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AtalantaWP (アタランテWP, Atarante?), Class Name Archer of "Red" ("赤"のアーチャー, "Aka" no Āchā?), is the Archer-class Servant of Rottweil Berzinsky of the Red Faction in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha. Shirou Kotomine assumes command over her before she even meets her Master, and through his machinations, he later officially becomes Archer's Master.

She is one of the Servants summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



A famous huntress known as the Chaste Huntress (純潔の狩人, Junketsu no Karyūdo?) that appears in Greek MythologyWP.[2][3] She is a huntress who is famous for her swift feet in Ancient Greek legend.[6] She became famous after being the first one to drive an arrow into the Calydonian BoarWP during its extermination. Also, she is included as a member of the ArgonautsWP, which assembled brave heroes from all over Greece.[3] She has the tragic past of being born as the daughter of a king of a certain country and yet being abandoned in the mountains by her father.[3][6]


Atalanta was born as the daughter of King Iasus of ArcadiaWP.[2][3] However, although she was born in and as the princess of the natural paradise, Atalanta ended up being abandoned in the forests and on the mountains immediately she was born as she was shunned by her father - who desired a son.[3][4] But she survived thanks to the divine protection from Artemis, a virgin goddess who felt pity for her. Artemis sent and made a female bear, a sacred beast of the goddess, nurture the girl by giving her milk and raising her up.[2][3][4] In gratitude, Atalanta is a fervent follower of Artemis.[4]

Thereafter, after being brought up by the female bear sent by Artemis, and later was discovered and adopted by hunters who treaded into the mountains, Atalanta has developed her skills conspicuously, perhaps due to her latent talent, and also became a huntress.[2][6] Upon reaching adulthood, Atalanta grows into and becomes an excellent and peerless huntress, and she accomplishes many adventures.[3][4]

There are three tales that Atalanta is famous for.[6] The first tale is about how she was chosen, accompanies and participates as a member of the Argonauts led by Jason.[3][6] Atalanta boasts to be the fastest among humans, and right after becoming one of the few female crewmembers on the Argo, she happened to meet the hero MeleagerWP.[2]

Meleager was charmed by Atalanta, and he invited her to the extermination of the Calydonian Magical Beast.[2] The second tale is about the extermination of the Calydonian Boar where Atalanta is most known for her participation in this hunt, but this resulted in giving rise to a tragedy right after this event.[2][3][4][6] For the sake of exterminating this Magical Beast that was dispatched by Artemis, who got angry with a kingWP that was being negligent in offering her a sacrifice, Atalanta and the others exhausted their efforts in a desperate attempt to hunt down the boar. However, although Meleager pierced the finishing blow, he handed over the achievement to Atalanta, who was the first one to hit her arrow onto the boar, this being an act of good will towards Atalanta, or Meleager having thought that it is something that should be simply followed as a hero.[2]

Concerning the males, they held displeasure towards that, where they cannot grow to be simply tolerant and were saying that they possess skills greater than Atalanta, who is a female. A fight suddenly occured between Meleager and his relatives, and Meleager was inflicted with a deadly curse.[2]

The third tale is about the dispute over Atalanta's marriage.[6] After the hunt of the Calydonian Boar, Atalanta then returned to her birthland, but her father, who never had a son, commanded her to get married.[4] When suitors began to rush for her hand, the troubled Atalanta decided to turn it into a footrace contest.[3] As she had pledged a vow of virginity to the goddess, she proclaimed "I will only marry one who can beat me in a footrace. Those who lose will be killed." She tore through a great number of challengers.[4] Although Atalanta would not lose to any man in a footrace, she fell on the cowardly schemes of a manWP who borrowed the help of a goddessWP and ended up getting married half-forcibly.[3] She lost when she was tricked into picking up irresistible golden apples thrown in front of her, and she had to break her vow.[4] Afterwards, it has been told that she was turned into a lion as a punishment, but that is unsure.[3]

Regarding Meleager, it is uncertain what kind of feelings Atalanta had embraced for him. However, she seemed to have watched the outcome of a man who loved her get dragged into a tragedy, while regarding her father's persuasion to marry, she tried to escape the unreasonable demand thrusted at her, but she could not accomplish that either.[2] In the end, none of these tales had a particularly happy ending for her, and her distrust of men became extremely strong due to the third tale in particular as well.[6]

As far as she is concerned, Atalanta is an existence that projected her former self while simultaneously, she exists as a symbol of purity for children. Although she was saved by the hands of the gods, it is nearly beyond redemption for the rest of the children. She, who materialized as a Servant, entrusts the salvation of the children to the Holy Grail. All children throughout the world, far and wide. That quest is without any reward, and yet, even if she is aware that it is a difficult challenge that is close to impossible to accomplish, she will chase after that dream for eternity.[2]


Atalanta is a huntress who wears beautiful green clothing, clad in verdant green with her cold, sharp eyes containing a beastly glint.[6] Her hair is stretched out long and unkempt, and it is completely lacking in the silkiness that would be found amongst those of noble birth. As one who can be called a beautiful beast in human form, it befits her appearance.

Atalanta's charm points consists of those things on her head that look like animal ears and that thing on her lower back that looks like a tail. Her animal ears and tail seem to be the symbols and after-effects of a curse told of in her legend... or so they should have been, but she actually seems to like them.[6] She did not have the animal ears and tail back when she was sailing on the Argo.[7]


Born in the natural paradise of Arcadia, Atalanta speaks in an old fashion manner. She has the same egotism and view on life and death as a wild animal, so it is natural to her to steal food to live. However, she will help any child left behind as much as she can, as gratitude for the care she received herself.[4] The reason she is obsessed over children is due to her own origins. The despair she felt as a baby was just that strong. She would happily throw away her own life to become a stepping stone to realizing a world where all children are saved.[6] Her wish to the Holy Grail is for a world where every child can be raised with love.[4] Because it concerns her previous established wish of "saving all children", she will probably cooperate with her Master in an assertive manner. Her favorite dishes are apples and meat. It is suggested for one to sometimes try to earn her good mood with an apple pie.[3]

Atalanta is fundamentally stubborn because of her wish for the salvation of all children in the world. Due to her nature of being brought up together with animals, she is an extreme realist except when against children. Her outlook on life and death is more severe than a human being's, basically not showing any mercy towards the weak... provided that, children are excluded.[2] Obviously, she likes children, including their smiles, and she would dislike those who hurts children the most. While she does not really have any regrets, she finds it a shame that she was not gifted with children due to swearing a vow of chastity, as well as the fact that she wasn't cherished much by others.[8]

Atalanta embraces the grand desire of saving all children in the world. Because of that, taking an unsparing attitude towards her Master, in the situation where she does not catch sight of her Master having a zeal in obtaining the Holy Grail, she will even slay her Master. Nonetheless, if one goes along with her entirely and properly while respecting her dream, she will even probably hand over a golden apple... Well, speaking of faults, regarding unfaithfulness in comparison with other Greek heroes, she deals with that fault in a strict manner.[2]

Concerning the golden apple, the forbidden fruit of the gods that promises immortality, it was once used on Atalanta during her race in her third tale she was famous for, and she had stopped as a result, losing control over herself. If this is used, any human being would stop in their tracks, reach for the fruit, and try to eat it, causing their rationality to fade. It is a conditioned response, similar to how one will retract their hand when touching something hot, a response carved deeply into their bodies. And the same goes for Atalanta, where she forgot about the race and stopped completely.[9] That is precisely why she will hold onto this golden apple and not give it to anyone unless they have a need of something like this, such as mentioning that her Master is free to use the golden apple against her during a footrace.[9][10] She would then ask if they are prepared as they should know the "consequences" for defeating her.[10]

Atalanta's distrust of men became extremely strong due to her third tale in particular. After all, to Greek warriors at the time, battle was both an offering to the gods and a way of trampling over others. Atalanta liked none of these warriors since they acted more violent than necessary when they hunted. However, there was one man named Peleus who she was fond of, for he was the only one who approached her with a humble attitude.[6] In addition, when she became an Argonaut, she had interactions with this companion, who was the father of Achilles. A modest young man who cannot look at the egoism of the heroes in Greek Mythology. It was, among other things, an aspect to think about all right.[2]

Atalanta has no reaction to Achilles' advances, showing nothing of embarrassment, surprise, or even anger. Without reacting at all, such words of courtship have no meaning after having lived in the wild alongside beasts; however, Atalanta does seem to be affected with the view of others, such as how Shakespeare had suggested in writing a love poem for her and Achilles, which she scowled unpleasantly at the idea as opposed to how Achilles was quick to joyfully agree to the offer. Despite this, Achilles had seemed to at least formed a bond of some level with Atalanta where the two are usually found together while passing time, or when they exchanged glances as a way to convey each other's thoughts; aside from romantic subjects, they seem to agree in other matters such as how the two tried to convince Shirou Kotomine, who they originally thought was a normal Master, to avoid fighting alongside them.


