Assassin (アサシン, Asashin?) is an Assassin-class Servant appearing in Fate/Grand Order.



Assassin's True Name is Li Shuwen (李書文, Ri Shobun?).


Li Shuwen within the Lostbelt is a still living human who trains the select few chosen to be the guards of Qin Shi Huang.


He seems to have lost some weight from his younger days.


Unlike his younger days, he has become a gentle old man. He still makes use of his monstrous fists, but he won't do it unless extremely necessary. The hiding of one's own ferocity was a gentle state of mind that he couldn't comprehend in his younger days. But once he fights an enemy, they will know that the same fangs he had in his younger days haven't lost their sharpness.


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

SIN: Land of Unified KnowledgeEdit

Li Shuwen is the chief of Qin Shi Huang's royal guard.


Sphere Boundary (Zenith) A-: A skill where one uses their own qi to feel their surroundings, or to erase their own presence. Reaching mastery in this skill allows one to become one with nature, even giving one the ability to become completely invisible. Due to his old age, Li Shuwen has achieved further progress in this technique. Even in the middle of a heated battle, he has the ability to completely disappear in the blink of an eye.

Yin Yang Intersection B: An ability possessed by all humans to switch their own nature. Although Li Shuwen leans more towards yang after having become old, he still hasn't lost his fierce claws, and can freely switch to yin in an instant and slaughter his enemies effortlessly. His cold-heartedness in battle has not been lost.



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