Artoria Pendragon (Alter) (アルトリア・ペンドラゴン・オルタ?), Class Name Lancer (ランサー, Ransā?), is a Lancer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Also known as Artoria Alter (アルトリア・オルタ, Arutoria Oruta?) and better known as Arthur Pendragon/King Arthur, she was the King of Knights of the Round Table that is described in legends. In reality, a lovely girl-knight, and yet, possesses both the purity and integrity just like in the legends. She is known as a holy sword user, but the Holy Lance she possesses is actually quite powerful as well, making it possible for her to manifest as a Lancer.[2] She who holds the Holy Lance is the "King of Storms" (嵐王, Ran'Ō?), viewed as a person and leader of the Wild Hunt.[1]

... And it is also possible for her to materialize in this way as the possibility of having been violated by the curse of the Holy Grail. The spear-wielding aspect of the King of Knights that devoted herself to cruelty. Even the Holy Lance utilized at the time of the "Battle of the Hill of Camlann", known as King Arthur's last battle, possesses an omnious presence, changing into a black color.[1]

————She held in her hand, the brilliance that shines to the ends of the earth.[1][3] The Holy Lance Rhongomyniad.[1]

The transformation began at that instant. First was the flesh. And then the spirit. Just before her complete transformation into the "Goddess of the Holy Lance", Artoria chose. She chose to be the "King of Storms"; she chose to be the black tyrant.[1][3]

Artoria, with every possible means, strongly defined herself.[1] Because she used even the curse of the Holy Grail and appears to have gained a connection to it somewhere, she is far from being herself as the King of Knights with the holy sword. She became a presence with an unruly nature, yet————Still, she continues to exist as a human. Rather than the Goddess of the Holy Lance, she is Artoria Pendragon.[1][3]

What she is here, is someone who is a representation of the Heroic Spirit of the Holy Lance that did not become the Lion King.[1][3]


Artoria Alter possesses the same appearance as her original version, except with paler skin and hair color. She is claded in dark-indigo and black armor with draconic feature.

There are various opinions about the body weight or figure of Artoria Alter when she is a Lancer. According to differing opinions, when manifesting as a Lancer, the King of Knights is said to take on a figure that differs "in portion" to what she was while alive. Whatever that is, whether because the eternally youthful body has grown "in portion" due to possessing the Holy Lance instead of the holy sword and scabbard, or because the magical power of the lance made "a portion" of the body grow————[2]


Even if she exchanges the holy sword for the Holy Lance, the mentality of the King of Knights and the way she ought to be does not change in a big way.[1][2] She still is the same King of Knights who became a king by acquiring the sword of selection, who opposed assailing foreign enemies, monsters and occasionally even dragons, and who continued to fight to protect her homeland.[2]

However, Artoria Alter's values have somewhat changed from exchanging for the Holy Lance as her main armament. She is no doubt self-aware of herself being paranormal, of being feared by the people. King Arthur of the holy sword was a king for the nation, but King Arthur of the Holy Lance was a king that controls the nation. Her solicitude with regards to the weak changed from "solicitude pointing at her compatriots" to "solicitude pointing at the people that should be under her patronage." Her intentions, speeches and conducts has become more forceful and yet, more firmer than the times where she had the holy sword, but as far as the people is concerned, her very manner of speaking has become the views of a tyrant. It is not King Arthur as an idealist, but King Arthur tinted as a realist, and thus, she is comparatively darker. Regarding the powerful Holy Lance handled in her hand, she recognizes it has a "curse" that is bound to be a sacred thing for her.[1]

Although she is materialized with an emphasized aspect as a hero that rages in battle and is the possessor of a Noble Phantasm endowed with power on a renowned level, depending on the compatibility with the Master, Artoria Alter will probably get to serve as a "single knight" with relative devotion. She, who is summoned as a Servant, is in a state of restraining herself, and with the exception of the moments of battle, her disposition to become rough is comparatively smaller. However, that might become a different story when it consists of her choice of meals...[1]

The side of her being Britain's protector within the legends/anecdotes/events of her lifetime did not materialize during her transformation into a black color scheme, strongly tending to appear and come into existence as one fighting as a warrior, and coming about as a battle machine dashing through the battlefield, a coldhearted slaughterer who swiftly steals the lives of her opponents. Lancer Artoria Alternative, so to speak. The sign of being clad in ruthlessness all over her body resembles Saber Alternative.[1] Even some aspects of her personality resembles Saber Alter's. For example, believing it's the duty of a hero to be hated and shunned, placing blame on herself for every life lost because of her, wishing for a supply of junk food to replenish her dwindling mana, and destroying everything that stands in her way while stating that kings and servants have nothing to do with her.[4]


