Ayako Mitsuzuri (美綴 綾子, Mitsuzuri Ayako?) is a character in Fate/stay night in Year 2 Class A.



Ayako is from a family of martial arts and she is the older sister of Minori Mitsuzuri.[1] Ayako is a second year student in Homurahara Academy. She is a stellar athlete, and captain of the archery club that Taiga Fujimura advises. Ayako and Rin Tohsaka actively compete to see who will be the first to snag a boyfriend. Although she wants to find a boyfriend, it seems like she wants to stay single as long as possible.

Ayako forms a team with her classmates Kane Himuro and Ayaka Sajyou competed in the Homurahara Academy's ball games tournaments in a match of sepak takrawWP. They faced Shirou Emiya and his classmates Issei Ryuudou (who managed to gets both teams disqualified) and Shinji Matou.


She has a strong-looking appearance, but privately she's actually pretty girly. Of course, this clashes with her image so she doesn't go around advertising it, but she doesn't really think it's a big deal herself.[2]


She is friends with both Shirou and Rin. While she treats Rin as her friend, she treats Shirou more like a rival. The three of them haven't noticed what a delicate relationship they have with each other. Even though her room at home looks more like it belongs to a little girl than a teenager, she has no qualms about inviting Rin over to hang out. After all, it's not that she has no interest in romance, it's just that she has a thing for older men.[2] She holds the belief of a heroine that "Beauty must do martial arts".[1]


Fate/stay night[]

Ayako in the Fate/Stay Night [Unlimited Blade Works] anime adaptation.

In Fate/stay night, she is first seen in the prologue when Rin encounters her in the morning. She was practicing her archery for the first year. Ayako often asks Shirou to come to the archery dojo and watch them practice. She informs Shirou about Shinji bullying the male first year students when he was in a foul mood when Rin rejected him.

She was seen arguing with Shinji Matou in the Archery Dojo before her disappearance. She was later found unconscious in an alleyway in Shinto. She was victimized by Rider when Rider chased her down into a back alley and sucked her blood on the spot, in order to extract magical energy. When Shirou asked if Shinji was involved, Shinji denies it.

After the Rin route, she is still alive and as energetic as ever.[2]

Fate/hollow ataraxia[]

In Fate/hollow ataraxia, she first appears in the prologue telling a ghost story about Person A. She is in her third year and has already retired from the captain position of the archery club. She's very uncomfortable around Rider, who shows a disconcerting attraction to her like an animal fond of its prey.

Other appearances[]

She makes a brief cameo appearance in Carnival Phantasm. She also appears in Episode 10 of Today's Menu for Emiya Family.

By the time she enters college, she is interested in Mikiya Kokutou but she was turned down by him.[3]

Ayako was mentioned by other students when they talk about Mr. A and Little Red Riding Hood.[4]


She is skilled in martial arts in general but her forte is using the NaginataWP.[1]


Creation and Conception[]

Her character design is based on Rider's earlier concept. During the preliminary stages of development, the scenario director was obsessed with a movie called "Vi(…)ck", and kept on insisting that Rider should be more like a certain black-caped character. Ayako's design was an attempt to meet his demands that unfortunately ended up being rejected. Nasu says that it is forbidden to say she resembles Shiki Ryougi.[1]



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    Ayako Mitsuduri - The Archery club captain from a family of the martial arts

    Character Data 020
    Affiliation: Homurahara Academy, 2 Year class A
    Gender: Female
    Height: 162cm
    Weight: 50kg
    Three sizes: B83/W58/H83
    Image Color: Orange
    Talents: Martial arts in general
    Likes: Video games in general
    Dislike: Go, Shogi
    Worst enemy: Taiga Fujimura
    Origin: Japan

    Nasu Kinoko & Takeuchi Takashi • Character Discussion

    >The catalyst for Ayako Mitsuzuri's birth

    Nasu: Ayako is another character we created to flesh out the school aspect of the story. As with Rin, writing Ayako's character felt really good. She's an honourable and manly sort, but not violent. Here's a bit of trivia: early on in the story, when it's still unclear as to who the masters are, I was going to use Ayako and Issei as red herrings just for fun. The conversation between Ayako and Rin near the beginning of the game can be quite misleading, but it's really just a bit of healthy competition between friends. I felt like Rin needed a good female friend, so even though Ayako is a totally minor character in the story, I put a lot of thought into her.

    >Ayako and Rin

    Ayako and Rin have a friendly competition going on to see who can get a boyfriend first, but Ayako is more of a dreamer and has some pretty high standards when it comes to potential boyfriends. Unfortunately, Mr Right has yet to come along. Most of the boys at her school like her well enough but view her as more of a big sister, and their exaggerated respect sometimes gets on her nerves.

    >Ayako and Shirou

    Takeuchi: I feel like the relationship between Ayako and Shirou is a little... vague.

    Nasu: Shirou is not one to recognise or show off his own skills, but Ayako sees that he is naturally gifted at archery. It is truly a shame for someone like Ayako that he does not seem to recognise his own talent... so I guess she feels a blend of admiration and disappointment toward Shirou.

