Barzan (バルザーン?) is a former Clock Tower magus situated in Iraq during Lord El-Melloi II Case Files.[1]





Lord El-Melloi II Case FilesEdit

Barzan left the Clock Tower at some point, dissatisfied with what he considered a lack of recognition of his genius and talents. Intent on finding the tomb of Alexander the Great and recovering the relic of the king to serve as the basis of his workshop, Barzan convinced Melvin Weins into providing funds and also to go to Iraq, after which he imprisoned Melvin with the intention to use him as a sacrifice in the future.[1]

He encounters Waver Velvet when the latter is in the area visiting the city of Iskander's burial, identifying Waver as a fellow magus of the Clock Tower. He incapacitates Waver with his Mystic Eyes of Binding and throws him into the same cell as Melvin, unintentionally reuniting the two.[1]

Barzan is seen directing locals in his excavation of the tomb, expressing frustration over his workers falling victim to curses as they dig even as he condemns the bodies to being future materials. Learning of his intentions, Waver, who has escaped with Melvin, resolves to level the dig site to the ground and confronts Barzan. However, he is only serving as a distraction for Melvin, who sets up a spell to cause an explosion, disrupting the local leyline and unleashing evil spirits to decimate the excavation workers.[1]

Enraged, Barzan still believes that he can at least best Waver in a duel thanks to his Mystic Eyes, only to find Waver already escaping with no intention to fight him further. In despair, Barzan falls to his knees and is set upon by many spirits, presumably killing him.[1]


He relies heavily on his Mystic Eyes of Binding during confrontation. His actual magecraft is rather poor, as Waver assesses his spells to be cheap imitations of the Lords' and only requires a localized explosion to cause the leyline beneath them to become unstable.[1]


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