Beagalltach: Ripples of Passion (激情の細波
, Gekijō no Sazanami
Bega Ruta
?) is one of the armaments gifted to Diarmuid Ua Duibhne by the Sea God Manannán. It takes the form of a short sword. Diarmuid uses this sword not as his main weapon, but as his sub-weapon. It is a defensive Noble Phantasm that increases Diarmuid’s defensive power, and his overall combat performance when he handles it alongside his first Noble Phantasm – the magic sword Moralltach.

When danger was scarce, Diarmuid would carry Beagalltach along with the demonic spear Gáe Buidhe.[1]

In Fate/Grand Order, it is registered as a B+ Rank Skill.


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