Assassin of "Red" (“赤”のアサシン, "Aka" no Asashin?) is the Assassin-class Servant of Shirou Kotomine of the Red Faction in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha.

She is one of the Servants summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Order conflicts of Fate/Grand Order.



Assassin's True Name is Semiramis (セミラミス, Semiramisu?), Wise Queen of Assyria (アッシリアの賢女王, Asshiria no Ken-Joō?). Born from the Syrian mermaid goddess Derketo and a human man, she was left on the waterfront by her loveless mother. She was wrapped in the warm wings of a dove, and fed with the dove's milk. Semiramis was then found and educated by the shepherd Simmas until she married Onnes, an old general; but she was then taken away by the Syrian king Ninus who fell in love with her thanks to her beautiful face. This forced Onnes to commit suicide, and after Semiramis earned the favors of the king with original battle plans, she married him and formally became queen. A few days after the marriage, she killed the king with poison, and reigned as a regent over Assyria for the next few decades. This is the oldest case of murder by poisoning in legends.[3][5]


Assassin is described as a "depraved beauty" and a "peerlessly beautiful woman" wrapped in a dress as "dark as midnight" who emanates a pleasing aroma.


Assassin is a very enthusiastic person who indulges in luxury and "exudes a decadent atmosphere from somewhere."[6] Since her childhood, she has studied a wide range of disciplines such as cosmetics, hairdressing, dancing, clothing, music and astronomy, and her beautiful face has captivated many men. Her passion has led her to start a war to possess a single man, and to poison her husband, the king, for politics, but her abilities as a queen are indisputable. Proof of the many expeditions she has led can be seen on walls and the Ishtar Gate.[3] She believes it necessary for one to be superior to others and have more desires than regular people as a ruler, thinking that those who uphold frugality are only playing a sport privileged to those who have gained the "most important possession of all", authority. She feels that those who rule commit tyranny simply from the act, so those who are kings must also be tyrants.

Differing from the normal Hassan-i-Sabbah Assassins, Kairi Sisigou's first impression of her is someone whose murders were not done in secret, but all deliberated and premeditated acts brought forth from a single glance or word that would cause her targets to die by the hands of others. Saber of Red compares her to Morgan, her own mother, citing that Assassin "has the same smell." While she will play with others when she has the upper hand, she is quick to anger when a situation is not going as she feels it should, especially finding Caster of Red extremely troublesome with his actions that sometimes go against their overall plans.

Having grown up a child abandoned by her birth mother and subsequently saved by strangers, Semiramis holds her mother in great contempt. While she believes that all women will eventually arrive at the role of "life-giver", she still holds those who fall for the allure of men as weak. Likewise, she see men who claim other women without a second thought as despicable. So for her mother, who not only fell for a mortal man, but also abandoned her duty as a mother is truly despicable. However, Semiramis is not without her gratitude, for thanks to her mother, divine blood flows through her.



  • Assassin, Caster and Shirou conversation

Assassin is summoned by Shirou Kotomine and is deeply involved with his plan of salvation. Upon summoning, the first thing she says to him is, "Not for naught am I known as the world's oldest poisoner... Are you truly certain that you can wield Queen Semiramis?" His response confuses her, asking "O Queen of Assyria - in this Great Holy Grail War, I aim not for victory or defeat but for another goal. Will you aid me?" Unable to understand his intentions, she even considers searching for a new puppet to act as her Master rather than dealing with him, but she eventually comes to respect him and consider his wish to be her own. They take control of the other Masters while Shirou guides the actions of the other Servants through them. She dislikes Rider of Red due to their adversarial natures, and she finds Caster's overall attitude to be annoying. They are constructing her Hanging Gardens of Babylon to act as their main base while proceeding with other plans.