A member of the Argonauts. The strongest, the invincible, the almighty! It is difficult to approach him who is excessively powerful.[2]
A member of the Argonauts. At the moment Atalanta met her, before long, she begged for a short time with her, and the memories of Medea (as a Lily) were touchingly lovely... and then, when Atalanta conversed with a samurai who happened to be casually nearby, she bursted into laughter as she fainted in agony.[2]
The goddess Atalanta believes in. "I'm okay. Even sweets are really okay. No problem. I'm okay after all. I'll bear with it. I'll persevere."[2]



Beginning Stages Of The War[]

Archer is summoned in the presence of Shirou Kotomine and Assassin of Red rather than her own Master. She is later ordered by Shirou to follow the marching Berserker of Red after it is deemed impossible to stop him. She is told to try to pursue him from his course and help him until it gets too dangerous, but stopping him is thought to be extremely unlikely. As she follows, she becomes frustrated at his inability to understand her, and after two days of marching, decides to give up on stopping him. She decides to fully support his actions as ordered, and soon after encounters more support in Rider of Red. They discuss their actions in supporting Berserker and gaining information on the Black Faction's Servants.

After Rider's failed attempt at flirting, he asks if she has actually seen her Master, to which Archer responds that she has only interacted through the mediator, Shirou. The two discuss the situation, speculating that their Masters may just be acting like usual magi, but believe the situation with Shirou and Assassin to be suspicious. After three hours of following him, Berserker encounters his first resistance from the Black Faction, but they remain back to observe because the enemies are not Servants. After the enemies are massacred, they are unnerved by Berserker's way of battle, and speculate on his overall capability. As they continue forward, Archer is discomforted by the stench of metal and machine oil, unbearable to her keen sense of smell. With the approach of two enemy Servants, Berserker of Black and Saber of Black, she retreats into the forest to provide support from the rear.

Battle At Castle Yggdmillenia[]

A few days later, Archer is summoned to Assassin of Red's fortress along with Rider and Lancer of Red. After they arrive, Caster of Red soon arrives with grand entrance, lavishing praises on Assassin. Caster then announces that the curtains are about to rise on this act, intriguing both Archer and Rider. She and the others then watch as Assassin confronts Caster on his stance as a neutral observer and as Caster makes his solemn vow to watch the events unfold since it is his duty to do so. An irritated Assassin then takes charge and informs the group that they are going to attack the Black Faction. Rider suggests to Assassin that being flashy will be a waste to the efforts she put towards fortifying the fortress. Assassin laughs however, and tells Rider that he is very mistaken about the fortification, confusing Archer. Suddenly, she and the others feel the ground start to shake as their fortress starts to lift off, and they then go out onto one of the balconies to see, to their surprise, that Assassin of Red's Noble Phantasm is in fact a flying fortress. Assassin then comes out and starts explaining her Noble Phantasm, Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Rider figures out their plan of attack, then Archer and the others are then told by Shirou to prepare for the attack.

Later that night, the aerial fortress arrives at Castle Yggdmillenia, and Archer is ordered to stay on standby until its her turn. When the Black Faction arrives with its Servants and armies, Archer fires the first shot with her Noble Phantasm, Phoebus Catastrophe to decimate most of the Homunculi and Golems. Though Berserker of Black manages to block her arrows, they still manage to kill and destroy a large number of Homunculi and Golems. Seeing that the first shot had succeeded, Archer orders Rider to go and fight, while she stays on the fortress according to their strategy. However, after Berserker of Red is unleashed by Caster of Black, she is ordered to descend and intercept Berserker. Firing an arrow at him, Archer irritatedly laments that she should've shot Berserker in the tendon back then. As he battles Lancer of Black, Lancer of Red tells Archer that he'll leave Berserker of Red to her, which compiles with as she charges towards him Berserker. Sliding beneath his, Archer fires a volley of arrows at Berserker's back, labeling him as pitiful. However, he merely shrugs the arrows off then kicks a stunned Archer a few feet away. Pulling herself back up, Archer looks as Berserker charges towards her, noticing that he is regenerating. Archer then fires off Phoebus Catastrophe again, which tears Berserker into pieces. After the attack subsides, Archer approaches Berserker and believes that she has won after looking at his mangled remains. However, as she turns back, Archer is surprised to see Berserker regenerating again. Archer then continues to attack Berserker, but all of her attacks are for naught as Berserker's Noble Phantasm, Crying Warmonger, absorbs the attacks and strengthens him while transforming into an hideous creature.

Mid-way through her fight with Berserker of Red, Archer receives a telepathic transmission from Shirou Kotomine ordering her to lure Berserker towards Ruler, which Archer complies with. Luring Berserker to Ruler's location, Archer greets Ruler, who asks what she is doing here, and Archer replies that she is not here to fight her nor has been ordered to do so. Lowering her bow, Archer then warns Ruler that she should probably watch out for "him", and then Berserker arrives before Ruler and is subsequently shot by Archer. Stepping off the wall that she is standing on, Archer apologizes to Ruler and tells her that she'll have to take care of the rest, leaving Berserker of Red to attack Ruler.

Then, as she leaps through the trees towards her next location, Archer watches the collision between Saber of Black's Balmung and Saber of Red's Clarent Blood Arthur. A while later, she barely manages to avoid Berserker of Red's final attack, and afterwards she is summoned back to the Hanging Gardens as the Red Faction's main objective of clearing a path to the Greater Grail beneath Castle Yggdmillenia has been achieved. Archer then watches from the fortress as Assassin of Red steals the Greater Grail.

Confronting Lancer of Black & Shirou's True Identity[]

With the Greater Grail now in their hands, Assassin of Red alerts Atalanta and the others to the Black Faction's presence within the fortress and orders them to intercept the Servants of Black. Atalanta, Achilles and Lancer of Red head to the designated point and engages with the Servants of Black. During this fight, Atalanta fends off Caster of Black and his Golems. During the middle of the fight, however, a desperate Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia appears and forces Lancer of Black to use his Noble Phantasm 'Legend of Dracula' with one of his command spells.

Atalanta is then forced to watch as Darnic uses his second to order Lancer of Black to fight until he obtains the Holy Grail, and much to her shock and horror, watches as Darnic uses his third Command Spell to take possession of Lancer of Black's body. Having achieved control of Lancer of Black's body, Darnic attacks the Red and Black Factions, causing Atalanta to join the fight against him in order to prevent him from attaining the Grail and making a vampire army with his wish. Half-way through the fight, Ruler makes a timely arrival and asks for Atalanta and the other Servants' help in defeating Lancer of Black.

Slightly miffed, Atalanta asks Ruler if this is an order by the Ruler of the Holy Grail War and Jeanne replies that it is, and then declares that she is calling a ceasefire for now. Ruler then uses one of her allotted Command Spells to boost Atalanta's and everyone else's attack power. Taking charge, Atalanta announces that she and Chiron will assist by using long distance attacks to support Lancer of Red, Achilles and Ruler in the fighting and orders Achilles and Lancer of Red to do what they like, while Caster of Black takes it upon himself to deal with the Homunculi vampires.

Atalanta then begins firing off arrows while dodging Lancer of Black's attacks. Right before Lancer of Red unleashes the finishing blow on Lancer of Black, though, Atalanta senses that something strange is going on and she and Achilles gets forcibly restrained by their Masters with a Command Spell. After regaining their composure, Atalanta and Achilles gives chase after Lancer of Black and arrives in time to see the burnt ashes of Lancer of Black. Confronting Shirou, Atalanta blatantly asks why both her's and Achilles' Masters have suddenly changed hands. Shirou explains to Atalanta that he had "talked" it out with their Masters and that all of them had agreed to hand over their Command Spells to him, making him, Ruler, Amakusa Tokisada Shirou, the Master of all the Servants of Red (barring Saber of Red).

