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Assassin (アサシン, Asashin?) an Assassin-class Servant able to be summoned by the Protagonist in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Assassin's True Name is Shiki Ryougi, a Pseudo-Servant who exists through her dreaming an irregular Singularity.[1] As with the rest of the world after 2016, Mifune City has been reduced to ruins along with its inhabitants. Shiki is a special case where "she’s dead, but not quite", her body burned but not yet completely burnt away. She exists in a state right before dying, asleep and seeing a dream that became the Ogawa Apartments seen in the Singularity. She recognizes her state as a dream, but if she wakes up she will die along with everyone else in the city. Should she stay asleep within the dream, she will avoid the destruction of humanity and be able to return to her original world.[2]


Dressed on a blend of Japanese and Western clothes.[1]


At a first glance, she appears to have a cold, exclusive character. Although she has a mannish way of speaking and conducts herself as if a man, she is different from a "cross-dressing beauty" since her true nature is helplessly feminine. Despite putting airs of an outlaw, she is a lonely person with an elder sister disposition at her core, so she ends up thoroughly taking care of those she took a liking to.[1]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit


Shiki possesses the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.[1] Her others skills are Independent Action, Tajitsu, and Eyes of the Mind (False). Her Noble Phantasm is Vijñaptimātratā: Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.


Takeuchi Takashi is the character designer for Assassin.[1]


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