Assassin (アサシン?) is the Assassin-class Servant of Major Reiter in the Imperial Capital Holy Grail Strange Story of Fate/KOHA-ACE. He is also summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Assassin's True Name is Okada Izou (岡田以蔵, Okada Izō?). One of the four great manslayers of the shogunate's closing days, holding the alias of 'Manslayer Izou (人斬り以蔵, Hitokiri Izou?)'. The Onoha Ittou Style, the Kyoushin Meichiri Style, the Jikishi Style and such, he learned various styles of swordplay. Involved with numerous assassinations, he was imprisoned and executed for his crimes.[2]



Overly boastful of his own abilities, he has a tendency to look down on all other swordsmen, but reputed as 'One with the sword, swift and nimble as a falcon,' his sword arm was the genuine work of a genius.[2] He has a heavy grudge against Ryoma after he betrayed him when he was alive and swore to get revenge on him when they meet again as Servants and kill him. He clearly doesn't like being mocked, or made fun of by others. In Fate/type Redline, when Tsukumo mocks him that any bum can become a Servant, he brutally beat her up for it. He finds sentimental and heart-warming moments disgusting that makes him want to puke. He intends to uses dirty tactics against Servants if it's necessary to throw them off guard.



Assassin initially portrays himself as Sakamoto Ryoma.


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

GUDAGUDA Teito Seihai KitanEdit

Fate/type RedlineEdit

Day 2Edit

  • Assassin appears in front of Tsukumo.
  • Assassin deflects Tsukumo's attacks.
  • Assassin threatens Tsukumo after she mocks him.
  • Assassin fighting Saber.
  • Assassin takes Tsukumo hostage.
  • Assassin's attack interupted by Saber.
  • Assassin's fail attempt to kill Kanata before Saber deflects it.
  • Assassin prepares to unleash his Noble Phantasm
  • Assassin uses Settlement Sword on Saber.
  • Assassin loses two of his fingers from Saber.
  • Assassin swear he will kill Saber the next time they meet.

When soldiers from the Imperial Japanese Army attempt to storm Tsukumo Fujimiya's place and assassinate her, he intercepts and kills them. He muses that his Master was working with the army, but he doesn't care because their relationship was only temporary. He steals a hat from a soldier's corpse, then expresses disgust that such trash is what passes for an assassin nowadays. He then shocks Tsukumo, who didn't notice the commotion outside, by appearing right next to her. He introduced himself as Saber class and his true name is Sakamoto Ryoma to Tsukumo. He examines her hands and finds no Command Spells, so he says they will wait for the Servant and Master she was working with to come back. When he is distracted by his Master telling him that the Servant and Master were attacked, she tries to attack him with her liquid bombs, but he deflects them with his sword. Enraged, he slices off the fingers of her left hand, making her scream in agony. He tells her to shut up, punches her in the face, then demands to know the Servant's True Name.

After he heavily injures Tsukumo, he tells her that her buddies have abandoned her. He notices her breathing is getting lighter and knows she won’t make it. He later tortures Tsukumo by reopening her wounds on the blade of his sword and tells her a outsider won't last long in Holy Grail War alive. He tries persuade her that if she tells him Saber's True Name, he will let her live. When Tsukumo found out his true class and mocks him, he brutality kicks her in the stomach, pulls her side ponytail, and tells her he doesn't like being make fun of and he won't hold back just because she's a woman. When his Master tells him to stop hurting Tsukumo, he tells his Master to shut up and don't give him orders. He pieces her lung after she asks if he was a fan of the real Ryouma when he was alive. Assassin impatiently gives her one last chance to reveal Saber’s True Name or he will end her life. As he was about to finish her off, Saber and her Master arrive just in time to save Tsukumo and he is seen fighting Saber. He recognizes Saber's swordsmanship and calls her a wolf of Mibu. He later offers a deal to Saber’s Master, Kanata if he values Tsukumo’s life. He will let Tsukumo live if he uses one of his Command Seals to make Saber commit suicide. When Tsukumo tries to convince Kanata to abandon her and use the Holy Grail to grant her wish, Assassin pierces her right hand through her right shoulder and she loses consciousness. Suddenly Assassin looks mildly surprised to see Kanata’s body is starting to fade further as he lose most of his left face, arm and leg. He has no idea what’s happening to him, but he doesn’t care as he calls him a loser like his Servant. He demands Kanata to finish his Servant off so it will save him some trouble.

When Saber calls out to Kanata, he stops fading and his body restores itself somehow. Kanata calmly asks him how to use the Command Seals. Assassin is incredulous that he became a Master if he is so ignorant, but explains. Kanata suddenly hurls his smartphone at him and uses his magecraft to make it float in the air. Having never seen a smartphone before, Assassin mistakes it for a Mystic Code and is wary of it since it is floating. Kanata uses the distraction to spend a Command Seal to order Saber to kill him. Saber attacks him and he is shocked when he starts getting pushed back. Enraged by Kanata’s sneaking tactics, he threatens him that he won’t give him a painless death. He is impressed by Saber’s strength when boosted by a Command Seal. He later gets disgusted by Saber and Kanata’s sentimental conversation and threatens Saber that he can behead her Master before she reaches him and she asks him to care to try it. Assassin and Saber continue their fight fiercely. He attempts to uses dirty tactics by throwing a couch at her, but she slices it into pieces. He later tries to pull out his second sword and attempts to throw it at Kanata’s head, but Saber deflects it. As Saber about to attack him, Assassin imitates Saber’s flash step techniques and slashes her back. After Kanata reveals Assassin’s title and abilities to Saber, he gets angry and says he going to show them something very different as the real Manslayer as he prepares to unleash his Noble Phantasm.

He rushes at her and delivers a heavy slash. She partially blocks it with her hilt and takes a slash on her arm, but she manages to slice off some of his fingers. He starts thrashing and freaking out about his injury, causing Saber to call him out as a hypocrite as he had mocked Tsukumo when he took her fingers. Saber knocks him out the window and pursues him. As he struggles to fight back, he asks himself just what is Saber because she does not react to her injuries and he cannot sense any emotions from her as if she were an empty husk. He orders his Master to use a Command Spell to give him the strength to kill Saber, but instead, she uses it to order him to retreat. As he disappears, he swears he will kill Saber next time.


Assassin declares himself to be of the Man-Slayer (人斬り, Hitokiri?) class. He has generally poor stats, his Mana and Luck are abysmal and his Strength, Noble Phantasm rank and especially Endurance are little better. His only decent stat is B-rank Agility, and this lackluster repertoire would immediately betray to any observing Masters that he is not a Saber, the so-called “strongest class.”

Eye of the Mind (False)Edit

He has B-rank Presence Concealment, making it extremely difficult, but not nigh-impossible to detect his presence. His first Personal Skill is Eye of the Mind (False) rank C, allowing calm analysis of battlefield conditions and consideration of multiple tactics even in the heat of combat.


Second is Man-Slayer, a manifestation of his own practical combat style seeking victory over the truth of the blade (thus it is both strong and brittle).

Swordplay as Swift and Powerful as a FalconEdit

His final skill is Swordplay as Swift and Powerful as a Falcon. These were the words used to describe Izou’s sword while he was still in training during the Edo period. He often learned new styles, but always left halfway through. He considered every style to be beneath him, and in some ways they were, but because of this, he never learned any secret techniques nor acquired true mastery.

Settlement SwordEdit

Assassin copy Saber's flash step techniques

Assassin copy Saber's flash step techniques.

He also claims to have the ability to copy the sword styles of others, which is manifested in his Noble Phantasm Settlement Sword. He uses this to copy Okita's flash step techniques against her. 


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