Upon this revelation and betrayal, Atalanta and Achilles attack Amakusa only to be blocked by Assassin of Red and Lancer of Red. Angry, Atalanta asks Lancer if he intends to accept Amakusa as his Master and Lancer replies that he wants to hear Amakusa's side of the story first and politely asks that she unnock her bow. Atlanta reluctantly agrees and lowers her bow. Atalanta then listens as Amakusa gives his declaration of war to the Black Faction and offers Archer and Caster of Black the opportunity to defect to his side. Archer of Black declines Amakusa's offer, but Caster of Black chooses to accept and Atalanta chooses to step out of the ensuing fight until she knows more.

Joining Amakusa Shirou's Camp[]

The next day, Atalanta and Achilles confront Amakusa to get some answers out of him. Instead, Amakusa informs them that Ruler and the Black Faction, along with Saber of Red and her Master, will be returning in a few days to recapture the Greater Grail. Knowing that, Atalanta and Achilles still question Amakusa, stating that whether they'll help him will depend on his responses. Achilles starts by asking about the location of their Masters and Amakusa responds that they are all in one of the rooms of the Gardens with some semblance of themselves remaining and further responds that he and Assassin of Red used poison to make them more complacent.

Atalanta and Achilles gets angry by this, but Assassin of Red and Amakusa further explain that they were in the way because all they thought of was of outsmarting each other. However, Amakusa promises that their Masters' lives are not in danger. Hearing all of this, Atalanta allows Amakusa to become her new Master as they are out of options and explains to an astounded Achilles that she has no compassion for a weak Master. Achilles then asks Amakusa if he will get rid of them once they are no longer of use to him and Amakusa states that he won't as they will also be allowed to cast their wishes upon the Holy Grail.

Amakusa then asks Atalanta, Achilles and Lancer of Red about their wishes and after listening to Achilles' wish of living his life as a hero, Atalanta explains that her wish is for all children to be loved. When Assassin of Red chides her wish as nothing but a pipe dream, Atalanta gets upset and angrily asks if that is not what the Holy Grail is for, further explaining that if it can't grant her wish then it doesn't deserve to be called a Holy Grail.

Calming the situation down, Amakusa states that her wish can be granted in some form as it doesn't run in contradiction to his own wish. Atalanta asks if it is the salvation of all mankind and Amakusa says that it is. Atalanta then asks Lancer of Red about what he'll do and Lancer responds that he chooses to stay loyal to his own Master; however, he'll still temporarily stay on their side since the group's position will allow him to achieve his own wish of wielding his lance against Saber of Black. However, Lancer continues that once that is complete and if he wins his duel, then he will use his lance to burn all those seeking the Holy Grail to ashes.

With the matter of allegiances settled, Atalanta listens on as Amakusa Tokisada Shirou explains how he will achieve his wish of saving mankind. From this point onwards, Atalanta continues to cooperate with Amakusa because she clung to the idea that his wish would lead to her own wish. Since it is uncertain whether the Holy Grail would be able to grant her wish, his words which spoke of a clear form of salvation might have seemed just like the gospel to her.[6]

Out on the balcony later that day, Atalanta and the other Servants of Red confront Caster of Red about whether he knew about Amakusa's plan. Caster admits to it and Atalanta asks if Amakusa is sane or not. Caster responds that it doesn't matter to him whether Amakusa is sane or not as he (Amakusa) overcame great pain and despair to come to this conclusion, so he'll do everything in his power to grant Amakusa's wish. Hearing this, Atalanta then states that even though she knows that Caster is insane, she wants to know the reason why Caster helps him. Caster responds by dramatically stating that he does it because he finds Amakusa's story interesting and that this must be what saving mankind is like.

Hunt For Assassin of Black[]

During the hunt for Assassin of Black, Amakusa orders Atalanta to scout out Trifas where she spots Assassin of Black activating her Noble Phantasm and attacking Ruler and Sieg. Upon Assassin's retreat after having her leg shot off by Archer of Black, Atalanta fires an arrow at the retreating Reika Rikudou and Assassin from her hiding spot. However, Reika spots Archer in a car side mirror and protects Assassin with her body, taking an arrow to her chest. Atalanta then watches on as a dying Reika tells Assassin about how happy she was during their time together and uses her remaining Command Seals to ensure that Assassin would be alright.

Watching Assassin mourn for her mother, Atalanta takes advantage of the situation to fire a clear arrow into Assassin's back. Checking to see that Assassin is dead, Atalanta mourns the fact that Assassin is a child and becomes surprised when Assassin twists her head around and ask her "Why?" Atalanta then becomes engulfed by Assassin's illusion which transports her to a recreation of late 19th Century London. Engulfed by the fog, Atalanta is surrounded by street children who asks her "Why?" and is then made to see her past in a vision.

In the vision, Atalanta is talking to Medea as she combs her hair. During their conversation, Medea praises Atalanta for being so kind to her and towards children. Atalanta replies by revealing her past as an abandoned orphan, how she was raised by the goddess Artemis and how she strives to create a world where all children are loved. Suddenly, Atalanta is shaken from the vision and gets surrounded by Assassin who hugs her and asks that she not leave them alone. Atalanta yells out that she will save them, but ends up further surrounded. Atalanta then madly screams out as they hug her tighter and curse her right arm.[11]

When Ruler is about to exorcise the evil spirits of the children who comprises Jack the Ripper, Atalanta suddenly fires an arrow on Ruler and appears on a rooftop with her bow drawn. Ruler asks Atalanta what she is doing and Atalanta replies by jumping down in front of the children and returning the question on Ruler. Atalanta angrily declares that they are children, victims of the world and draws her bow on Ruler, declaring that she'll kill Ruler if she makes another move.

Sieg then appears, but Ruler tells him to stay back and chides Atalanta, telling her that evil spirits of the children will only multiply if they aren't dealt with. Atalanta tells Ruler to shut up, but Ruler replies that "Freeing their souls is salvation" which causes Atalanta to angrily rebut "Where's the salvation in that?" and fires another arrow at Ruler, ripping a couple of strands of her hair. Sieg tries to run to help Ruler, but Ruler repeats that he stay back. Drawing another arrow, Atalanta asks Ruler why she wielded a banner in battle and angrily accuses Ruler that she wielded it so that she wouldn't have to kill someone and dirty her hands with blood.

Getting angry, Ruler reveals that every time she led an army in battle, her hands were dyed red with the blood of the soldiers who died in her name. Ruler then declares that she won't hesitate to kill the children, leading Atalanta to angrily declare that she is no saint, to which Ruler agrees. Ruler declares that she has never considered herself to be a saint and asks Atalanta that, since this world is an illusion created by those children's memories, why is she persisting in furthering their suffering, before asking her to step aside.

Panicking and heavily hurt by the truth, Atalanta still angrily refuses, saying that if she backs down now then who will love them, and then angrily accuses Ruler of committing murder. Suddenly, Atalanta watches as one of the street kids (who looks exactly like Ruler in make-up) walk up to Ruler and ask her if she really wants to kill them and if they have no choice but to die. Biting her lip, Ruler tells the girl that there isn't a way, but still, they have to move forward. The girl agrees and all of the children walk past a pleading Atalanta who begs them not to go. Hanging her head down, Atalanta re-draws her bow and helplessly watches as all of the children reform back into Assassin and are exorcised by Ruler.

Back in Trifas, a still cursed Atalanta mentally snaps and furiously declares that Ruler killed those children which Ruler doesn't deny. Hearing this with tears in her eyes, Atalanta declares that Ruler abandoned them and draws her bow, preparing to fire at Ruler. Atalanta continues that they could've been saved, but Ruler disagrees, saying that they were evil spirits, and thus, already dead; hence, warmth would be wasted on them as they could never feel it. Upon this, Atalanta angrily tells Ruler to shut up and fires an arrow on her which Ruler blocks. Atalanta continues firing and declares that they still could've been saved, if not by her hands, then by the power of the Holy Grail.

Upon saying this, Atalanta is barraged upon by Archer of Black's arrows which she avoids. Atalanta angrily continues firing on Ruler, declaring that she will never forgive her and fires on Sieg. Sieg is saved by the timely arrival of Rider of Black who uses La Black Luna to blow away the arrows. Noticing that she is at a disadvantage, Atalanta jumps upon a rooftop and angrily declares "You imposter of a saint! I will never forgive you!" Archer of Black then fires on Atalanta who blocks it with one of her arrows. Archer of Black asks if she intends to retreat, and Atalanta responds by angrily challenging them to come and grab the Grail and swears on her name that she will shoot them all down before leaving the area.

