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Assassin (アサシン, Asashin?) is the Assassin-class Servant of Kirei Kotomine in the Fourth Holy Grail War of Fate/Zero, and one of the Servants summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru of the Grand Order conflicts of Fate/Grand Order. He is unique in that he has the capability to manifest as multiple entities at once.



Assassin's True Name is Hassan-i-Sabbah, given the appellation of Hassan of the Hundred Faces (百貌のハサン, Hyaku no Bō no Hasan?, also romanized as Hassan of the Multiple Personality or Hassan of One Hundred Personas), one of the nineteen people to hold the legendary Persian title of "Old Man of the Mountain".


Assassin during life (artistic rendition of Hassan-i Sabbah)

He was a candidate to become the next leader of the Assassins along with No Name Assassin, but he was chosen due to their fear of her. Their official reasoning was that even though she copied the eighteen previous Zabaniya abilities, she had not produced a miracle of her own.[6]

His own ability, Delusional Illusion, was unique in that it was the first to be an inborn ability rather than achieved through modifying his body. Instead, he took advantage of his affliction of Multiple Personality Disorder and acted as an assassin without a true identity. He became the nineteenth in succession and currently the last to have become a candidate for summoning. His wish to the Grail was ultimately "to be reconstituted as a complete personality."[7]


The multiple bodies of Assassin can vary widely in age, gender, build, and style of dress, but in general, their hair appears purple, and their skin and clothing are nearly black. They wear the standard skull mask associated with the known Hassan of the other Grail Wars. The masks change as he changes personalities.[1]


Each of the Assassins has their own personality, and their experiences are not shared between them. The female Assassin is shown to be the main one to interact with Kirei. Assassin's goal in wanting to obtain the Grail is "to have a perfect and unified personality." Due to his Master having no intention of winning the war, he is instead damned to the fate of a voyeur. Kirei following the orders of Tokiomi makes it so he is truly a servant of a servant. He had plotted to hijack the Holy Grail before either Kirei or Tokiomi in the event the War had gone in their favor, but he didn't even get a chance to display his rebellious side before becoming the first Servant eliminated from the war.[7]


Hassan of the Cursed Arm
Hassan of Serenity
Hassan of ■■
"Old Man of the Mountain"




The Assassins prepare for a suicide charge.

The Assassins initially act as reconnaissance agents for Tokiomi and Kirei, after Gilgamesh kills one of them in full view of the other Masters who possessed no specialization in any particular skill. This tactic successfully lead most of the Masters to believe that Kirei and Assassin had been defeated, and allowed the dozens of remaining Assassins to move freely without suspicion.

In the conversation between Kiritsugu Emiya and Maiya, Kiritsugu found it hard to believe that Assassin was defeated so easily so he orders Maiya to send familiars to keep an eye on Kirei Kotomine who surrendered in Fuyuki Church. In the battle between Saber and Lancer, Kiritsugu notices one of the Assassin watching the battle.

Their continued existence, however, is discovered when Rider and Waver Velvet accidentally encounter three Assassins in Caster's lair but they retreated after one of them was killed.

Kirei uses all of his command seals to send all the Assassin to gauge Iskander's power levels. The Assassins meet their end when they decline Iskander's wine offer. He complies by using his most powerful Noble Phantasm, "Ionioi Hetairoi: Army of the King", to massacre each and every one of the Assassins.

Einzbern Consultation RoomEdit

Einzbern Consultation Room Assassin

Assassin with Instructor Iri and Student No.0.

Assassin is the first Servant to visit Einzbern Consultation Room. This individual is Zayd and he explains his existence to both Irisviel von Einzbern and Zecchan. The truth wounded him when Zecchan calls him fake among fake. Both Iri and Zecchan continue wounding him when they described him as a disposable pawn that only lasted in episode two and was easily tricked by his master. He calls himself the most unfortunate Servant in the Holy Grail War as his appearance, class and Noble Phantasm are plain. Kirei, Tokiomi and Risei only see Assassin as surveillance and they called him useless and a loser. Assassin couldn't stand for the slander as he considers it is not his fault. Iri and Zecchan questioned to Zayd whether it was his fault. They pointed out was it necessary for himself to be proud of himself to snuck in alone with Kajiura Yuki cool theme playing, he struck strange poses to dodge magic wires to show off which he only needs to dodge and destroy the origin of the Bounded field and lastly to say out loud it was "too easy" on a top secret mission. Zayd fallen to the pressure and admitted to his faults, he tried to redeem himself by offering his service as a tea server representing the Assassins. Iri rejected his offer as his troubles were solved and should be in the battlefield as a Servant. Zayd was touched when Iri thought highly of him, motivated by her words, Zayd leaves. Before leaving he tells his wish to leave his name on the pages of history, to change his name as Zayd the king of Assassins. Zayd runs out and was looking forward to participate in the war again, to assassinate all enemies to earn Kirei's respect. However he is caught by the tentacles of the Black Shadows, as he is being dragged he saw visions of the other Assassin being slayed by Rider and his armies. His last words were Assassin has no right and thought it was cruel who thought of it.

Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYAEdit

Main article: Assassin (Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA - Illya) Assassin manifests as the Assassin Class Card sent to Illya's world.

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Fate/Accel Zero OrderEdit

Camelot: The Sacred Round Table RealmEdit

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

Hassan of the Hundred Faces is amongst the "Camelot" Singularity Servants to aid Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillar.[8]

Hundred Personas Looking for SomethingEdit

During Hundred face Hassan's story interlude, it is revealed that one of their personalities has been missing since they were summoned to Chaldea. All their personas have been seeking this missing personality during their spare time, but the "Asako" facet eventually seeks Ritsuka and Mash's help in determining where their missing personality might be. Hassan initially attacks Blackbeard under the suspicion that he is holding them captive due to his tastes for "cute" girls, especially one as defenseless as their missing persona. This proves fruitless, after which Hassan agrees to have their Dew Painter personality help fix Blackbeard's destroyed figurines in apology.

The group comes across other personalities of Hundred Faces trying to gather information from other Heroic Spirits in various contests, prompting "Asako" to "help herself" win. Eventually they determine that the children Heroic Spirits have been behaving suspiciously, which leads them to the room of Nursery Rhyme and Jack, where they have been hiding the "Little Hassan" personality. The children oppose "Asako" taking her child personality back, having only shortly become friends after finding her wandering the halls, and they assume "Little Hassan" will be forced to continue her role of "being interrogated".

After subduing Nursery Rhyme and Jack, "Asako" assures all present that as a Servant, "Little Hassan"'s role is not to be interrogated anymore, and that the other personas have only been searching for her out of concern. She is free to adopt the role of a normal child who can have friends and have tea parties, much to Nursery Rhyme and Jack's delight and they happily send her back home so long as she comes by to play in the future. As they return, "Asako" reasons that due to the lack of any form of mental communication between their personalities, "Little Hassan" went into hiding because she did not understand what Master they had been contracted to. Mash reassures her on this matter, and is intent on introducing "Little Hassan" to the other Heroic Spirits and Chaldea.

Other appearancesEdit

TMAPRIL 2015 Momoiro Hassan Z

Type-Moon April Fools' Day 2015

The Hundred face Hassan was briefly mentioned in No Name Assassin's narration.[6]

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2015, Asako and Chibi Assassin is in a female group called Momoiro Hassan Z (ももいろハサンZ, Momoiro Hasan Z?) in the Imperial Roma talent agency, her class is Stealth idol (ステルスアイドル, Suterusu Aidoru?).


Einzbern Consultation Room 100 Assassin

Diagram of Delusional Illusion.

Unlike True Assassin, who was one entity, the Zabaniya of the Assassin of the 4th War permitted him to divide into any of 100 separate personalities, though only 80 existences can manifest at one time. This was not a result of modifying his flesh in the manner of Hassan of the Cursed Arm. Rather, the multiple bodies he possessed as a servant came of intentionally fragmenting his psyche in life—a sort of self-inflicted dissociative identity disorder intended to compartmentalize the various skill sets and knowledge he had accumulated during his lifetime; a total of 32 distinct specializations. Summoned by the Grail, he obtained the capacity to express each personality as an independent body, and to relegate individual tasks to the personalities best suited to them.

Among these, several distinct persona are observed. Each personality has his strengths and weaknesses. Among them, there are impatient glory-hounds who ignore orders like fools, and individuals who are terrible at ambushes despite being assassins.[7] As the nature of the Assassin's Noble Phantasm is "division," the sum of his iterations did not exceed his original existence in strength or capacity; that is to say, each independent fragment was far weaker than his original whole—and owing to the generally weak starting attributes of his class, he definitively became the weakest Servant of the 4th War. However, the class ability of Presence Concealment was shared across all bodies without degradation, effectively permitting him to serve as an "intelligence network" in his multiplicity.

