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« As you command."
"I'll destroy you gently."
"Bellerophon! »


Bellerophon: Bridle of Chivalry (騎英の手綱
, Kiei no Tadzuna
?) is a shining golden bridle and whip paired as a set that is capable of fully controlling a Divine Beast, and it is Medusa's most powerful attack. It is not a Noble Phantasm to be used in a one-on-one fight, but rather an "Anti-Army Noble Phantasm" that can cut down enemies in a wide area.[1] It is an oddity even among Noble Phantasms, having no effect without a mount. Its power is great, providing extraordinary offensive and defensive capabilities of the highest level.[1][2] While Medusa alone is not able to match Saber in battle, she is confident in its ability to defeat any opponent without them stopping her charge. It can rapidly augment the abilities of a Phantasmal Species. In battle, the strengthened Phantasmal Beast and Medusa fight as one.[1] Sharing its name with Bellerophon, the young man who tamed and rode the Pegasus in Greek Mythology, she uses it with her Pegasus, allowing it to display its full power even with its normally docile nature.[2]

Medusa using Bellerophon on the ground

Pegasus is already an exceptional beast, and directing it with Bellerophon removes its limiters, causing it to rage under Medusa's command. All of its abilities are increased by one rank, and its defensive power, already on the level of a dragon, is improved several times due to the protection provided by its massive amount of magical energy and divine protection.[2] Due to it's outstanding defensive capabilities only noble phantasms ranked A++ or higher can penetrate Bellerophon's charge, anything below that would be neutralised. The "Armor Class" rank is raised by one hundred, and the maximum speed that the charge of the beast can reach is between four hundred and five hundred kilometers per hour. Once fastened, it allows for the mounted beast to use its most powerful charge to physically destroy the target, and it must be fastened after the mount is summoned or simultaneously as it emerges from the summoning circle. Compared to the golden flare of Excalibur, this arrow of light can be called a white comet.[2]

As it is a powerful ability, it is not suited for ground combat in normal situations. Although Medusa can fasten and mount it immediately after it leaves the summoning circle, she prefers to utilize it in the air away from onlookers. She has the Pegasus fly high into the air, before descending down like divine lightning. It grows large enough to engulf the Center Building's rooftop and destroy the building itself. With assistance from Shirou's Rho Aias, it is capable of overcoming Excalibur Morgan after ninety percent of Bellerophon's light is offset.


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