The Final Battle[]

On the night before the final battle, Atalanta returns to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and approaches Achilles, who is practicing his spear skills. Stopping him mid-training, a sullen Atalanta asks Achilles if he really thinks that they can save all of the children in the world. Achilles nervously replies that he doesn't think they can and Atalanta storms off. As she is about to leave, Achilles tries to yell out something to her, but he can't bring himself to say it and she walks off.

Jack's evil spirits, now contained within Atalanta's right arm, speak to her and tell her to kill everyone, Ruler most of all, slowly driving her insane.

On the night of the final battle, Atalanta is summoned to the main chamber with Achilles and Lancer of Red by Assassin of Red. Appearing before them, Assassin stands before her throne and gives their group their orders which Achilles states it might be difficult and points out the image of the fleet of aircraft approaching them to Assassin. Looking at the image, Lancer declares that the aircraft is cloaked and that he can't tell who is on which aircraft aside from Ruler who is standing on top of the head aircraft. Seeing Ruler, Atalanta sneers and angrily repeats Ruler's True Name.

Confident that they can beat the Black Faction, Assassin reiterates her orders and asks Achilles to take down the Black Faction Servants. Achilles agrees since he will face Archer of Black and Assassin turns to Atalanta and asks her to take out the enemy Masters while supporting from the rear. Atalanta angrily objects and vehemently declares that she will be the one to take down Ruler and that she will not take no for an answer, much to Assassin's ire. Seeing that Assassin is prepared to fire on Atalanta, Achilles steps in and calms the situation down. With the situations sorted, Assassin continues giving out orders and tells everyone to butcher the enemy Servants. Achilles though just turns and worriedly looks at Atalanta who is gripping the Calydonian Boar's hide.

During the final battle between the Red and Black Factions, Atalanta faces Ruler, who she still blames for the death of the children that make up Jack the Ripper. Making the first strike, Atalanta waits for Achilles to destroy one of the airplanes and fires on Ruler who repels the arrow with her flag. Taking another shot, Atalanta's arrow gets destroyed by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon' redirected massive beam of light, causing Atalanta to jump off of the Hanging Gardens and angrily yell at Assassin to teleport her to where Ruler is. Assassin complies by opening a teleportation circle and Atalanta fires two shots into it before leaping into it.

Ruler dodges the arrows, but Atalanta still lands, furiously declaring that she will kill Ruler. Ruler laments that killing her is impossible and the pair continue their fight. In the midst of their fight, Atalanta angrily and sentimentally asks Ruler if she can imagine those children (Jack the Ripper)'s hopelessness and despair at having been given a life, but dying before they could achieve anything. Ruler replies by asking if she is talking about Jack the Ripper and Atalanta, in an outburst, adamantly declares that the children who made up Jack the Ripper were not murderers. Ruler sadly admits that she is a child killer and proclaims that she will kill Atalanta now too.

Seeing that there is no further point in talking, Atalanta swears on her name once again that she will kill Ruler and activates her Noble Phantasm, Agrius Metamorphosis, which not only transforms her into a monstrous version of herself, but increases her physical abilities. Ruler expresses pure disgust at Atalanta for discarding her heroic side and reducing herself to a rabid monster, but Atalanta retorts by declaring she no longer cared for what happened to her so long as she was the victor while being a hero and justice were meaningless to her. Atalanta and Ruler battle, eventually falling from the sky down to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon's grounds. All the while, Atalanta declares her hatred for the world, saying it was not the future she fought and suffered her entire life to achieve. After Atalanta declares one more that she will kill Ruler and achieve her wish, Ruler informs her that her wish is not a mistake; yet cannot forgive Atalanta wanting to allow countless innocents to die for it. As their battle rages on, Atalanta suffers more and more damage, getting weaker and weaker, as her mind loses its sanity. However, their battle is interrupted by Achilles, who had previously defeated Archer of Black. He tells Ruler to leave, facing Atalanta alone and promising to save her. Atalanta falls into complete madness over her revenge being denied and her ally turning on her (with him even declaring it was his duty as a hero to do so) before engaging with him in battle. Achilles is unusually vulnerable due to his immortality being neutralized, but he is able to defeat Atalanta, though sustaining mortal wounds in the process. However, the strike managed to remove her Mad Enhancement; returning her to her normal state.

In her final moments while finding herself impaled by both Achilles' spear and even her own arrows, a shameful Atalanta pondered to the point of crying about whether it was right to continue her pursuit of her fruitless dream (even admitting that to leave the children who made up Jack the Ripper in their state was a fate far worse then death) and laments that even though she knew Ruler was the one who was right in the end, she still couldn't let go of her dream and felt the world's future was nothing but bleak. Calling Achilles' final actions foolish, she thanks him for showing her the error of her ways even when she believed she didn't deserve redemption for her failure/actions. Achilles comforts Atalanta, which brought peace to her mind, before fading away with a sad smile.

Light Novel Differences[]

There were some differences with what happened with Archer after the hunt for Assassin of Black in the Light Novel.

  • Instead of a flashback with Medea, she was instead witnessing what would be called a personal hell where children were abused without mercy, and she attempted to help as much as she could until she was surrounded and cursed.
  • After retreating from Ruler, she was confronted by Caster of Red who asked what would make her look so tired. Archer described the hell she experienced briefly and the only way to cope was to blame Ruler, hinting that she would become a monster to defeat her. Her cursed arm contained vengeful spirits that continued to whisper dark thoughts at her, urging them to not be left behind or to exact vengeance against Ruler. While she could exorcise it at will, being a Heroic Spirit, Archer decided to keep the curse, considering her inability to save them a sin, and the curse being her punishment.
  • After she was defeated by Rider of Red, instead of her crying, it was Rider who cried over her dream, showing that she's not alone in supporting it. This granted her peace and both of them vanished at the same time.


Atalanta is briefly mentioned in Fate/EXTRA as a passing Servant of an unnamed Master by Saber in a Private Room conversation. She praises Atalanta as a beautiful huntress and one of the examples of a beautiful Heroic Spirit, unlike the "ugly" ones like pirates and thieves.[12] The mention is unrelated to the Apocrypha design, and she does not make an actual appearance.

The manga adaptation of Fate/EXTRA combines the two aspects, featuring a brief cameo of the Apocrypha design of Atalanta. Saber and Atalanta briefly fights against Lancer, where Saber saves Atalanta from Lancer's strike.[13] Ultimately, she and her Master perishes in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War.

Fate/Grand Order[]

First Singularity: Orleans[]

Atalanta, along with other Servants, is summoned by Jeanne Alter as Berserk-Archer (バーサーク・アーチャー, Bāsāku Āchā?) to participate in her destruction of France. She is encountered by Ritsuka Fujimaru, Mash Kyrielight, and their allies when they are going to assault Orleans palace. After she is defeated by them, Atalanta accepts her defeat, saying that the task given to her was troublesome and unrewarding. She then tells the group to go and take down Jeanne Alter. She tries says something about next time but disappears before she could.

Third Singularity: Okeanos[]

Atalanta is an ally in the Okeanos Singularity. She was summoned along with the other Argonauts: Jason, Heracles, and Medea. However, when Jason wanted to search for the Ark and sacrifice a god to it, she left the group. She eventually finds David and tells him what Jason plans to do with the Ark. After informing him of this, she decides to wait with David until allies arrive in the era.

