Berserker (バーサーカー, Bāsākā?) is a Berserker-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. He is also summoned by Izaya Kii in the Moon Holy Grail War of Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail.



Berserker's True Name is Caligula (カリギュラ, Karigyura?), the third emperor of the Ancient Roman Empire and uncle of the later emperor, Nero. Ruling during the 1st century, Caligula was a beloved, wise ruler, but his later actions gave rise to legends of atrocity. He suddenly "became loved by the moon", having fallen into madness. He then ruled the empire through fear until his assassination a few years later.[1][2]



Berserker is a total sadist engrossed in sadism, seeking to perform atrocities and misdeeds upon all enemies who catch his eye. He is completely unmanageable due to Mad Enhancement, removing any means of self-restraint. Berserker possesses a fondness for both Roma and Nero even in his maddened state, allowing contact with either of them to possibly stop his rampages.[2] His wish to the Holy Grail is "to get rid of his madness". If it could be granted, he would wish to return to that time when he was called a wise king, when he told stories to the child of his little sister, Nero, sitting on his lap... To that time, before the Moon Goddess fell in love with him and filled his body with madness.[1]



The beloved child of his younger sister. His niece. Loves her. She is a blood relative of his, while simultaneously, Nero, being the emperor who took over the next era of Rome back then, is a subject who Caligula ought to love.[1]


The great ancestor. An ally that should also be called the genuine first emperor. Caesar, who realized the foundation of Imperial Rome by accomplishing the Roman Republic’s subjugation, is a subject who Caligula ought to love.[1]


The exalted Divine Founder above all else. The whole Roman world began through his way. Being truly the child of the God of War Mars, even though the likes of “Roman emperors were deified after death” already, they cannot even reach this person’s feet.[1]

He feels an unpleasant presence with Altera.[1]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Septem: The Eternal Madness EmpireEdit

Caligula is one of the emperors summoned by Lev that leads the United Roman Empire. When Ritsuka and Mashu arrive in the Singularity, he and his army are assaulting Rome. However, Caligula retreats after he and his army are defeated by the combined forces of Nero Claudius and Mashu. He returns to the palace of the United Roman Empire, but Lev sends him out once again to kill his niece. Caligula soon confronts Nero and the Chaldea group at the Shaped Isle to kill Nero, but he is killed by them.

Do Moon Goddesses Dream of Dango?Edit

Eating dumplings with Caesar, Caligula eventually encounters Ritsuka Fujimaru, Mash Kyrielight, and Artemis. He belongs when Mash says that the dumplings belong to Chaldea and not Rome, saying that the dumplings are round like Caesar. Then, when Caesar fails to convince the group with his dumplings business plan, Caligula joins him to fight the group, though he believes that the group is in the right. After being defeated by the group, Caligula looks inside of the bag of dumplings when Artemis senses someone inside it. Unfortunately, he is cut in half by Altera when he looks inside the bag.

Salomon: Grand Time TempleEdit

He is among the "Septem" Singularity servants that fights against the Demon Gods of the Intelligence Room.

Olympus: Interstellar City MountainsEdit

Caligula is one of the many Servants summoned by the Counter Force to invade Olympus. He was shot by Artemis while still in Atlantis. However, due to his connection with her Roman equivalent, Diana, it had the inconceivable effect of alleviating him of his insanity. He eventually entered Olympus and joined the Godbreaker Alliance. He was made part of their operation to summon a Grand Servant, considered to be its ultimate trump card. Because the Alliance's undergroun base is vulnerable to Demeter's attacks, Caligula was placed in a freezer in 52nd floor of Adele and Macarios's former home to conceal his energy output until he's needed.[3]

He is eventually released from the freezer when Ritsuka, Mash, and Miyamoto Musashi when they came to the twins' former home.[4] He returns with them to the Alliance's base, though he's concerned if it's actually safe. If it's out of Zeus' range, then there should be a patrolling unit. The twins confirm that the Argos unit has already been dispatched by Mordred and company way back. Adele also explains Caligula's importance to their operation to summon a Grand Servant. Caligula then explains why he speak rationally now even though he's a Berserker when Ritsuka become curious. He understand Chaldea was able to reach Olympus thanks to Orion destroying Artemis. He stays behind when Ritsuka's party and the twins leave to set the summoning points[3]

