Beast (ビースト, Bīsuto?) is an Extra Servant Class populated by entities classified among the Evils of Humanity (人類悪, Jinrui Aku?)—the common designation for the Beasts of Disaster (災害の獣, Saigai no Kemono?).[1][2] The Grand Servants are summoned forth as fail-safes to counteract the Evils of Humanity.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Advent Beast: An Evil of Humanity Manifests.

The Evils of Humanity are, as the name implies, the Stigmata of Humanity (人類の汚点, Jinrui no Oten?, lit. "blights / stains of humanity")—the seven Calamities (災害, Saigai?) positioned to enact the annihilation of Humanity that threatens the continuity of the history of Humanity.[1][2] Being entities that obtain standing within the World of the Primates by way of factors that grow forth from human society and the Human Order, the Evils of Humanity are existences that accumulate strength in proportion to the advancement of Humanity, and are in essence a cancer that consumes Humankind from within.[2] Empowered by civilization itself, they are beings that consume civilization—the embodiment of the destruction visited upon the works of Humanity.[3]

Rather than Servants brought forth via the evocations of spells founded upon the Combat Ritual for the Salvation of the World[4] --"the Summoning of the Heroic Spirits[5] -- the Beasts are the original beings that came to accumulate spiritual stature as Saint Graphs;[1][2] the basis and archetype of the Heroic Spirits, which by the causality of self-inflicted karma come to act as a system for the Apoptosis of Humanity (人類の自滅(アポートシス)機構, Jinrui no Jimetsu(Apōtoshisu) Kikō?).[1][2][6] That is to say, the exceptional nature or capabilities that Heroic Spirits exhibit when summoned as Servants, are validated upon the same mechanisms that lend the Evils of Humanity their capacity for threat.[2]

Though the Beasts can be said to preside over the Seven Sins of Humanity (人類の七罪, Jinrui no Nanazai?), the sins that they represent are not the seven carried away upon the death of the Savior. Rather, these "sins" come of the attributes that humans embody in existing as humans; those things that cannot be set aside so long as humans continue to subsist as creatures who possess wisdom.[7] Being existences that encompass all of humanity, the Evils cannot be withstood or overcome by any one human, or anything beholden to the laws of the Human Order; for just as Humanity is incapable of abandoning Wisdom, so too are the Evils an inevitable fixture of the human condition.[8]

However, by the word of Gilgamesh in the 7th Singularity of Fate/Grand Order, the Evils of Humanity are the Calamities over which Humanity is destined to prevail.[1][2]

In the Final Singularity, Gilgamesh further elaborates that the Evils of Humanity are by intrinsic nature the Love of Humanity (人類愛, jinrui-ai?), as—unlike malicious intent directed toward humanity—a true desire to preserve the Rationality of Humanity is inexhaustible. Validated in the pursuit of a more favorable future, fangs are brought to bear against the peace of the present[9]—but any such endeavor inevitably brings forth a stagnation (淀, yodo?) within the History of Humanity (人類史, Jinrui-Shi?).[2]

Qualification and manifestation[edit | edit source]

Beast Candidates (ビースト候補?) possess some level of Authority of the Beast even before manifestation, which allowed the records of Evil of Humanity Kiara Sessyoin to persist even after the imaginary numbers phenomenon made it so the Kiara incident on the Far Side of the Moon Cell never occurred.[10]

Tamamo Vitch seeks Beast's Crown during the Human Order Revision incident. Despite being of a status to warrant the summoning of Grand Archer in the Atlantic Lostbelt, she is still in a stage of infancy in which she has not acquired the full Saint Graph of a Beast or a number.[11]

The Fantasy Trees possess within them a ritual to allow the Alien God to descend and grant the status of Beast. This ritual allows for the framework to be used by others, Ashiya Douman initially planning to ascend Ibuki-douji to the position. After deciding to take it himself, he uses his Hell Realm Mandala containing the power of five Heroic Spirits and three Divine Spirits in an attempt to ascend to the position of Beast, but it fails to manifest. Abe no Seimei reveals to him, despite the gods he consumed, that he without love for humanity has no qualification to ascend to the position of an Evil of Humanity and Beast.[12]