They eventually hear about Ritsuka and their allies searching for the Ark before Jason gets to it. After Atalanta sends a message to the Golden Hind by arrow, David anxiously waits for the ship’s arrival, but she tells him to calm down. She deflects all of David’s flirtations until Ritsuka’s party arrives. She goes to meet the group where she remembers Ritsuka and Mash from Orleans, thankful she can be her proper self this time. After the shock of discovering Artemis to be a hopeless romantic, Atalanta leads the group through the island to meet David. David explains that in the circumstance of the Singularity, sacrificing Divine Spirit like Euryale to the Ark would destroy the era. After questioning Jason’s reasons, the group discussion on how to defeat Heracles. David suggests they trick Heracles into touching the Ark to will destroy him. The issue comes with that plan however is that even a Berserker would avoid touching such a dangerous Noble Phantasm. Since it would be disadvantageous to fight all three, Mash suggests they lure Heracles away from Hector and Medea. Orion suggests they hold up somewhere, but Atalanta says no structure on the island could withstand Heracles. Ritsuka then gives their plan on how to defeat Heracles, which everyone agrees with despite the risks

Following Ritsuka’s plan, the allied Archers launch their Noble Phantasms at Jason, who had just arrived at the island. Jason orders Hector to protect him and Heracles to kill the Archers. Like the group expected, Heracles makes killing Eurayle a priority. Atlanta and the others protect Ritsuka and Euryale as they lead Heracles to the Ark. As Heracles keeps his distance from the Ark, Atalanta and the others arrive to help Ritsuka and Eurayle to defeat him. They then push him into nto the Ark, draining him of his magical energy unto his death. With Heracles now gone, everyone board the Golden Hind to chase Jason

As the group chase after Jason, the allied Archers fire upon the Argon while Francis Drake unleashes cannon fire. When they finally catch up with him, Jason uses the Grail to summon a Shadow Servant to attack the group. After it's killed, Hector is sent out to kill them, but he's killed instead. Medea then uses the Holy Grail to incarnate Jason into Forneus. While the others are doubtful of their victory, Drake inspires them to fight while commanding her crew to hide in the cabins.

After Forneus and Medea are defeated, Jason is returned to normal and disappears soon after. Mash retrieves the Grail from Medea before the latter disappears. As the Singularity's collapses, Atalanta tells Ritsuka and Mash that she is glad to be of help this time before vanishing with the Singularity’s collapse. She disappears, wondering how she’ll continue offering her prayers to Artemis now that the goddess’ personality has been revealed.

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Atalanta is amongst the "Okeanos" Singularity Servants to aid Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars. David flirts with Atalanta and calls her AbishagWP.[14]

Summer Event: Dead Heat Summer Race[]

Atalanta is the leader of a group of thugs living in the wastelands. She reveals herself to the racers after they defeat some thugs, referring to them as her children. She explains there is more to parenting than just genetics and age difference in response to the group’s confusion. Calling the wasteland the Atalanta Plains, she tells the racers that its roads lead to where she and her children planted Seed Apples. She says they are essential to her children‘s future, so she cannot permit them to be destroyed in the race. She ignores Helena Blavatsky‘s explanation that apples cannot grow in an arid climate such as the wasteland. She then permits the racers to either turn back or find another path, otherwise she will kill them. They ignore her and continue racing, but they trigger the land mines she planted to protect the seed apples. Atalanta declares she will do anything, no matter how despicable, to protect her children. She purchased the land mines from a passing demon, who guaranteed they’d work on Servants. When Nitocris points out the explosions destroyed the seed apples, Atalanta blames the racers for what happened. Nitocris and Scheherazade try to race on ahead, but Atalanta easily catches up to them on foot. After being defeated by them, she tells them she did her best to play her given role. She admits it was a bit much though to expect them to believe a gang of thugs were her children before disappearing.

Event: Inheritance of Glory[]

Following the conclusion of the Great Holy Grail War, Darnic, still fused with Vlad, remained in the Greater Grail. Stilling wishing to acquire the Grail, he manifested mindless replicas of the war’s participating Servants (except the Rulers) to fight endlessly in a recreation of the war inside a recreation of Trifas.

Atalanta, Spartacus, and Frankenstein attack Yggdmillenia Fortress, where Ritsuka’s party is based, at night. They are defeated by the group and disappear with the morning light.

Due to Sieg’s influence, Atalanta, Spartacus, and Frankenstein manifest with a sense of self the following morning. Achilles asks Atalanta if she is the same one his father always spoke of. Atlanta realizes he is Peleus' son and recalls Pelesus as the man she threw during a wrestling match. Chiron then enters the room and asks for her help in making traps. Atalanta accepts, but she wonders what their duty is since they're are all inside the Grail. Chiron replies it is to protect the Grail and says they were enemies in reality. Atalanta finds it normal for enemies to become allies; Achilles says they were allies as Servants of Red. Atalanta is glad to have him as an ally but points out the enemy has Divinity to negate his immortality. She finds the prospect of potentially fighting herself later unpleasant. Thus, she asks Achilles to not drag her body around. Achilles replies he wouldn't do that unless he was a Berserker, to which Atalanta confesses she was joking. Despire lacking memories of the Great Grail War, Atalanta feels like she and Achilles spoke often. Achilles confesses he always wanted to meet her ever since his father spoke fondly of her. Atalanta pleads with him to stop out of embarrassment.

That night, at Chiron's behest, Atalanta launches Phoebus Catastrophe, but replica Astolfo uses Hippogriff to avoid it. In response, she, Chiron, and Achilles go to engage the enemy directly, but Chiron finds the enemy is using his tactics.

The next day, the group is joined by the re-materialized Astolfo, Siegfried, and Mordred. During a meeting in the garden, it is determined that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon is the enemy base. Atalanta wonders if they can attack the Gardens during the day when Chiron says twelve Servants will defend it. Avicebron, however, reveals the golem he sent to survey it, as per Chiron’s request, was transported to its outside when night came. With no alternatives, the group agrees with a frontal assault. As the others pick their roles to protect Ritsuka and Sieg on their way to the Gardens, Atalanta says she will just shoot arrows when she notices Sieg knows something. Sieg recalls her using a Noble Phantasm to fly during the war. Atalanta realizes he is talking about Agrius Metamorphosis and is surprised she used it, wondering if she was in a truly desperate situation. She decides to use it, even though it isn’t meant for prolonged flight. Spartacus says he'll become a bird to reach the Garden, but Atalanta tells him that becoming one in a single night is offensive to birds. She then suggests he use a rope to climb up to the Garden, which he accepts.

The day before the assault, everyone has strawberry sandwiches out in the garden. Atalanta finds them sweet and believes the children will enjoy it. Jack unnerves her , though, by saying blood and strawberries both taste sweet.

Later that night, the group flies towards the Gardens. Chiron tells everyone to believe in their own luck as they begin their assault. Atalanta misinterprets it as him telling her to give up since her luck is ranked so low. The group eventually breakthrough the replica Servants barring them and enter the Gardens. They defeat Semiramis and Karna, recruiting them when they wake up come morning. They are then guided by Semiramis to where the enemy resides, the Grail’s chamber.

At the Grail’s chamber, the group meets Darnic, the mastermind behind the recreated Great Grail War. Sieg explains who and what Darnic is. He tries to convince him to surrender, saying a broken Grail cannot reach the Root nor activate the Third Magic. Darnic refuses and reminds the group that he already controls 87% of the Grail. He declares that as long as he possesses the Grail, none of them will ever disappear, but they will once he’s gone. He then proposes using the Grail to incarnate them if they agree to join him. But they all refuse his proposal on their own principles as heroes. Atalanta tells him to gain his own victory if he’s unsatisfied. Expecting that to be their answer, Darnic connects to a replica of the Grail that emerges from within the Grail to Sieg’s shock. He then fights the group by having the replica Grail continually spawn replica Servants. The group struggle at first since the replica Grail is using their class affinities against them, so they decide to do the same. Atalanta questions Mordred on needing direction from Frankenstein, a Berserker. Mordred calls her an exhibitionist in response, the shock of which causes Atalanta to return to her original self.

After the replica Grail is destroyed, Darnic refuses to give up when he’s struck by Kazikli Bey from the supposedly sealed Vlad. Unlike the others though, he retained his memories of the Great Grail War due to Darnic fusing with him during it. He eventually convinces Darnic to accept that his broken dream can never be recovered. After Darnic and Vlad disappeared, Semiramis teleports the group back to the ground. Atalanta bids farewell to the others, expecting to see them again, and disappears.


In her first interlude, Smile of the Goddess, Atalanta travels with Ritsuka and Mash to the isle they first met during the Okeanos Singularity to retrieve something she left behind. There she tells the pair she left a statue of Artemis that she made by hand. She leads them towards a cave on the other side of the forest when she senses a Chimera. After it is slain, the group enter the cave. Atalanta tells Ritsuka a selfish wish on the Grail isn’t exactly the wrong one. She admits she also has a simple wish that she knows can never be granted, but she pursues it nonetheless. After slaying more monsters, the group reaches the statue of Artemis. Atalanta voices her general disdain for Orion when Ritsuka suggests she make a statue of him. She then asks Mash if she would rather marry Orion or Jason, but Mash isn’t able to answer. Artemis and Orion then arrive, and she attacks the group for what Atalanta said about Orion. She warns Atlanta that she will no longer be blessed by her if she wins. After she is defeated, Artemis and Orion leave. Atalanta then suggests they return to Chaldea with either Chimera meat or boar pelt, but Ritsuka silently rejects both.

