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Beast III/R (ビーストⅢ/R, Bīsuto III/R?), Beast III/Rapture (ビーストⅢ/ラプチャー, Bīsuto III/Rapuchā?), is a Beast-class Servant appearing in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. She is the counterpart to Beast III/L.



Beast III/R's True Name is Kiara Sessyoin (殺生院キアラ, Sesshouin Kiara?), also known as Joyous-Freedom-Third Heretic Religion-Pleasure-Deva (随喜自在第三外法快楽天, Zuiki-Jizai-Daisangehou-Kairaku-Ten?) and Heaven's Hole (ヘブンズホール, Hebunzu Hōru?).[1]

Kiara SessyoinEdit

Kiara of the Fate/Grand Order world was brought up in the same circumstances as the Kiara of the Fate/EXTRA CCC until she was 14 years old, but her life developed differently from that point due to a doctor from outside the mountains curing her condition. She was no longer imprisoned in her bed, able to leave the mountains to have a happy life. Differing from the CCC her who went on to found a cult that perpetuated death, Kiara's "saintly nature" saved many people. This also caused her to be attacked by organizations who had vested interests in the fields in which she saved people. With complaints like, "Why are you outdoing us in our field, and for free at that!?", they made her out to be a villain, so she lost her place of belonging and later arrived at the Seraphix oil rig owned by Chaldea Security Organization.

Kiara was not concerned with her persecution at the hands of others, not even thinking it to be misfortune. She was on the path to heal the turbulent hearts of the staff of the oil rig, but the defeat of Goetia led to the manifestation of Zepar in Seraphix in January 2017 of the recently restored world. Zepar appeared while looking for a place to hide and heal from its wounds in the Time Temple, picking Kiara as its target for possession after discovering her. It took control of the oil rig, digitizing the world and causing it to become a closed off space. Kiara, aware of her spiritual corruption, tried her best as a therapist throughout February as the digitization continued, causing days of violence and chaos.

Zepar revealed its name to Kiara in March as morals within the oil rig finally collapsed. It sought to form a relationship of proper co-existence, domination, with Kiara, and through records of parallel worlds, found the experiences of the CCC Kiara. Thinking those records would be extremely effective, it synchronized them and drew out Kiara's abilities. While the CCC Incident was an "imaginary numbers phenomenon" lost from the observable universe, the target of observation was Kiara, a Beast candidate with Authority of the Beast, so the records would not disappear even if the incident itself was no more and relegated to a "barely existing old book in the recording universe." It could be said "Zepar really had no luck" with his choice of a possession target.

With the manifestation of Kiara's abilities, the oil rig's digitization became a conversion to SE.RA.PH, the inside of the Moon Cell. The oil rig began to sink into the ocean, saved through the digitization, and time itself began to change. Kiara, under Zepar's influence, began to form a cult from the surviving staff members. Kiara, through much trial and error, was able to force the the observatory open. The vice-director, having fallen to fear and self-preservation, was unable to pull the lever, but instead pulled by a man specializing in dirty jobs. He was a member of Kiara's cult, but the only one who did not have a physical relationship with her. Pulling the lever caused the Holy Grail War to begin, allowing for Servant summonings and causing one hundred times time dilation. Kiara began her predation, and Zepar unknowingly began to lose its freedom.

As of April, Kiara salvaged BB/GO from herself, having absorbed BB, Meltlilith, and Passionlip during the CCC Incident. She tasked BB/GO as the administrator of SE.RA.PH to ensure the smooth progression of the Holy Grail War, also salvaging Meltlilith and Passionlip to serve as pawns.




Appearing in the event Deep-Sea Cyber-Nirvana, the initial indication of her existence is the SE.RA.PH turned oil platform takes on the shape of her body. It is later revealed she is the psychiatrist hired by Seraphix to care for mental well being of the staff. Given a church as her office, she enjoyed helping people and glimpsing the secret behind Seraphix.[2][3]

She was later possessed by the Demon God Zepar who escaped the Time Temple, and willingly gave her body as a sanctuary. Combining with the Demon God allowed her to see through the Multiverse including herself in CCC, causing her to formulate a plan to save humanity based on this "experience". Her overwhelming desire ultimately subdued the Demon God, and succeeded in turning Seraphix in to virtual space, becoming Beast III/R, infant stage of the Beast.[2][3]

SE.RA.PH. - Deep-Sea Cyber-Nirvana, Epic of Remnant: ExtraEdit

She was first encountered when she pretended to be Marble Macintosh.[4]

Ultimately, she schemed to become one with the Earth, but her climax was obstructed by Meltlilith, BB, Passionlip and Chaldea’s Master.[3]


Ten Thousand Colored Stagnation (万色悠滞, Banshoku Yūtai?)
A heretic art once used by Kiara in a certain cyber world. Supposedly a medical software program that separates the target's body, mind, and soul, stripping the soul naked (unprotected by the body and mind) allowing her to find problems and solve them. Kiara absorbed these unprotected souls, taking care to taste them fully, saying this was salvation. The ultimate form of charm, or enthrallment. This power has grown stronger with her as a Beast.[1]
The beauty of Kiara, now a tenma (the Seductive Bodhisattva) with mara (the crown of the beast) on her head, rocks the sanity, reason, and logic of those who see her. Those who see her, or are seen by her, have to roll for a check to see if they can uphold their selves. Like a sanity check, except a Kiara point check. Sight, taste, hearing, smell, and touch all have their own saving rolls, and even slightly feeling/thinking that Kiara is beautiful is a fail. The person loses sight of their self, and after a slight bout of dizziness completely lose all sense of balance and reality. They become a follower of Kiara standing on the palm of the Bodhisattva.[1]
No matter how much power one has, it is meaningless before the power of a tenma. It is difficult for anything that has reason, anything that knows pleasure, or anything that knows pain to escape from this salvation. Of course, this salvation is not at all any form of saving. The mercy of the bodhisattva is how this is seen from its victims. To Kiara, the followers on her palm are nameless masses that are no more than insects.
Authority of the Beast (獣の権能, Kemono no Ken'nō?)
A skill also known as "anti-mankind".[1]
Logos Eater (ロゴスイーター, Rogosu Ītā?)
A trait of the Kairaku-ten. A special skill branching off from Banshoku Yuutai. Provides a damage buff against any intelligent being with intelligence (pleasure), regardless of scale or structure. This also has its rank fall as an Alter Ego, to C so that it's basically just touching. Foreplay.[1]
Nega-Saviour (ネガ・セイヴァー, Nega-Seivā?)
The result of a beast that decided to save only a world of its own, despite having the potential to be a Saviour. Completely negates all skills of Saviour and Ruler classes, increases chance of charm to all targets with magic below rank A by 300%, and increases all buff effects by Kiara by 200%.[1]
Karma Phage (カルマ・ファージ, Karuma Fāji?)
When Kiara's body became SE.RA.PH, she cut out her five senses - her erogenous zones - as skills, and gave them to others. She seems to have copied how BB cut out her love for humans and turned them into Alter-Egos. Frequently shortened to KP, they were named Body, Sight, Mouth, Spice and Organ. The Sentinels given these are able to use Kiara's authority, making them very powerful servants.[1]

SE.RA.PH KiaraEdit


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Arco Wada is the character designer for Kiara.


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