Forms and Alternate VersionsEdit


Asako (アサ
?) acts as the liaison between Kirei and the Assassins. Her unique skills are not seen.

Big AssassinEdit

Big Assassin (でかアサシン, Deka Asashin?) is a large Assassin who is able to fend off several soldier inside Ionioi Hetairoi before being bisected by Rider.

Child AssassinEdit

Child Assassin (ちびアサシン, Chibi Asashin?, Little Hassan) is a young girl. A facet of Hundred-faced Hassan who is an innocent child, shy and with poor communication skills. She has no knowledge or capabilities of an assassin, where her role is simply "to be interrogated", as her ignorance means she can tell her captors nothing.


Macour the Quick (迅速のマクール, Jinsoku no Makūru?) is introduced in Fate/Grand Order.


Strange Arm Gozour (怪腕のゴズール, Kaiwan no Gozūru?) is an Assassin who fights by punching with his extremely large fists.


Zayd the Base (基底のザイード, Kitei no Zaīdo?) is sacrificed in a staged battle against Gilgamesh is noted as having no specific abilities, but was shown to be very acrobatic. Dancing freely between the magic defence of the Tohsaka house, he used stones with lethal accuracy and power to shatter the gems that maintained the bounded field around the building.


Including the above individuals whose titles are known, the epithets of eighty-eight of Assassin's hundred personas have been revealed.[9]



Child Assassin

Gen Urobuchi originally designed a plot line involving one of Assassin's personalities, a small girl called Child Assassin, joining with Waver and Rider in the second or third volume to lighten up the story, but it remained unused because giving Waver too much focus would have made the identity of the main character too confusing. She was conceived as an unfortunate young girl lacking in conversational skills, memories, and the awareness that she was a part of Hassan-i-Sabbah. Her clueless personality surfaces when she is captured by the enemy in order to protect her secret, so when she, along with the other Assassins, attack Waver and Rider in Caster's workshop, she separates herself from those who are beheaded by Rider. Waver mistakes her presence there, believing her to be one of Ryuunosuke's victims suffering from memory loss, and while Rider knows of her identity, he honors Waver's chivalry to allow the Mackenzies to take in yet another false household member. After Kotomine, who knows of her existence, utilizes the Command Spell to attack those at the Einzbern Castle, she regains her memories as Hassan. Through a dramatic farewell tragedy, Waver would climb another step on the path to becoming an adult.[10] Although she was discarded, she was later featured in Einzbern Consultation Room and Capsule Servant.

Atsuhi Ikariya was responsible for the Assassin scenes in episode 2, he had drawn the key animation and had fun drawing him.[11] The scenes with Assassin put Mr. Ikariya's abilities on display. He says that "Assassin is drawn with an emphasis on actions that are striking and having impact merely standing still. Pay particular attention to how meticulously the abdominal muscles and overall musculature are drawn".[12]

Creation and ConceptionEdit


Face of the female Assassin

The female Assassin is given a design for her face in Fate/Zero material. Takashi Takeuchi calls her the "most delicious" female and says she looks more like a thief than an assassin, but says he made her more like a "Terasawa Girl" rather than just having a beautiful form to keep from overlapping with Maiya. Urobuchi thinks he may have used her more if he had seen her face earlier, and he likes her muscular figure. Despite the design, she doesn't actually have a face under her mask, much like True Assassin.[1]

Kinoko Nasu explained that Ufotable has made many original character designs, one for each Assassin.[13] Atsushi Ikariya was responsible for Assassin designs.[14] There is a design for a very muscular assassin. Because there are multiple Assassins, additional character designs are made each time he appears.[15]

Urobuchi has made up an Assassin who is famous for impersonating "Toyotomi Hideyoshi". Nasu has made up an Assassin whose expertise is in sexing chicks[16]


Urobuchi really liked the stage direction and execution of the scene where Assassin infiltrates the Tohsaka estate, he thought it was excellent. Urobuchi liked the Assassin Servant, he was surprised by how well the Ufotable staff drew all the different Assassins that were all part of him (Hassan). He was impressed to see them make 100 varied designs for the scene where a swarm of them attack Rider.[13]

Nasu thinks Assassin is a great Servant and he was pumped up thinking about him sneaking into the Tohsaka headquarters in the anime.[13]


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