The unnamed Director (院長, Inchō?) of the Mage's Association is the person of highest authority, serving for over two thousand years.[1]



The Director was one of the disciples of Solomon before his death in 960BC, drawing the Age of Gods to a close and causing mystery to fade. The Director, along with other remaining magi from the age of gods, came together to form the Mage's Association to preserve knowledge in 0AD. As True Ether was replaced by Ether in 20AD, the mages who chose to go forward with modern magecraft and mystery chose to continue with the main Association, but those who refused the new magecraft decided to close themselves off in Atlas and the Wandering Sea. All three organizations still remaining together as the Association, the Director and his associates spent the next eighty years spreading magecraft, causing the energy and morale of the Age of Gods to resurface.[2]

The Director remained reigning over the Clock Tower branch of the Association after it was established in 500AD until modern day.[1]





The Director is thought to be something more than human due to his longevity.[1] The presence of his magical energy is the same as the various magi of the Wandering Sea according to Goldolf Musik, scared of the idea of multiple people on the Director's level who can "crush and scatter countless Lords."[3] When compared to the prodigious Barthomeloi Lorelei, it is said that if "it was just magical circuits" she will "even surpass" the Director.[4]


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