Assassin (アサシン?) is the Assassin-class Servant of Major Reiter in the Imperial Capital Holy Grail Strange Story of Fate/KOHA-ACE. He is also summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Assassin's True Name is Okada Izou (岡田以蔵, Okada Izō?). One of the four great manslayers of the shogunate's closing days, holding the alias of 'Manslayer Izou (人斬り以蔵, Hitokiri Izou?)'. The Onoha Ittou Style, the Kyoushin Meichiri Style, the Jikishi Style and such, he learned various styles of swordplay. Involved with numerous assassinations, he was imprisoned and executed for his crimes.[2]



Overly boastful of his own abilities, he has a tendency to look down on all other swordsmen, but reputed as 'One with the sword, swift and nimble as a falcon,' his sword arm was the genuine work of a genius.[2]



Assassin initially portrays himself as Sakamoto Ryoma.


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

GUDAGUDA Teito Seihai KitanEdit

Fate/type RedlineEdit

Day 2Edit

  • Assassin appears in front of Tsukumo.
  • Assassin deflects Tsukumo's attacks.

When soldiers from the Imperial Japanese Army attempt to storm Tsukumo Fujimiya's place and assassinate her, he intercepts and kills them. He muses that his Master was working with the army, but he doesn't care because their relationship was only temporary. He steals a hat from a soldier's corpse, then expresses disgust that such trash is what passes for an assassin nowadays. He then shocks Tsukumo, who didn't notice the commotion outside, by appearing right next to her. He introduced himself as Saber class and his true name is Sakamoto Ryoma to Tsukumo. He examines her hands and finds no Command Spells, so he says they will wait for the Servant and Master she was working with to come back. When he is distracted by his Master telling him that the Servant and Master were attacked, she tries to attack him with her liquid bombs, but he deflects them with his sword. Enraged, he slices off the fingers of her left hand, making her scream in agony. He tells her to shut up, punches her in the face, then demands to know the Servant's True Name. After he heavily injures Tsukumo, he tells her that her buddies have abandoned her. He notices her breathing is getting lighter and knows she won’t make it.


Assassin declares himself to be of the Manslayer (人斬り, Hitokiri?) class. His Personal Skills are Manslayer, One with the Sword, as Swift and Nimble as a Falcon, and Eye of the Mind (False). He also claims to have the ability to copy the sword styles of others, which is manifested in his Noble Phantasm Settlement Sword.


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