Demon God Baal (魔神バアル, Baaru?) is one of the 72 Demons of the Goetia.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Baal is one of the nine pillars that administrate the Spy Satellite,[1] and a representative of the Five Pillar Envoys.[2]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Following Goetia's destruction, Baal sought revenge against Ritsuka Fujimaru, but what it couldn't accept the most was that the one who brought down Goetia was an ordinary person rather than a famous hero or similar figure.[3]

Role[edit | edit source]

Fate/Grand Order[edit | edit source]

Final Singularity: Solomon[edit | edit source]

Shortly after the initial battle with Flauros, Baal reports that the Eastern terminal nerve was destroyed by enemy Servants.[4]

Baal later requested King of Magecraft Solomon to activate his third Noble Phantasm "Ars Almadel Salomonis" against Chaldea and the Heroic Spirits. However Solomon denied Baal's request because he believes the Demon Pillars are immortal. Solomon finally convinced Baal to drive away the Heroic Spirits.[2]

Subspecies Singularity I: Shinjuku[edit | edit source]

After escaping from the time temple following its collapse with Goetia’s demise, Baal sought revenge against Ritsuka, the human who thwarted the Human Order Incineration. Wandering for 3000 years, he eventually found himself in the culled timeline of Shinjuku in the year 1999. He soon discovered a way to fuse Phantoms with Heroic Spirits, seeing the former as valuable assets for his revenge. Fusion between Phantoms and Heroics Spirits was only possible due to the Counter Force being deactivated in Shinjuku with its separation from history. Baal would fuse the Freeshooter with James Moriarty, who manifested under the Archer class instead of Caster as a result of the fusion. Seeking to thwart Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty forms an alliance with Baal, later called the ‘’Phantom Demon Alliance’’. He devised a plan to destroy the planet to help achieve both of their respective goals. They plan to transform an asteroid into a magic bullet with the Freeshooter’s powers, becoming possible only with its enhancement through the fusion with Moriarty. However, since crashing an asteroid into the planet wouldn’t be enough to destroy it, they decide to construct a tower to act as a gun barrel to shoot the asteroid into the planet’s core to destroy it. But in order to guarantee the asteroid is loaded into the barrel, Baal and Moriarty will turn it into the Freeshooter’s seventh shot, said to kill an existence important to the shooter. To achieve this part of the plan, Moriarty devised to turn Ritsuka into said important existence, which Baal begrudgingly agreed with. Recalling Sherlock never goes full force unless against him, Moriarty erases his own memories, and creates a good personality for himself to trick his enemies. Baal does the same with his memories, and takes Moriarty’s form, believing himself to be him. The two would go their separate ways, believing themselves to enemies while instinctively following their plan.

Acting as Moriarty, Baal gathered allies to him while continuing his experiments with Phantom fusions. He fuses Doppelganger with Yan Qing, fuses Christine Daaé into a Coloratura for Phantom of the Opera, and fuses Hessian and Lobo together to create a Phantom Servant called Hessian Lobo. With his news allies, Baal takes control of Shinjuku with the aid of Phantom's Coloraturas and a private militia called the Hornets. He also has William Shakespeare captured and imprisoned inside Barrel Tower, which had begun construction. Shakespeare is forced to create monsters from the Phantoms of his own characters. Baal allows EMIYA Alter to join the Alliance after he killed the Alliance's Lancer and Saber to use him as a disposable tool, knowing he was sent to kill him. He also fights Artoria Alter and Jeanne Alter in their respective territories on separate occasions, grievously wounding the latter.

At Barrel Tower, Baal informs the Alliance that Chaldea has sent Ritsuka into the Singularity. He hacked the Rayshift coordinates to make them fall, but it didn’t go so well. He reminds Yan Qing his plan for him is to go third if Ritsuka survive the Phantom and Hessian Lobo. He orders EMIYA Alter to command the flying squad. Baal also points out EMIYA Alter still hasn’t disposed of the Phantom. EMIYA Alter compares Phantoms to brainwashing devices, but Baal says they’re nothing more than ability enhancers. EMIYA Alter refuses to have one fused into him, preferring to stay nameless, also suspecting a botched transplant could affect his Spirit Origin. Baal tries to assure it’s perfectly safe, having spent 3000 years developing it. EMIYA Alter then leaves to double check the sniper spot he picked out earlier before things get hectic with Chaldea’s arrival. Baal and Yan Qin then discuss EMIYA Alter’s stiff personality, and how Baal finds the latter easier to deal with than the former. Yan Qing reconfirms to Baal that he honestly wants to kill him. Shakespeare then asks him if he’s going to be released once his formula is done. Baal answers he won’t be and asks Shakespeare if he feels honored to see his works actually existing. Shakespeare answers that, even half-altered, he doesn’t like the prospect of actual monsters escaping into reality. He’d normally spew lines from his own works, but now altered, he can only wail and repent. Baal wonders if he’s a good Samaritan, if that was the only part of him affected. Shakespeare answers he isn’t, only loving the patterns that humans produce. Even altered his writer’s instinct remains, thus he and Baal will never reach an understanding. Baal never expected Shakespeare would cooperate of his own free will and expects he’ll betray him the moment something new interests him. He then leaves, telling Shakespeare to keep mass producing King Lears.[5]

