Beast I (ビーストⅠ, Bīsuto I?) is a Beast-class Servant who appears in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Beast I's True Name is Goetia (ゲーティア, Gētia?), the Demon God King (魔神王, Majin-ō?), the aggregate form of Solomon's seventy-two Demons. To begin with, the 72 demons were “a system to efficiently promote proper reason” invented by the founder of (human) magecraft, Solomon.[2] It was originally created as a magical ritual to look after mankind after Solomon's death, the Human Order Correction Ritual (人理補正式, Jinri Hosei-shiki?). Said system grieved and raged against the relationship between King Solomon and humans, becoming a curse that takes action to conquer “the imperfectness of humans” that King Solomon continued to ignore. It eventually changed into the Human Order Incineration Ritual (人理焼却式, Jinri Shōkyaku-shiki?). A magecraft with its own will that was devised in order to attain true wisdom, and is now attempting to reach the origin while making use of the entire human history.[2]

After King Solomon’s death, the 72 demons that were sealed away inside his corpse awakened to their own ideology, swindled Solomon’s name (although, from their point of view, they are the true King of Magecraft Solomon) and embarked on a new venture to convert the entire mankind into energy. And thus, Goetia resumed activity by making king Solomon’s corpse into his nest, but there was a great dilemma in his way of being.[2]

In its original Greek, the term "Goetia" refers to the act of sorcery itself; Goetia was the original Thaumaturgical Foundation used in Modern Magecraft.[3] The genetic curse that he implanted in the seventy-two Thaumaturgical lineages that hosted his Demon Gods being the basis from which the first Thaumaturgical Circuits developed. Said Circuits were from the outset a means by which he connected his existence with that of his agents.[4]


Ten rings have been inserted on the fingers of his two hands, but that on the middle finger of his left hand alone is a replica.[2]


Since he has King Solomon as a base, his personality is intellectual (albeit frightening). That being said, as he is the aggregate-body of the 72 demons, his personality・disposition amounts to 72. Because he is an individual and a colony, whenever talking to others, a “demon” resembling the other party comes to surface. This is the reason why Goetia’s disposition is evaluated as that of a “mirror”.[2]

He possesses an almightiness that causes the entire logic of the universe to obey him, and a sense of intimidation that seems to say that he hates all of mankind. Originally, he would have more than enough qualifications as a king that rules over men. However, he could not understand humans due being almighty, could not achieve an answer due being immortal, and thus was unable to become “a human king”.[2]

In spite of asserting that humans had no value, the demons could not exist without being employed by humans. The disgrace of having to remain under humans - the sole and greatest “waste of resources” in this universe - despite being life forms of a higher dimension. Goetia could not accept such contradictions and unfaithfulness, and set out on a quest of self-reform. Reset the objective of serving humans. Absolute proof that he is the highest existence in this planet. Reaching the apex that not even Solomon could attain. Goetia’s objective is to reach the apex; to become the sole existence in this planet. In other words, the beginning of the great venture of becoming God.[2]


Mash Kyrielight
Beast I is very sympathetic towards her and believes she, who was designed with a short life span only to serve others, can understand his views about the eradication of death.[5]
He holds great animosity towards Solomon, describing him as the greatest fool of mankind and an incompetent king. Much of Beast I's hatred for him stems from both Solomon's supposed indifference to the suffering of mankind, and for creating him to watch over humanity, a function he considers pointless due to believing that humans can only suffer until their deaths.[5] Despite knowing of their helplessness, their ugliness, Solomon accepted humans without correcting them. But the demons could not accept this, and eventually concluded that there is no value to humans and the future, and feared the result called extinction. Their own extinction was a matter of course, but they felt repugnance over the conclusion of “everything disappearing”.[2]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

After Solomon's death, the 72 Demon Gods, who were much like shadows of Solomon, were left behind to protect Human Order. Over time, the Demon Gods aggregated inside Solomon's corpse to form Goetia, Beast I.