Once a Beast appears in a world, they will manifest in a chain-reaction like manner, one Evil of Humanity bringing other calamities that eventually culminate in "The Final Evil" appearing. Gilgamesh says Beast I Goetia manifesting means Beast VII is somewhere within the world as well.[9] Demon Gods work in the same manner, acting as a trigger for Beasts so long as someone witnesses and confronts them.[13] The manifestation of Beasts is seen as a trigger for the end of the world on occasion during Atlas' calculations in predicting and avoiding the end of the world.[14]

Beast's Crown[edit | edit source]

Each Beast possesses a different Beast's Crown (獣冠, Jyūkan?) in the form of their horns. Beast III/L in particular has two forms of her Crown: one of stone, that eventually cracks to reveal a crown of light.[15]

L and R[edit | edit source]

Some of the Beasts are split into two halves, each possessing paired "antithesis" concepts. They are "Left and Right", "black and white, and "yin and yang," each unable to coexist with the other. These halves are called L and R. In the case of Beast III, they also stand for Lapse and Rapture.

If one half is to manifest, the other will manifest in due time. While Beast III/L asks Beast III/R if she seeks to devour her to become whole as a complete body, Beast III/R says that is impossible. Though both born from the same sin, they are both completely opposed. They are not two halves to be joined, but two enemies that are diametrically opposed.

Skills[edit | edit source]

The Beast class has unique Class Skills, but each individual Beast possesses Class Skills unique to themselves as well. In the case of Goetia, he possesses Caster Class Skills, while the normal Beast Class Skills are listed as Personal Skills.

  • Independent Manifestation is a capacity that permits the unrestricted projection and materialization of the soul, permitting the skillholder to freely manifest within a time period and location of one's choosing. Being that the skillholder's soul fundamentally exists in a place beyond the boundaries of life and death and the limits of the History of Humanity, time travel may be enacted at will; and the projected flesh is in essence an immortal puppet controlled by the skillholder's consciousness. In the Final Singularity of Fate/Grand Order, Chloe von Einzbern implies that the Independent Manifestation exhibited by Goetia's Demon God Pillars is a mockery and inferior use of the Third Magic.[16] While fundamentally unique to Beasts, Shiki Ryougi, Merlin, and Tamamo Vitch possess it. Shiki's case is unexplained, only noting it is normally restricted. Merlin is able to grant it to himself. Tamamo Vitch is in the process of becoming a Beast and can manifest as one for a limited time. Gilgamesh is able to utilize it in the Moon Cell through unique circumstances.
  • Authority of the Beast is an Anti-Human Skill that enhances the skillholder's capacity to harm existences that are classified as Humans. In the specific case of Tiamat, it is stated that access to such a Skill is held by right of standing as the Sea of Life (生命の海, Seimei no Umi?, localized as "Primordial Sea") itself—being essentially a Divine Authority (権能, Kennō?) to destroy what one has birthed. It is likely that the Skill as held by the other Evils of Humanity is justified by alternative means. Again by the example of Tiamat, the Authority of Beasts is apparently communicable to other entities per the will of the skillholder.[17]
  • Nega skills are possessed by each Beast, unique to each one.

Known Beasts[edit | edit source]

# Name War Master Nega Skill Sin
I Goetia Grand Order None Nega-Summon Pity (憐憫, renbin?)
II Tiamat Grand Order None Nega-Genesis Regression (回帰, kaiki?)
III/L Kama/Mara Grand Order None Nega-Desire Pleasure (快楽, kairaku?)
Depravity (堕落, daraku?)
III/R Heaven's Hole Grand Order None Nega-Saver Pleasure (快楽, kairaku?)
Lust (愛欲, aiyoku?)
IV Cath Palug Grand Order None Unknown Comparison (比較, hikaku?)
V Unknown None None Unknown Unknown
VI/? Beast of 666 Second Holy Grail War Manaka Sajyou Nega-Messiah? Unknown
VI/? Unknown None None Nega-Messiah? Unknown
VII U-Olga Marie Grand Order None Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Grand Order None Unknown Shame (慚愧, Zanki?)
Unknown Tamamo Vitch Grand Order None Nega-Weapon Treasuring (愛玩, aigan?)
Uknown Unknown Grand Order None Unknown Unknown

Sub-Beasts[edit | edit source]

Entities that display the Beast classification due to being considered part of a Beast.

