Assassin of "Black" ("黒"のアサシン, "Kuro" no Asashin?) is the Assassin-class Servant of Reika Rikudou of the Black Faction in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha. Originally summoned by Hyouma Sagara, Reika becomes her Master shortly after.

She is one of the Servants of Ritsuka Fujimaru of the Grand Orders conflicts of Fate/Grand Order.



Assassin's True Name is Jack the Ripper, the Legendary Serial Killer (伝説の連続殺人鬼, Densetsu no Shiriaru Kirā?). Although there are numerous theories about who Jack the Ripper could have been, she is one interpretation of the series of gory murders in 19th Century England. Her true nature is that of a collection of wraiths born from the aborted children of prostitutes in Whitechapel, London. Because she is a collection of wraiths and not a single entity, piercing her heart will not lead to her immediate death, but the spillage of said wraiths.[1][5]

Once the number of aborted children who were disposed of in rivers reached the ten-thousands, the collection of resentment that the children shared eventually formed the shape of a human. Because she was created from children who had yet to even be born, she lacked common sense and morality, and simply killed prostitutes so she could return to the womb. To put it another way, this is the heretical Jack who was born from the “side of the victims”.[5]

After killing several women, she was given the name "Jack the Ripper," and rejoiced at having been given a name that she had been denied for so long. However, even they themselves do not know for certain whether or not they were “Jack the Ripper”. After all, they are an amalgamation of evil spirits, so their memories are always vague and, even if they remember having killed prostitutes, it’s uncertain who exactly they killed. What they kill as Assassin is not a specific individual, but rather the society that killed them, and the strong emotions they carry cannot be understood by any other hero, making them beyond salvation.[5] Eventually, a magus discovered that the culprit of the bizarre killings was of a magical nature and extinguished her.

She will likely perpetually reign as an eternal mystery and eternal darkness carved into the history of England. While her identity was never discovered, her knives were left behind after her death and later obtained by Hyouma Sagara.

There are a numerous number of incarnations that share the true name of "Jack the Ripper," due to the case never having been resolved. For example, Berserker is a completely different entity from Assassin.


Assassin has the appearance of a white-haired(lavender in the anime, and promotional and supplementary materials) girl with green-yellow eyes, with stitched-up scars on her face. Her upper body is that of a adolescent, while her lower body is more mature like that of an adult, creating an odd juxtaposition to her appearance. She dons a black vest, black panties and black stockings with pink shoes. Both her arms are bandaged but only her left hand wears a glove. She has a purple oval-shaped 'O' on each of her shoulders. At the small of her back she carries a number of sheathes that holds her knives. In her first stage in Fate/Grand Order and in the anime, she wears a tattered coat as a cloak over her outfit.


She is a young girl who embodies contradiction itself, combining the dual natures of "day" and "night." She displays a childish manner of speech, but she is truly quick of thought. Rationality dominates her behavior, but there are many inherent weaknesses to her psyche. Her personality is both pure and cruel, and she is inclined to repay cruelty with cruelty and benevolence with benevolence. To her killing is no different than it would be to pick a flower or step on an ant. Her psyche is inherently broken, and mistreatment toward her may result in irreversible deterioration. She uses first person plural pronouns, such as "us" and "we", to address herself, and often lamented the fact that all of the voices she heard on the streets would never mourn "them."[3]

Due to her time on the streets, her ultimate wish from the Holy Grail is to return to the safe and comfortable warmth inside her mother. This desperate wish was the driving motivation behind the murders. While dissecting the women she labeled as her "mother", she would constantly apologize that she wants to "go back" while crying and rubbing a part dissected from the woman against her face. Rather than continue on the cold streets, she wished to return where it was warm.