In her second interlude, London Child, Atalanta travels to London with Ritsuka and Mash. She explains she heard Jack the Ripper manifested there. They eventually find Jack. Atalanta tells her she will never find her mother, for even if she existed, she would never accept her as her daughter. After defeating Jack, she confesses to her she wanted to save her, despite how broke she is. Jack then disappears, saying she was saved already. Atalanta warns Jack will continue manifesting until human history is restored. She then states her wish is to save all the unfortunate children in the world. Ritsuka finds that a difficult wish, to which Atalanta thanks them for not laughing at it. She realizes it is nigh impossible, but she still wants to pursue it.

Fate/strange Fake[]

In Fate/strange Fake, Atalanta briefly appears when Bazdilot Cordelion dreams of his Servant, True Archer's past. In the dream, as the Argo sails across the sea, Jason talks about his goals for his new kingdom to Heracles, claiming he will become the greatest king, who will create the best and fairest nation, where even someone like Heracles can live without worry. In the background, the other crew members' reactions to Jason's speech were varied. Atalanta, described as a female archer with a bestial air, eyed Jason with suspicion. When Bazdilot tells of his dream to True Archer, True Archer confirms the woman was Atalanta and that she was disdainful of Jason.


Atalanta is a famous huntress from Greek mythology that earned her recognition thanks to being the first one to drive in an arrow during the extermination of the Calydonian Boar.[3] After being raised by a female bear and later adopted by a hunter who treaded into the mountains, she has developed her skills conspicuously, perhaps due to her latent talent.[6] As such, Atalanta is a peerless huntress,[3] and the greatest of Greek mythology,[15] skilled in the ways of the forest, easily traversing through it by leaping between branches, having knowledge in restraining wild beasts, and displaying the capability to easily become one with the forest to easily disappear from the sight of someone actively watching her. She is more animal than human, and her senses are far greater than others. She is able to sense enemies far before Achilles with her great sense of smell, and her sight is great enough to pinpoint targets in conditions of near zero visibility at night from an extreme distance.[15] Atalanta is also famed for her swift feet,[6] which would not allow her to lose to any man in a foot race.[3] As such, Frankenstein is not able to fill the gulf between their physical capabilities even with the support of her Bridal Chest which allows her to emulate the Mana Burst skill. Even after Frankenstein kept chasing her after being hit on two vital points, Atalanta was still confident that she could defeat Frankenstein.[15] She is also included as a member of the Argonautai, which assembled brave heroes from all over Greece.[3]


As one of the world's most famous archers, Atalanta wields Tauropolos: Bow of Heaven (天穹の弓(タウロポロス), Tenkō no Yumi(Tauroporosu)?), the boar-killer, a celestial bow that can be called a "rare gem befitting such an archer." A large bow she received from the gods, it is her general armament, her weapon of choice that received the blessings of the goddess Artemis.[2][3] It is a jet black, Western-style weapon larger than her own height, granted to her by Artemis and named after one of the goddess' titles. Although usually there's nothing its arrows cannot pierce, the power of her regular shots isn't high enough to hurt Siegfried due to his Armor of Fafnir. However, by drawing her bow to its limit she's able to perform a physical attack flying faster than the speed of sound that clearly exceeds an A rank strike. In fact, drawing her bow with every ounce of strength in her body allows her to strike the force of Gods. As such, said strike pierced Siegfried's chest and sent him flying, head over heels, crashing into several trees. Furthermore, the attack came from so far away that the other servants didn't detect it. An extreme range attack with A rank destructive power that lives no traces of magecraft; the eyesight required to take aim with near zero visibility; and the supreme precision to thread such a needle of an attack. There existed bowmen who could accomplish every single of these feats, but almost none could have possibly accomplished all of them simultaneously.[15]

By reducing the strength of her attacks, she can prioritize its speed by quickly nocking, drawing and releasing her arrows. Although her arrows still travel faster than sound in this state, they are shot down by Chiron, who also possesses immense skill with the bow even surpassing that of Atalanta.[15]


Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (D Rank): Nullifies spells that were done in one step (a Single Action). A Magical Resistance of the same degree as an amulet that rejects magical energy.[1][2]

Personal Skills[]

  • Crossing Arcadia (B Rank): She can move while jumping over every obstacle on the field, including enemies.[1][2] "Arcadia, my far-away homeland, I shall jump stone by stone across the steep mountain range that leads to you."[4]
  • Aesthetics of the Last Spurt (A Rank): Once an enemy takes the initiative, and after confirming their actions, she can act to anticipate them.[1][2][4] Even in footraces, she always made her opponent run ahead. "Go ahead. I shall pass in front of you afterward like a squall."[4]

Noble Phantasms[]

By offering a prayer to Artemis and her brother, the Sun God Apollo, Atalanta can perform a powerful Anti-Army Noble Phantasm - Phoebus Catastrophe: "Complaint Message on the Arrow" with her bow.[3] A rain of arrows will fall like a downpour on the next turn, carrying out an attack on all enemies. It is also possible to set the range.[2]

Atalanta also owns Agrius Metamorphosis, a cursed Noble Phantasm where one owns the power of the Monstrous Beast when she wears the pelt. Even though Phoebus Catastrophe is sealed, she can still use a similar attack named Tauroplos: Bow of Heaven. Other than luck, all other parameters are increased. It also grants power equivalent to that of A rank Mad Enhancement and along with an A rank Shapeshift skill, bestowing various characteristics depending on the environment.[1][16] With this Noble Phantasm, Atalanta is able to fight on par with Jeanne d'Arc and even push her to use Luminosité Eternelle to defend herself from Atalanta's Tauropolos: Bow of Heaven. She's ultimately defeated by Achilles, even though his heel had been struck by Chiron, and therefore had already lost his immortality and his speed had been reduced by approximately 70%.[17]

It would normally be impossible for Atalanta to use Agrius Metamorphosis in a regular Holy Grail War, so practically speaking, her only Noble Phantasm is Phoebus Catastrophe.[6] Even if she could actually use it since it is an unmanageable Mad Enhancement-type Noble Phantasm, a Master would have to make Atalanta fight using Phoebus Catastrophe as the focal point in order to actually make proper use of her.[18]


Creation and Conception[]

Atalanta was designed by Jinroku MyougayaWP and illustrated by Genji Asai for the original cancelled online game project.[4] Yuuichirou Higashide is the scenario writer for her character in Fate/Apocrypha and Fate/Grand Order, with Jinroku Myougaya also being the scenario writer for Atalanta in the latter series.[2] Rin Kususaga is the character illustrator for Atalanta in Fate/Grand Order.[2][3]

Yuuichirou Higashide said that the drawings for Atalanta are quite clever, whether it be the ears, tail or apple. Ototsugu Konoe said that her outward appearance is full of clever symbols.[19]

Comment from Illustrator[]

"Only in this place, there are people saying that they are poor at drawing characters with animal ears… Although, I think what everyone ponders about is, “What’s going on with the section for her original ears!? Four ears? Holes? Hey, anything else?” they said… When I think about it, rather than saying she is like this child or beast, is she not an insect or something? I’m thinking something like that. Atalanta is like that sort of insect girl (her mouth is not too bad), but doesn’t she seem to be presented as very cute?"[2]

Discarded Abilities[]

Atalanta has one Skill, Golden Apple, and three Noble Phantasms that have been discarded from her original Fate/complete material IV profile. Two Noble Phantasms, The Disputed Spoils of War and The Beast of Divine Punishment, were redesigned into Agrius Metamorphosis, while Seven Arrows of the Big Dipper was left unused.[4]


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    Magic Resistance: D
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    Equivalent Magic Resistance as a magical energy repelling amulet.

    Independent Action: A
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    However, Master's backup is necessary if trying to use a Noble Phantasm that takes up a lot of magical energy.

    Personal Skills
    Crossing Arcadia: B
    While moving can jump over all obstacles, including opponents, on the field.

    Aesthetics of the Last Spurt: C
    Allows enemy to take the initiative and after confirming the action she can anticipate him.