Name Classification
Demon Gods Beast I
Bel Lahmu Beast II
Ushiwakamaru (Chaos Tide) Beast II
Musashibou Benkei (Chaos Tide) Beast II

Beast Candidates[edit | edit source]

Name Status Description
Angra Mainyu Not achieved Naturally an Evil of Humanity with the trait of Retribution, Angra Mainyu could become a Beast through manifestation from the Greater Grail and uniting with host Sakura Matou. Grand Servants would respond by the time half the world was submerged in Holy Grail Mud.[18]
Kiara Sessyoin Achieved as Beast III/R Qualified in the world of Fate/Extra CCC, but did not become one until merging with her alternate self due to the machinations of Zepar.

Evils of Humanity[edit | edit source]

Those mentioned as Evils of Humanity without having yet been designated as a Beast.

Name Description
Amaterasu Self-described as an Evil of Humanity.[19][20]
BB Gilgamesh describes BB as a completely new Evil of Humanity (まったく新しい人類悪, mattaku atarashii jinrui-aku?).[21] When faced in battle in Fate/Grand Order, the "Advent Beast" display that appears before battling a Beast appears briefly, but it is obscured by other effects.
Manaka Sajyou In Take Off! Super Dimensional Trouble Hanafuda Epic Battle (とびたて! 超時空トラぶる花札大作戦, Tobitate! Chōjikū toraburu hanafuda daisakusen?), Tamamo calls Manaka Sajyou a Natural-born Evil of Humanity (生粋の人類悪, Kissui no Jinrui Aku?).[22]

References[edit | edit source]

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    It is the reverse, O fair one.
    The Evils of Humanity are not the Evils by which Humanity comes to destruction.
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    @ Mashu

    The Evils that ... Humanity shall come to destroy?​

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    Indeed. ... hm.
    It would be best if the explanation thereon is left to someone more appropriate.
    For now, commit this to memory, for such are the Calamities that threaten the History of Humanity.
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    @ Mashu

    Class Beast ... The Seven Evils of Humanity ...
    Is that the name of our Enemy?​

    @ Gilgamesh

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    No good would come of either my involvement or yours.
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    The Evil of Humanity that consumed of only lamentations, and elected oblivion (無, mu?) as his objective.
    ... 'tis truly an ironic thing.
    The Evils of Humanity are by instrinsic nature the Love of Humanity (人類愛, jinrui-ai?) itself.
    That which brings humanity to ruin is not a malice unto humankind;
    malice and the like are but passing influences, thinning to exhaustion once engaged.
    Accordingly -- that which to the Rationality of Humanity (人理, jinri?) poses a truly legitimate threat
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    Justified in the pursuit of a more favorable future, fangs are brought to bear against the peace of the present.
    Speaking upon this point, however, it would appear as if that Beast has freed himself of the Cycle (循環, junkan?).
    To speak it plainly, I too am unfamiliar with the circumstances of the Beasts.
    I am, after all, not of the Station of the Crown (冠位, kan'i?, also rendered as "Grand").
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    A World wherein an Evil of Humanity has materialized
    tends unto "the Evil of the End" (終局の悪, shūkyoku no aku?), and is visited thereby with mounting calamities.
    As of the advent of the I,
    the VII of the End shall have appeared somewhere within this world.
    As to the form that might be taken by this Beast of Disaster (災害の獣, saigai no kemono?),
    and the measures that might against them be enacted -- such would be the business of the champions that arise to meet the threat.
    Though whichever side comes to fall is of no consequence to me,
    it is worthy that out of camaderie you would to the extent of your strength lend them your assistance.
    But do hurry.
    Or do you desire to remain here and sacrifice yourself alongside the great and powerful Solomon(That Great Idiot)?​

    @ Jeanne d'Arc

    -- I suppose that is indeed the case.
    The extent of our capacity is the lending of strength.
    Agency to end the war and advance unto the subsequent conflict
    is in any Age held by the peoples of the era.
    You've done well, Gudako.
    The Heroic Spirits gathered in this Domain did in every instance join the battle in answer of your endeavors.​

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    We exist as an Evil of Humanity that is merely extant, just so as the Divinities are merely extant as configurations of temporal circumstance and phenomena.
    That which we desire to harvest are the fruits of Ideation alone. But be that they come of prayers for peace or the hatred accumulated of war, the thoughts of Men are equal in Heat.
    In those eras where peace is valued, let that Men may prosper; that they are cultivated, such that we might harvest their faith.
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    Do you come now to comprehend? The benevolence and malice borne by a Divinity necessarily conforms with the will of Men, and with the conditions of an era. Therefore --
    So too shall the one that you love change with the passage of time. Irrelevant of your devotions, she shall come one day to bare her fangs against Humanity.
    Can your love for that Tail be unfaltering even so? Can it endure that a Monstrosity lurks everpresent within her shadow, beckoning uncertain Calamity?

