Authority (権能, Kennō?) is a classification of special abilities possessed by the likes Divine Spirits[1] and the agents of the world like True Ancestors[2][3] and Great Mother/Father class Fairies.[4]


Authorities are an ability of category unique from the likes of Codecasts, Skills, and Noble Phantasms. They are on the level of creating a world, this includes event shifting, time-flow manipulation, kingdom-building, and other such powers of that level. While normal Skills "achieve a certain result based on some logical process or principle," Authorities "realize a result simply because the user has the right to do so."[1]

The usage of Authorities existed primarily within the Age of Gods six thousand years before modern day. As of the Common Era, the advancement of human civilization has rendered Authorities unnecessary, rendering them a relic of the prior age. Divine Spirit Servants possess their Authorities, but the usage of their Authorities in the Common Era requires compensation in the way of strain and damage inflicted on them.[1] Those that gain full control over the Moon Cell reach a level of power that is Authority class.[1]

Authorities used by beings like True Ancestors, the "planet's sense of touch," are classified as a "system" rather than a "skill."[2][3] The Functionalities (機能, Kinō?) of the Twelve Machine Gods are similar to Authorities and are referred to as such.

Known Authorities[]

User Authority Effect
Altera Teardrop Photon Ray When Altera establishes a connection with Ares, he would unleash the light of his Authority towards her through Teardrop Photon Ray.
Arjuna Alter Mahāpralaya Massive attack capable of destroying the entire world. As the last god of the Indian Lostbelt, Dissolution and rebirth... Destruction and reconstruction... Cataclysm and genesis are within his capability.
Arcueid Brunestud Blut die Schwester Usage of her Authority of bringing the surrounding environment, the Earth side, to her side, with a terraforming attraction she uses the difference in gravity as a means of an attack.
Anubis Authorities over revival, the underworld, and mummification
Ashwatthama Mahākāla Shakti Minor part of Shiva's Authority over time, allowing him or others to travel back in time.
Balor Unnamed Mystic Eyes Capable of actualizing the death of a target by just glaring at them.
Earth Mother Goddesses Potnia Theron The Authority of the Earth Mother Goddess. The power of bringing death as well as giving life.
BB Pele Creation of Luluhawa Usage of Pele's Authority over the islands to merge them.
BB Pele Faceless Moon Reality Marble that turns the boundary aspect of the Imaginary Number Space more definite, casting the surroundings into the "Far Side of the Moon(Shadow Phase)".
Beasts Authority of the Beast An Anti-Humanity skill.
Caenis, Poseidon Poseidon Blessing Divine Construct that originally held the power to control all the Authorities of the Sea.
Caenis Poseidon Maelstrom Limited reproduction of a small portion of the Authorities over the Sea and the Ocean possessed by the sea god Poseidon.
Dumuzid Transformation into Sheep Usage of his Authority over Sheep
Dumuzid (later given to Ereshkigal) Transforming into snakes and gazelles Usage of the Authority over snakes and antelope.
Ea His Disease Demons
Ereshkigal Control over the Underworld Usage of her Authority over the Underworld. With her authority, Ereshkigal has a number of attacks and security features that can be performed.
Ereshkigal Hidden Great Crown Crown of a goddess said to have been created from what she took from Ishtar. Of the heaven and earth, it allows her to make the various graces bestowed unto Ishtar her own, but those effects are made slightly darker (more gloomy).
Goddess Rhongomyniad Rhongomyniad's Authority A normal servant cannot stand against the power of her Authority.
Gilgamesh and Ea Enuma Elish Originally, it had the Authority of nation-building
Ishtar Shining Great Crown A Shining Great Crown that expresses one among the many Authorities of the goddess Ishtar, bringing out various effects.
Kama/Mara Accepting Body of Myriad Desires "Authority to get close to, coddle, and corrupt the lust (carnal desires) of the people living in the Universe."
Kama/Mara Samsara Kama/Mara Avaruddha A coercive indulgence in a "love" with both good and bad meanings…… An extreme Noble Phantasm that represents the demonic nature of the two gods, Kama and Mara, at a natural disaster scale.
