Her appearance in the Third Ascension is actually the proper figure of the one summoned here. What we see in the First and Second Ascension is but an emulation of the way of being of a "departed someone", which created her... not the memories as a fairy of paradise, but the memories of spring from when she travelled as a Child of Prophecy.[2]


She looks exactly like Tonelico did. This is because fairies who have the same purpose are born with the same appearance.[4]


An innocent and very energetic girl. Artoria has the figure of a perfectly commonplace girl who hates to lose, is strong in the face of criticism and adversity, values the surrounding atmosphere more than anything else, and hides her true feelings from everyone.

This Artoria was summoned to Chaldea earlier. Her relationship with the Master is said to be more along the lines of "a fellow friend one can rely on" rather than say "a hero and a mage".

Staring in wonder when looking at the King of Knights Artoria, becoming depressed when looking at the Artoria who became a tyrant, and happily smiling while saying "That looks nice!" from the bottom of her heart when looking at the swimsuit Artoria; such is this Artoria.[1]

She knows her destiny but is afraid to face it and wishes that she was not the Child of Prophecy. Feeling unworthy of and not wanting such a lofty title, she does her best to hide her true identity, but she gets noticeably nervous whenever someone asks about the Child of Prophecy’s identity. When people do find out about her true identity, they usually react with doubt and surprise since she is initially weaker than the average fairy. Artoria, for her part, just wants to be considered a normal girl. She is aware that most people only to support her in fulfilling her destiny for their own self-serving ends and their self-preservation. But she also knows when people want to genuinely support her, even accepting worthless junk given as gifts because she can see the gratitude in their eyes.

Her pessimism about her destiny and inferiority complex resulted from her treatment by the people of Tintagel. For sixteen years, she endured as they forced their expectations on her while abusing for being a burden. The only person who cared for her was Ector. Yet despite her mistreatment, Artoria was left severely traumatized when the Fang Clan razed Tintagel to the ground. Any scene that reminds her of that trauma causes Artoria to be consumed by rage and hatred towards the perpetrators. In general, she refuses to confront her past even when forced to.

In truth, she doesn’t care about saving Britain, and deceives herself to fulfill her duty to meet others’ expectations. Instead, she fights for the sake of humans and fairies for a currently undisclosed reason. She also fears having nowhere to go once her duty is fulfilled. But she will grow to see all lives on the planet as the same and vows to protect them, regardless if they’re from the Proper Human History, Singularities, or Lostbelts.

The Artoria from Proper Human History had a straightforward personality, but the Artoria from the Lostbelt is not that strong. In the inside, she is a pessimist with extremely frail and timid disposition.

In her heart, she lets out a sigh while thinking that both herself as a "Child of Prophecy" and the surrounding people that self-destruct as they place their expectations on such a thing are foolish.

(It is not like she has burned out or is looking down on them. She is merely feeling heavy.)

Still, since she is mindful about the surrounding mood, Artoria does not reveal those inner aspects of herself and instead ends up keeping up with the appearances by saying "ok, leave it to me!" and behaving exactly as the surroundings expect. All because she doesn't want to have a quarrel with anyone, doesn't want to hate anyone.

A hard-working commoner who is bad at the essentials, makes a lot of blunders and stumbles all over her path. Her only merit is the fact she is quick to get up after a fall. As such, her stock phrase is "sorry for being weak. I will work hard, I will work hard".

Her inner monologue at times like these is something like "I'm scared of fighting. Mutual hate is tiresome. I'm much happier living normally."

Although she is constantly "finding faults in herself" in this manner, one can say that the very fact that her personality which "worries about the surroundings, without falling to evil nor forgetting about decorum" does not waver no matter what sort of harsh circumstances・cruel treatment she faces serves as a proof that she is an aristocrat.

The definite difference between her and Oberon is that one point.

During the journey of pilgrimage, while the motivation of the fake Child of Prophecy was "I'm scared, but I'll work hard because I want to help everyone", the motivation of the true Child of Prophecy was "I'm scared, but saying such a thing would make everyone disappointed, so I have no choice but to work hard".

She kept hiding a negative mental state in which "everyone is scary, society is disgusting and I can't keep my motivation up even if you tell me to save the world. But since going against the surroundings is also unpleasant, I'll work hard as a saviour".

Although that ended up becoming "a noble deed in the eyes of others", "the same way of being as King Arthur", Artoria Caster's inner aspects are awfully abject, pessimistic and negative. As such, she is always finding faults in herself.

"I was able to persevere this time, but most likely, next time, I will probably end up giving up on everything..."

If the Fairy Kingdom is a fairy-tale pictured by Morgan, the journey of pilgrimage is a fairy-tale describing Artoria's growth.

Despite appearing to fill the same role as Dorothy - the protagonist of "Wizard of Oz" - she actually possesses a weakness akin to an aggregation of the scarecrow that can't walk properly (can't see his own feet, has no wits), the woodcutter with a hollow heart and the lion that don't want to display courage.