    >Ayako's hobbies

    Nasu: Born into a well-respected family in the martial arts world. Ayako is learned in most forms of martial arts but is a modern girl on the inside. She hides this side of herself in public in order to keep up appearances for her family, but she is a total gamer. Her family is quite strict about anything that is not related to martial arts, so Ayako is forced to play her video games secretly in her room. Ayako plays video games because she enjoys them, and practices martial arts out of a sense of duty. That is not to say she hates martial arts or anything, as she would not have become as skilled as she is if she didn't enjoy it on some level. The whole "strict family" thing may be something she has in common with Kaede Makidera, but compared to Ayako, Kaede is a total free spirit. (laughs)

    >Ayako and the Holy Grail War

    Nasu: Aside from that encounter with Rider, Ayako didn't really get caught up in the Holy Grail War much at all. If this game was made by a certain other company, I imagine the scene between Rider and Ayako would have been a lot more erotic... Talk about missed opportunities! (laughs)

    美綴綾子 - 武道の家系出身の弓道部主将

    Character Data 020
    所属:穂群原学園 2年A組

    奈須 きのこ&武内崇 • キャラクター別対談
    奈須:美綴も学園パートのキャラクターです ね。彼女に関しては、凛と同じように書いてて気持ちのいい子にしました。1本筋が入つた男前だけど乱暴じゃない。今だから語つてしまう と、誰がマスターか分からないつていう序盤の流れの中で、美綴も一成もその撒き餌ではあったんです。本当に思わせぷりですが。ゲーム序盤の凛との会話もミスリードを誘つていますけど、ただの女の子同士の競い合いです。凛にも女の友人が必要だと思いましたので。チョイ役ではあるんですけど、熱を入れて書いたキャラクターのひとりです。


    奈須:士郎にはてらいがなく、そして美綴が武芸の中で唯一苦手とする弓道において「あ、ち ょっとコイツ神懸かってる」と感じた男ですか ら。ただ士郎自身はそのことを意識していな い。だから彼女は「ちょっともったいないな」 って。

    奈須:格式の高い武芸の家系に生まれ、武芸百般のくせに中身は今時っ子というか……。家の看板があるから表では今時の子っていう趣味は出せないんだけど、じつはTVゲームが大好きなんですよ。でも家が厳しいので、自分の部屋で隠れるように独り黙々と遊んでる。趣味でやるのがTVゲームで、責務でやっているのが武芸。だからといって武芸自体は嫌いじ ゃなく、気に入っているからあれだけの武芸を身に付けられたわけです。家が厳しいという意味では蒔寺とかなり被りますが、あちらは自由奔放ですので(笑)。

    奈須:彼女は聖杯戦争には、ほとんど巻き込まれていません。ライダーにちょい噛まれたぐら いかな? これが某メー力一だったら、ライダーに工口工口な行為をされちゃうんですけど ね(笑)。残念でした!

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    Ayako Mitsuduri [Person's name]
    A female student in Class 2-A.
    She is the captain of the archery club, and friends with both Emiya Shirou and Tohsaka Rin.
    Well, Rin is her friend, while she treats Shirou more like a rival. The three of them haven't noticed what a delicate relationship they have with each other.
    Her big-sisterly disposition exceeds even Rin's, and she's considered one of the top three students at Homurahara Academy to avoid picking a fight with.
    People tend to think that she's mannish, but privately she's actually pretty girly.
    Of course, this clashes with her image so she doesn't go around advertising it, but she doesn't really think it's a big deal herself.
    Even though her room at home looks more like it belongs to a little girl than a teenager, she has no qualms about inviting Rin over to hang out. After all, it's not that she has no interest in romance, it's just that she has a thing for older men. Could it be? She and Rin are united by their father complex!?
    Though it may seem odd that a supporting character has such spirited looks, it's only natural given that originally her design was conceived of for Rider.
    During the preliminary stages of development, the scenario director was obsessed with a movie called "Vi(…)ck", and kept on insisting that Rider should be more like a certain black-caped character.
    Mitsuzuri's design was an attempt to meet his demands that unfortunately ended up being rejected.
    Still, it seemed like a waste to just throw out such good work, so it was ultimately resurrected and recycled into Mitsuzuri Ayako. Thank goodness, yeah?
    Saying she resembles Ryougi Shiki is strictly prohibited.
    By the way, after the Rin route she's still as energetic as ever. And in case you were wondering, yes, the person who attacked her was Rider. She chased her down into a back alley and SLUUURP, sucked her blood on the spot! I sure hope she didn't pick up any weird habits from that, nyahaha.

    凛とは悪友で、士郎をライバル扱いしている。美綴も凛も士郎も、三人が三人とも微妙に関係がある事に 気付いていない。
    あまりにもイメージが違うので隠していそうなのだ が、本人は別に気にしていないようだ。
    部屋も女の子らしい少女趣味で、凛あたりを平気で招いたりする。恋愛に興味がないのではなく、単に年 上好みなだけらしい。凛ともどもフアザコンか、貴様ら。
    「Fate」準備段階の頃、ヴィ〇ックという映画にはまったシナリオ担当が「ライダーはあの黒マントつ ぼくしたい」と直訴。
    その一案として美綴さんのデザインが上がったが、 あまりにもメドゥーサのイメージすぎるので却下。それでも怪獣墓場に送るのが悔やまれるので、美綴綾子として復活した次第です。良かった良かった。

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    Q: Will Ayako ever have a boyfriend?

    Q: Will Ayako ever have a boyfriend?

    A: It seems like she wants to find one, but it also seems like she wants to stay single as long as possible... Miss Mitsuzuri is still fully interested in maidenhood, so she’ll probably be shot down soon after she enters college. By a young man suited to black-rimmed glassses, harmless to man and beast. ...I think I’ve seen a photo of those two somewhere...


    A:できてほしいような、できる限りひとり身でいてほしいような……。美綴嬢はあれで乙女趣 味全開なので、大学に進学した先であっさり撃墜されるかもしれません。黒縁眼鏡の似合う、 人畜無害そうな青年に。……あれ、そのツーショットどっかで見たぞ……?

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