As a child that was never loved, she strongly seeking out for love. Regardless of whatever the Master is male or female, she will probably demand his/her love as a "mother". While there is no problem in responding to that love, she might intend to sneak into your abdomen.[1] Considering that, the compatibility between Jack and their former master Hyouma Sagara was pretty much the absolute worst possible—or rather, perhaps it is better to say that all magi have the worst compatibility with Jack. Reika Rikudou is the only Master that is compatible with the existence known as Jack.[5] While she fawns over her wounded Mother, Reika Rikudou, she easily turns cold and maims her proper Master, Sagara Hyouma, with ease before returning to her concerned filled expressions towards Reika. After casually devouring him, she turns childishly bashful and asks Reika to pat her head. Despite becoming easily flustered by Reika's question a moment earlier, she can just as easily casually rip out and eat the hearts of loan sharks without any expression. She is extremely affectionate and childlike towards her Mother, but cruel and ruthless towards others.

Reika feels that the Servant's disposition sometimes matching that of the Master is true in their case. She, who does not truly feel alive, and Jack, for whom the word "alive" may not even be applicable, met due to fate. She is surprised by the notion of having a home to return to after having lived out on the streets her entire life. Remembering her desperate struggle for survival, she cannot help but feel that "going home" is an occasion that has nothing to do with her. While Servants do not require food to survive, Reika tells her that she is going to cook dinner for her. While she is initially unresponsive to the idea, once Reika tells her it's a reward for her work, she smiles happily and dances around in joy.


Fate/Apocrypha Act1: UnbirthEdit


Jack after being summoned and Jack sleeping while Reika watches.

Hyouma Sagara, a magus, wishes to summon Jack the Ripper as a Servant, but he fails to do so even with her six knives as the catalyst. He concludes that he needs to create the conditions where the blades were practically used in order to establish a better connection. He quickly decides to use Reika Rikudou, a prostitute he is living with, as a sacrifice. In his attempt to summon Jack by killing her, Reika's wish to live is what brings Jack into the world. While Sagara is the proper Master with Command Spells, Jack quickly shows that she has concluded that Reika is her Master instead. Before he can tell her to commit suicide after realizing something is wrong with the situation, she incapacitates him by cutting off his jaw and the hand with the Command Spells. She uses her skills to stitch up both their wounds while Reika is unconscious.[6]

She explains the nature of the Holy Grail War to Reika upon arriving at her apartment. She is able to transfer the Command Spells from Sagara's hand to Reika, but she is not a magus or a proper Master. This requires that she devour souls in place of being unable to restore magical energy from her Master. She uses Sagara at Reika's suggestion, and they decide to participate in the War together. Jack's memories appear in Reika's dream during that night, and she sees Jack cutting open a woman to return to where it was warm. They target a loan shark company full of "bad people" the next day in order to gather energy for Jack. She uses the Mist to kill them all, and then they return home for a meal afterward.[6]

Fate Apocrypha: ZugzwangEdit

  • Assassin of Black gaining new clothes

Hyouma Sagara was betrayed by Assassin.[7]


The Beginning Stages of the Great Holy Grail WarEdit

While Assassin was originally meant to be summoned in London, it became enemy territory after Yggdmillennia seceded from the Mage's Association. Assassin was instead chosen to be summoned in Japan near a leyline that suited her. After the murder spree in Japan, she and Reika arrive in Bucharest, Romania several days later. Searching out people to kill for her to eat, they hear of the "children of Ceaușescu", and Reika acts as bait in order to capture one for information. After she is attacked by two men, one is slain by Assassin and the other is kept alive to gather information. Though the man tries to resist, it is futile with only the strength of a human, and Assassin incapacitates him to stop further resistance. After Reika obtains the necessary information, Assassin is allowed to eat him, and they go on to slaughter the man's comrades, leaving fifteen corpses in total before moving on to Trifas. Though the circumstances of the murders are strange, all of their hearts being ripped from their bodies, the authorities believe it to be from an internal struggle among the criminal groups, but one paper jokingly publishes the headline "The Return of Jack the Ripper?"

