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« Wanna hear my singing voice?”
“I'll let you hear the greatest hit of the Servant World! It's the Finale!"
"Báthory Erzsébet!"
"Laaaaa!" »

(Lancer, Fate/Grand Order)

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« Are the tickets sold out?”
“I'll let you hear the greatest hit of the Servant World! ...I'll just skip it! Please, make unsightly 'myuu myuu' noises!"
"Báthory Erzsébet!"
"Boeeeeee~ »

(Lancer, Fate/Grand Order)

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« Last number. I'll greatly show you!!”
“This is my Fresh Blood Demoness!”
“laaaa〜〜〜 »

(Lancer, Fate/EXTRA CCC)

Báthory Erzsébet: Fresh Blood Demoness (鮮血魔嬢(バートリ・エルジェーベト), Senketsu Majō(Bātori Erujēbeto)?) is the Noble Phantasm utilized by Elizabeth Báthory while under the Berserker class, but she later utilizes it in the Lancer class while acting as the Servant of Hakuno Kishinami. It is a Noble Phantasm that summons the castle wherein she reigned during her lifetime and uses it as a stage to make herself prominent.

The summoned castle is the Prison Castle Čachtice, a demonic castle where hundreds of young girls were tortured to death, and by being soaked in the fresh blood of girls that she used to fill her bloodbath, a bathtub of blood, she maintains an enormous magical power and charm power.

It is the worst and nastiest Noble Phantasm she has attained after becoming a Servant and having dreamed of becoming the ultimate idol. Utilizing her singing talents to contest for the top position of idol on the planet with the castle that has been remolded into a giant amplifier, they bring about a tune that is certainly something that can be called hell on earth. Her singing of the songs slips away from musical intervals to a destructive degree, unfolding a hellish stage. Her lungs, having gained tremendous capacity from her dragon blood, allows her to amplify her voice through the Noble Phantasm enough to resound off of a section of the Tokyo Dome and turn it into a noise capable of making it crumble. The point is, it is Super Sonic Bless Hell. Whether the song is terrible or its impact is amazing is for one to judge. Due to Saber's bad singing, at the very least, it must not be allowed to act in collaboration with Aestus Domus Aurea.[2][3][4]

Variations[edit | edit source]

Velber Báthory Erzsébet[edit | edit source]

Velber Báthory Erzsébet: Corroded - Fresh Blood Demoness (浸食・鮮血魔嬢(ヴェルバ・バートリ・エルジェーベト), Senketsu Majō(Verubā Bātori Erujēbeto)?) is a variation of Báthory Erzsébet used by Elizabeth after absorbing Nero's regalia in Fate/Extella. As her Noble Phantasm has been upgraded in this form, to the point that she completely destroys Archimedes's body and forces him to reconstruct it.

Báthory Halloween Erzsébet[edit | edit source]

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« It's the main dish, I'm trembling!"
"Yesss, It's finally the special colabo! Like the rabbit do hop!"
"Báthory Halloween Erzsébet! »


Báthory Halloween Erzsébet: Fresh Blood Special Demoness (鮮血特上魔嬢(バートリ・ハロウィン・エルジェーベト), Senketsu Tokujō Majō(Bātori Harowin Erujēbeto)?) is a variation of Báthory Erzsébet used by Elizabeth Báthory in her Halloween form. A Noble Phantasm that summons the castle that Elizabeth ruled from her entire life, Prison Castle Čachtice, and turns it into a stage that makes her conspicuous. While a portion of the name has changed, there has been no particular changes in the contents.[5][6] A next "Fresh Blood Demoness" is to be expected.[5]

Báthory Brave Erzsébet[edit | edit source]

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« Okay, leave it to me!"
"laaaa〜〜〜... Get!"
"Báthory Brave Erzsébet!"
"I made a legend again! »


