Assassin (アサシン, Asashin?) is an Assassin-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Assassin's True Name is Katou Danzou (加藤段蔵, Katō Danzō?). A thief and spy whose name can be seen in the Kanazoushi and military sciences documents from the early Edo period—In other words, a ninja. Known by the alias “Flying Katou” and “Kite Katou”, while her activities in the Kai and Echigo Provinces has been reported, her origins and objectives are wrapped in mystery with various theories existing about it.[1]

There are legends about how Katou Danzou operated puppets, karakuri dolls, but those are legends derived from the fact that “Danzou herself was a karakuri doll”—so is the setting in this work.[1]

A ninja descended from the Fuuma, who were mostly active and flourished during the late Warring States period. However, her true identity is that of a karakuri doll manufactured by the sorcerer Kashin Koji. An artificial female ninja (kunoichi) molded with the cooperation of the first generation Fuuma Koutarou, and possessed no life as a human being. However, as a result of accomplishing many of her duties and being often talked about even in later literature, her existence was carved into human history as a Heroic Spirit.[1]


Kato Danzo is described by Miyamoto Musashi as a black haired beauty.

The clothing on her body does not hide that nature of her puppet origins as showcase by her ball joints on her metallic limbs. She wears a red scarf around her neck and has her hair up in a ponytail.

Upon second ascension she obtains some armor pieces on her legs and arms.

In her third ascension she gains a kimono inspired outfit and lets her hair down.


A karakuri ninja of few emotions, and is quite mechanical. A karakuri girl. She did not possess free will in her lifetime, and she was just a mechanical doll that just abided by the orders inputted into her—or so she defined herself. But upon being carved into human history as a Heroic Spirit and manifesting as a Servant working for the current world, she began to consider that maybe, she might be allowed to think - and have feelings - just like humans. She wants to do so, if she is allowed.[1]


Kashin Koji

Her manufacturer. A cold-blooded man. An extraordinary black magician.

(The First) Fuuma Kotarou
A person who should also be called another “parent” of hers similarly like Kashin Koji.
Ashiya Douman
A person whose connection to Danzou was born during the Seven Duels.

“He is not a person I met as a Servant of Pan-Human History but… it is noisy…”

Miyamoto Musashi / Senji Muramasa
Two people whose connections to Danzou were born during the Seven Duels.

“They are likewise not people I met as a Servant of Pan-Human History but… I feel like they are people I have a great debt of gratitude for.”

Mochizuki Chiyome
“Chiyome-dono, a shinobi of the Takeda House. The fact is that for Danzou, I want to get close to her, but from the way it seems for Chiyome-dono, she has a somewhat ill feeling for me.”

The secret concerning the two that was hidden in Danzou’s recorded data was lost to her. What the heck is this “certain incident” that the Katou Danzou from her lifetime actually perpetrated on the Takeda House?

(The Fifth) Fuuma Kotarou
When she had been living under the Fuuma clan’s roof for a period of time, Danzou became the foster parent of a certain red-haired infant. The reason is that Danzou, who has the skills of the First Fuuma Kotarou built into her as a database of some sort, was the best “transmitter of the Fuuma skills.” Sometimes guiding him as his ninjutsu mentor, and sometimes treating him with tender loving care like a mother, this little child was surely none other than————the future Fifth Generation Fuuma Kotarou.

At first, Danzou herself did not recognize Kotarou during their unexpected reunion in Chaldea, but…?


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Shimosa Province: The Stage of Rivers of Blood and Mountains of CorpsesEdit

The still living Kato Danzo of the Shimosa parallel world was found by Ashiya Douman, deactivated due to a lack of magical energy and her limbs broken. The Caster of Limbo repaired her to serve in his plan while tinkering with her memories so she barley remembered her past, once reactivated Danzo agreed to obey his commands as her new master. Sent to Toke Castle Town along with Tomoe Gozen, she later followed her when she was forced to retreat from Miyamoto Musashi. Upon meeting an elderly couple on the road she became confused by Tomoe's behavior of kindly greeting the couple and seeing them off, only to massacre the village they came from seconds later, Danzo concluded this may have been an effect of the Curse of Annihilation. She attempted to use her Noble Phantasm on Tomoe Gozen due to her disobeying orders but was stopped by Douman, insisting that she would be dealt with by a different party. She was then placed as a spy in Ristuska and Musashi's group by Yagyu Munenori, upon which Fumma Kotarou recognized her. When returning to Muramasa's hermitage, Danzo informed Raikou and Shuten of the location to which they kidnapped the children Onui and Tasuke. At this point Danzo began to feel conflicted about her actions, especially when Shuten claimed to have killed the children. Before arriving in Toke Castle Town, Danzo reflected on how she became broken only to be repaired by Caster of Limbo. Having no memories of her past, she saw him as a new parental figure and conforming to her role as a ninja who merely took orders and nothing more. But despite that she began to feel some familiarity with Fumma Kotarou. Upon infiltrating the transformed Onriedo Castle, Danzo was about to confess to being a spy but was surprised when everyone already figure out beforehand. After giving their reasons for not killing her and touched by their kindness, Danzo then told them she lead them to the castle of her own violation and would be fighting with them from now on. Upon saying this Ashiya Douman appeared and mocked her, confessing that he had damaged her memories for his own plans. Activating an override and curse he had placed into her head, he set Danzo upon her allies. After crossing blades with Musashi, Danzo activated a self destruct within her that took out Musashi's right eye and much of Danzo's right side. Before completely expiring she told Ritsuka's group to stop Ashiya Douman and told Kotarou that she remembers meeting him before. After this Kotarou absorbed the magical energy left behind in her body to empower himself.


Katou Danzou is an extremely fast servant, able to keep pace with the fastest steed. She also claims that anyone but her wouldn't be able to keep up with Archer of Inferno's speed, whose power had been greatly increased by the Curse of Annihilation.[2]

In the Shimosa Singularity, Danzou's power was momentarily greatly increased by Caster of Limbo after he imbued her with a special form of his sorcery that recreates the Curse of Annihilation's karma through machinery. With one of Caster's greatest techniques, Danzou is easily capable of destroying even a Servant. In this state, her speed is further enhanced and she is able to keep pace with Miyamoto Musashi, even claiming Musashi is just too slow.[3]

Her NoblePhantasms are Mechanical Illusionary Art - Bull Swallowing and Black Arts Decapitation Method - Moonflower.[1]

Class SkillsEdit

Presence Concealment (A Rank): Hides one's presence as a Servant. Suitable for spying. It is possible to disappear completely and become nearly impossible to be detected. The rank of Presence Concealment drops considerably when preparing to attack.[1]

Personal SkillsEdit

Synthetic Limbs (Doll) (A++ Rank): The flesh became a man-made mechanism - particularly, wooden machinery (karakuri). Bonus modifiers are added to action checks related to combat and success checks. At A Rank, not only the limbs, but her entire body is an artificial “karakuri doll”.[1]
Ninjutsu (A Rank): The general term for the secret intelligence techniques, combat techniques, larceny techniques, torture techniques, etc., employed by ninjas. Its system differs between each school. Since Katou Danzou was loaded with the skills of Fuuma Koutarou (First), her school would be that of the Fuuma party.[1]
Mechanical Illusionary Arts (B+ Rank): No information available.[1]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Makoto Soga is the character illustrator for Katou Danzou.[1]


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