First Battle with Assassin of BlackEdit

Kairi Sisigou and Saber of Red are informed of these murders by the Mage's Association, leading them to investigate the pair. The Black Faction also takes note of the mysterious murders and sends Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia and her Servant, Archer of Black, to find if the culprit is possibly the missing Assassin of Black. During the night, Assassin of Black confronts Saber of Red, whom she fights. Their battle is interrupted by an attack of Archer of Black that wounds Jack, causing her to retreat, while the members of the two Factions are left to battle each other. Jack is later comforted by her "mother", Reika.[8]

Siege on Castle YggdmillenniaEdit

Jack briefly appears during the first large battle between the Red Faction and Black Faction. She doesn't fight for either side, but instead kills the homunculi and golems to feast on their magical energy.[8]

Hunt for Assassin of BlackEdit

Later on, the Black Faction, with the support of Ruler, decide to deal with the problem of Assassin of Black, who has been killing more people around the town. As they investigate the murders, Assassin sneaks into the castle of Yggdmillennia, where she attempts to kill Fiore. Sieg also tries fighting Assassin, although he is outmatched. However, before Assassin can kill either of them, the group that had been searching for her to return, causing Assassin to retreat.

  • Assassin of Black and other children witnessing the battle of Ruler and Archer of Red
  • Assassin of Black attacking Archer of Red

After the incident, the Black Faction makes a plan to draw out Assassin. Sieg and Ruler walk around this time, waiting for Assassin to attack them, while Archer of Black and Rider of Black are ready to attack when she appears. The plan initially goes smoothly until Assassin manages to escape, although she badly injured. She finds Reika, who comforts her once again. However, Archer of Red then appears attacking both Assassin and Reika. Reika uses herself to shield Assassin, dying in the process.

Shocked by her "mother" dying, Jack materializes an image of the dark streets of London where many orphan children were abandoned. Archer of Red's mental state is also greatly affected by Assassin, causing her to become frantic. Ruler confronts the children who make Assassin, wanting to free their tormented souls, while Archer of Red tries to stop her, due to wanting to protect all children. Ruler manages to convince the children to give up, allowing her to release the binding as an amalgamation of evil spirits, so that they won't ever be summoned. Even if the conditions as exactly the same, a different "Jack the Ripper" will be summoned.[5][9]

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

London: The Death World in the City of Demonic FogEdit

Jack the Ripper is summoned in the "London" Singularity through the "Demonic Fog" surrounding London. She serves under the group that forms the "Project Demonic Fog", using her own fog to expand the "Demonic Fog" and killing people in the streets.

Jack the Ripper ambushes Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight shortly after they arrive in the Singularity. She, however, is repelled, causing for her to escape. Jack appears again along with Paracelsus, one of the masterminds behind the Singularity, at the police station of Scotland Yard, whom Jack massacres, in order to get a magical item. They are confronted by the Protagonist's party, with Paracelsus sending Jack to kill them. However, the party manages to defeat Jack who fades away afterward.

Miss Almost Weekly Santa AlterEdit

Feeling alone and confused on Christmas with Nursery Rhyme, Jack the Ripper encounter Julius Caesar. They mistake him for Santa Claus, but he tells them to wait patiently for the real Santa since he isn't the real Santa. Before leaving Caesar tells them be good girls and wait patiently until then and that he'll try to do something for them next year if they can't do that.

Later Jack and Nursery Rhyme summon Ritsuka Fujimaru and Santa Alter into their inner world. They both ask Santa Alter if she's Santa to which she answers that she is and asks what they are. They answer that they don't know what they are nor do they have names either. After Nursery Rhyme says that they could only look upon the town, Jack says that they would something warm for Christmas. She then states they aren't as complicated as Santa Alter thinks they are after she called them unfulfilled spirits of young girls while still innocent yet ignorant of love.

