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BarghestWP (バーゲスト, Bāgesuto?), Class Name Saber (セイバー, Seibā?), is a Saber-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Barghest's other True Name is Fairy Knight Gawain (妖精騎士ガウェイン, Yōsei Kishi Gawein?).

A member of Faerie Britain's Knights of the Round Table. A Fairy Knight who assumed the name of the Saint Graph of Gawain who belongs to the Proper Human History's Knights of the Round Table. While she hails from the 'Fang Clan' renowned for their strong bodies, her Saint Graph is humanoid appearance-wise. The most feared Fairy Knight in Fairy Country. She's known as "Gawain the Loving" (愛多きガウェイン, Aiōki Gawein?) and "Gawain the Glutton" (大食らいのガウェイン, Ōgurai no Gawein?).[1]

Her name as a Fairy is Barghest. That is the name of a sprite that appears in the Northern parts of England in Proper Human History. It appears in the form of a chained dog with burning horns and eyes. In the cities, it is also a fairy that informs of death and is said to appear when someone dies. When a person with an important role in the city dies, it will bring many subordinates (dogs) with it and march through the streets. Outside the cities, it transforms from a sprite that announces death to a fairy that brings death and will roam the plateaus. It is said to eat travellers it meets. In the legends about the fairy folk passed down throughout England, it is thought to be a kind of Black Dog.[1]



Diplomatic and passive. Without hiding her feelings, she will share her intentions in a straightforward manner and then confirm the other party's feelings. She is a majestic and proud knight who doesn't feel ashamed in front of anybody, but when it comes to her (military) actions, she is the careful type who will take a proper look at the state of affairs first before making a move.

Only after seeing not only the convenience of one side but also the convenience of both sides, she takes up her sword, saying, "Let's annihilate the weaker one." Once on the battlefield, she is said to be a ruthless knight that mercilessly overruns the weak.

Although she has a straight-laced personality, since she has a noble upbringing (well-educated), she has the composure to appreciate jokes and has a fundamentally amicable way of thinking. However, since the person herself is not good at telling jokes or making others relax through the art of conversation, she isn't too talkative.

Perhaps due to considering the rule of survival of the fittest as absolute, she lets her guard down around those who feel "strong" to her, growing close to them and taking them as her lover. In truth, she is someone who easily succumbs to loneliness so she is quick to fall for others. In the past, she has taken many races...without distinction between men and women or fairy folk and humans...as lovers. However, those relationships didn’t even last a month and she returned to being single right away. Due to this, others call her a fairy full of love, but she receives cutting remarks from the Fairy Knight Tristan such as "I am simply the type to get bored easily; I am not at your level where you fall for others left and right". This is because she is compelled to seek out and ultimately devour strong mates in order to strengthen herself when the time comes for her to become the Black Dog; though she has tried to resist these cannibalistic urges and learned to love those who were weaker than herself, it only caused her instincts to force her to consume her loved ones instead. As the Black Dog, Barghest is little more than a raging monster that slaughters everything around her indiscriminately, with no trace of her original personality left.

She hails from the Fang Clan and, in human terms, she'd be a young lady from a count family. As a Fairy Knight she might behave in a stout-hearted and cold-blooded manner, but at her roots, she is kind and easily moved to tears.[1]