After the other Masters are under their control, she uses her doves to deliver a message to the final Red Master and Servant, Kairi Sisigou and Saber of Red, from Shirou to initiate a meeting at the Sighisoara church. After Saber is materialized at the urging of Shirou, he has her reveal herself from her Presence Concealment in turn, surprising Kairi. As she jokingly teases him by reaching her hand out towards his, she is lightly chided by Shirou and backs away while stifling her laughter. As the discussions on the state of the war proceed, Saber is annoyed with her haughty attitude as Shirou asks for her true name. Assassin then becomes somewhat angered as Kairi declines to reveal it and refuses cooperation, but Shirou keeps her in check.

Upon their departure, she immediately suggests sending an agent after them to kill the uncertainty of their future existence, but Shirou rejects it on the basis of keeping from infighting between allies. She scoffs at the idea, but he feels that they will cooperate so long as their interests coincide with the defeat of the Black Faction. He then asks her about the completion of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and she mentions that the ritual will take three days. Their conversation is interrupted by Caster of Red's arrival, chanting a line from Richard III. As he is exaggeratedly disparaged by Shirou not being able to identify the quote, Assassin mentions that her knowledge only tells her that he is a "a famous writer of history." As he continues with his boisterous speech, her asking him for his reason for being there returns his tone to normal.

Revealing that Berserker of Red has begun a march on the Black Faction, she is shocked to the point of losing all words, but Shirou is relatively calm. As he makes plans, Assassin is angered by the situation, with the unready Red Faction being forced into action against the heavily fortified Black Faction. As it is revealed that Caster was the one who encouraged Berserker's movement, she becomes even more irritated, but follows Shirou's command to alert Archer of Red to follow Berserker. Later on as Shirou attempts to convince the controlled Masters to relinquish control of their Servants to him fully, she bets him that he cannot accomplish it at the moment, so he loses a bottle of wine to her after failing. He wonders if the wine, a non-magical bottle obtained from an elder of the Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament, is good enough for her, but she simply says that she wants it for the "taste of wealth."

The notion causes Shirou to muse over the nature of kings summoned as Servants, and she describes what it means to be a ruler. She abruptly quiets afterword, apologizing that such thoughts must have been an annoyance. The conversation causes Shirou to think over the situation, noting that their positions would seem more natural if reversed with him as the Servant and her the Master. Assassin concurs in that she is used to being served, but that serving another is a new experience. Asking if he would like to switch, he declines due to her having been notorious as a despot in life. In a good mood, they repeat their original words to each other from after her summoning, causing a rare moment of uncontrolled laughter from Assassin. She mentions that the situation seemed absurd to her at first, but now she believes him to be truly fascinating. She gets a message from a dove afterward, telling of the situation with Berserker and then another with the arrival of Ruler. Not only is Assassin extremely beautiful, she is very skilled in the art of seduction and manipulation similar to Morgan. In one point in the Manga, she makes an unexpected attempt to seduce Shirou Kotomine--Shirou refusing and both of them never brought it up again.

  • Shirou sleeping on Assassin of "Red" lap
  • The Red Faction on top of Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
  • Assassin attempt to seduce Shirou.

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Valentine 2018: ~The Flourishing Chocolate Gardens of Valentine~Edit

Semiramis makes her first appearance in the Valentine's event of 2018.


  • Assassin's unnamed poison attack[3]
  • Assassin's summoned Primeval Serpents

As the world’s oldest poisoner, Semiramis uses poison as her weapon.[3] The rank of her Agility and Presence Concealment is low for an Assassin, but thanks to her Noble Phantasm, her magical attack boasts of enough power to make someone like William Shakespeare run away barefooted. Though her class is Assassin, thanks to possessing the Double Summon skill, she actually has the traits and abilities of the Caster class as well.[5] Having lived during the Age of Gods, she is knowledgeable in magecraft and does justice to her history as a witch. At the beginning of her initial engagement with Astolfo she nonchalantly says "she knows a little," which is an understatement. In the anime adaptation, she can summon a shield formed from the scales to defend others, such as when she protected Avicebron from Chiron's arrow. She was even able to block Clarent Blood Arthur, though it broke afterward. Her skills with poisons allowed her to recreate the Greek Hydras venom for Chiron.