Báthory Brave Erzsébet: Fresh Blood Tornado Demoness (鮮血竜巻魔嬢(バートリ・ブレイブ・エルジェーベト), Senketsu Tatsumaki Majō(Bātori Bureibu Erujēbeto)?) is a variation of Báthory Erzsébet used by Elizabeth Báthory in her Brave form. A forbidden sword technique that seals the opponent with a storm-like hero power, before using that opportunity to clash with a full-power high-speed rotatory thrust that makes the opponent explode. Of course, said hero power derives from Elizabeth’s sonic breath. The super-thunder screw slash fired towards the opponent, whom was stunned in mind and body by Elizabeth’s ultrasonic waves, can pulverize even a sign of forbidden entry.[7]

References[edit | edit source]

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    • Master: Meltlilith
    • Identity: Erzebet Bathory
    • Gender: Female
    • Height, Weight: 154cm/44kg
    • Alignment:
    • Strength: A
    • Endurance: A
    • Agility: B
    • Mana: D
    • Luck: C
    • Noble Phantasm: E-

    Class Skills

    • Mad enhancements: E-

    • Magic Resistance: A

    Personal skills

    • Mental Disorder: A

    • Innocent Monster: A

    Noble Phantasm

    • Bathory Erzsebet: Fresh Blood Demoness

    Rank: E-
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 3 ~ 60
    Maximum number of targets: Thousand people


    • マスター:メルトリリス
    • 真名:エリザベート・バートリー
    • 性別:女性
    • 身長・体重:154cm/44kg
    • 属性:狂化・暴走
    • 筋力:A
    • 耐久:A
    • 敏捷:B
    • 魔力:D
    • 幸運:C
    • 宝具:E-


    本人も気づいていない隱しスキル。stay nightにおけるセイバー級の対魔力を有する。




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    Elizabeth Bathory - Lancer

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Arco Wada
    Voice Actor: Rumi Ōkubo

    Strength: C
    Endurance: D
    Agility: E
    Mana: A
    Luck: B
    Noble Phantasm: D

    Personal Skills
    Charisma: C
    Torture Techniques: A
    Battle Continuation: B
    Sadistic Charisma: A

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: A
    Territory Creation: B

    Noble Phantasm
    Báthory Erzsébet: Demoness of Fresh Blood
    Rank: E-
    Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm

    The countess of blood that became the model for the vampire Carmilla.
    ..or it should have been, but what was summoned as a Servant was her 14 year-old self from before committing any crimes.
    A sweet-type Servant who calls herself an idol.
    Noble, high-handed, cruel, merciless - she displays inhuman manners just like in legends.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 154cm・44kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Hungary
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil  Gender: Female
     *overall size does not includes the tail.

    Level 2 Bond
    An anti-hero of evil, but she herself is a young girl that dreams of love. Her timid nature is her own ruin: as a consequence of it, she helps her comrades and overlooks her enemies, and thus ends up displaying human goodness that places her on the borderline of "well, you could even call her a Heroic Spirit".
    "Could it be that you're actually a good person?" - she herself hates to be referred in such a manner.

    Level 3 Bond

    • Dragon Breath: E

    A torrent of mana released by a dragon, the strongest Phantasm Species.
    Super-sonic dragon breath.
    Although she has turned into a dragon due the Skill Innocent Monster, as expected it is somewhat unreasonable so the power is low.
    As for the cause why she has became a demi-dragon, one can mention the crest of the Bathory House (a dragon's tooth).

    Level 4 Bond
    "Demoness of Fresh Blood"
    Rank: E-  Type: Anti-Unit
    Báthory Erzsébet.
    A Noble Phantasm that summons the castle that Elizabeth ruled from her entire life - Prison Castle Csejte - and turns it into a stage that makes her conspicuous.
    By singing a song that slipped away from musical intervals to a destructive degree, a hellish stage is unfolded.

    Level 5 Bond

    • Charisma: C

    Denotes the coercion of the ruling class.
    Because of a special tradition-modifier, it Rank-UP towards females.
    She has a side that is strangely fastidious towards men, and while she likes poking them through her tools, she rarely touches them directly.

