Avenger (アヴェンジャー, Avenjā?), Heroic Spirit of Vengeance (復讐者の英霊?), is an Extra Servant Class.


Avenger is a class founded on vengeance, born from powerful resentment that does not fade even after death. Rather than revenge, the primary characteristic behind them is avenging. Angra Mainyu says there are two types of Avengers. Those who "scorn love" like Angra Mainyu are described with "Those born from hatred speak of love... and they would show compassion after experiencing cruelty." Those who "burn with pure hatred" like Dantes are described with "Those born from love speak of hatred. Those who experienced happiness meet their end through betrayal." The common point between the two types is an attachment to humans. Being fixated on humans causes them to be unable to evolve beyond humans, so Angra Mainyu describes their hatred as "an endless cycle of what goes around comes around."[1][2]

Angra Mainyu states that he lacks any particular grudges against others, but many have grudges against him.[1] For Gorgon, she's uncertain of why she is an Avenger, feeling desire for revenge burning within her Saint Graph, but unable to tell what she hates. She feels the need to kill and devour all living things due to the infuriating thoughts stemming from that unknown target of hatred. Upon seeing her other self in a dream, she wonders if it's telling her to seek revenge against humans and the very world that led to her downfall.[3]

Skills and characteristicsEdit

The Avenger-class manifested due to the Einzbern family attempting to summon Angra Mainyu as a Servant in the Third Fuyuki Holy Grail War by altering the system of the Greater Grail.[4] Extra Servant Classes are normally split off from regular Servant classes to take on specific roles, but Avenger is described as a "particularly peculiar class" by Amakusa Shirou. While Rulers differ from standard classes by overseeing the Holy Grail Wars, Amakusa Shirou says, "for Avengers, their very class itself is what distinguishes them."[5]

Angra Mainyu believes that any Avenger will turn on their Master the instant they let their guard down, but admits there would be some variance, like with Edmond Dantès who hates betrayal.[1] Gorgon in the Babylonia Singularity claims that being an Avenger is about destruction, killing all, trampling everything, slaying the whole world, and then dying herself. She says that there is nothing left for her but destruction, everything she had having slipped from her grasp. She says humans created her, so she must display the level of hatred humans had for her.[6]

Avenger is not an eligible Class for the skill Double Summon.[7]

Known AvengersEdit

  • Servants marked with are also able to be summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders.
  • Servants marked with are those who change class mid-story but do not display characteristics substantially different from the original class.
True Name War Master
Angra MainyuThird Fuyuki Holy Grail WarEinzbern Master
Angra Mainyu (Black Iri)Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail WarNone
Angra MainyuFifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War - Heaven's FeelSakura Matou
Angra MainyuHeaven's Feel ReduxBazett Fraga McRemitz
Antonio SalieriGrand OrdersRitsuka Fujimaru
Demon King NobunagaGrand OrdersRitsuka Fujimaru
Edmond DantèsGrand OrdersRitsuka Fujimaru
Hessian LoboGrand OrdersRitsuka Fujimaru
Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)Grand OrdersRitsuka Fujimaru
Medusa (Gorgon)Grand OrdersRitsuka Fujimaru
Space IshtarGrand OrdersRitsuka Fujimaru
CastorGrand OrderKirschtaria Wodime
Amakusa Shirou TokisadaGrand OrdersNone
BoudicaGrand OrdersNone
Alcides (Heracles)False Holy Grail WarBazdilot Cordelion
Louis XVII"After" the Holy Grail War???

Avengers with modified Saint GraphsEdit

Servants possessing the Class of Avenger through the modification of their Saint Graph rather than a standard summoning.

True Name War Master
KinguGrand OrdersNone
MedbGrand OrderNone

Other qualifying heroesEdit

True Name Current Class Notes
Anastasia Nikolaevna RomanovaCaster[8]
Robert E. LeeNone[13]


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