Kiara Sessyoin Angra Mainyu/CCC An Authority that allows her to gain the greatest of sensations and growth by offering her body to and embracing all life left on Earth from humans to animals and plants.
Quetzalcoatl Piedra Del Sol Drags out a portion of her Authority over the Sun and enables her to unleash solar winds that rampage over a large area.
Quetzalcoatl Wisdom of the Benevolent God Originally an Authority of one who taught many people but it has degraded into a skill due to Quetzalcoatl being a Divided Spirit.
Romulus-Quirinus Throne of Quirinus Displays several Authorities from the Roman Pantheon.
Scáthach-Skadi Control of Giants Usage of her Authority over Giants to command them.
Scáthach-Skadi Freezing Blizzard Part of her Authority over Ice and Snow as the manifestation of the cold winds of the north that freeze all of creation.
Set, Ergo Per Djet Entombs a part of the body, the entombed body parts can be released to copy the authority of the target.
Shiva Authority over Destruction and Creation Administers the "destruction of the universe" in the Indian Age of Gods, and is capable of destroying all of creation in their texture.
Sun Wukong, Ergo The area hit by Ruyi Jingu Bang It has the space around it fixed in place by Wukong's Authority.
Surtr Laevatein The sword is the manifestation of several malignant authorities.
Surtr Scathe of Branches The flame of Surtr spoken in VöluspáWP.
Surtr-Fenrir Wind of Niflheim A blizzard of absolute freezing temperature flowing from the world of ice and frost that Fenrir once ate.
Tamamo-no-Mae/Amaterasu Eightfold Blessing of Amaterasu Harvests the reconstruction of the dominions that were ruined due to an army of destruction.
Tiamat/Larva Tiamat Nega-Genesis Allows Tiamat to create a new world by overwriting the current one, similarly to a Reality Marble.
Tiamat/Larva Tiamat Sea of Life Expressed as the "the Sea From Which Life Itself is Sprung". Being that the Sea cycles the True Ether of the Genesis of Earth, the supply of Magical Energy available to Tiamat's Magical Energy Reactor is within the boundaries of the domain unlimited. The movement by which the Sea of Life extends its domain is referred to as the Chaos Tide.
True Ancestors Event Storage Requisition of Textures. Authority of the planet.
Twelve Machine Gods Machine God Functionalities Are similar to Authorities and are referred to as such.
Twelve Machine Gods Klironomia Grants pseudo-Authorities
Ushi-Gozen Creation of Onigashima Nation-building power acquired through being the incarnation of Gozu Tenno and use of a Holy Grail.
One of the Sub-Bells of the Beginning (later inherited by their successors Wryneck and Woodwose) The organs of the waste heat of the planet
Zeus (later stolen by Typhon), Perseus, Medusa (Child), Medusa Alter Harpe "Refraction of Longevity", a divine ability that nullifies the "undying attribute" of immortals and inflicts wounds that cannot be restored by any methods other than healing in accordance to the natural laws.
Zeus (later stolen by Typhon), Bai Ruolong Nega-Keraunos A powerful blast of black and red lightning, Zeus' lightning.


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    Authority [Miracle]
    Kennou. Authorities are special abilities that fall into a different category than Codecasts, Skills, and Noble Phantasms.
    An Authority is a power that is on the level of creating a world, and includes things like altering events, time-flow manipulation, and kingdom building.
    Authorities existed in the age known as the Age of Gods, which was about 6000 years ago, but after entering the Common Era human civilization advanced to the point where Authorities were no longer needed, and so Authorities became a relic of the past.
    Normal skills achieve a certain result based on some logical process or principle, but Authorities realize a result simply because the user has the right to do so.
    A God Spirit Class Servant should naturally possess Authorities, but to use them in the modern age requires a corresponding compensation to be paid (involving strain/damage inflicted on the user).
    In CCC the one who swallowed up Moon Cell has reached a level of power that is Authority class.


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    In terms of Divine Spirits it's an ability on the level of an Authority, but since this an Authority of the planet it is a 'system' rather than a 'skill'. The gravitational sphere that appeared at Arcueid's feet when she had become an Astral Body was of a scale great enough to store the entire planet's texture.


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