    Since she was raised as nobility, she has no such a thing like common morality.
    Also, due the Skill "Headache Affliction", Elizabeth could not recognize others as human beings, but it seems she somewhat reformed herself - or maybe just matured - and became a more understanding anti-hero in this work.

    エリザベート・バートリー - ランサー



    カリスマ C
    拷問技術 A
    戦闘続行 B
    嗜虐のカリスマ A

    対魔力 B
    陣地作成 B



    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを1にすると開放
    属性:混沌・悪  性別:女性

    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを2にすると開放

    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを3にすると開放

    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを4にすると開放
    ランク:E-  種別:対人宝具

    アンロック条件: 絆レベルを5にすると開放


  4. [v] Fate/EXTRA CCC - Elizabeth Bathory (Berserker) Matrix

    Class: Berserker
    Name: Elizabeth Bathory
    Master: Meltlilith
    Noble Phantasm: Báthory Erzsébet (Demoness of Fresh Blood)
    Keyword: Dragon's reverse scale, supersonic
    Strength: A, Endurance: A, Agility: B, Magic: D, Luck: C
    Mad Enhancement: E-, Mental Disorder: A, Magic Resistance: A


    01 - Báthory Erzsébet: Demoness of Fresh Blood
    A Noble Phantasm that summons the castle that Elizabeth lived in and ruled over in her lifetime and turns into into a stage where she is prominent. The worst and most disgusting Noble Phantasm that Elizabeth, who began to dream of being the ultimate idol after becoming a Servant, possesses.
    The castle's name is the prison-castle Čachtice. As the demonic castle where hundreds of girls were tortured to death, as the place where Elizabeth soaked in a blood bath full of the living blood of those girls, it maintains the largest amount of magical energy and charm.
    The tune where the musical talent that... one or two on Earth would dispute and this castle which is a stage modded with giant amps are combined, truly this is hell on Earth.
    A collaboration with the Golden Theater cannot be allowed.

    02 - Dragon's Reverse Scale
    In the west, dragons are "monsters," but in China, DRAGONS are a god-like existence. If dragons are the strongest of the Phantasmal Species, then DRAGONS are invincible... They are creatures who have no need to fight.
    But even those DRAGONS have a defect. When the scale under their chin is touched, the DRAGON will fly into a rage and devastate the earth with their rampaging power.
    In this way, even perfect beings have disappointing parts. Elizabeth is no exception to this tradition, and the scale is on a part of her body (near the tailbone). If it is seen, she will become red-faced with embarrassment, and after she is done panicking, she will approach to person who say it with two choices: "Will you be killed by me?" or "Will you marry me?"

    03 - Supersonic
    Due to her skill "Innocent Monster," Elizabeth has been incarnated as a dragon demon of mixed blood.
    Dragons have the strongest weapon which makes use of all their attributes: Dragon Breath. If a red dragon, fire; if a blue dragon, electricity; if a black dragon, acid. Their breath has a wide area of effect.
    ...According to a certain rulebook, the breath's damage value is the same as their physical damage. That physical damage has long since surpassed humans, but when you think of it being spread equally among the members of an entire army, for a single dragon to destroy an entire country seems reasonable.
    Elizabeth's Dragon Breath is made up of ultrasonic waves. Since she has been incarnated as a demon, her lungs have become converted spiritual worlds so a terrifying lung capacity has become hers. With the amplification provided by her Noble Phantasm, Elizabeth's voice could be called a noise that could resound through a portion of the Tokyo Dome and destroy it.
    This is the moment that Saber's rival, in both name and reality, is born.

    01 - 鮮血魔嬢(バートリ・エルジェーベト)




    02 - 竜の逆鱗



    03 - スーパーソニック






    01 - Mad Enhancement [E]
    A skill that transforms one into a brute and raises one's abilities.
    ...But as Elizabeth still possesses her reasoning abilities, the benefits from this are very low. Rather than effecting her abilities or endurance, it's simply made it so that she "does not feel pain."