Baobhan Sith
Fairy Knight Tristan… No, here she's just Baobhan Sith, isn't she? If it's in Chaldea, where there are few fairies, I suppose she will behave as well but… What? She gets along and makes shoes with a Servant named Galatea, you say?[2]
Ibuki-douji. Yes, yes, I understand without you sating it. She's the prophesied child in Proper Human History, the being who stands at the top of every Saber, the messiah with the vertical sweater that surpasses the thin King of Knights! …She's not? Run away? A holy sword is coming flying from there, you say?[2]
I called out Nitocris, but I got her in a bad mood. Those ears… I really thought she was a fellow from the Clan of the Fang, so I carelessly licked her nape…[2]
Shuten-douji / Ibaraki-douji / Tomoe Gozen / Kijyo Koyo
Those who have horns and aren't humans. Oni, they are called. They're different from my horns, but the roots may be the same. Our fate too will turn out similarly as well… That's what it means.[2]
Even Your Higness Morgan is here. Well, if it's a Master like you, even Your Higness will lend you her power, though… An astounding rival has appeared.[2]
Artoria (Caster)
Artoria… was it? I feel like we met somewhere in the past, but she didn't impress me. I guess she was so small I couldn't see her… Eh, don't say that? It will become more and more complicated? Is that so, I don't understand the sensibilities of the common people.[2]
Ivan the Terrible
Hold on, who's that gargantuan person...... built exactly like an elevated mountain, with muscles exactly like boiling magma...... He must be a late Fairy Lord. Ku... I'm starting to salivate. What? A Russian Emperor? You only look like a beastman, but aren't one? But wait, you're a mammoth no matter how I look at you though...[2]
It’s S-s-sir Gawain! He’s so cool! And the outline of his physical muscles that cannot be hidden. Ku… I need to calm down, I’m acting in a shameful manner, I should have already moved beyond falling in love through specs alone.[2]
So Melusine’s here! Ha, hahahahaha!! Very well then, let’s settle who’s the strongest knight of the Fairy Kingdom! And you’ll be on my side, right Master?[2]
Tristan, the child of sadness. I might have been unaware of who you were, but I would like to apologize for the impolite way I spoke to you back then. ...Well, I don't feel an ounce of shame about the battle we had following that. All I'll say is that your technique was splendid.[2]
Mash Kyrielight
Mash Kyrielight, I owe a great debt to you. Just tell me if you need my Demonic Sword; I'll overcome innumerable obstacles and hasten to your side.[2]
Just why does Habetrot flee whenever she sees me? I just want to ask her for advice... She keeps saying she's running away for my sake, but I don't understand what she's talking about at all. Do you know what she means, Master?[2]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Fae Round Table Domain: Avalon le Fae[]

Barghest was born as a Child of the Calamity, the reincarnation of the Great Calamity that Morgan averted 1000 years ago, and made to instinctively seek and devour strong mates to strengthen herself for the day she becomes the Black Dog that would destroy Britain. Morgan used the name Gawain as a seal to prevent Barghest from becoming the Calamity. But Barghest reached her limit long before she lost her Gifted Name, and it's miraculous she lasted as she did.

Constantly overcome with grief and self-loathing every time she ate a lover of hers, Barghest taught herself to love someone weaker than herself. Then, one day, she found a sickly and crippled human in the forest by the name of Adonis. She took him back to her manor and took care of him. She fell in love with him, and he comforted her every time she confided her woes to him. Unfortunately, Barghest's instincts one day overwhelm her and she accidentally eats Adonis. Out of grief and self-loathing, she nearly succumbed to her curse. But Oberon, considering it too early for that to happen, sealed her memory and made her think Adonis was still alive.

When Barghest returned to Manchester from Camelot ready to evacuate the fairies to the Proper Human History, she saw them gleefully the killing the humans. Unbeknownst to her, they've been killing and eating the humans every day in the shed. Hearing that they were imitating her, Barghest's memories of eating Adonis are restored and she proceeds to massacre the fairies, realizing they cannot be allowed to leave Britain. She loses control of her bestial impulses and devolves into the Calamity, with her last conscious act being to beg Chaldea to kill her before she destroys Britain.

Barghest slowly makes her way to Norwich, destroying cities and razing forests and prairies as she does. She eventually arrives in Norwich and destroys the Vault Fortress, killing Spriggan. Ritsuka and Mash soon arrive, and with her Master supporting her from the Shadow Border, Mash heads out to kill Barghest so she doesn't leave Britain and become a Calamity to the Proper Human History. The battle affects Ritsuka adversely when Mash's shield glows and summons Gawain and Lancelot. Though Heroic Spirit summoning should be impossible in this Britain, Gawain believes it worked because their names were engraved on certain individuals. He and Lancelot then help Mash slay Barghest.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9]


Originally, Barghest was more than ten times stronger than Artoria Caster. While Artoria grew stronger after ringing 2 bells, thanks to her Magic Circuits, her Fairy Pattern, increasing, Oberon states that it would still be impossible for her to defeat Barghest in a one-on-one duel. If it was Fairy Knight Tristan she could just about scrape by, but Barghest is a strong opponent even without her gifted name.[8] Barghest states that Fairy Knight Lancelot is stronger than her.[4]


Gifted Name[]

The horns on her head are called Antennae of A-Rei, which act as seals to her instincts. She says you can call it a second Soul.[2] Thanks to receiving the Gifted name Gawain, Barghest gained the power to strengthen her own horn, her sword. Barghest isn't confident she can match Gawain. She reveres the genuine Knights of the Round Table of Proper Human History and believes she can't stand aside them.[3] In combat, she uses Fairy Sword Galatine as her primary weapon. She is a brutal power fighter and brawler, using devastating attacks, with several of her attacks incorporate glowing energy chains.[10]

