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BB (ビィビィ, Byibyi?), Class Name MoonCancer (ムーン・キャンサー, Mūn Kyansā?), is a MoonCancer-class High-Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. She also appears as an enemy-only Foreigner-class and Alter Ego-class Servant.



Also called BB Pele (BBペレ, BB Pere?) and BBhotep (BBホテップ, BB-hoteppu?).[2] She has two components she has installed as a High-Servant.



The first component of BB is Pele(WP) (ペレ, Pere?), the immortal Hawaiian goddess who is the incarnation of the volcanoes of the Hawaiian islands. Pele is said to have been deeply in love with the demigod of pigs, Kamapua'a(WP), despite abusing him.[1]

As BB assimilated with the immortal goddess Pele, who was the incarnation of the volcanoes of the Hawaiian islands, her skin color turned into a tanned shade suitable for a tropical country and her personality became more aggressive.[1]


The second component of BB is supposedly Nyarlathotep(WP) (ナイアーラトテップ, Naiāratoteppu?), an evil Outer God that can be called a trickster. It is a being from deep space that does not exist on Earth, and it is not even from the same universe originally. It is something that is able to entice every intelligent lifeform, toying with them and causing them to self destruct. BB claims she came into contact with it through Chaldea's observatory, gaining some of its power and creating the "cage of time" in Hawaii. Her profile posits that she may not have even been in sync with the god, simply under the wrong impression with a sort of placebo effect.[1]



A Kouhai-Type Devil Heroine appears gallantly from the Far Side of the Moon.

Abusing her Master(Senpai) as a cheerful yet precocious Kouhai.

While she is a little devil who calls herself a "great devil", there was this sweetness of hers that could not be offered to the devil since she was originally a good child... but the BB this time is a bit different.

BB's First Ascension is a cheerleader who roots on for her Master, but as she moves into her Second Ascension and Third Ascension, her true nature begins to reveal itself.

BB, who installed the divinity of the goddess Pele who is "violent, selfish, and kills those who get involved with her" has become "an S goddess who drives those dearest to her to death".[1]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Summer Event: Servant Summer Festival![]

A month ago BB took it upon herself to organize this year’s ServantFes, and while laying the groundwork, she came across Pele and assimilated her Divine Core into herself. Continuing to set up ServantFes, she visited Chaldea’s Hawaiian office and used their telescope. Through it, she locked eyes with an Outer God inferred to be Nyarlathotep and synchronized with it. They both agreed on a plan of action to test humanity and parted ways. It’s possible, however, that BB synchronizing and conspiring with the Outer God was of her own delusion. Chaldea’s Hawaiian office caught on to what happened, so she sent all facilities on Mauna Kea into Imaginary Number Space to erase the evidence. Afterward, she forged a Grail supposedly from the passion of ServantFes attendees to serve as the convention’s grand size for whomever is the best seller. However, this particular Grail always grants the opposite of what was wished upon. At some point, BB gave Gilgamesh amnesia, and had all the Servants agree not to have any “real combat” until ServantFes is over.

Her plan is for RItsuka to win the Grail and use it to grant a wish filled with good intentions, which will be twisted to have the opposite effect. But if a selfish person wins the Grail, BB will create a time loop until Ritsuka wins the Grail. However, even then, she will not undo the loop, wanting to trap everyone in a cage of endless pain and suffering made from a twisted wish. In her mind, that is a better alternative than the impending threat of the Human Order Revision and Ritsuka falling into despair from erasing the Lostbelts.