Goetia posed as the enterprise of the one who called himself King of Magecraft Solomon began. He built Holy Grails as Singularities that distorted history, embedded on human history magi that he designed (to transform into demons according to Goetia’s will) as offsprings and produced seven detonation points. That is the cause behind the collapse of the cornerstones of anthropic principle in each eras. When said scheme was concluded, mankind lost the future beyond 2016.[2]

London: The Death World in the City of Demonic FogEdit

"Solomon" appears as the final antagonist and the one behind the whole Singularity, who Makiri Zolgen, Charles Babbage and Paracelsus serve. After the defeat of Nikola Tesla and Artoria Alter, Solomon appears and faces Ritsuka Fujimaru's party with four Demon Gods, eliminating Shakespeare, Kintoki and Tamamo no Mae. Solomon nearly kills Mordred, but she is saved by Andersen, who confronts Solomon about the origin of the Holy Grail War system. Solomon confirms Andersen's theories, revealing himself to be Grand Caster, killing Andersen afterward. Solomon then decides to withdraw, as he doesn't see Chaldea as a real threat until they destroy the seven Singularities.

Babylonia: The Absolute Frontline in the War Against the Demonic BeastsEdit

Solomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

During Chaldea's skirmish on the Time Temple, Solomon is implored by Baal to activate Ars Almadel Salomonis to eliminate the Heroic Spirits. However, Solomon counters that more will only come, and states that only Ritsuka, the Heroic Spirits' only connection to the Singularity, needs to die to remove them.

Later, Solomon is confronted by Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight, to whom he explains both his Noble Phantasms and his plan to use the Magical Energy from humanity's destruction to power his true goal. He then goes to kill Ritsuka in order to remove the Heroic Spirits, but he is blocked by Mash.

Goetia Reveal

Revealing his true form.

After his Grand Caster form is defeated once again, impressed with their resilience, he decides to remove his disguise and reveal his true identity as Beast I, Goetia.[3] He then attempts to convince Mash to join him in creating a world where death does not exist, but she firmly rejects his offer and views on life. Disappointed, Goetia launches Ars Almadel Salomonis at her, but she uses Lord Camelot to protect Ritsuka at the cost of her own life.

Knowing how Ritsuka must feel he allows them to punch him, though he expresses that they will be destroyed when that happens. However, Romani Archaman interrupts them both and reveals his identity as Solomon, much to Goetia's disdained shock.

Expressing that Solomon is too late to stop him, Goetia prepares to kill him, but Solomon activates Ars Nova, removing Goetia's immortality. Though initially shocked at Solomon destroying his own existence, Goetia quickly becomes enraged and prepares to kill everyone.[5] After his defeat, the Demon God Pillars and the Time Temple begin to collapse, he is then dealt a seemingly final blow by Ritsuka with their Command Spell. However, later during Ritsuka's escape, Goetia suddenly appears before them in human form to prevent their escape stating that they'll perish together. He laments that all of his plans have failed due to Solomon's sacrifice, but states he has reached an understanding of humans thanks to his now limited existence.

Ultimately, Goetia decides to use the remainder of his existence to kill Ritsuka despite knowing that the act is meaningless. After this final confrontation, Goetia contently vanishes stating that the briefness of human life is surprisingly interesting.

Other appearancesEdit

In Melty Blood: Actress Again, the Dust of Osiris plots to crystallize the whole of the planet and its inhabitants as Philosopher's Stones (賢者の石, Kenja no Ishi?)—a medium by which to render the continuity of history to permanent, imperishable record as a matter of preserving humans against certain destruction. Arcueid Brunestud, upon learning of her plan, states that "the approach of overcoming death by reducing all things to zero" has been attempted before,[6] and that the thinking behind it is a thousand years out of date—having originally been the plan of the Ancient "I" (古い"一", Furui "Ichi"?).[7] It is unclear if the Ancient "I" of the Melty Blood continuity is equivalent in meaning to Goetia's title as the "I" of the Original Sin (原罪の"一", Genzai no "Ichi"?).