Artoria (Saber)
As for Artoria, she was originally a different person who walked on a different possibility, but there was a time when Artoria Alter looked at her not as a "different self", but as her "self from around when she was youthful." It may not be evident that her mental state is similar to an older sister looking on tragically at or watching attentively her younger sister.[1]
Arthur (Proto)
Artoria Alter recognizes him as the proper "holy sword user", but on the other hand, it stimulates her pride as a former holy sword user with a little intense sensation. Because he makes use of Excalibur with the thirteen restraints, she provokes Arthur by saying "Hah, you novice. If you are a true king, you should be releasing them constantly." Of course, both understands that it is not a good thing to liberate the restraints continuously.[1]
Francis Drake
Lancer Alter draws a line as a way to not have to do with the other Servants, but she is a little close to Drake, who is one of the "King of Storms". To a third party, they are said to be seen as... girlfriends willfully talking together.[1]
Ritsuka Fujimaru
Artoria Alter will probably become of assistance to her Master in regards to the restoration of human history.[2]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Fourth Singularity: London[]

Artoria Alter is summoned from the "Demonic Fog" after the defeat of Nikola Tesla. As she materializes, she also absorbs the "Demonic Fog" into herself. She fights the Ritsuka Fujimaru's party and is defeated.

Event: Garden of Order[]

Artoria Alter is one of the Servants missing from Chaldea to serve as a tenant in the Ogawa Apartment. She takes a room on the 4th floor, but unlike the others, her alignment isn't affected by the apartment's resentments. This is presumably because she'll never become a cruel queen regardless of her strength.[5]

She soon discovers that Solomon tried to convert the apartment a Singularity after recovering it from the incinerated history. This failed however as the person he sent to do so transformed the apartment into a tower that attracts and imprisons Servants to convert them into demons. Though it would become the Singularity called "Hell", Artoria Alter understood it had no bearing on the Incineration of Humanity. She then took it upon herself to filter out those who cannot handle the apartment's grudges, seeing it as her duty as a king.[5]

When Ritsuka's party comes. she warns them to leave as the floor above is filled with vengeful ghosts. The group accuses her of being the mastermind behind the incident. Artoria Alter then removes her armor in response to Mephistopheles saying she is a skeleton underneath. She agrees to forgive their disrespect if they can survive and prove their bravery to her.[5]

She stops the fight however upon realizing Shiki Ryougi has the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, so she allows them to pass. She then explains what was she doing and her discoveries about the apartment. The group decides to rescue the remaining Servants. Shiki wants to move on quickly, believing that seeing Artoria Alter's large chest will only confuse their sense of scale. Artoria Alter accuses her of being disparaged over something she cannot obtain. Shiki responds by threatening to enter Artoria Alter's room, suspecting she cleans it daily. Artoria Alter denies she does and claims they'll die if they go in.[5]

Event: Sanzang Coming to the West[]

Artoria Alter plays the role of the Ox-Demon King, the husband of Princess Iron Fan (played Florence Nightingale), and the father of Red Boy (played by Mordred). Like her "son", she finds it hard to deal with Iron Fan's aggressive stance on hygiene and takes to wandering. Also, while she loves that Iron Fan cooks delicious British cuisine, the pungent odor of the disinfectant her "wife" applies to the dishware ruins the taste.

Buddha told her that he sealed Xuanzang Sanzang's memory into six scriptures scattered about. The first five scriptures hold Sanzang's Sanzang’s memory of the realization of the transient nature of the five desires, with the sixth containing meaning. Once Sanzang retrieves them, she will regain her lost enlightenment, and her journey will end. Buddha, therefore, tasked the Ox-Demon King with making Sanzang understand that, and it doesn't matter who recites them. The Ox-Demon King complies in exchange for Buddha removing the odor of Iron Fan's disinfectant. She is given one of the first five scriptures and later receives the six scripture from Nezha.