    02 - Mental Disorder [A]
    The mind has fallen ill. It is not the Mad Enhancement that Berserkers usually possess. Being unable to feel the pain of others or read the mood of one's surroundings. Has the ability of mental super armor.

    03 - Magic Resistance [A]
    A hidden skill that even the person herself is unaware of.
    It was believed that she was a fabrication created through "Innocent Monster," but the blood of dragons truly is mixed with her own.
    She is endowed with a Magic Resistance of the same caliber as the Saber of Fate/stay night.
    It source is the Bathory family's coat of arms. That family's coat of arms was a shield-shape based on red fang, symbolizing the dragon's bravery, strength, cruelty in never leaving an enemy alive.

    01 - 狂化 [E-]


    02 - 精神異常 [A]

    03 - 対魔力 [A]


    Fate/stay nightにおけるセイバー級の対魔力を有する。



    01 - Headache Sufferer
    Headache sufferer: When she was alive, she was an infamous, abnormal murderer, but when you compare her's with the cruel hobbies of people like her, her characteristic is that she is wide-ranging.
    In the case of the majority of serial killers, those who enjoy killing people have murder as their foundation, those who enjoy pain have pain as their foundation, those who eat people have cannibalism as their foundation; they set up their own tendency in cruel hobbies. But she is not consistent. Disturbingly, she is believed to have enjoyed all of the above.
    But on the other hand, she is lacking the abnormal conduct that serial killers in recent years have displayed, such as raping and killing, taking a part of the body to form a collection, and using people as ingredients in food.
    According to one theory, she suffered from horrible headaches. It is said that she was released from these headaches only when she abusing others.
    Of course, the authenticity of this cannot be confirmed.
    Though Elizabeth is noted only for her abnormality in this way, she also left behind good deeds. At the age of 15, she married her husband, Ferenc II and protected their dominion in his stead during the war, as he had a tendency to be absent.
    The two got along extremely well as husband and wife, and records indicate that Elizabeth invested funds into allowing domestic students to study abroad and assisting returning students in their studies, as well as planning the promotion of the arts and sciences within the country.
    There were rumors that she was interested in black magic, but it seems that this was actually the use of medicinal herbs to make something akin to what is known in the present day as a facial mask.
    Even the episode where she killed more than 600 women and the trial in absentia are theorized by some to be mostly false, derived from folklore and the Hungarian Habsburgs' plan to expel her from their circles.
    However, even with that, it cannot be said that all her actions were false charges. Even if the torture devices and cruelty drama are folklore, that she enjoyed killing people is clear from the circumstantial evidence.

    02 - Personal Background II
    Personal background II: To Elizabeth, killing the common people in droves was her "ordinary" daily life. If there is anything that could be considered her misfortune, it is that there were no people to rebuke her abnormality, to teach her that her deeds were atrocities.
    Several years after she started taking blood, her cruel acts came to extend even to the daughters of the aristocracy and she finally received the indictment that her character deserved.
    The year was 1611. At the trial conducted in the actual person's absence, she was given a guilty verdict and imprisoned within one of the rooms of Čachtice Castle.
    And just like that, the people completely sealed her, who was already feared as a demon, away.
    The people whispered. To see her figure was frightening. To hear her voice was frightening. Simply bringing to mind the memories of losing their daughters, the memories of giving her their daughters of their own volition, was frightening.
    The fathers who gave away their daughters. Elizabeth's relatives. Her compatriots in aristocratic society, as if to hide their own feelings of guilt, concealed her prison with stone.
    The room that Elizabeth used in her final days... her prison in the basement of the castle contained nothing but a small slit to allow food to be passed to her. And, in that room with an exit or windows, that room which was plastered up from the outside, she continued to ask, "Why?" until her final moments.
    "Why? Why?" "I didn't do anything bad."
    They say that her voice could be heard through the stone that imprisoned her, but it's is also said that due to the soldiers finding it annoying, the transom was sealed, and she could no longer be heard.
    After that, there was no one who saw her firsthand while she was alive. August 21, 1614, the soldiers noticed the smell of rotting food, confirming that her life had ended.
    From thereon, she became legend as the Blood Countess.