    だが聞け。 善と悪。法と無法。 強者と弱者。加害者と被害者。そのような理由に妾は関与せぬ。
    妾はただそこにあるだけの人類悪。 神とはそこにあるだけの時勢、現象じゃ。
    妾たちが集めるものは想念のみ。 平和への祈りも、殺し合いの憎しみも、 想いとして熱量は変わらぬ。
    平和に価値ある時代であれば、 人々を生かし、育み、信心を集めよう。
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  22. Take Off! Super Dimensional Trouble Hanafuda Epic Battle - Fate/EXTRA Arc.
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Archer: ArashArjunaArtemisAtalantaBilly the KidCalamity JaneChild-GilChironChloe von EinzbernDavidEMIYAEMIYA AlterEuryaleFujino AsagamiGilgameshIshtarJames MoriartyNapoleonRobin HoodTawara TōtaTomoe GozenTristan
Rider: AchillesAlexanderArtoria Pendragon (Santa Alter)AstolfoBonny and ReadBoudicaChristopher ColumbusEdward TeachFrancis DrakeIvan the TerribleMarie AntoinetteMedbMedusaOzymandiasQuetzalcoatlRed HareSaint GeorgeSaint MarthaSakamoto RyōmaSakata KintokiUshiwakamaru
Caster: Anastasia Nikolaevna RomanovaAvicebronCharles BabbageCirceCú ChulainnGeronimoGilgameshGilles de RaisHans Christian AndersenHelena BlavatskyIllyasviel von EinzbernIrisviel von Einzbern (Dress of Heaven)Leonardo da VinciMedeaMedea LilyMephistophelesMerlinMurasaki ShikibuNitocrisNursery RhymeQueen of ShebaScáthach SkadiScheherazadeSiegSolomonTamamo-no-MaeThomas EdisonWilliam ShakespeareVon Hohenheim ParacelsusWolfgang Amadeus MozartXuanzang SanzangZhuge Liang (Lord El-Melloi II)
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Assassin: CarmillaCharles-Henri SansonCleopatraConsort YuDr. JekyllEMIYA (Kiritsugu)Fūma KotarōHassan of the Cursed ArmHassan of the Hundred FacesHassan of SerenityJack the RipperJing KeKatō DanzōKing HassanMata HariMochizuki ChiyomeMysterious Heroine XOkada IzōOsakabehimePhantom of the OperaSasaki KojirouSemiramisShiki RyougiShuten-doujiSthenoWu ZetianYan Qing
Ruler: Amakusa Shirou TokisadaJeanne d'ArcJeanne AlterSherlock HolmesQin Shi Huang
Avenger: Amakusa Shirou TokisadaAngra MainyuAntonio SalieriBlack IriEdmond DantèsGorgonHessian LoboJeanne Alter
Alter Ego: Ashiya DōmanKiara SessyoinMecha Eli-chanMecha Eli-chan MkIIMeltryllisOkita AlterPassionlipSitonai
MoonCancer: BBKiara Sessyoin
Foreigner: Abigail WilliamsKatsuhika HokusaiBB PeleMysterious Heroine XXYang GuifeiVoyagerVan GoghMysterious Idol X Alter
Beast: GoetiaTiamatKiara SessyoinKama/MaraCath PalugBeast of 666U-Olga MarieTamamo Vitch
Fate/Requiem VoyagerBerserkerSaberLancerCasterAnubisUnnamed female ServantAssassinAvengerRiderHendrik van der DeckenBarbarossaCirceEdward TeachEl CidJacques de MolayHannibalMarcus Vipsanius AgrippaMinamoto Kurou YoshitsuneElizabeth BathoryMata HariForeignerAsclepiusOdysseus
Fate/type Redline SaberArcherBerserkerAssassinCasterRiderLancer
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