Jack and Nursery Rhyme then fight her to prove to her that they're worthy of getting presents since they didn't write a letter to Santa. They are defeated however and despair that there won't be any Christmas for either of them. To their confusion though Santa Alter over-dramatically pretends to be defeated by them, and gives a whole plethora of Christmas presents. They thank her for the presents, but Jack asks that aren't many other children waiting for their presents as well. Santa Alter answers not to worry and that she only has one more stop, and says that the presents are the spoils of their victory not their actual individual presents. She then gives them their presents; one being Asterios as a reindeer, who they gleefully run around as she watches. As Santa Alter goes to leave, Jack stops her to thank her for granting her and Nursery Rhyme's wish. Jack and Nursery Rhyme then tell Santa Alter about their encounter with the other Santa.

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

Jack is amongst the "London" Singularity Servants to aid Chaldea against Demon Gods Pillars.[10]


Her weapons include four strangely-shaped knives, two butcher's knives, and a black, bloodstained scalpel. However, in addition she possesses an unknown number of other black scalpels that she uses as throwing projectiles. She is shown capable of holding up to four per hand for a total of eight and throw them simultaneously. Compared to other Servants who have garnered legends over centuries and millennia, she is a young Heroic Spirit of only one hundred twenty years. Even with the fame she garnered that gives her the necessary "monstrosity" befitting of a Heroic Spirit, she cannot hope to match those worshiped as gods and heroes with such little history of her own. She can be called a completely unknown Servant, and she has never participated in the Holy Grail War. This suits Hyouma's plan, as he wishes to avoid the weakness granted to those of the Assassin class. It is normally fixed that only one of the Hassan-i Sabbah can be selected as Assassin, so it is possible to develop countermeasures against them simply by having their identities as Assassin exposed. With a different Heroic Spirit, it is possible for him to best make use of the class. Her Noble Phantasms are The Mist and Maria the Ripper.

She has the qualifications to be summoned as either Assassin or Berserker. She obtains Mad Enhancement when summoned as Berserker, which causes a Rank Down in Luck and Mana and the loss of verbal communication and complex thinking in exchange for reinforcing all other attributes. She is only able to be active at night while summoned as Berserker, and The Mist remains active at all times while targeting all entities possessing magical energy within range of the ability.[3]

Perhaps due to their great fame, they stand out as an excellent Servant. Due to being a murderer, their efficiency as a “soul eater” is extremely high, and even with Reika who was an ordinary person and virtually unable to provide any Magical Energy as a Master, they were able to continue maintaining their first-rate battle power by continuing to kill others for prana.[5] Reika cannot act as Jack's main magical energy supply due to not being a magus, and while the cost of an Assassin-class Servant is less draining than a Saber or Berserker, she still has to acquire it from other sources. She eats humans souls to replenish herself, feeling considerable hunger when low on energy. Due to her nature as chaotic evil, an existence that preaches chaos in the face of order while carrying out evil deeds, souls of the same nature are more easily digested. Eating evil people is the best for her because it is more polluted and delicious. Hyouma works well for her, especially his quality as a magus. She sucks out all of his blood, leaving him much like a pile of dead leaves with the exception of the hand that had his Commmand Spells. She mainly eats the hearts of her other targets instead of devouring them fully.

She prefers the cover of night to conceal her exposure, and due to her provocative manner of dress, she rarely leaves her abode in daytime. She has the normal Presence Concealment Class Skill granted to the Assassin class, which allows her to almost completely eliminate her presence toward others.[3] This allows her to easily carry Hyouma down the street behind Reika without exposing herself at all. She is even able to elude the senses of Servants, but the ability fails upon the execution of an attack. She has her own unique skill, Murder on a Misty Night, that compensates for the weakness of Presence Concealment and utilizes both their strengths to allow for a perfect ambush. The skill is associated with her nature as a serial killer rather than that of an Assassin, and it permits a preemptive against all opponents. The skill is unconditionally successful during the night, and if utilized during the daytime, the success is determined by a luck roll.