    01 - 頭痛持ち











    02 - 人物背景Ⅱ







    「なぜ? なぜ?」




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    Elizabeth Bathory (Halloween) - Caster

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Arco Wada
    Voice Actor: Rumi Ōkubo

    Strength: D
    Endurance: D
    Agility: D
    Mana: B
    Luck: C
    Noble Phantasm: D

    Personal Skills
    Innocent Monster: EX
    Mana Burst (Pumpkin): A
    Performance Continuation: A

    Class Skills
    Territory Creation: B
    Item Creation: A

    Noble Phantasm
    Báthory Halloween Erzsébet: Extra Special Demoness of Fresh Blood
    Rank: E-
    Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm

    The countess of blood that became the model for the vampire Carmilla... however, she has been demonized due to the Skill "Innocent Monster"... still, she was made to wear the Halloween-attribute by means of a Holy Grail that was found by chance. I don't understand anything anymore.
    An over the top Servant that, while still admiring the idol culture, had even the "princess who dreams inside a castle"-attribute added to her.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 174cm・44kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Hungary
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil  Gender: Female

    • overall size includes the tail.

    Level 2 Bond
    Originally, the Halloween was a harvest festival from the Celts and had no relation to something so theme park-like, but Elizabeth has no care about such circumstances.
    Celebrating because it is remarkably overflowing with romance, launching fireworks because it is awfully dramatic and making pumpkin pies (strong poisons) due to believing the other party will be surely pleased.

    Level 3 Bond
    Daughter of the dragon:
    Maybe there was some meaning in the family crest of the Bathory House being a dragon, for Elizabeth possesses the dragon factor in an atavism-like manner, and such factor was brought to the surface upon becoming a Servant.
    She looks like a demon that would come out during Halloween, but those horns and tails are those of a dragon. Seems that those yaebas are not the fangs of a vampire, but the fangs of a dragon.

    Level 4 Bond
    "Innocent Monster" is a Skill in which, by means of the image that was born from her behavior while alive, the past and way of being is distorted and abilities and appearance end up being transformed.
    Vlad III also possesses the same Skill. While he was looked down upon as a monster after death thanks to the literary creation of a novelist, it seems that she received such treatment because of her deeds while alive.

    Level 5 Bond
    "Báthory Halloween Erzsébet - Extra Special Demoness of Fresh Blood"
    Rank: E-  Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
    A Noble Phantasm that summons the castle that Elizabeth ruled from her entire life - Prison Castle Csejte - and turns it into a stage that makes her conspicuous.
    While a portion of the name has changed, there has been no particular changes in the contents.

    Elizabeth completely cast away the piercing-torture, iron maiden anecdotes - while saying "those stories have nothing to do with me" - and changed her weapon from a spear to a fork.
    Since there is magical energy in excess, she can perform offensive magecraft even without having learned any magecraft in particular. She herself does not understand its reasoning at all.
    It is very much like Elizabeth to conceal excessive talent, yet not know how to use it.

    エリザベート・バートリー(ハロウィン) - キャスター



    無辜の怪物 EX
    魔力放出(かぼちゃ) A
    出演続行 A

    陣地作成 B
    道具作成 A



    属性:混沌・悪  性別:女性




    ランク:E-  種別:対人宝具


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    Elizabeth Bathory (Brave) - Saber

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Arco Wada
    Voice Actor: Rumi Ōkubo

    Strength: B
    Endurance: C
    Agility: C
    Mana: C
    Luck: B
    Noble Phantasm: C

    Personal Skills
    Heroic Great Principle: EX
    Prana Burst (Courage): D
    Legend of the Crimson Hero: EX

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: A
    Territory Creation: C
    Double Class: E

    Noble Phantasm
    Báthory Brave Erzsébet: Tornado Demoness of Fresh Blood
    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm

    The Halloween-celebrating Elizabeth (Caster) that became a Saber at the end of an unfortunate fate.
    With the power of dragon, power of music and a second Halloween on her side, it is not like there isn’t a feeling that nobody that can stop her anymore.