She greets Ritsuka’s party, who came to investigate the Foreigner SHEBA detected, shortly after their flight arrives in Honolulu. She uses Pele’s Authority to merge the Hawaiian Isles into one, calling it the Luluhawa Singularity, and leaves. But upon Blackbeard confirming she is the manager for this year's ServantFes, BB comes back and admits she turned Hawaii into Singularity so the convention can be bigger than ever and the Servants can cut loose without worrying about the Concealment of Mysteries. Once ServantFes is over, the Singularity will be dissolved and the islands will return to normal. She then reveals the best seller of ServantFes will be awarded with the Grail and tricks Jeanne Alter into forming the group into their own doujin club by mentioning Jeanne d’Arc’s club won last year. She registers the club and allows Ibaraki-douji to go free when the oni refused to take part. But when Robin Hood tries to do the same, BB casts a spell on him that will turn him into a pig if their club doesn’t do well. It also gives swimsuit and makes certain he doesn’t forget the consequences if their doujin doesn’t do well. BB makes him the club manager and leaves.

She later fights Mysterious Heroine XX when the latter crash lands on Waikiki Street, but supposedly cannot defeat her because she is using all her powers to keep the tourists safe. Ritsuka's party soon and takes over for BB, eventually forcing XX to retreat. After XX leaves, promising to destroy ServantFes, BB learns from Ritsuka of their mission to investigate the Foreigner that SHEBA detected, whom they believe is XX. She wonders why XX has come to Luluhawa, but trusts Ritsuka to handle it and leaves.

On a later night, BB fights XX again, and like before, Ritsuka's party soon joins her. XX attacks the group in a rage upon hearing BB call her an evil Foreigner, and thanks to her armor, she is unfazed by their attacks. In response, BB installs Pele’s Divine Core and helps Ritsuka’s party force XX into retreating. Afterward, she explains why she has Pele's Divine Core and confirms she used her Authority to create Luluhawa. She then leaves to repair some buildings, reminding the group that there’s only two days left until ServantFes.

The day of ServantFes soon comes, but to BB's disappointment, Medb wins instead of Ritsuka's party. Because Medb using the Grail for selfish reasons goes against her plans, she reverts time back six days and creates a time loop. As a result, Ritsuka's party finds themselves back at Honolulu airport from when they first arrived. BB explains what happened and tells the group that she now wants them to become of the best seller of their own complete professionally printed book. Then, after explaining why she changed the rules, she claims XX was the one that defeated Pele and made her lose her power. Claiming she wishes to save the goddess she took within herself, BB explains she planned for a good-hearted person to use the Grail to wish for peace for Hawaii, thus restoring Pele. She wanted Ritsuka to be that person, but everyone neglected their bookmaking duties, so Medb became the best seller. She then tells the group to use the Grail at Kilauea once they win it and wish for world peace. The energy of said wish would then restore Hawaii’s leyline and Pele both. She then leaves, saying she’ll await the group at the Mauna Kea Observatories on the seventh night.

Later that night, she finds Ibaraki on Mauna Kea and is intrigued to learn that she knows a week has passed despite not being aware of the time loop. She then gives her a swimsuit and tells her to go on a rampage in exchange. Once Ibaraki is gone, BB says Ritsuka will not get away just one loop and they’ll experience this week at least a hundred times.

In another loop, BB sics Ibaraki on Edmond Dantès, presumably because he is resistant to the time loop.

Later on the first day, BB arrives at Waikiki Street, ready to fight XX like she’s in the previous loops. But to her surprise, XX is already gone, having been driven away by Ritsuka’s party, and Katsushika Oei is still alive. Then, after Oei leaves, BB tries to ask the group for a favor, but they rush back to the hotel when Mash gets a message saying the final draft is in trouble. Though disappointed, as ServantFes’s organizer, BB says she shouldn’t hold them back if their doujin is in trouble.

