Avenger (アヴェンジャー, Avenjā?) is an Avenger-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Avenger's True Name is Antonio Salieri (アントニオ・サリエリ , Antonio Sarieri?).[1]

Antonio Salieri and Amadeus Mozart were friends.[1]

Originally, he would have never been engraved on the Throne as an anti-hero. Although, Salieri was driven out from his position as Kapellmeister, his existence was revered as a respectable musician and he took many young musicians as his pupils. Among those were Mozart's protégé Sussmayr, his son Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart and even Beethoven.[1]

However, in 1820, the legend that "Mozart was killed by Salieri" suddenly spread across the world. Even though that is different from the truth, people daydreamed about the cruel story of "a prodigy who deeply resented and took the life of a genius loved by God". Even the words that the aged Salieri said to his pupil Moscheles - that "those are nothing but defamations full of malice" - were disseminated as an admission of guilty. Even rumors about how the elder repented his sins and cut his throat with a knife were whispered as if true.[1]

Thus, after a long time has passed. Having his existence continuously twisted by the baseless assassination legends, Salieri was synchronized with the legends of the "gray messenger" that also deals with Amadeus last moments, achieving materialization as a Servant.[1]

An anti-hero that harms people─── The sad one. The angry one. The one who kills the beloved child of God. As a single, innocent monster.[1]



An excellent Servant who follows his Master's orders and promptly brings down the target. Human will and personality will not intervene with that.[1]

He originally possessed a thoughtful, composed personality. However, due turning into an innocent monster, Salieri's personality is constantly cracked. Being fused with the "gray messenger" (whose legends portray him as similar to the grim reaper) also had a bad influence on him. Upon laying eyes on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, he will probably ignore the Master's orders and become a rampaging slaughter machine.[1]

« Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart! ....I am the one who kills you. Your reputation, your songs, your vestiges, I shall kill them all. Should you ever manifest in this world, this time for sure, I shall kill you with my own hands. O man loved by God, Gottlieb.[1] »

(Antonio Salieri)

Given his origins, Servant Salieri is an aggressive existence - a type of Servant that is hard to reach a mutual understanding with. Careful attention is required when dealing with him.[1]

He talks to himself a lot. His wavelength matches that of Jeanne d'Arc Alter and Monte Cristo, or so he thinks. His wavelength does not match Phantom's. He becomes strangely well-behaved when in front Marie Antoinette.[1]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Anastasia: The Permafrost EmpireEdit

Avenger initially poses as Amadeus Alter (アマデウス・オルタ, Amadeusu Oruta?).


Salieri wields a longsword that he either uses as a proper sword or as a violin bow. When playing the unseen violin, he can summon forth a firing squad of grey figures, or surround his enemies with violent bursts of energy. He also plays an unseen harpsucord to summon forth a series of grey figures to pierce his enemies.[2]

Class SkillsEdit

Avenger (C Rank): A skill symbolizing the way an Avenger received and collected hate from others. It makes him more likely to receive hostility from those surrounding him, but in turn, this gets turned back into power for himself.[3]
Oblivion Correction (B Rank): Humans are beings that tend to forget many things, but the Avenger never forgets. The Avenger's attacks that assault the enemy from oblivion have their critical effects boosted.[3]
Self-Replenishment (Mana) (C Rank): He will continue regenerating mana until his revenge is fulfilled. He regenerates mana every turn, although only a small amount.[3]

Personal SkillsEdit

Innocent Monster (EX Rank): Salieri never killed anyone in his lifetime. However, as the assassination legends disseminated in later years permeated the world, Antonio Salieri could not help but turn into an Innocent Monster. This has fused with "Self-Denial" (which was originally a separate skill), thus becoming a composite skill of sorts.[1][3]
Lamenting Exterior (A Rank): The shell or armor that Salieri wears as an anti-hero. This is an ability derived from being associated, syncretizing with the "gray messenger" that occasionally appears in records about Mozart─── the grim reaper-like existence said to have arrived in July 1791 to commission the composition of the "Requiem". During combat, Salieri automatically clads himself in this and operates as a combat device of slaughter.[1][3]
Wildfire (B Rank): Rumours that spread to the point of being cursed; the dissemination of Mozart assassination legends was said to have been truly like a wildfire. Avenger Salieri turns people's malice, defamations, canards, demagogue, disgusting whispers (all which pretty much gave birth to him) into his own power. Other than instantly weakening the minds of a targeted group, it also functions as an intense mental attack. If the target does not possess magical means of defense, instant kill is also possible.[1][3]

Noble PhantasmEdit

Salieri's Noble Phantasm is Dio Santissimo Misericordia de mi.[1]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

PFALZ is the character illustrator for Antonio Salieri.[1]


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