Goetia's Class was determined by his achievements. Grand Caster and the likes are nothing but fake ranks. Created by humans, this is the great disaster that has most effectively misused human history. Its name is Beast I. One of the seven human vices, the beast carrying the principle of “Pity” (憐憫, Renbin?) (the extravagance of humans pitying humans and being disappointed. Such is Goetia’s animality).[2]

He possesses an almightiness that causes the entire logic of the universe to obey him and a sense of intimidation that seems to say that he hates all of mankind. Described as an omnipotent being that even King Solomon could not reach. However, due to being immortal, he was never able to understand humans.[2] His power far surpasses that of regular Heroic Spirits, even regarding Solomon in his regular Caster form as a pathetic fool that would be no match for him. However, he claimed the real alive Solomon could have stopped him.[5] Goddess Rhongomyniad also hinted that Tiamat may surpass him in power.[8] Nevertheless, he is one of the strongest enemies Chaldea ever faced, Mash claims even the Lostbelt King Ivan the Terrible is nothing compared to Goetia.[9]

Those who make eye contact with him will have their Soul removed from their body and sent to a Purgatory of Goetia's own creation. It is not as effective against Servants and other spiritual bodies, but his gaze still forces them to drown in their flaws and relive past mistakes.[10] Having nested inside Solomon's remains and being the aggregate form of the seventy-two Demon Gods, Goetia has access to all his Skills and Noble Phantasms.[2]

Class SkillsEdit

Territory Creation (Rank A): Creation of a "Workshop" territory that is advantageous to himself as a magus.
That ability of his that had created the Temple of Jerusalem is of the highest peak of Territory Creation.[1]
High-Speed Incantation (Rank A): The ability to hasten magic incantation speed. Formerly his incantation speed is only average, but now it is comparable to High-Speed Divine Words. That is due to the inside being Goetia, and thus his weakness from when he was alive... his characteristic weakness... isn't there.[1]
Item Construction (Rank C): Creation of tools tinged with magic energy. Perhaps because he is specialized in contracts, his Item Construction ability is on average level.[1]

Personal SkillsEdit

Summoning (Rank EX): A skill that Magecraft evokes spiritual bodies from the past, or possibly from the future. After the death of King Solomon, the concept of “72 demons” that he left behind nested inside the remains of King Solomon and was reborn after a long time as “someone” that put on the mask of King Solomon. Although he cannot perform Heroic Spirit summoning nor invoke normal Familiars, he can freely summon any of the 72 demons on the present age. Maybe it is easier to understand if described as a converter that projects the “fictional demons” nested within King Solomon’s inner world on the physical world.[2]
Nega-Summon (Rank EX): Cancels all Noble Phantasms of summoned Servants either by absorbing them or negating them. There is only one "exception" and because of this exception, this skill that had absolute authority (i.e. ★) is ranked down to EX.[1]
Solomon's Rings (Rank EX): The ten rings given by God. The mark of the king, the progenitor of magic.
In the case of all ten rings present, any and all kinds of magic performed by mankind are invalidated and put under his subordination. There are 9 rings worn by Goetia. The remaining one is-----[1] They are regarded by Dr. Roman as the greatest catalyst possible a master can prepare to fight in a Holy Grail War.[5]
Clairvoyance (Rank EX): Eyesight of good quality. The apprehension of long-distance target and elevation of kinetic vision. When the rank is high enough, even x-ray vision or future prediction becomes possible.
Solomon's Clairvoyance gives him an unobstructed view of both the past and the future. Due to Clairvoyance being a Skill embedded in the body, it can be used by Goetia.[1] Dr. Roman said that due to the potency of said skill, it can essentially be considered omniscience.[5]
Revelation (Rank -): A skill to hear the voice of heavens and take optimum action. Because this is a skill held by the Soul, Goetia - who nested on King Solomon’s remains - cannot use it.[2]
Independent Manifestation (A Rank): A special skill. A superior version of Independent Action. Furthermore, due to the existence fixation it also possesses the effect of resistance towards attack by means of instant death and time manipulation. Those with the Skill do not receive influence from the Incineration of Human Order by means of Singularities, or from the Compilation of Human Order by means of *****, manifesting as long the requirement is fulfilled.[1]