With the help of Edmond, RItsuka’s party learns that BB never went to Kileau and on the seventh night, they go to Mauna Kea to confront BB. There they determine XX cannot possibly be the Foreigner they came to Hawaii for, given that she arrived after they did. Mash realizes the reason they couldn’t contact Chaldea’s Hawaii office wasn’t because of the Singularity, to which BB admits to having sent all facilities on the mountain into Imaginary Number Space. Changing her appearance and that of the environment, BB asks Ritsuka why they didn’t use the Grail like she expected. Ritsuka makes it clear they don’t trust her. BB then explains she sent the Mauna Kea Observatories into Imaginary Number Space to erase the evidence that she “synced” with an Outer God last month while setting up ServantFes with Pele. She confirms she is the Foreigner Chaldea detected and reveals reserving time is the Outer God’s Authority. Her class isn’t designated Foreigner, though, because she only “synced” with the Outer God, but never merged with it. Calling herself both Foreigner and MoonCancer, BB decides she’ll send everyone back to the first day without their memories intact, hinting at her true motivations. She also reveals the Grail grants the opposite of what is wished upon it, so wishing for Singularity to disappear would also include the planet. After declaring she doesn’t want humanity destroyed since they’re her toys, she tries to turn Robin into a pig, but he counters it with a spell Circe taught him. XX then arrives and helps Ritsuka’s party fight BB.

BB proves too powerful for them and her shadow nearly consumes them, but XX stops her and uses her Noble Phantasm to confiscate the Outer God’s Authority. XX’s power shocked BB, having failed to listen to her previous declarations that she was a Foreigner Hunter. Without the Outer God's power, BB return to normal and the time loops end. After Gilgamesh extends ServantFes by one day, XX takes BB into custody, promising they’ll both be back for tomorrow night’s party. BB also returns Chaldea’s Hawaii office and the Mauna Kea observatories from Imaginary Number Space.

Summer vacation soon ends, and Ritsuka’s party return to the airport to board their return flight home. But BB shows up and reveals she had shut down all flights permanently, requiring their help to dislodge Pele from her Spirit Origin, which even the Grail can’t do, so she can be rid of her tan before returning to Chaldea. To convince them, she says the Singularity won’t disappear until she weakens Pele’s power over her. After Ritsuka’s party agrees to help, she tells them she created “fragments” of herself and spread them around Luluhawa for them to eliminate. Once all four are gone, she should return to normal. She doesn’t tell them, however, that fighting her “fragments” will be tougher than her. Ritsuka’s party eventually succeeds and BB loses her tan. She awards them with another Grail and promises the Singularity will resolve and Luluhawa will return to being the Hawaiian Islands. Everyone then bids farewell to Luluhawa..[2]


In this form, BB has taken in power from two other entities; Pele and Nyarlahotep. The power assimilated from the former grants her authority over Hawaii(WP), while the power bestowed from the latter allows her to loop time.[2] Put simply, she recovered the points from her original maxed-out "universal last boss-type underclassman" skill tree and redistributed them in a maxed-out "evil god last boss-type underclassman" skill tree. As a result of her Evil God Emulation (邪神のエミュレート?), she became a brand new BB from the ground up, differing in nature and function. Even though it was a setting where she should have become a Foreigner-class, but, going "That has nothing to do with BB-chan~!" she easily canceled the Foreigner's control and made her appearance as a SSR Moon Cancer. But did she really synchronize with the evil god? Maybe BB just thought she did...like a placebo.[1]

Unlike the other swimsuit characters, she does not use "Summery" weapons.[1]

In the first two ascensions, she mainly uses a "fake cute hand-to-hand fighting style" and her showy moves include things like dunking with a ball of magma and summoning a volcano geyser with a snap of her fingers.[1]

In her third ascension, with her devil wings spread out, she mainly engages in aerial battles, and by freely transforming her tentacles, she becomes a cruel fighter who thoroughly mangles her opponent with swords, sickles, claws, and tentacles.[1] In addition, she can use her shadow to swallow up and cast opponents into void space. Her shadow was capable of spreading to consume all of Mauna Kea. Mash's shield was unable to provide any protection, and until XX ultilized Rhongomyniad, Robin, Jeanne Alter, Mash, Ushiwakamaru, and Ibaraki were unable to even scratch her. The usual rules didn't apply. In order to defeat her, they would need to be able to work in more than three dimensions, something humanity may never be able to reach.[2]