Class SkillsEdit

Presence Concealment (C+ Rank): Hides one's presence as a Servant. Suitable for spying. The rank of presence concealment drops considerably when preparing to attack. However, this condition does not apply to poison something.[1] By combining her Presence Concealment and her poisons, she was able to easily slip a hypnotic drug into the tea of all the Red Fractions Master allowing Shirou the opportunity to manipulate them.
Territory Creation (EX Rank): Creates an area that is advantageous to oneself as a magus. By gathering specific materials, it is possible to create a "Hanging Garden", superior to a "Temple".[1]
Item Construction (C Rank): Allows the creation of items that carry magical energy. Semiramis specializes in poisons, so she can't make any other types of tools.[1]

Personal SkillsEdit

Familiar (Dove) (D Rank): Allows the use of doves as familiars. They can be directed by thought alone, without the need for a contract.[1] She has spread them throughout the entirety of Romania to act as a network of scouts to carry messages and collect information. Taking pieces of paper in their mouths, they can locate their targets, deliver the message, and immediately leave upon completion. They can track down magical energy sources, especially those possessed by Servants, allowing them to keep track of their locations any time upon entering the country.
Double Summon (B Rank): Grants the Class Skills of both the Assassin and Caster classes. An exceedingly rare trait possessed only by a select few Servants.[1]
Divinity (C Rank): Semiramis was the daughter of the Syrian fish-goddess Derketo and a mortal.[1] She displays the ability to form the scales of the Sacred Fish on her hand as a means of defense, though Rider of Red is able to break through this version.

Noble PhantasmEdit

Hanging Gardens of BabylonEdit

Because this Noble Phantasm is "vanity" itself, the conditions for its activation are strict. It is necessary to gather a fixed amount of a very specific type of soil and stone and the entire process takes at least three days. As the name suggests, it manifests as an "enormous fortress hanging in the air". And, within it, all of Semiramis' parameters are increased one rank. On top of that, her fame level is also boosted to the highest class, and attacks are revised in her favor.[1]

Thanks to her powerful sorcery, she is capable of performing offensive magecraft at an EX-Rank. She can manifest up to a dozen if not more high-level energy beams or a single massive destructive beam. It is sufficient enough to easily bypass Rider of Blacks Casseur de Logistille which grants A-rank magic resistance in its dormant state; however, It requires an immense amount of energy to bypass its Activated state, though it has its limits. While not nearly enough to kill Ruler outright, it is enough to actively force her to evade via Magic Resistance, albeit destroying the area around her. She is also capable of producing magical traps in the form of chains, which Ruler must actively break.

However, in a normal Holy Grail War, Semiramis would be in an extremely disadvantageous position. Since her Noble Phantasm is so huge, it is practically impossible for her to conceal her presence nor defend them by herself. No matter how much peerless power she boasts of, she will always be at a disadvantage when fighting alone. A Great Holy Grail War like this might be precisely one of the few chances that allow her to fully demonstrate her specialties. [5]

Sikera UšumEdit

A Noble Phantasm that can only be invoked at the throne of her fortress. When this Noble Phantasm is invoked, the magecraft Semiramis uses is granted a "poison" attribute. Heroes who possess legends where they withstood poison, they will receive a bonus to their resistance against this Noble Phantasm, on the other hand, if they have an episode where they died to poison, the damage is doubled. Different types of poison can be selected as well. In regards to the image, the poison's appearance manifests as chains.[1] Furthermore, when Semiramis is within the “Hanging Gardens of Babylon: Aerial Gardens of Vanity”, she can even summon creatures of the Phantasmal Species if they have an anecdote related to poison, such as the Bašmu. If she were summoned as a normal Assassin without the skill “Double Summon”, Semiramis wouldn’t be able to use the “Hanging Gardens of Babylon”, so she would use this Noble Phantasm as her main weapon instead.[7]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

She was designed by TYPE-MOON and illustrated by Shidzuki Morii for the original canceled online game project.[3]


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