Bazdilot Cordelion (バズディロット・コーデリオン, Bazudirotto Kōderion?) is the "True" Master of True Archer in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange fake.



Bazdilot Cordelion is one of the leaders of the Scladio Family, an American mafia organization that granted services to other mages, in return for power and influence. Bazdilot himself is infamous among mages as an assassin who had possibly killed over one hundred and twenty mages without getting killed. Due to his actions, he has been put under the surveillance of the Department of Justice Administration and even Sponheim Abbey, an organization working closely with the Clock Tower, although the Scladio Family covers up for him thanks to their influence. While he is secretly an assassin, publicly he is the CEO of an industrial waste treatment company.[1]

Due to his fame across the world and the influence of the Scladio Family, Bazdilot was picked as one of the True Masters of the Holy Grail War of Snowfield, by Francesca, who is especially interested in him.The boss of the Scladio Family, Galvarosso Scladio, also personally recommended him to Francesca, due to believing Bazdilot to be capable of handling the "mud of the Grail". Due to this, Francesca chose to give him the "mud" and the catalyst to summon Heracles.[1]


Bazdilot has a cold personality, showing little care for others. He is always remaining calm, never showing bursts of emotions or sudden reactions. Even during dangerous situations, he is capable of remaining unfaced. This lack of emotions makes him seem like a psychopath. Bazdilot also shows no remorse when fighting his opponents, wanting to kill them with no hesitation. Bazdilot is also actually mad, this being the reason he isn't succumbed by the "mud".


Fate/strange fake

Day 0


Bazdilot shows up the first time when he crashes into the meat processing facility, after having defeated thirty-six enemy mages who were attempting to take his newly received Command Spells. Bazdilot then kills two more enemies who had infiltrated the plant and then goes off to prepare for his summoning ritual. After doing the necessary preparations, Bazdilot summons his Servant, True Archer, whose identity is the mighty hero Heracles. Bazdilot asks True Archer if he is capable of killing children, with the noble hero refusing to do such a cold-hearted deed. Seeing his Servant's hesitation to commit unheroic acts, Bazdilot uses all of his three Command Seals and the mud of the Fuyuki Grail to distort his Servant into a more twisted form. Before Heracles was exposed to the mud, Bazildot commanded him to not makes excuses, followed by a command to remember the humans he has seen and a command to accept human nature. He succeeds, turning the heroic Heracles, into his mortal version Alcides, who holds a deep hatred for gods. This distortion also gives True Archer some of the qualities of the Avenger Class. Now more unheroic, True Archer agrees to be Bazdilot's Servant and do as he says, as long as their goals meet.[1]

Day 1

True Archer goes to attack False Archer and his Master, Tine Chelc.[2] He also battles against True Rider, but the entire battle is stopped by True Caster.[3] True Archer retreats, although he becomes interested in False Archer. He then returns to Bazdilot's workshop, where Bazdilot shows him the magic crystal creation system, that uses hundreds of human sacrifices. Although the system kills many humans, True Archer is unconcerned.[4]

Day 2

While sleeping, Bazdilot experiences a shared dream of True Archer's past, where he witnesses him aboard the ship of the Argonauts, Argo. He also sees Jason, the captain of the ship, who declares that he will become the greatest and wisest king, who will create a kingdom where even a monster like Heracles can live. After Bazdilot wakes up, he talks with Archer about the dream and Jason, Bazdilot calling him a fool who can't achieve anything. Archer, although he agrees with Bazdilot, tells him to not speak lightly of Jason, as he is his friend. After they are finished talking, Bazdilot's workshop is attacked by Haruri Borzak, the Master of True Berserker, and Fillia, a strange existence that calls herself a goddess. While Archer attacks Fillia, Bazdilot confronts Haruri. He is about to shoot her when True Berserker manifests, shielding Haruri and Fillia. True Berserker then goes on destroying the workshop and the meat processing plant around it. Seeing the destruction, Bazdilot tells Archer that he is allowed to use his full power, saying that he doesn't need to worry about the workshop anymore. Before the battle can escalate, however, True Caster arrives, creating a hole in the ground with his Noble Phantasm, Grand Illusion, where everyone falls into. He manages to create a temporary peace with both sides, recreating the ground afterward.[5]

Afte the battle, Bazdilot and True Archer go to a new base, where Bazdilot receives information about Tsubaki Kuruoka, the young comatose Master of False Rider, from his spies in the police department lead by Orlando Reeve. Bazdilot sends Archer to kill Tsubaki, wanting to take advantage of the situation before Tsubaki is secured by the police force.[6]


Bazdilot is a skilled mage, who has shown being a very dangerous combatant. He is very famous across the world, having supposedly killed over one hundred and twenty mages. He has incredible magical energy, that is rare in the modern world. He comes from a line of mages that are adapted in a twisted school of magecraft called domination that focuses on dominating oneself instead of others. He is also said to be possibly skilled on far-eastern folk magic that the Clock Tower holds in contempt. Thanks to his unique form of magecraft, he is capable of controlling and manipulating the "mud of the Grail" inside himself while maintaining his sanity. Apart from his magecraft, Bazdilot is also skilled in armed combat, wielding a pistol outfitted with ammunition designed to pierce advanced magecraft defenses. He is also able to use magically-induced refraction on the bullets to hit his targets on their blind spots.

As a leader of the Scladio Family, Bazdilot also holds considerable influence. He has multiple mages under his command and possesses a large workshop in a meat processing facility. The workshop can be activated to become a spatial labyrinth that transforms the workshop partially to an otherworld, that will divert the attacks of the opponents and summon demonic beasts. However, his greatest resource is a magically engineered machine that turns human sacrifices into magical energy stored in crystals. This system of magecraft was initially developed by Atrum Galliasta and later improved to a far larger scale by the Scladio Family. The system used by Bazdilot uses dozens of sacrifices simultaneously, with Bazdilot having possibly hundreds more prepared; the said human sacrifices were all apparently enemies of the Scladio Family. While the Mana Crystals were primarily used in order to add external magical energy when casting a spell, Bazdilot is able to use the “mud” to pollute the energy to take it into himself and then channel it into his Servant. He has hidden caches of the Mana Crystals in various locations in the city, such as in fuel and water tanks, which he calculated to be enough to allow his servant to fight continuously at full strength for serveral months, even with the high energy demand of his servant's Noble Phantasms.[4] The system is located in the meat processing plant that works as the workshop of Bazdilot, but there is another similar spare system at another location, for safety.[5]


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