Why was this Artoria able to remain as the "Child of Prophecy" to the very end? What was she fighting for?

That answer becomes the end of her story.[2]


Gareth-chan was a Knight of the Round Table! Uwah uwah! So cool! Your armour is amazing! How should I say this, I'm so happy I feel like dancing!
That person is, Medb-chan? Uwah... Not just her appearance, but also her personalities and her tone... She is just like a fairy I know, so I was taken back...... Let's go for a cheesecake supply run net time.
Artoria Pendragon (Saber)
So she is called "Artoria Pendragon"? The King who possesses the Holy Sword. Yes, I know, more than anyone. But I'm sorry, it seems I can't see her.
Artoria hates how this Artoria chose to be king despite knowing the hardships and the end she would face, instead of being a normal girl. She also doesn't understand why she went so far to fulfill her duty.
Merlin (Stage 1~2)
Merlin! Even when you are here, you have not changed at all! Ha... Ah? I see, so you are someone who would not change even if you come here. Merlin...... That must have been hard, even for you, isn't it......
Merlin (Stage 3)
Merlin? My magecraft teacher, the one who pushed Cath Palug to me against my will and say "Sorry, I leave it to you" upon leaving, that Merlin? Uhn, the one here is a bit different. In any case, please inform him that "I will decapitate him the next time we meet each other". I have figured out a magecraft to deal with those who are unable to die. I think if that person was to die at least once, he would have no choice but to change his nature.
Morgan....... She was my sister in Panhuman history. Now that you mention it, she looks a bit like me, yet not like me. I wonder, will I become like her when I grow up into an adult as well?
Barghe-kid... You want to ask me about Barghekid-san? Yes, she's terrible. Extremely terrible! Even though she's the royal daughter of the Fairy Kingdom by name, & a crappy one at that, what's up with that blessed body of hers! Barghe-kid is a mountain-like fairy knight who would assert her dominance over the village girl who has to do everything! (Embarrassed look) Ahh, but Barghe-kid is what I personally call her, so please don't say it out loud. It would be scary... to turn Barghe-kid into an enemy.
Baobhan Sith
The bloody-heeled Baobhan Sith...... I don't get along well with her. It's not like I am that prejudiced against her, but... if I'm being honest, she's not that unpleasant either... Alright, let's try to return her feelings by returning her curse or something like that this time.
Poor Albion....... The last dragon who met a beautiful thing. I am very happy that she has been summoned as a Servant. Please let tears of joy flow in her eyes, even if only temporarily.
Light Koyanskaya
I don't know if I can say this, but is it okay for a Beast candidate to be like that? Please don't compare them to our Cath Palug.
Oberon (Stage 1~2)
So even Oberon is here. I am only knowledgeable as to who he is. The Fairy King, a mediator, the one who guided Britain. And one of my very few supporters. I am here, so it's no surprise that he is here too.
Oberon (Stage 3)
Fairy King Oberon. My sworn enemy, my compatriot. Despite the same fantasy, but I don't know people, and he knows people too well. If it can be.... Once again...


Fate/Grand Order[]

Avalon le Fae: Fairy Round Table Domain[]

Tired of the ridicule, the lies, and her mission, Artoria went to the Nameless Forest, hoping its fog will make her forget everything. However, as a Fairy of Paradise, she is immune to such effects. But she still refused to accept her role, and thus pretended that she lost her memories. As a result, she became resident of Cornwall.

She later meets Ritsuka when they wake up in the tent shared by those who lost their memories to the Nameless Forest. Ritsuka calls her Mash, which Artoria goes along with to maintain the lie that she also lost her memories. She then asks Ritsuka where they are, calling them by the name on their nametag (Lysander if male; Hermia if female). She lies that she only remembers collapsing in the Nameless Forest. Tristan then enters the tent, only remembering that he is Ritsuka’s servant. Ritsuka can’t remember his name, so Tristan gives them the name on his nametag: Tristram. The three believe they were traveling companions, and try to recall what they were doing and who they are. Artoria says the village’s fairies found them.

As she rings the pilgrim's bells to truly become the Child of Prohecy, Artoria dreams of Artoria Pendragon's past.