Ritsuka's party eventually comes to her castle. Sanzang apologizes Sanzang apologizes for stealing the Banana Leaf Fan from her wife and returns it to her. As a sign of gratitude, the Ox-Demon King gives Sanzang the scripture she possesses and shows the sixth scripture Nezha gave her. She reveals Buddha gave her a mission and relays what he told her about the scriptures, including that Sanzang's journey will end once she has them all. Sanzang, however, denies her journey ends here as she's yet to each Tianzhu. The Ox-Demon King angrily declares that ending her journey now is Buddha’s mercy. Sanzang asks what will happen to her disciples. The Ox-Demon King answers they’ll continue to Tianzhu, which will return them to their world. She tells Sanzang that she also has a place to return to. Sanzang misinterprets this to mean her in Chang’an. She still wants to continue her journey, saying she has accomplished nothing. While appreciating the scriptures in her possession, she isn’t ready to recite them correctly. The Ox-Demon King responds it doesn’t matter who recites the scriptures and decides to use force to make Sanzang realize that.

After being defeated, the Ox-Demon King confesses why complied with Budhha. She then warns Sanzang that she won’t have Buddha’s protection. Sanzang doesn’t mind, though, claiming it’s what makes a journey a journey. The Ox-Demon King wishes Sanzang and her disciples good luck then.

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Artoria Alter is amongst the "London" Singularity Servants to aid Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars.[6]


In her interlude, Her Wakeless Dream, Her Endless War (醒めぬ夢、終わらぬ戦, Samenu Yume, Owaranu Sen?), Ritsuka and Mash find themselves in a battlefield when Artoria Alter arrives to take down the incoming army of human troops. After they're defeated, she reveals the battlefield is in a dream. She created it to make continous use of combat skills after getting subconscious approval from Ritsuka. Another Artoria Alter then appears, which the group proceed to defeat. While not entirely satisfied with the recent battles, Artoria Alter agrees to stop to fight for Ritsuka's cause.


Lancer Alter is a potential form that was produce from a hundred-to-one coincidence, the end result of an alternate Artoria becoming a goddess by holding the Holy Lance. At the same time, a possibility that accepted the curse of the Holy Grail in order to retain her sense of self. In this form, she cannot remove the elements "Storm" from herself, nor behave like a ruling king.[7] Lancer Alter is a powerful Servant whose high density Magical Energy response can be perceived even inside the demonic fog of the London Singularity.[8] However, in terms of power output, Dr. Roman measures that the power demonstrated by the Lion King when they first saw her in the Camelot Singularity is way beyond anything seen previously from Lancer Alter.[9] She is defeated by Lancelot.[10]


Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (B Rank): Repels most mediocre magecraft but cannot defend against High-Thaumaturgy or Greater Rituals.[11]
  • Riding (A Rank): She is able to operate all vehicles and beasts freely except for Divine Beasts and Dragon Kinds.[11] In this Class, at all times during battle, she is always mounting on a horse. When in the case of being in her Alternative form, her steed is her horse Llamrei.[1]

Personal Skills[]

  • Mana Burst (A+ Rank): Along with her strong destructive urges, she is endowed with an exceedingly strong Magic Burst skill.[11]
  • Charisma (E Rank): The natural talent to command troops. Troops that see her in her current state will not necessarily have their morale enhanced.[11]

Noble Phantasm[]

Being summoned as a Lancer, Artoria Alter's main weapon is the Holy Lance Rhongomyniad, a Divine Construct whose power is said to rival the Holy Sword.[8] Rhongomyniad's true form is originally the tower that fastens the surface of the World onto the planet, however, due to its original power being limited by the Thirteen Restraints, it is barely in a state where it can succeed in taking form as a Noble Phantasm. By releasing its True Name, it will result in the Holy Lance releasing a fragment of the power of the light that shines at the Farthest Ends. In order to perform its True Name release, it is necessary to lift at least half among a total of Thirteen Restraints.[1]

In this form, Artoria is a storm that will obliterate everything before her eyes. Nikola Tesla praises her Noble Phantasm, describing it is a torrent of light surpassing both AC and DC, one born from the planet itself. He states that although he is not fond of Heroic Spirits with either Heaven or Earth attributes, Lancer Alter is different. She is the Wild Hunt itself. Andersen claims that not even a Servant would be able to maintain their Spirit Origin next to a Noble Phantasm like that, although there are a few "morons" who would gleefully let themselves get liquefied.[7]


Creation and Conception[]

Akira Ishida is the character illustrator for Artoria Pendragon (Lancer Alter).[1][2] Hikaru Sakurai is the scenario writer for her character.[1]


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