Her unstable nature grants her a natural protection against mental interference magecraft. Mental Pollution provides a probability that it will be rendered ineffective on its use. Masters of an Evil alignment that perpetrate acts of cruelty towards her can further increase its rank and its capability to defend against magecraft at the cost of possibly causing irreversible damage to her psyche. She has her own ability that affects the minds of others, Information Erasure, which removes any records or memories of her true name, abilities, or appearance following the conclusion of an engagement. It not only targets witnesses of the her fights, but also the opponent and even digital recordings by a closed-circuit camera in broad daylight will be changed. Physical evidence of the engagement is not altered in any way, and her identity may be revealed through logical deduction.[3]

She has a very low rank in Surgical Procedure that uses techniques over one hundred twenty years old.[3] While it is somewhat unreliable simply by its crude appearance upon its application, the procedures manage to attain the intended effect after being boosted somewhat with the application of magical energy. It can be applied to either Jack or her Master, and it stems from the anatomical knowledge and skills with dissection required to remove the organs of her victims. It allows her to heal Reika's stab wounds. Reika finds that her wounds have been stitched up, but it is done in a crude method looks like the black thread is creeping about haphazardly like an earthworm. While it seems like her wounds may not even be closed properly, the bleeding and pain have completely subsided. The same chaotically done surgical procedure is also able to keep Sagara alive after Jack cuts off both his jaw and one of his hands.

She can utilize the evil spirits comprising her to possess children to act both as her soldiers and hostages.[11] If her heart is pieced, the spirits are released from the focal point that is "Jack the Ripper", like a stream of black mud-like mass from her mouth.[12] These spirits attack the nearest living being to trap their victim in a illusion of Whitechapel formed from their memories. It is an inner world that embodies Assassin's origin, and shows the ugliness of humans. The illusion is destroyed if the spirits are exorcised.[13]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

  • original design by Taketo Sanada
  • Jack living in the streets as a child

She was designed by Yuuichirou Higashide and illustrated by Taketo Sanada for the original canceled online game project.[3] Assassin's height and weight were originally 150 cm/45 kg in Fate/Apocrypha and Fate/Grand Order, but it was later updated in Fate/Grand Order as being 134 cm/33 kg.[14]

In the design process, if summoned by a female Master, she will begin to refer to them as "Mother." When she addresses them, they hear a strange sound, as though she is pronouncing both "Master" and "Mother" at the same time.[3]

Her backstory had been heavily revised, changing from the original backstory in Unbirth after the release of the Fate/Apocrypha material book. Originally, she grew up without ever having a home, and spent her time living in the streets. She was extremely thin, and lived outside even during cold weather. She only has memories of the alleyways shrouded in mist and stench. The areas where she slept were not places of rest, but rather nests covered in waste and feces where filthy rats ran about. She was in constant danger of being attacked at night while she slept, and upon waking up on the morning, someone may have easily died during the night. She constantly dealt with pitch black smog so bad that she often couldn't breath properly or even open her eyes.[6]

She eventually reached the point where her mind could no longer deal with the conditions. Upon randomly finding prostitutes, she would impose her image of a mother onto them. While better off than her, they were still crushed by their daily lives, having been worn down to existences that simply struggled to live day by day. While suffering from poverty and wondering whether they would die from starvation or disease, they simply told her to leave. Aware that she would be rejected, she hung her head, held back the tears, and wandered the streets once more without change. If she came into contact with her "Mother" again, she would slowly approach within the mist, and after saying "I'm sorry", she would slit their throats. As they were in anguish, she began to dissect them while in tears. After obtaining a part of the woman, she would press it against her face and cry while remembering the warmth of her mother's womb.[6]

While she is thought to be a legendary serial killer who knew of dissection and slipped into the darkness of night to quietly perform his work, the true form of Jack the Ripper is just a pitiful girl. It is believed that all of her victims were assailed when unguarded, and they were all found with organs removed in a somewhat skilled fashion. Her lamentations never reached anyone, and it is unknown how she eventually faded away after the murders. No one knows if she was killed, committed suicide, or simply passed away naturally.[6]


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