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« Listen. The evening bell has tolled thy name."
"The feathers foreshadow your death, and behead━"
"Azrael! »


Azrael: The Angel That Announces Death (死告天使
, Shi Koku Tenshi
?) is the Noble Phantasm of The Old Man of the Mountain.

Though the broadsword that he bears is perfectly commonplace, it has been stained with the faith of its wielder in the course of his lifetime. Being a sword borne by a man who walks the boundaries of the Valley of the Shadow of Death (幽谷, Youkoku?, lit. "Shadowed Valley"), its edge can potentially impose the termination of life with the slightest cut. Though the probability is low, the imposition of death can affect an opponent of any strength or stature.[1]

Those who walk within the Valley are as one with Death and familiar with its ways -- resistant to its instantaneous imposition, and as well as the effects of charm.[1]

Decapitation with an ordinary large sword. It is ingrained with the faith that this individual continued to believe in, and spent a lifetime wielding. For those who lose their lives to this sword, they say there is fear, but no pain, there is dread, but no suffering, there is repentance, but no regret.[2]


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