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Bedivere (ベディヴィエール, Bediviēru?) is one of the Knights of the Round Table.



Bedivere was the first member of the Knights of the Round Table, serving as the steward of the royal court, the king's care-taker.[1] He was one of the few who remained loyal to King Arthur until the end and tended to her final moments.[1][2] Despite not being as popular as knights like Lancelot, Percival, and Galahad, who embarked on the quest for the Holy Grail, he was one of the most senior knights along with Kay and Gawain, displaying a history even older than Arthur, whose name was thought to be derived from the ancient War God of the Celts, Bedwyr.[2] He eventually came to serve the young king out of admiration of her, entrusting his sword to her and working to become her personal guard. Seeing her indifference as her trying to be fair without allowing her personal feelings to interfere, he most wished to see her true face and expressions by being near her. Although he thought her true self would become apparent outside of her court duties, his eventual promotion to the rank of Imperial Guard proved him wrong. Although he guarded her more closely than the other knights and constantly watched her behavior, he was unable to see her smile even once.


Although Bedivere is missing his right arm, he had a blacksmith he knew craft him a prosthetic arm to use when he attended ceremonies. For Bedivere, actions taken by the Round Table required the utmost in respect and decorum. Whether the silver arm that appeared in a parallel world was modeled after this one or not, well...[3]


Bedivere is exceptionally loyal to his king, putting her well-being above his own and even her own orders on her deathbed. He does not see serving as a knight as serving his country, but only serving his king because of the sole reason that she is the king. Unlike those knights who had begun to drift away from her and those who saw her as inhuman due to her lack of emotion, he feels pride in her and remains loyal throughout Mordred's rebellion. He later begins to even feel some anger towards the situation, believing that she who has accomplished such great deeds should be granted the ability to show a peaceful face. Although he wants his king to be given "the light", he finds himself unable to grant her even that. He never found out about her true nature as a woman.[2]


Fate/stay nightEdit


Bedivere tending to his King.

Saber obtains peace and annuls her contract at the end of the Fate route, but it is unknown if exactly the same situation plays out after the Unlimited Blade Works route and Heaven's Feel route. After the end of the Battle of Camlann where the battle between Mordred and Artoria ended in victory and a fatal wound for his king, Bedivere, the only other survivor, takes his king upon his own wounded white horse away from the battlefield. Despite being wounded, he expends all of his energy to futilely try to save his wounded king, possibly even believing his desperate thought that she may be able to be saved if they reach the forest. Clinging to the idea that her holy sword, Excalibur, and her immortality may save her if they reach a pure place, he refuses to accept the obvious fact that the wound is truly fatal. Not wishing to approve of her death while she is still isolated from others without even being rewarded for her accomplishments, he wishes to attempt to fetch help for her.

Laying her against a tree, he plans to hurry to the port where his army is stationed a half a day away, but she awakens and stops him. Mentioning that she had a dream, she says it was a valuable experience. Although he again prepares to depart, she is surprised that she is still "dreaming" while awake, asking if it is possible to see it again upon once again sleeping. Apologizing for the first and last act of dishonesty towards his king, he replies that a strong desire will allow her to experience it again. Praising his knowledge, she asks of him to take Excalibur back to the lake and return to recount his journey. Although he protests, she does not rescind it and he takes the holy sword while racked with indecision. He knows his king will disappear upon throwing it into the lake, so he is unable to throw it away due to being unwilling to depart from his king.


His King's peaceful final sleep.

He returns to his king twice, each time lying that the sword has been thrown away and only met by the order to follow her command. Although it is a great sin for him as a knight to disobey his king, he proceeds to do so twice, but finds that he cannot change her decision and throws it into the lake upon coming to it for the third time. Upon returning it, it is taken by a white hand and vanishes from the world. Accepting the end of his king, he returns to her as dawn comes, recounting that it was accepted back by the Lady of the Lake. She tells him that he should be proud of following the king's command, and he nods silently to her fading voice as she apologizes that she will be taking a long sleep. As he watches over her until the end, he is able to see his wish come to fruition, a peaceful sleep that she had never been able to obtain. Happy about that fact and thanking the someone who has given her peace, he proudly watches over her and asks her if she's watching the continuation of her dream.

Garden of AvalonEdit

Bedivere role is exactly the same as the Fate route ending, however the story is told from his point of view.[4]

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Main article: Saber (Fate/Grand Order - Bedivere)

Bedivere appears in Fate/Grand Order as an alternate possibly, wherein he hasn't returned Excalibur before Artoria dies. This Bedivere lived as an "if that did not returned King Arthur's holy sword", and King Arthur died. As atonement, he kept on living during a long time for the sake of "returning the holy sword this time for sure", and eventually ran out of strength at Avalon.[1]


Bedivere is a Heroic Spirit. It is said, if summoned, he would make an excellent Servant just like the other Knights.[5]



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