    With a pure white mantle, a crimson armor and a straightforward great sword that lacks in decorations for modern trends in hand, the Hero Elizabeth pushes on today as well.

    You should not concern yourself with minor details too much.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 154cm・48kg
    Source: Halloween Comeback!
    Region: Prison Castle Csejte
    Alignment: Chaotic Good  Gender: Female
     *overall weight includes the weight of the armor.

    Level 2 Bond
    By being chosen as a Hero, her usual mood swings and wickedness have lessened, and Elizabeth acquired a bravery-like (albeit somewhat willful) personality that helps the weak and outwits the strong.
    That is because Elizabeth is mistaking her own position as a hero - maybe due perceiving that “Saber = an ally of justice” - and working hard to fulfill it; or so it seems.
    However, since she is sticking to an unfamiliar character of the side of justice, she is even more clumsy than usual.

    Level 3 Bond

    • Double Class: E

    A miraculous mutation born from a fusion between Lancer and Caster.
    That being said, there are no benefits in special.

    • Prana Burst (Courage): D

    Although it is Prana Burst, this is an extremely rare internal-type.
    Increases defenses. Strangely, she is not glad at all.

    Level 4 Bond
    "Tornado Demoness of Fresh Blood"
    Rank: B  Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 10~30  Max Targets: 1 person
    Báthory Brave Erzsébet.
    The Saber-version of the Demoness of Fresh Blood.
    A forbidden sword technique that seals the opponent with a storm-like hero power, uses that opportunity to clash with a full-power high-speed rotatory thrust and makes him explode.
    Of course, said hero power derives from Elizabeth’s sonic breath.
    The super-thunder screw slash fired towards the opponent, who was stunned in mind and body by Elizabeth’s ultrasonic waves, can pulverize even a sign of forbidden entry.

    Level 5 Bond

    • Heroic Great Principle: EX

    1: a hero must be invincible;
    2: a hero must be enthusiastic;*
    3: a hero can freely use most of the lost items;
    ...and so on; the saying goes that there are about ten general rules.
    As far as Skills go, this is like a lead up to the protagonist-reversal usually seen in action manga.

    • Legend of the Crimson Hero: EX

    A hero’s greatest secret art and super-privilege, said to be only usable in the movie-version.
    Consumes large amounts of hero power to achieve a super power-up.
    A super buff of the same type as Tamamo-chan Summer’s Goddess Metamorphosis.
    However, despite having such requirements, this is a gamble skill that has random factors in it. People can only think of her as a player.

    She fights with the famous sword Eighteen and the famous shield Retronia, which were acquired upon becoming a Saber.
    That being said, since she never practiced swordplay, she just swing them around while relying only on strength.
    She is convinced that she and the Master are bound by a strong friendship and that not even by a civilization-destroying sword, or a theater or the curse of a fox can break them apart.
    (Because of that, she lacks awareness as a Servant)

    “Maybe I’m not actually a hero, but merely a sexy woman warrior, and is the child-dog/child-deer who is the true hero...”

    Sometimes she has thoughts such as these, but she proceeds on her path with the positive-thinking of “well, that is sweet in itself!” Truly like a hero.