    Noble Phantasm
    ■Phoebus Catastrophe: The Complaint Message on the Arrow
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    Range: 2~50
    Maximum Amount of Targets: 100 People
    A complaint letter on an arrow seeking the divine protection of Artemis and Apollo with the Tauropolos received from the Guardian Deity Artemis. In the next turn arrows will rain on all enemies as if a downpour. Range can be set.

    ■Agrius Metamorphosis: Boar of Divine Punishment
    Rank: B+
    Type: Anti Unit (Self) Noble Phantasm
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    The Monstrous Beast of Calydonia that Atalanta killed. A cursed Noble Phantasm where one owns the power of the Monstrous Beast when she wears the pelt.
    Even though Tauropolos is sealed, other than luck, all other stats rise. And an A Rank "Mad Enhancement" equivalent status is taken on.
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    Magic Resistance: D
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    Noble Phantasm
    Phoebus Catastrophe: Complaint Message on the Arrow
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    Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm

    A famous huntress that appears in Greek mythology. She became famous after being the first one to drive in an arrow during the extermination of the Calydonian Boar.
    Also, she is included as a member of the Argonautai, which assembled brave heroes from all over Greece.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 166cm・57kg
    Source: Greek Mythology
    Region: Greece
    Alignment: Neutral Evil  Gender: Female
    Her favorite dishes are apples and meat.

    Level 2 Bond
    Atalanta was born as the daughter of the king of a certain country, but she was shunned by her father - who desired a son - and ended up being abandoned on a forest.
    Feeling pity, the goddess Artemis made a female bear give her milk and raise the girl.

    Level 3 Bond
    Upon reaching adulthood, Atalanta became a peerless huntress and accomplished many adventures - such as the extermination of the Calydonian Boar and participation in the Argonautai.
    When suitors began to rush for her hand, the troubled Atalanta decided o turn it into a foot race contest.

    Level 4 Bond
    Although Atalanta would not lose to any man in a foot race, she feel on the cowardly scheme of a man who borrowed the help of a goddess and ended up getting married half-forcibly.
    Afterwards, it has been told that she was turned into a lion as punishment, but this is unsure.

    Level 5 Bond
    The bow which she carries, Tauropolos - Heavenly Bow, is her weapon of choice that received the blessings of the goddess Artemis.
    By offering a prayer to Artemis and her brother, the Sun God Apollo, a powerful Anti-Army Noble Phantasm - "Letter Arrow of Complaint" - is invoked.

    in this work, because it concerns her previously established wish of "saving all children", she will probably cooperate with you in an assertive manner.
    You too should sometimes try to earn her good mood with an apple pie.

    アタランテ - アーチャー







    属性:中立・悪  性別:女性






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    Atalanta, the Chaste Huntress
    Born in the natural paradise Arcadia, she speaks in an old fashion. She was abandoned in the mountains immediately after birth, and survived by being nurtured by a female bear, sacred beast of the goddess Artemis. She has the same egotism and view on life and death as a wild animal, so it is natural to her to steal food to live. However, she will help any child left behind as much as she can, as gratitude for the care she received herself. Her wish to the Holy Grail is for a world where every child can be raised with love.

    • Class:Archer
    • Source:Greek mythology
    • Location:Europe
    • Alignment:Neutral Evil
    • Gender:Female
    • Height:166cm
    • Weight:57cm
    • Armament: Bow

    Illustrations: Genji Asai
    Creator: Myougaya Jinroku

    Though she was born as the princess of Arcadia, Atalanta was abandoned in the mountain, but she survived thanks to divine protection from Artemis. In gratitude, she is a fervent follower of Artemis. She grows into an excellent huntress, and accompanies the Argonauts. She is most known for the hunt of the Calydonian boar. She then returned to her birth land, but her father, who never had a son, commanded her to get married. As she had pledged a vow of virginity to the goddess, she proclaimed "I will only marry one who can beat me in a footrace. Those who lose will be killed." She tore through a great number of challengers, but at last, she lost when she was tricked into picking up irresistible golden apples thrown in front of her, and she had to break her vow.


    • STR: D
    • CON: E
    • AGI: A
    • MGI: B
    • LCK: C
    • Noble Phantasm: C


    • Crossing Arcadia

    Can move while jumping over all kinds of obstacles on the field, including enemies.
    "Arcadia, my far-away homeland, I shall jump stone by stone across the steep mountain range that lead to you."

    • Aesthetics of the Last Spurt

    Can anticipate the enemy by letting him take the initiative and then confirming his actions. Even in footraces, she always made her opponent run ahead.
    "Go ahead. I shall pass in front of you afterward like a squall."

    • The Golden Apple

    Draws the enemy near by displaying a treasured item.
    "Look, this is the fruit of fate. This glorious treasure once sparked the burning of Troy. Come closer if you wish for it."

    Noble Phantasm

    • The Disputed Spoils of War

    A boar's pelt (with head attached) attained as booty of the Calydonian Boar Hunt. By releasing magical energy, high-speed traveling long distances in a straight line becomes possible. While moving, characters in the traveled route enter in disorder and start killing each other by mistake. When the king of Calydon forgot the offerings to Artemis in a harvest festival, the angry goddess let this boar loose over the land. The hero of Calydon who loved Atalanta, Meleager, finished it off, but because Atalanta refused his wishes of handing over the achievement, the concerning fate of said achievement brought discord to the country.

    • The Complaint Message on the Arrow

    By sending a letter affixed to an arrow requesting divine protection with the "Celestial Bow" received from the guardian deity Artemis, in the next turn a rain of arrows will downpour and perform an attack on all units.
    The letter on the arrow will randomly reach either Artemis or Apollo. If it reaches Artemis then all women will become targets, while if it reaches Apollo all men will be targeted. This Noble Phantasm is associated with the episode in which Artemis and Apollo shot to death all the children of the fertile woman Niobe, because she boasted that she was greater than their mother Leto because "Leto had fewer children".

    • The Beast of Divine Punishment

    The condition in which "The Disputed Spoils of War" is clad over the body comfortably from the head and power of the Calydonian Boar is made one's own possession. Offensive power, defensive power and movement capacity are raised and one's life-force can be recovered about just as much as the damage dealt to the enemy. The wild boar dispatched by Artemis divine punishment was both giant as a mountain and brutal and attempted to completely devour the crops of the city-state Calydon. The power attained through this Noble Phantasm is the Calydonian Boar itself, which was not stopped without making victims even after brave warriors from all over Greece were called.

    • The Seven Arrows of the Big Dipper

    Meteor arrows that rain incessantly from the "seven stars of the Ursa Major" in heavens. 7 consecutive attacks are possible. Only in the first strike the target can be designated arbitrarily, and thereafter the attacks converge at said target. Fundamentally, the target cannot be altered, but if said target dies in middle of the attack, the remaining number of strikes will be divided among different targets on that location at random. The Ursa Major is Callisto, one of the nymphs that serve Artemis who had her figure transformed as divine punishment for breaking the vow of chastity and later was raised to a constellation. Really, Artemis is a goddess with a deep connection to bears.


    • クラス:アーチャー
    • 出典:ギリシャ神話
    • 地域:欧州
    • 属性:中立・悪
    • 性別:女
    • 身長:166cm
    • 体重:57kg
    • 武装:弓


    アルカディアの王女として生まれながらも山へ捨てられたアタランテだが、アルテミスの加護で生き延びる。この恩から、彼女はアルテミスの熱烈な信者となる。そして優れた狩人へと成長したアタランテは、アルゴナウタイに同行。またカリュドンの猪狩りでは、一番手柄を立てた。こうして故郷に帰った彼女を待っていたのは、世継ぎのない父王からの婿取りの命である。しかし女神に純潔を誓った彼女は「私と駆け競べをして勝った者にしか嫁がない。敗者は殺す」と宣言。 幾人もの挑戦者を破ったが、最終的には、競走中に彼女が憧れた黄金のリンゴを投げて取りに行かせる策略に負け、純潔に別れを告げたのだった。


