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Avenger (アヴェンジャー, Avenjā?) is an Avenger-class Servant able to be summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. She initially appears as an Archer like her counterpart.



Avenger's True Name is Space Ishtar (スペース・イシュタル, Supēsu Ishutaru?), also known as Ishtar Ashtoret (イシュタル・アシュタレト?), the Servant Universe version of Ishtar. The summoned Servant is composed of three different individuals with the same origin.

Within the Servant Universe, there was a period before all humans transcended into Servants, the Universe of Origin. Ashtoret was one of the goddesses of that period, later becoming the last of them and gaining the title, Goddess of Origin. Two thousand years prior to the events of Saber Wars II, Ashtoret awoke once again, but she was defeated by a group of eight Servants and Masters that included Calamity Jane. After her defeat, she split herself into two children, a good half and evil half.


S IshtarEdit

Space Ishtar, also known as S Ishtar (Sイシュタル?), is the second Ascension and the main protagonist of Saber Wars II. She is the evil half of the goddess Ashtoret, the Cerebral Corpus of the goddess, raised to be good by Professor Tokiomi.


Ashtoret (アシュタレト?) is the first Ascension and the main antagonist of Saber Wars II. She is the good half of the goddess Ashtoret, the Cerebral Corpus of the goddess, raised to be evil by Warrior of Darkness MUNENORI.

Ishtar AshtoretEdit

Ishtar Ashtoret is the third Ascension, the combined form of S Ishtar and Ashtoret. She also has a counterpart in the form of Ashtoret Orgin (アシュタレト・オリジン?).



Spirit foundations 1~3, each a different individual, who aren't the same person since the roots aren't the same. Remember 1 is cool, 2 is a tomboy, 3 is transcendent. "As seriously yet roughly as possible" is a trick to get along with the goddess.

A heroine of justice while also an outlaw. A mysterious standing doing villainous moves for the sake of the people. Her attribute is "evil" because she is aware of becoming a "threat to humanity", not meaning a villainous scoundrel. Although almost the same personality as the one from the general history of humanity, she doesn't play with others in a playful mood.

She proudly recognizes "just" people doing good deeds, is secretly delighted by "ugly" people doing misdeeds glaring and cursing with open hostility. (And if the opponent is a villain she will squeeze out their assets, life, and fate without mercy.)

S Ishtar, like Ishtar, is a free-spirited character, who despises the cruelty and shallowness of human society that takes each persons' lives into account, mankind's virtuous intentions, finally rewarding with victory.....must not be Ishtar.

For example, in the case of a summer race, if Ishtar tries to revive Gugalanna at the expense of the surroundings, S Ishtar will reflect on herself and destroy Gugalanna with her own hands, handing the resources to the participants.

"That was very violent and sacrilegous, but I felt it should have done! Hey! You can lie to yourself, right?"

In this way, she is fundamenally Ishtar, but in the end she will never become a threat to humanity.....In short, S Ishtar is a goddess who is "as bad as Ishtar".


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

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