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« Let me show you!"
"This is the truth of Ascalon! Thou dragon with sin! "Ascalon"! »


Ascalon: The Blessed Sword By Which Force is Slain (力屠る祝福の剣アスカロン, Chikara Hofuru Shukufuku no KenAsukaron?) is the holy sword of Saint George, an invincible weapon that delivers its holder from those who would intend harm and malice.[1][2][3] Its "invincibility" comes not from the capacity to defeat foes, but the capacity to defend from all harm. However, by reversing its protective power, it becomes a sword that pierces through any kind of armor.[3] Also, it can be granted the draconic attribute from his other Noble Phantasm.[1] Upon Ascension, the form of the sword changes.


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