     *the original actually says “high tension”

    エリザベート・バートリー(ブレイブ) - セイバー



    勇者大原則 EX
    魔力放出(勇気) D
    真紅の勇者伝説 EX

    対魔力 A
    陣地作成 C
    ダブルクラス E





    属性:混沌・善  性別:女性




    ランク:B  種別:対人宝具
    レンジ:10~30  最大補足:一人






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FailnaughtFax CaelestisFemme Fatale BaiserFergus My LoveFergus, My Good-Looking BraveFetch FailnaughtFintan FinegasFirst FolioFive Elements Mountain - Buddha PalmFleur de LysFlucticulus DianaFlying Bright Spirit - Fire-Tipped SpearFormlessnessFrieren Scharfrichter
Gae Bolg AlternativeGáe Bolg: Gouging Piercing Spear of CarnageGanesh ImpactGanesha VighneshvaraGanryuu-jimaGarden of AvalonGate of BabylonGate of SkyeGod Spear, No Second StrikeGod ForceGohou Shoujo-Kuzuryu OusatsuGolden DriveGolden EaterGolden SparkGolden Wild HuntGolem Keter MalkuthGreat Death ClawGreat Flame of Mount OoeGreat Grudge of RashoumonGreat Ram NautilusGrendel BusterGuillotine BreakerGugalanna StrikeGungnir
Hachiman Prayer - Shooting Through a Great DemonHalf-dead Blood AxeHamesh AvanimHaradhanu JanakaHazy Inverted Moon - Eleven FormsHeavenly Demon RainHeaven's HoleHet Gele HuisHope of AvalonIam Redit et VirgoImitation God ForceImmortal Chaos BrigadeInexhaustible BaleInterfectum DraconesInvisible AirIra LupusJaguar in the BlackJet, Three-Stage ThrustJudgment of the Ten Rulers of Afterlife - Journey of the Wicker BasketKama SammohanaKazikli Bey (Berserker) • Kazikli Bey (Lancer) • Knight of OwnerKur Kigal Irkalla
LaevateinLa Grâce Fille NoëlLa Grondement Du HaineLa Grosse TourLapithai CaeneusLauda Lentum Domus IllustriusLa Mort EspoirLaus Saint ClaudiusLe Rêve EnsoleilléLeviathan Melt PurgeLike a Soaring DragonLord CamelotLord ChaldeasLord Hachitendo of Hakuro Castle's Hundred DemonsLoptr LaegjarnLuminosité Eternelle
Mac an LuinMaelstrom - Evil Spirit Left MinisterMagna Voluisse MagnumMahāpralayaMahākāla ShaktiManual of AccusationMärchen Meines LebensMarital Vows of Rainbow Skirts and Feather RobesMarvelous ExploitsMata HariMechanical Doll Illusionary Arts - Bull SwallowingMelammu DingirMetabole PigletsMeteor SnegurochkaMikottoMold CamelotMoles NecessrieMonte Cristo MythologieMoralltachMountainous Power and Matchless ValorMount Ooe - Enlightened Oni SlayerMultitude of Colors - Providential Oni PoisonMy Red Mead
Nahin DengeNamaḥ Samantavajrānāṃ HāṃNammu DurankiNightingale PledgeNine LivesNine Lives - RomaNirmānnarati - Heaven's FoamNobunaga THE Rock 'n' RollNo Second StrikeNursery RhymeOar Wooden SwordOchd Deug OdinOgre TranceOṃ Ālolik SvāhāOne Shot, My LoveOnikiri YasutsunaOnly For KillingOnyx TaurosOptateshke OkimunpeOpulence of Sunlight and CatnapOrion HórkosOrtygia Amore MioOutrage AmazonOx-King Storm Call - The Inescapable Net of Heaven
Pain BreakerPale Blue DotPandemonium CetusPāpīyas MetamorphosisPashupataPeerless in Swordsmanship - Zen and the Sword As OnePèlerinage du TemplePer Aspera Ad AstraPhantasm PunishmentPhantom MaidenPhoton RayPhoebus CatastrophePiedra Del SolPohjola FimbulPoseidon MaelstromPoseidon BlessingPrelati's SpellbookPrince Lanling in BattlePrisma☆Splash Rainbow!Pygmalion Chisel OutPrydwen Tube Riding