    • 筋力:D
    • 耐久:E
    • 敏捷:A
    • 魔力:B
    • 幸運:C
    • 宝具:C


    • アルカディア越え


    • 追い込みの美学


    • 黄金のリンゴ



    • 諍いの戦利品 - 威力:小

    カリュドンの猪狩りの戦利品として得た、猪の毛皮(頭部つき)。 魔力を開放すると、直線的に長距離を高速走行できる。移動中、走行ルートのキャラクターは混乱し、同士討ちを始める。この猪はカリュドン国の王がアルテミスへの収穫祭の供物を忘れた際に、怒った女神が地上に放ったもの。アタランテを愛するカリュドンの英雄・メレアグロスがトドメを刺したが、手柄を譲るという彼の意思をアタランテが辞退したため、その功績のゆくえを巡る不和を国にもたらした。

    • 訴状の矢文 - 威力:小

    守護神アルテミスから授かった“天穹の弓”で加護を求める矢文を送ると、次ターンに矢の雨が降り注ぎ、全体攻撃を行う。矢文はアルテミス、アポロンのどちらかにランダムで届く。アルテミスに届いた場合は、その場の女性すべてが標的となり、アポロンに届いた場合は男性が狙われる。この宝具は多産の女性・ニオベが「子どもの数が少ない」とアポロンとアルテミスの母・レトを馬鹿にしたため、 二人がニオベの子らを一人残らず射殺したエピソードにちなむ。

    • 神罰の野猪 - 威力:中


    • 北斗の七矢 - 威力:大

    天上の“大熊座の七つ星”から降り注ぐ流星の矢。7連続攻撃が可能。最初の一撃のみ任意で標的を指定し、以降はその標的に攻撃が集中する。基本的に標的は変更できないが、攻撃途中で標的が死亡した場合、残りの攻撃回数はランダムでその場にいる別の標的に振り分けられる。大熊座はアルテミスに仕えるニンフのうち、純潔の誓いを破ったカリストが神罰で姿を変えられ、後に星座に上げられたもの。 つくづくアルテミスは熊との関わりが深い女神である。

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    Archer of "Red" - Real name: Atalanta

    • Height: 166cm
    • Weight: 57kg
    • Blood type: Unknown
    • Birthday: Unknown
    • Three sizes: B78 W59 H75
    • Talents: Sprinting
    • Likes: Forest
    • Dislike: Sly men, Apples
    • Image colour: Dark green
    • Enemy: Ruler

    Comment from Yuichiro Higashide & Ototsugu Konoe

    “赤”のアーチャー - 真名:アタランテ

    • 身長:166cm
    • 体重:57kg
    • 血液型:不明
    • 誕生日:不明
    • スリーサイズ:B78 W59 H75
    • 特技:短距離走
    • 好きなもの:森
    • 苦手なもの:悪賢い男・リンゴ
    • イメージカラー:深緑
    • 天敵:ルーラー

    Comment from Yuichiro Higashide & Ototsugu Konoe

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    Archer of “Red” [Servant]
    One of the Servants of the Red camp. A huntress who wears beautiful green clothing. Her charm points consists of those things on her head that look like animal ears and that thing on her lower back that looks like a tail.
    Her true name is Atalanta. She is a huntress who is famous for her swift feet in Ancient Greek legend. Just as told in the original myth, she has the tragic past of being born as the daughter of a king and yet being abandoned in the mountains by her father. After being raised by a female bear and later adopted by a hunter who treaded into the mountains, she has developed her skills conspicuously, perhaps due to her latent talent.
    There are three tales that she is famous for. The first is how she was chosen as a member of the Argonauts led by Jason.
    The second is the extermination of the Calydonian Boar. The third is the dispute over her marriage. None of these tales had a particularly happy ending for her, and her distrust of men became extremely strong due to the third one in particular as well.
    After all, to Greek warriors at the time, battle was both an offering to the gods and a way of trampling over others. Atalanta liked none of them since these warriors acted more violent than necessary when they hunted. However, there was one man named Peleus who she was fond of, for he was the only one who approached her with a humble attitude.
    The reason she is obsessed over children is due to her own origins. The despair she felt as a baby was just that strong. She would happily throw away her own life to become a stepping stone to realizing a world where all children are saved.
    The reason she cooperated with Shirou is also because she clung to the idea that his wish would lead to her own wish. Since it is uncertain whether the Holy Grail would be able to grant her wish, his words which spoke of a clear form of salvation might have seemed just like the gospel to her.
    She has two Noble Phantasms, but one of them would normally be impossible to use in a regular Holy Grail War, so practically speaking, her only Noble Phantasm is “Phoebus Catastrophe: Complaint Message on the Arrow”.
    Her animal ears and tail seem to be the symbols and after-effects of a curse told of in her legend… or so they should have been, but she actually seems to like them.


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    Boar of Divine Punishment [Noble Phantasm]
    Agrius Metamorphosis. The pelt of the Calydonian Boar, a Monstrous Beast which the virgin Goddess Artemis let loose upon the earth. It looks like a wild boar, but that is merely because the lifeform that was used as its basis just happened to be a boar. Just as depicted in the novels, if the pelt is worn by a person, they will become a Monstrous Human rather than a Monstrous Beast.
    It grants power equivalent to that of A rank Mad Enhancement and grants an A rank Transformation skill, bestowing various characteristics depending on the environment. In exchange, the wearer loses their reason and, depending on the situation, becomes unable to discern and identify even their Master. It is a Noble Phantasm whose use pretty much equals self-destruction, and its use has never been confirmed in any of the subspecies Holy Grail Wars.
    However, even the author himself couldn’t help having doubts about how it transformed into bird wings for Atalanta, fused with her bow and shot arrows weaved out of prana. Was it supposed to be like the T virus or something? (TL Note: The last line is a Resident Evil reference.)


  17. Fate/Apocrypha - Volume 5: "踵の矢は既に無い。だが、既に実感として理解できる。己の“不死身の肉体”は引き剥がされた。踵は急所でも あり、鍵でもある。あらゆる攻撃を跳ね返してきたこの肉体は、相手が 『神性』 スキルを所有しているか否かは無関係になる。自慢の健脚も、しばらくは七割減というところか。"
  18. [v] Fate/Apocrypha material - Encyclopedia: Complaint Message on the Arrow [Noble Phantasm], p.184 [T]

    Complaint Message on the Arrow [Noble Phantasm]
    Phoebus Catastrophe. The Anti-Army Noble Phantasm of Archer of Red, Atalanta. Since her other Noble Phantasm is an unmanageable Mad Enhancement-type Noble Phantasm, a Master would have to make Atalanta fight using this Noble Phantasm as the focal point in order to actually make proper use of her.
    She makes a prayer to both Apollo and Artemis, which then causes countless arrows to shoot down from the sky. Its other name, “Soul-Chasing and Life-Stealing Sword”, is incorrect. Also, in [Complete Material], it was written that it could only attack either men or women at a single time, but that made it too hard to use so it was revised.
    Like when she used it against Berserker of Red, Spartacus, in the second volume, it can be used to shoot a narrower area as well, making it a very convenient Noble Phantasm. Though the damage dealt by each individual arrow is small, they attack in great numbers, so the Noble Phantasm is strong against Servants who have low endurance and high agility. Just like she herself is.


  19. [v] Apocrypha material - Atalanta, p.014-015 [T]

    Talk about Atalanta
    Higashide: This is Atalanta-san, who seems to have fallen to the dark side in the fourth volume. But when I look at her like this, these drawings are quite clever… Whether it be the ears, tail or apple. In the fifth volume, her long-awaited dark-side-version will appear!

    Konoe: Even though her outward appearance is full of clever symbols, she absolutely can’t add “Nyah” to the end of her sentences due to her dignified personality. It makes me numb with excitement. I want to trouble her by pulling her tail. It’s probably her weak point. Falling into the darkness is what’s best about Fate, after all. Look forward to it.

    Talk about Atalanta

    近衛:外見はあざとい記号満載なのに、凛々しい性格が語尾にニャーとか絶対に付けさせないッ。痺れるゥ。そんな嬢のしっぽ引っ張って困らせたい。多分弱点。闇堕ちはFate の華ですからねー。乞うご期待。

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Assassin: CarmillaCharles-Henri SansonCharlotte CordayCleopatraConsort YuDr. JekyllEMIYAFuuma KotarouHassan of the Cursed ArmHassan of the Hundred FacesHassan of SerenityJack the RipperJing KeKamaKatō DanzōKiichi HougenKing HassanKoyanskaya of LightMata HariMochizuki ChiyomeMysterious Heroine XOkada IzouOsakabehimePhantom of the OperaSasaki KojirouSemiramisShiki RyougiShuten-doujiSthenoWu ZetianYan Qing
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