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Avenger (アヴェンジャー, Avenjā?) is an Avenger-class Servant appearing in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Avenger's True Name is Amakusa Shirou Tokisada (天草 四郎 時貞, Amakusa Shirō Tokisada?), the teenage leader of the Shimabara Rebellion. This version of Amakusa is a traveler from a culled parallel world, much like the female Miyamoto Musashi.



Due to his experiences in numerous parallel worlds, he has despaired of the human condition and his personality greatly differs than his counterpart.


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Shimosa Province: The Stage of Rivers of Blood and Mountains of CorpsesEdit

He is the Sorcerer (妖術師, Yōjutsu-shi?) who is collaborating with Caster Limbo.


His ability to summon and corrupt Heroic Spirits stems from a being he calls "Satan."

As an Avenger, Amakusa Shirou possesses the Reality Marble Shimabara Hell (島原地獄絵巻しまばらじごくえまき, Shimabara Jigokuemaki?), which is the remnants of Amakusa's original world etched in his soul. Because the reality marble does not allow for the existence of living beings within it, even the air itself is poisonous to those within this world.

It is impossible to escape this reality marble normally, and because the Onri Edo Castle exists in the real world outside of the reality marble, it should technically have been immune to any attacks from within it. Having the Onri Edo Castle completed and Kiyohime sacrificed to it would supposedly have cursed and eradicated the Tokugawa in every parallel world, but Da Vinci expresses her doubts.[1]



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