Assassin (アサシン, Asashin?) is the Assassin-class Servant able to be summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Assassin's True Name is Charles-Henri Sanson (シャルル=アンリ・サンソン, Sharuru-Anri Sanson?). The fourth head of the Sanson family, which had performed executions for generations in Paris. Charles-Henri Sanson was no assassin, but an executioner. The role of executioner is something inherited through the generations, and he is the fourth. His lifestyle was extremely wealthy, but he was often scorned because of his occupation - something that became a source of anguish in his youth.[2]

Leading an elegant lifestyle worthy of nobility, the Sanson House loved and respected the King and Queen and showed great pity for the citizens governed by them. It has been said that they even provided the cutting-edge medical technology, which was cultivated from the executions, free-of-charge to the needy.[2]

However, the times did not allow Charles' peace. During the tumultuous years of the French Revolution, he executed men from all walks of life. He, who had jobs as an executioner forced upon himself even after the French Revolution occurred, eventually had to be present in the execution of his beloved king Louis XVI and his queen, Marie Antoinette. Following the invention of the guillotine, created out of humane considerations, he conducted further executions.[2]



Charles-Henri Sanson maintains a neutral stance towards his Master. Since the high praises regarding his skills for killing are, as expected, included among the reasons for his summoning, his feelings are somewhat complicated.[2]

A mild youth who loves "humans" above all else. He hates "evil", but not "evil people." He believes in god, but at the same time understands that "god does nothing." Therefore, he embraces the sorrowful duty of cutting down "evil" with "evil." Exceedingly strict about the law, he will stop an execution if a former occurrence is brought to light is supposed to be his true intention. While fighting Servants, if given consent, he will not kill the Master.


Marie Antoinette
Amadeus Mozart
Chevalier d'Eon


Fate/Grand Order

Orleans: The Wicked Dragon Hundred Years' War

Sanson is summoned by Jeanne Alter to serve as one of her Servants. They begin a campaign of destruction against France, killing many, particularly King Charles VII and Pierre Cauchon. He later encounters Ritsuka's party, together with Lancelot, when they witness them attacking French soldiers with wyverns outside of Lyon. He and Lancelot fight the group until General Gilles de Rais arrives and bombards the wyverns with cannonfire. He retreats with Carmilla while Lancelot holds the group off.

Sanson later encounters Marie Antoinette in the town previously protected by Georgios when he and Jeanne Alter came to attack it. Expressing his desire to execute her again, he fight her but is defeated. Sanson expresses his disbelief at his own self being defeated after killing so many. But Marie replies that he became weaker because he became more proficient as a killer, but all the while becoming weaker as an executioner, as a savior of criminals. Sanson denies her claims, saying that he honed his skill so as to give her a better execution so she would forgive him. Marie, however, reveals that she bears no grudge against him. Before he could reply though, Sanson disappears when Jeanne Alter arrives.

It later revealed Sanson survived, but he lost his mind when Marie perished. He later encounters Mozart when Ritsuka's party are fighting their way towards Orleans. Surprisingly his refusal to lose to Mozart restores his sanity when the former says Marie likes him more. Before they fight, he expresses his distaste for Mozart's Requiem, hating how it turns death into mere music. After he is defeated, Sanson realizes he is unquestionably the evil one while Mozart and Ritsuka are the just one. He recalls how Marie smiled before she died to Jeanne Alter's flames, realizing said smile was filled with hope not resignation. He then gives his blessings to Ritsuka and Mozart before disappearing.

Do Moon Goddesses Dream of Dango?

Together with Marie and d'Eon, Sanson had stolen a load of dumplings that were originally transported to the Singularity by Artemis. However, they had to give most of the dumplings to Saint Martha, Georgios, and Sasaki as a sign of friendship.

Later while camping out in a forest, Sanson eats dumplings with Marie and d'Eon, but he questions the morality of them taking all three tons. Marie reprimands him for this, asking his boldness when he prepared the guillotine went, though he admits didn't really like it. Sanson then tells Marie to stop eating so many dumplings since she'll fat. But he gets excited by the medical marvel of all of the fat going to her breasts when she states such, wishing to know more about it. However, both he and d'Eon sense the presence of Ritsuka, Mash, and Artemis, with Mash demanding that they surrender. However, d'Eon and Sanson both believing the Chaldea group to be mere criminals after hearing Mash's demand go to fight the group along with Marie. After the group defeats them, Mozart appears to help the French Servants, with Sanson happy to see him coming to their aid. He then fights the group again with help of Mozart and d'Eon, but they are once again defeated. Sanson then ends up getting knocked unconscious when Mozart's mask slips off and hits him in the back of the head.

Salomon: The Grand Time Temple

He is amongst the Orleans Singularity Servant to assist the Chaldea against Demon Gods Pillar.[3]

Salem: The Taboo Epiphany Garden


In his interlude Guillotine Boy (ギロチン・ボーイ, Girochin Bōi?), Sanson with Ritsuka and Mash accidentally rayshifts to a French town in an unknown era. Suspecting it to be a singularity, the group search for and remove the source of suspected singularity. During their search they come across citizens about to executed, which Sanson stops because there was no fair trial beforehand. After defeating the soldiers and freeing the citizens, Sanson stops a child from being executed, but the soldiers' words bear down on his guilty conscience. After defeating the soldiers, another Sanson, who decides to test Sanson's resolve, appears. After defeating the other Sanson, the events are revealed to be a dream.


  • Assassin's sword

Assassin wields a T-shaped Claymore bearing the inscription Epée de Justice(Sword of Justice). He was a physician as a side job. Traces of this can be seen in his Skills.[2] His Noble Phantasm is La Mort Espoir.

Executioner (処刑人, Shokeinin?) is a skill, severing evil by means of evil; the ultimate judgement act. Damage increases towards the Evil alignment. Also, a Servant will also become a target if his actions are regarded as evil.[1]

His special ability is Medical Techniques (医術, Ijutsu?), a modern medicine that surpasses the medical technology of those times (in which transmission proliferated) in a few degrees. Still, this Skill does not make a comparison by modern standards, instead determining by the standards of the age in which the Servant lived.[1]

His special ability is Human Anatomy Research (人体研究, Jintai Kenkyū?), a concept placed on the "other side" of execution techniques and medicine. He did not neglect researching on where he could hurt the human body without killing, without leaving prognostic symptoms. Putting it another way, it means he understands where it is okay to injury.[1]


Creation and Conception

Yuuichirou Higashide is the scenario writer for him in Fate/Grand Order.[1] Shima Drill is the character illustrator for Charles-Henri Sanson.[1][2]


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