She was the one who erased Gilgamesh's memory and put the Knights of the Round Table and Ibaraki in swimsuits. She was also the one responsible for Jeanne Alter attempting to draw doujin by leaving her finished book from the future in Chaldea. In addition, she possesses several Demon God Pillar envoys lying around, which she used to create clones of herself. She also has the ability to transform others into pigs, though Robin was able to counter this ability using No Face May King Anti-pig version, a spell that Circe taught him.[2] She is also capable of mass producing holy grails, though they won't be as good.[3] Her Holy Grail is more of a monkey's paw. It gives the opposite of what you wish. If a wish is made with purely good intentions, it would make the entire planet disappear.[2]


Class Skills[]

  • Item Construction (- Rank): She possesses an A-ranked Item Construction skill, but because of Skill Tree: Evil God Emulation, the skill itself has been frozen.[1]
  • Territory Creation (A Rank): This skill does not seem to be blocked/frozen, but its orientation is different from that of the usual BB. A repulsive Territory Creation skill that erodes into reality, cuts it out, and preserves it for eternity as a "different World".[1]
  • Magic Resistance (- Rank): She possesses a B-ranked Magic Resistance skill, but because of Skill Tree: Evil God Emulation, the skill itself has been frozen.[1]
  • Existence Outside the Domain (B Rank): Observers from outer space and the abyss. One of these beings' and BB's "eyes just happened to meet" and from such a form of contact this pseudo skill was born.[1]
  • One Who Swallows the Land (EX Rank): Pele's epithet. As a personification of volcanoes and magma, Pele was a goddess who ruled over flames and the earth. Referred to as Pele-ai-honua (one who devours the land). Being a skill that grants a permanent burn immunity, it's simple and handy.[1]

Personal Skills[]

  • Self-Modification (EX Rank): A skill possessed by the regular BB. The skill to remodel oneself. The AI created by the Moon Cell has been provided with the absolute command to "never upgrade their functionality". However, BB who escaped from this restraint as a result of a bug has begun to expand her own abilities. To enhance her computational ability, NPCs, AIs, and even Servants were preyed upon and disassembled with her Black Noise, and utilized as her own memory. Although it was a retrofit where it wouldn't be surprising even if she broke down, in the end, BB transformed into a superior AI with a huge capacity. At first glance, she seems like an ordinary perfect beautiful girl (her own words), but inside her, an absurd amount of functional devices and facilities have been compressed. In "Fate/Extra CCC", as even A-class Wizards such as Rin Tohsaka and Rani VIII have called her a 'monster of giga structure', in the cyber world, she possesses the same volume of information as a single world. Originally, in the material world that special characteristic wouldn't be counted...no, it wouldn't manifest, but because she possesses the trait of 'eroding reality' due to the Evil God Emulation when being observed by "those who can see", her original information processing ability...her original form compressed into the Imaginary Number Space...can be glimpsed. This is the reason why only Swimsuit BB has the "super giant trait" and regular BB doesn't.[1]
  • Aurea Pork Poculum (A Rank): They say that even though the goddess Pele abused the hog demi-god, Kamapua'a, she deeply loved him. This has an outstanding affinity with BB who gives her loved one the piglet treatment. The Hawaiian version of the golden grail that BB pilfered. The difference between it and the usual one is that this is something to be used on oneself. By swallowing this, BB-chan's S switch was turned on. A superior skill that lives up to the Holy Grail name with its NP charge, HP recovery, invincibility and Noble Phantasm damage increase. What the heck, this is awesome. However, its recharge time is immense as well.[1]


  • Faceless Moon (EX Rank): The lingering scent of the god who drives humans to their ruin in order to test them. Also called the Third Eye. A Reality Marble that turns the boundary aspect of the Imaginary Number Space more definite, casting the surroundings into the "Far Side of the Moon (Shadow Phase)". When the world is covered in the Moon's shadow, time in its entirety is frozen. It is not only the Authority to stop time for 3 turns where the same cards will be dealt, but also grants one the luck (critical stars) to fight selfishly, as one pleases.[1]

Noble Phantasm[]

BB Pele's Noble Phantasm is Cursed Cutting Crater.


Arco Wada is the character designer for BB.


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