Berserker is the Servant of the fanatic Monji Gatoh, whose goal is to turn her into a "true deity". She only appears in Rani VIII's route as an enemy Servant.


Her appearance is based to her Tsukihime counterpart, but her hair glowing golden, her left eye turns purple and her long skirt appears to be torn up when she is with her Master.


Her personality is different from her Tsukihime counterpart when she is with her Master, as she has lost her mind and only obeys her Master's orders. When her Master disappears, she reverts back to her normal self.

Blut die Schwester

An oath between blood sisters.

Although considered a Noble Phantasm, this power is more akin to a special quality inherent to her very being. As an extension of the mother Earth, her very touch transforms the area around her into a part of the Earth's environment (a process known as terraforming). However, as the Moon Cell is bound by the physical attributes of the moon, this process introduces incredible levels of gravitational stress on the system and anyone within its event horizon will suffer gravity six times normal levels.


A demon said to feed on blood.

A being some claim to be of the undead and painted as evil and ungodly by those who hold to a certain religious view of the world. In addition to the need to feed on the blood of humans, creatures such as this also are seemingly immortal and are able to control lesser demons.

True Ancestor

This is the general term used to describe all species that survive and thrive off the consumption of blood. As for creatures given the appellation True Ancestor, they are considered the embodiment of the consciousness of the planet. Despite this, every legend regarding these creatures agrees that they not only drink the blood of humans for nourishment, but also out of sadistic pleasure.


She is a survivor of the True Ancestors' royalty, that are the foundation of the Blood-Sucking Species...or at least it seems so. Her facet as a vampire is strong, but she is also a kind of Elemental that dwells in Earth.

It becomes easier to understand if she is regarded as the personification of a natural phenomenon, such as a typhoon or an earthquake. While rumored to be a production of the Moon Cell,after the battle she comes to her senses, tears the virtual world with her claws and simply jumps out of scene. Most likely, is the true Arcueid and not data from the Moon Cell.

True Ancestor

A True Ancestor that had Monji Gatoh's mistaken interpretation pushed onto her.
Because she is an Elemental of the Earth, it seems that her activities inside the Moon Cell becomes an excessive stress.

Originally, her Class was not Berserker but rather Temptress.
If she was summoned under that Class, it seems that - just like
a Blood Drinker that sucks the blood of the opponent;
a Life Eater that robs physical strength;
a Finance Crisis that consumes electronic money;
- she would behave innocently and naively as an evil woman (vamp) that destroys men.

Her real Master is apparently a "normal" high school boy, or something.
This is a digression, but the fox-eared Caster gets along with her because they seem to be of the same kind, or so it has been conjectured.

Her powers are severely restricted by being summoned as a Berserker class and by having Gatou as her Master, to the point where her EX ability becomes useless.



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