Even though she is the Child of Prophecy, Artoria’s magical energy is lower than the average fairy. Her Divine Patterns are better than a human’s Magic Circuits, but worse than a fairy’s. Because of this, she is forced to compensate with Magecraft.[5] Her power increases though as she rings the pilgrim's bells. According to Habetrot, after ringing the first Pilgrim Bell, just in term of Magical energy, Artoria Caster is probably equal to one of Morgan's fingers.[6] Once her pilgrimage is complete, Senji Muramasa compare her power to that of a Lostbelt King.[7] However, even with this tremendous increase in power, Artoria is still no match for Morgan. Morgan mocks Artoria for thinking she'd be a match for her after completing a single pilgrimage, strongly implying she herself has gone through multiple pilgrimages.[8] Artoria would get stronger again when the Holy Sword is forged, even gaining a new magecraft theory: Holy Sword Creation.[9]

She was taught basic burglary magecraft by Merlin since he thought she'd need it, such as breaking and entering, picking locks, and using sleeping pills. She has the ability to analyze the inner workings of a structure by sending magical energy out in a cone then reading the response through the wall.[10]

She claims to be immune to Mors.[11]


In combat, Artoria primarily uses the Staff of Selection, which she often calls "Chastiefol". Its appearance resembles Merlin’s staff.

Caster's Third Ascension grants her many of her treasured swords as catalysts for magecraft including:[1]

  • Shadow-Treading CarnwennanWP (影踏みのカルンウェナン?)[1]
  • Lightning Flash Spumador (稲妻のスピュメイダー?)[1]
  • Mythological Mystic Code Marmyadose (神話礼装マルミアドワーズ?): A large sword that has the appearance of a staff. It was forged by a God of Fire and granted to great heroes in the past. It is said that this sword exceeds Excalibur in power alone, and during times when King Arthur would lend Excalibur to Gawain, she used this large sword as a substitute.[1]

Excalibur: Dragon Vein Burning Armament

During the battle against Cernunnos, Artoria connected her consciousness to Morgan's throne and became one with the 12 Rhongomyniads installed on Camelot's situated on Camelot's main gate. While it is a massive technique, there was no delay in the connection of Artoria's Divine Patterns, nor the circulation of her magical energy. But the ritual was designed on the assumption that a genius would be using and the throne's excessive magical energy damaged Artoria's body. Artoria launched Rhongomyniad at Cernunnos, but while there was sufficient firepower to reduce even Camelot's walls to ash, it was too weak to kill the god. Rhongomyniad is Morgan's Magecraft, so it's natural Artoria is unable to demonstrate its full potential. Comparing Rhongomyniad to a gun turret, Artoria determines it must be loaded with a different round now that she is the "Concept of the Holy Sword". Artoria then applied Camelot's magical energy to herself and changed the ritual from Rhongomyniad: Spirit Vein Closing Armament, to Excalibur: Dragon Vein Burning Armament. Using all the magical energy that maintained her form, she launched the 12 Rhongomyniads at Cernunnos simultaneously. This evaporated 90% of the curses layered on Cernunnos and damaged its body enough to reveal its Divine Core.[12]


Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (A Rank): No information available.
  • Territory Creation (EX Rank): No information available.
  • One's Own Magic (B Rank): No information available.
  • Fairy Eyes (A Rank): Not the Mystic Eyes that people possess, but the field of vision that "switches over the world", which fairies are endowed with from birth.
    The fairy eyes possessed by high ranking fairies are described as eyes capable of seeing through all lies and projecting the truth. Since good will and ill will are both lumped together by fairies, this is a mostly meaningless supernatural power as far as they are concerned. Still, nothing good will come out from a human that feels perplexed by the differences between good and evil possessing these eyes.
    Because of these eyes, Artoria Caster could see all the lies and true intentions of people. This is why, as far as she is concerned, the human world is a "storm of ill will" and both fairies and humans felt equally "scary, disgusting".
    The only thing she saw in her dreams while sleeping was this "storm of ill will". Originally, it wouldn't be surprising if this condition made her go mad and caused her to forsake Britain. Still, the only thing that served as a source of hope for her was a small blue star that shined all by itself beyond the storm.[2]

Personal Skills[]

  • Charisma of Hope (B Rank): Raised as the Child of Prophecy, Artoria, who began her journey, is endowed with a Charisma where the people feel like they can depend on and expect things from her. Its effect is similar to the “dreamlike charisma that raises one’s morale” that the mage Merlin displays.[1]
  • Protection of the Lake (A Rank): A protection given by the Fairies of the Lake. This blessing, or oath, was given to the Child of Prophecy.[1]
    • Avalon le Fae (A Rank): A power concealed under the name "Protection of the Lake". The power possessed by a fairy of paradise to bless life and protect the target's strength of fate from all sorts of corruption.[2]
  • Sword of Selection (EX Rank): A Skill that shows how Artoria, who was chosen along with the Staff of Selection, will eventually reach her fated conclusion.[1]
    • Holy Sword Creation (A Rank): A power concealed under the name "Sword of Selection". Once this power has truly awoken, everything that she creates will end up gaining the "sword"-attribute.[2]

Noble Phantasm[]

Artoria's Noble Phantasm is Around Caliburn. In her 3rd ascension, this Noble Phantasm is evolved to Round of Avalon.


During Fate/stay night, it is noted that if Artoria practiced magecraft, there was a high possibility she would quit after half a year.[13]

Takashi Takeuchi is the character designer of Artoria Caster.


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