Later, Hessian Lobo reports to Baal his failure to kill Ritsuka. Baal expected this, given that Ritsuka defeated Goetia by themselves and lived to tell the tale. He then sends Hornets to Shinjuku Station, as Hessian Lobo said Ritsuka and Moriarty plan to rendezvous there.[6]

EMIYA Alter later reports to him that he killed the Phantom which Baal already knew. He is confused why Yan Qing is risking getting close to Ritsuka’s party. Baal replies Yan Qin cannot resist the temptation of observing people up close to see if they’re worth transforming into. EMIYA Alter finds that risky, which Baal agrees with, yet also calls it glorious and arrogant. Baal finds Yan Qing’s process too unclear, not knowing when or how he’s going to kill Ritsuka. He suspects Yan Qing’s innate chivalry and doppelganger nature mixed together leaves him unable to understand his own thoughts. Yan Qing will kill anyone at a moment’s notice, having become an irredeemable psychotic killer. Baal tells EMIYA Alter to leave Yan Qing be, wanting to see how things play out. He also his own things to look into; a new variable that defies quantification and predictability. He then tells EMIYA Alter to inspect the progress of Shakespeare’s monsters, as King Lear is nearly complete. After EMIYA Alter leaves, Baal comments he knows Sherlock is in the city, declaring everything he planned was to set the stage for his entrance.[7]

He meets Ritsuka when Yan Qing brings them to Barrel Tower. He confirms he is the “‘’evil’’” Moriarty, while the Moriarty they know is the “‘’good’’”. He says he used to the Holy Grail to separate himself from his virtuous emotions. He also confirms the Alliance’s plan is to destroy the planet, claiming to want to test if his calculations of the power needed to destroy it are correct. He then offers to return Ritsuka to Chaldea in exchange for Chaldea not interfering with him. They refuse, so Baal leaves to give them time to reconsider.[8]

He is surprised by Hessian Lobo’s request to have him fused with the Invisible Man. He agrees, but questions if Lobo’s hatred can sustain another one. He explains the Invisible Man doesn’t hate anyone, calling him the faded concept of pure self-interest. He calls his invisibility ability remarkable, but it’s mediocre aside from that. He calls the Invisible Man merely a scientist with poor physique, but nonetheless agrees to summon and fuse him with Hessian Lobo. He asks Hessian Lobo to ensure his hatred for humans never stops during the process. It is the source of his strength, so fervent he could turn on his comrades in an instant. Because he nurtured it, Hessian Lobo became a monster capable of killing Heroic Spirits. Baal tells him to continue to hate, otherwise he cannot kill Ritsuka, who is the only true human in Shinjuku.[9]

After Hessian Lobo is killed, EMIYA Alter asks Baal if the magic bullet is already on its way. Baal answers it isn’t yet and says only they can protect Barrel Tower now. EMIYA Alter decides to prepare an ambush outside, which it if works, Ritsuka’s party will be caught in a pincer attack at the tower’s base. Baal warns Sherlock would deduce that strategy instantly. EMIYA Alter responds the battlefield isn’t a place for cold deduction, only chaos and fervor. He leaves to execute his strategy after Baal admits he isn’t useful when it comes to practical tactics.[10]

Baal welcomes Ritsuka’s party when they come to the top floor. He is momentarily confused when he says he’s been waiting 3000 years for this moment. Ignoring what he just said, Baal declares that thanks to the Freeshooter’s power, Bennu is already here. Once he’s made it into a magical bullet, it will be loaded into Barrel Tower. He doesn’t wish to die, but in this instance, he values destroying the planet more than his life. He then proceeds to fight the group, and he is subsequently defeated by him. A moment after vanishing as Moriarty, Baal re-manifests as a humanoid Demon God with his memories restored. he reveals he waited for 3000 years to kill Ritsuka. He knows he has no right to blame Ritsuka for overthrowing Goetia’s plan, but he cannot forgive the fact it was a mere human who did it. He then declares he’s destroying the planet in order to kill them. He confirms Sherlock’s statement about the Demon Gods having a contingency plan in in case the Goetia’s plan failed. Sherlock then asks him how deeply was Moriarty involved in his plan, to which Baal replies he already has his answer. Sherlock is then pierced by Moriarty, who reveals he and Baal were collaborators. After absorbing Sherlock, Moriarty asks Baal if he minds him explaining his reasons for partnering with him. Baal finds it a waste of time, but since the members of the Alliance are equal, he’ll wait. After Moriarty explains his reasons and plan with Baal, EMIYA Alter ambushes Baal. He and Baal, who changed into his true Demon God form, then fight while Ritsuka and Artoria Alter fight Moriarty. After being defeated, Baal confesses he knew he’d be destroyed, but he’ll still have his revenge. He thanks Moriarty for remaining with him until the end, declaring their alliance is now dissolved. Moriarty agrees and bids him farewell. Baal declares Ritsuka will absolutely die before disappearing.[11]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Aside from the standard abilities displayed by the Demon Pillars, Baal is capable of assuming a humanoid form and disguising himself as another, such as Moriarty. He was also capable of devising a method of merging Phantoms with Heroic Spirits over the 3000 years he waited for revenge and in the abnormal environment of the Shinjuku Singularity.[12]

References[edit | edit source]

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Koha-Ace Sakura SaberMusashiLancerDemon ArcherDevil SaberRiderCasterAssassinBerserkerSun WukongLancer
Others Saber LionFakerOthersServants of Fate/Grand Order x Himuro's World
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