Barthomeloi Lorelei (バルトメロイ・ローレライ, Barutomeroi Rōrerai?) is the Vice Director of the Mage's Association known as "The Queen" of London's Clock Tower, the central institute of the Association, and the current head of the Barthomeloi family.



She shares her family's great sense of aristocracy and pride in their heritage, viewing the name "Lorelei" to be just an insignificant name stuck on to her "Barthomeloi" name. While the Barthomeloi have a completely irrational hatred towards vampires, Lorelei's own hatred is on another entirely different level than that of any past member of her family, and even she cannot understand why it is so strong. Spending time hunting them as if it were natural, she often ignores her work as the Vice Director, and even lends herself to the Church as a vampire hunter. She has an especially abnormal obsession with the Ancestor Trhvmn Ortenrosse, and she works as part of a unit to stop the Aylesbury ritual that had been prepared by Ortenrosse for tens of years. She doesn't actively attempt to interfere so that she can stop the ritual while he is present in order to simply take pleasure in seeing the miserable looks on the faces of the despairing vampires. Gransurg Blackmore mentions that she is part of the upcoming operation in Prelude.

Despite having her Brigade behind her, she finds fighting a Dead Apostle to not be heretic hunting, but instead a pilgrimage to show their dignity. She refuses to use followers on anything below the level of an Ancestor, considering them to be nothing more than pitiful bugs that require nothing more than her own abilities to destroy. When given the logical choices of wiping out all of the vampires in Louvre's castle or destroying the entire lair at once to prevent any from escaping, she decides to dispose of both plans. Telling her vice-commander to be ashamed, she feels it is sinful to have the thought of using her followers against such an opponent. Even if her followers understand that she has the power to annihilate the entire clan in a half hour, cooperation with the Brigade would lessen that time by half.

While the policy of the Barthomeloi family is that a battle should be won even while it is proceeding, she feels that annihilating them is neither a trial or a battle, but rather a simple hunting game that should be completed with elegance and pleasure. She cannot stand that she was beaten to Louvre's castle by Enhance and DEATH, feeling like a headless chicken running around in circles instead of someone on a prideful hunt or battle. She almost passes out from the humiliation, bites her finger to the point of smearing blood on her gloves to stop grinding her teeth in anger, and promises to make DEATH pay for killing her prey and damaging her pride despite not having even met him.


Other appearancesEdit

Carnival Phantasm Mr.Dawn, Barthomeloi, Merem

Mr. Dawn, Barthomeloi Lorelei, Merem Solomon, and Gransurg Blackmore in Carnival Phantasm.

Barthomeloi Lorelei makes a brief cameo appearance in Carnival Phantasm.


Lorelei lacks any significant special traits or unique thaumaturgy, but she is known as one of the greatest modern magi called The Queen: The Supreme Mage of the Present Era (現代最高峰の魔術師ザ・クィーン, Gendai Saikōhō no MajutsushiZa Kuīn?). She has raised her own abilities close to the level of True Magic, and her number of Magic Circuits, the special and powerful Blue Blood: Noble Magic Circuits (貴い魔術回路ブルーブラッド, Tōtoi Majutsu KairoBurū Buraddo?), even surpasses the number possessed by Headmaster of the Clock Tower who has lived for two thousand years. She has an archetypical standard in her use of orthodox Magecraft, and being a perfectionist, she believes that as long as her base is strong, simple magic raised to the highest degree, it is not necessary to have special abilities. Single shots of her Magecraft are able to completely destroy a room in Louvre's castle and easily take down its walls.

She has produced brilliant results in any situation, and her strength equals that of members of The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors by herself. This has allowed her to fight one-on-one with members of the Ancestors, such as Enhance, and she has destroyed two of them herself. She is confident enough in her abilities to purposely wait for a red moon, when a Dead Apostle reaches the height of their strength, to hunt Louvre, even when members of the Church who excel in vampire hunting wouldn't dare to fight under such conditions. She uses the Wind Element, the magical attribute of Almighty, a holy Mithril gauntlet, and has Mystic Eyes of an unknown attribute. The only magus she and her family respect as an equal is the user of the First Magic, though she does have some degree of friendly relations with the Archibald family.

While she herself is a brilliant magus, she is also a Wizard Marshal who has command over the Chelon Canticle Brigade (クロンの大隊, Kuron no Daitai?), fifty elite magi with the capability to act as branch heads if they wished that she personally handpicked to annihilate her enemies. Calling themselves a "brigade" with only fifty members is not a bluff on their part, but being modest of their strength. She is much like a young emperor leading an orchestra, and the Brigade, more like an army than a group of magi, has disposed of individualism and is easily capable of annihilating each vampire in a Dead Apostle's clan one by one or completely wiping a Dead Apostle's Bounded Field into nothingness in less than an hour.


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