Assassin Paraiso (アサシン・パライソ, Asashin Paraiso?) is an Assassin-class Servant able to be summoned by the Protagonist in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Assassin's True Name is Mochizuki Chiyome (望月千代女, Mochidzuki Chiyome?). A woman of the late Warring States period whose name was recorded in the documents of Netsumura, Shinshu. She is regarded as a female ninja (kunoichi) that served the Takeda Clan of the Kai Province and a descendant of Mochizuki Izumo-no-Kami, but it is unsure whether she was actually a ninja.[1]

In a sense, her existence—it may be a sarcastic answer to the proposition called a “renowned ninja”, which is a contradiction for a ninja that should make a principle to keep one's activities covert.[1]

In this work, Chiyome is an existence endowed with grotesque powers, having inherited a curse cast by a god from her ancestor Kouga Saburou. At the same time that she works as a shinobi for the sake of her lord... she dedicates prayers as a single miko of a serpent in order to appease the aramitama of a god.[1]



« Curse, this blood of mine. Curse, this sin of mine. No matter how much time passes, there is something here that cannot be washed away. »

(Mochizuki Chiyome)


Fate/Grand Order

Shimosa Province: The Stage of Rivers of Blood and Mountains of Corpses


Her Noble Phantasm is Summoning - Omen​ of the Great God Ibuki.


Creation and Conception

Hiroshi Hiroyama is the character illustrator for Mochizuki Chiyome.[1]


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