Azaka Kokutou (黒桐鮮花, Kokutou Azaka?) is a character from Kara no Kyoukai. She is Mikiya Kokutou's younger sister, who is in love with him.




Azaka is in love with her brother, Mikiya, who is oblivious to it. She becomes an apprentice of Touko Aozaki due to her rivalry against Shiki Ryougi. She is quite similar both in appearance and abilities to Tsukihime's Akiha Tohno (though Akiha's ability consists of controlling external heat, whereas Azaka's ability is ignition).

In an interview, Nasu stated that, despite their rivalry, Azaka actually likes Shiki's personality and vice-versa, it is only their relationship with Mikiya that makes it difficult for them to become good friends. She is also a classmate and friend of Fujino Asagami, the two of them attending Reien Girl's Academy (礼園女学院, reien jogakuin?).


Azaka has long brown hair and has blue eyes, like her brother. During school she wears the standard Reien uniform. Her casual clothes consists on a white shirt with a red tie, a brown waistcoat with a matching skirt.


Kara No Kyoukai

Carnival Phantasm


Azaka makes a small appearance in Episode 12. She appears at the Ahnenerbe party, talking with Rin Tohsaka, Caren Hortensia, and Akiha Tohno.


Azaka has natural talent in fire Magecraft, though as she doesn't have any Magic Circuits[1] It's closer to ESP, and she cannot perform any other sort of spells. She uses a salamander glove from Touko to strengthen and better control her ability.

It should be noted that she doesn't 'shoot' fire towards the target, but directly causes the target to ignite, ie. Spontaneous Combustion (発火能力?).

Musical notations are used to shorten incantations to minimal length. Her one-word spells are as follows:

  • AzoLto
  • FoLLte
  • MezoFoLLte

Shiki pointed out that thanks to her strength, Mikiya wouldn't be unable to resist if Azaka tries to force herself on him. This half joking comment was made after Shiki herself failed to push off Azaka while the latter was inspecting Ryougi to see if she had any hidden items during the 6th chapter.

Her origin is "Taboo", straying away from the norms. She is fairly normal compared to Shiki, who has the Origin of "Nothingness" and is drawn towards death because of it. She only struggles to deviate from the norm because an Origin is merely a cause, and not something that dictates an individual as long as they don't become aware of it.[2]


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