Assassin of the Nightless City (不夜城のアサシン, Fuyajō no Asashin?) is an Assassin-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Assassin's True Name is Wu Zetian (武則天, Bu Zokuten?). Prioritizing the ease for understanding, she goes by the name "Wu Zetian". That is based on her posthumous name "Great Sacred Empress Zetian", which was given after her death. As for herself, she holds great liking to the title "Divine and Sacred Emperor", which she took upon claiming the throne.[1]

The sole ruling Empress in China's history. Initially, she was a consort of the Second Emperor, Taizong of Tang, although she was only one of many. She met with Taizong son's Gaozong, and became his concubine after Taizong's death. And eventually, Consort Wu gave birth to Gaozong's child—But that small life's flame was extinguished at infancy.[1]

Pursuing the then Empress Wang whom she treated as the culprit of her child's death, and overthrowing the most favored concubine, Consort Xiao, it is said that Consort Wu reached the seat as Gaozong's Queen.[1]

At that point, Consort Wu had both Empress Wang and Consort Xiao executed in a manner where they were stuffed into wine jars after the amputation of their limbs. From this flow of events, there are parties that think that Consort Wu killed her own child and placed the blame on Empress Wang but———The truth cannot be ascertained.[1]

Seizing power as the Empress, she repeatedly exterminated (assassinated) troublesome relatives and political opponents. After Gaozong's death, she changed the country's name to "Zhou", and upon finally taking the throne, she added the moniker "Divine and Sacred Emperor/Empress Regnant Shengshen" to her name. Whilst restoring the nation, she promulgated a rule of fear which encouraged incrimination through secret informants. Through the cruel torture of the specially tasked "Kù Lì/Kokuri", the country's people were fearful from their hearts———[1]



Her attitude towards others is haughty and disrespectful, and she acts fundamentally in her own self-interest.[1]

"Kufufufu, isn't it only natural that we are more gorgeous and dazzling than anyone else? That aside, do not address us lightly as a young girl. You fool!"[1]

Wu Zetian is surprisingly religious. She liked changing era names, titles, and even street names, but this was due to both her preference for new things and superstition. Additionally, her belief in the curse "You'll be reincarnated as a mouse. I will return as a cat to bite you to death!" that came from the executed Consort Xiao just before her death led Wu Zetian to impose a strict ban on keeping cats in the palace. Furthermore, she feared being haunted by their ghosts, and relocated the capital from Chang'an to Luoyang———[1]

"H-Hey! Sneakily recording our weakness like that is cowardly, no, all those are lies and it's not like I'm scared of cats or ghosts but anyways, you will be punished!"[1]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Agartha: The Mythical Subterranean SocietyEdit

In the Agartha singularity, Wu Zetian acted as the empress of the Nightless City.[2][3]

Halloween Strike! Devil's Building Climber: Great Decisive Battle at Himeji CastleEdit


Her Noble Phantasm is Manual of Accusation.


Takehito Harada is the character designer for Wu Zetian.[1]


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