Noble PhantasmsEdit

Ars Almadel SalomonisEdit

As a belt of light that announces mankind’s demise, Ars Almadel Salomonis is an attack that shoots Hundreds of Millions of A-Ranked beams of light each as strong as the Holy Sword wielded by the King Arthur from the Fuyuuki Singularity.[11][12] Said attack can also penetrate the planet,[5] and there is nothing on the surface of the Earth that surpasses its heat value.[12] Although it is stopped by Lord Camelot, not even that Noble Phantasm is able to shield its user from the extreme heat of Ars Almadel Salomonis.[5]
As explained by Corrupted Ushiwakamaru, this Noble Phantasm is capable of gathering all the Magical Energy of the entire era, giving it enough power to even destroy the Sea of Life and rival Tiamat.[13] As something that converted the entire human history into heat values, time travel of vast amounts of years is made possible.[2] In the Shinjuku Singularity, when Da Vinci doubted the existence of Noble Phantasms capable of destroying the planet, she said the only ones that had come close to accomplishing said feat were the Lion King with her Tower of Light and Goetia with his Human Incineration Order.[14]

Ars PaulinaEdit

Appart of his great firepower, Goetia has also access to Solomon's Temple of Time, Ars Paulina. It is a Reality Marble that Goetia fabricated by amplifying the remains of King Solomon; its structure is the same as Justicia's Great Holy Grail. It exists in the imaginary space that resides outside of time.[1]
As long as this temple remains in his possession, the 72 Pillars will continuously revive, thus he is immortal; relinquishing possession of it causes the Pillars to be undone and Goetia becomes vulnerable.[5]

Forms and Alternate VersionsEdit

Demon God KingEdit

Human KingEdit

« The Demon Gods have burned away. My temple is destroyed. My grand plan for the Incineration of Human Order dies with me. But, I will at least deny you this final victory. Let us begin... Master of Chaldea. I shall annihilate you, and all you've achieved, with my own hands. »

(Goetia, Human King.)

The final form of Goetia, who after being defeated and everything had been settled, appeared in front of Ritsuka Fujimaru from inside the Temple.[1]

After the Demon God Pillar colony collapsed, Goetia gained a very limited lifespan and became able to comprehend humans, something that until that point he was unable to do, finally reaching the state of a wise "human king" to surpass even the real King Solomon. After such epiphany, Goetia did not operate only with the violent emotion such as rage and resentment belonging to his previous self, but also with the natural emotion as a human that he now possessed, finally reaching an understanding. He held no anger towards the Ritsuka Fujimaru who had defeated him, after all even if he killed the protagonist the fact that Goetia had crumbled and had been defeated would not change. That last standing of his was simply "the last obstinacy as the one who had persevered until that moment".[1]

Both in spirit and in action, rather than the last boss he had the feel of the main character instead. His body crumbled bit by bit during the battle; and even if it was regrettable he did not lament over it. His only real feeling was "So this is what being alive means. What life means." It was all to show respect to his magnificent opponent, all the while swallowing the emptiness of losing everything, and clash as enemies until the end. That was what granted unto him, the sole greatest reward for his 3000 years of grand undertaking.[1]

« -----O Lord. My gratitude for this joy, of being alive. »

At the end, he vanished saying that albeit brief it was truly a splendid life, finally comprehending that human life is tragically short, yet strangely fascinating.[15]

Grand CasterEdit

Goetia, possessing Solomon's living body, takes on the role of Grand Caster (グランドキャスター, Gurando Kyasutā?) for much of the story of Part 1.[12]


Kotetsu Yamanaka is the character designer for Goetia.[1][2]


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