Qliphoth RhizomeQuetzalcoatlQueen Anne's RevengeQuintett FeuerRagnarök LífþrasirRamesseum TentyrisRapid-fire OrtygiaRed FormRequiem for DeathResurrection Fraught HadesRêve de DurandalRhongomyniadRound of AvalonRoadless CamelotRule Breaker
SacrificeSaint War OrderSamadhi Through Transforming FlamesSanat KumaraSanat Kumara WheelSanta Maria - Drop AnchorSaraswati MeltoutSecaceSecace MorganSecret-CaliburSecret-MyniadSentinel StellarisSerment de DurandalSettlement SwordSfyrí tou TálosSha Nagba ImuruShimabara HellShinsengumiŚakra's VajraShooting Star OrtygiaSix Realms Five Rings - The Divine Figure of KurikaraSkewered Plasma BladeSmile of the SthenoSneferu Iteru NileSong of GrailSong of Selfless LoyaltySotoori Hime - Spider's DemeanourSpace Dead Man's HandStellaSudarshan Chakra YamarajSumerki KremlinSuzume GaeshiSvanhvítSwitch On - AirgetlámSword of BoudicaSword of ParacelsusSystem Keraunos
The Tale of Genji - Aoi - MononokeThe Tale of Genji - Kiritsubo - PartingTarasqueTauropolos Skia ThermokrasiaTeardrop Photon RayTengu's Feather Fan - Sudden GaleTestarossa MaidenThermopylae EnomotiaThe Domination BeginningThe Dynamics of an AsteroidThe Greatest Hits - "Calling Agape"The Pilgrimage of the Five Hundred ArhatThirty-six Views of Mount FujiThree EnigmasThree Line Formation • [[Thunderer] • Ticktock BombA Tour of the Waterfalls of the ProvincesTrichiliocosmTriple-Linked Crane WingsTrishula ShaktiTri-star Amore MioTroias TragōidiaTroia HipposTroia VelosTrojan ReinforceTsago Degi NaleyaTsubame GaeshiTsumukari MuramasaTwin Arm - Big CrunchTwo-Pronged Formation
Uisce BeathaUnlimited Blade WorksUnlimited Lost WorksUnspeakable FormationUnreturning FormationUomo UniversaleUraeus AstrapeVerg AvestaVijñaptimātratā: Mystic Eyes of Death PerceptionVijñaptimātratā: Mystic Eyes of DistortionVishnu BhujaViy Viy ViyVR Shinkage-ryuu Hidden Art - Tomoe's Abyssal Solar BladeVölkermord FeuerdracheVulcano CaligoranteVyākaraṇa - Buddha of Glorious Sandalwood
Wandering Tales of Shana-oh (Eye of Shiva - Detecting the Six Secret TeachingsUsumidori - Short Steps With The Heavenly BladeBenkei - Steadfast PositionDan-no-Ura - Eight-Boat LeapHoemaru - Spider SlayerKikenjō - Icicle Cutting) • White Shaft SpearWicker ManWinning ArkaputraWish Upon a StarWorld Faith DominationXiuhcoatlYew BowYucatán Regalo de NavidadZabaniya (Cursed Arm) • Zabaniya (Hundred Faces) • Zabaniya: Delusional Poison Body (Serenity) • Zeus FunderZveri - Krestnyy KhodZweite Schiessen
Abu el-Hol SphinxBab-iluBrynhild KomediaBrynhild RomantiaDangerous GameEnkiExcalibur ProtoGae Bolg OriginHarpeKibisisMantleMesektetMirror shieldRamesseum TentyrisStellaWinged sandalsZabaniya: Delusional Poison Body
Fate/strange Fake Age of BabylonEaEnuma ElishExcaliburFrom HellGate of BabylonGrand Dictionnaire de CuisineGrand IllusionGoddess of WarKing's OrderMusketeers' MasqueradeNatural Born KillersNine LivesReincarnation PandoraRounds of LionheartUnknown‎ (Gilgamesh) • Unknown (Hippolyta) • Zabaniya: Phantasmal Pedigree (Zabaniya: Febrile InspirationZabaniya: Ichor of ReverieZabaniya: Meditative SensitivityZabaniya: Raving Shadow Flash)
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