Her intimidating aura is equal to that of Gawain in the Holy City.[4] She boasts impressive Endurance, as shown when she survived a blow from Boggart's Black Barrel. Gawain claims that it was nothing more than a hot light filled with Magical Energy. While it tinged with poisonous iron, it had no skill or conviction. It was nothing compared to a strike from Morgan.[6] During her fight with Tristan, she took a direct hit of Failnaught.[4] While Boggart's hide is as durable as Gawain's, Fairy Knight Tristan was able to kill him with Fetch Failnaught.[6]

After having rang 1 bell, Artoria Caster fights Fairy Knight Gawain using three pseudo-Command Spells as decoys to counter her eating their Magical Energy. Thanks to the support of Oberon, Da Vinci, and Ritsuka Fujimaru, she's able to stall Gawain until Senji Muramasa arrives.[7]

True Name[]

Da Vinci states that with Barghest's True Name revealed, the additions of her Gifted name to her Saint Graph should be vanished, weakening her, however, this isn't the case. When Barghest's true indetity is exposed, she actually grows stronger than before, to the point Da Vinci can't gauge her Magical Energy. The combined efforts of Artoria Caster powered by 1 bell, Senji Muramasa, Oberon, Da Vinci, and Ritsuka Fujimaru were able to defeat Barghest.[7]

Fairy Knight Galahad claims that there is no reason to fear Demon Hound Barghest, and that she seemed stronger in her humanoid form.[9]

She can also turn humans into lesser Black Dogs.


Class Skills[]

  • Mad Enhancement (A+ Rank): Barghest appears to have no mental abnormalities, but she must ■■■■ on a regular basis. After being assailed by this impulse, if it is not resolved promptly, she will go mad and turn into a Berserker who will slaughter everything indiscriminately, over and over again.[1]

Personal Skills[]

  • Numeral of the Saint (B Rank): A skill transferred from the Heroic Spirit Gawain of the Proper Human History. In the morning, while the Sun shines down on her, Barghest's basic abilities are drastically increased.[1] Barghest claims that Gawain's "Morning Light", the Numeral of the Saint that gives power during the day, is nothing but a hindrance to a creature of the night like herself.[7] When Senji Muramasa first infiltrated Camelot to assassinate Morgan, he took by surprise Fairy Knight Tristan and Gawain by surprise and defeated them.[5] Gawain claims that she was just distracted by his unfamiliar technique at the time, and that she would deal with him should he try to assassinate Morgan again. She says that her Majesty has ensured her that slight damage to the castle would be tolerated should the situation call for it. Muramasa agrees that she did seem a bit constrained back then. He wishes to cross swords with her again without holding back this time, preferably in a straight fight, with no distractions.[3]
  • Wild Rule (C Rank): One who protects the law of nature and enjoys its blessings. Said rule takes survival of the fittest as its main principle and asserts that it is only natural for the frail race of humans to be dominated.[1]
  • Foul Weather (A Rank): The power of the fairy folk who "built a cathedral in a single night" that people talk about in Cornwall. A powerful fairy domain that protects the allied camp.[1] Barghest states that Sheffield's walls may even surpass this skill, and that even if her army was equipped with Anti-Fortress gear they would likely lose 20% of their men before taking the castle.[6]
  • Fairy Knight (A Rank): The divine protection of being chosen as the protector of the Fairy folk. It is a self-buff that is specialized towards Anti-Unit and Anti-Civilization, but it forbids offensive actions against other Fairy Knights and if the possessor kills other Fairy Knights, they will break down.[1]

Noble Phantasm[]

Barghest's Noble Phantasm is Black Dog Galatine. Fairy Knight Gawain is confident she can match the original Galatine carried by Gawain.[3] She used this Noble Phantasm to kill Tristan.[4]

Forms and alternate versions[]

Demon Hound Barghest[]

Demon Hound Barghest (魔犬バーゲスト?) is Barghest's true form as a Black Dog.


Her body is over 40 meters tall and surrounded by red lightning. Gawain and Lancelot compare her to Cath Palug.[9]


Fairy Knight Galahad claims that there is no reason to fear her, and that Barghest seemed stronger in her humanoid form. While Mash couldn't defeat her on her own, thanks to arrival of Gawain and Lancelot, Barghest was defeated.[9]


Barghest is illustrated by MERON22.


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