After Ritsuka's party and the twins set the second summoning point, Caligula joins up with them while they head for the next point.[5] They're suddenly attacked mentally by Aphrodite in her true form, turning Musashi and Sherlock Holmes insane. Mash, Caenis, and Caligula fight them when Ritsuka fall unconscious.[6] As Ritsuka recovers, Sherlock and Musashi are returned to normal thanks to Caligula using Flucticulus Diana to temporarily neutralize Aphrodite's attack. Makarios calls the Stymphalides Blackwing, an aircraft built by Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and Helena Blavatsky, so the group can reach Aphrodite. Caligula continues to neutralize Aphrodite's attacks as they ascend towards her. Aphrodite is suddenly grabbed by Golden Bear, a mecha built from Sakata Kintoki's Spirit Core. It disables her with Giga Golden Spark, leaving her vulnerable to shot from Black Barrel.[7] After destroying Aphrodite, the group are attacked by the Dioscuri. Before the fight can continue further, Sherlock causes a distraction so Caligula can use his Noble Phantasm on Dioscuri. This allows Adele and Macarios to deploy their smokescreen again to allow the group to escape.[8]

Back at base, the group are met by Scandinavia Peperoncino. He was sent there by Kadoc Zemlupus to tell them that the required item is at the Alliance cooperaters' base.[8] They go to the coordinates specified by Peperoncino, where they meet Prometheus. He explains he and Hephaestus were fused as punishment for siding against Zeus during the Olympiamachia. Prometheus is the primary individual now though with Hephaestus's main data core having been destroyed in Atlantis. Sengo Muramasa then appears, though he is neither ally nor enemy. Minerva and Europa also appear, and the latter reveals she is a cooperator.[9] Originating from the Proper History, Europa reveals Zeus modified the god who sided with him during the war to subjugate them. Caligula encourages to not give into her lamentations that this Zeus is so different from the one she knew until they're victorious. Promethesus explains the machine gods could once fuse with each other, having once existed as Chaos. That power was lost though when Zeus took the Kronos Crown, which unites their mythological system, after defeating the Titans. He then used it to fuse with other gods to destroy Sefar.[10] Prometheus then explains they'll use the endless mana supply in peaks of Olympus for the Grand summoning. Muramasa reveals he was ordered by Zeus to protect Prometheus, and to destroy Hephaestus in Atlantis. He was also ordered by Promethesus to forge the summoning vessel under threat of self-destruction. However, Zeus ordered him to kill Chaldea and their allies, but he won't do so until the summoning is complete. He then explains the roles of the other Apostles; Rasputin monitors the Crypters and Ashiya Douman monitors the Lostbelt Kings. Muramasa's role doesn't come into play though until after the Alien God descends. Later, Prometheus finishes the summoning vessel, Aether. Caligula ensures him that to be worried about the final catalyst required for the Grand Summoning when the time comes. Douman and Dioscuri then appear suddenly. Minerva tries to disable Dioscuri, but Douman blocks the interference with a spell, and destroys the Minerva. He then proceeds to erode Prometheus' mind, which Ritsuka tries to unsuccessly stop with a Mystic Code. After Douman leaves with Europa, the group fight Dioscuri. However, Mash's shield was transformed into a copy of Aegis thanks to Athena's blessing extracted from Europa. Prometheus also modified Caenis to allow her to fully utilize Poseidon's Authority before shutting down permanently. Castor uses his Authority as Divine Spirit to travel at light-speed to take Ritsuka hostage. However, he is internally damage as he and Pollux aren't true gods anymore. So using their Authorities as Divine Spirits will result in the destruction of their Spirtual Cores. Caenis strikes Dioscuri, followed by Makarios & Adele invoking the names of Hades and Athena to kill them.[11]

Later, the group hear Europa will be executed at the orbital temple's high altar at noon. They fly towards the orbital temple in order to rescue her. It's revealed the Twelve Machine Gods came to this universe when their own was coming to an end. Chaos used 97% of its power to complete the journey. They eventually crashed on Earth (with the exception of Chaos), and humanity came to worship them.[12] The group crash-land at the temple after Caenis used her remaining Klironomia to give them an opening.[13] They fight Douman, with Musashi decapitating him in the end. It's useless though since his body regenerates, as it is a shikigami. However, Peperoncino appears and disables Douman's shikigami, rendering him mortal when they next meet. As the group make their way through the temple, Caligula tells the twins to be ready with the Aether. They eventually enter the high altar room, where they see Fantasy Tree Magellan and the Kronos Crown.Zeus appears and forces them to kill Europa, whose under his control. He also summons Talos to aid her against the group.[14] hey destroy Talos, and Sherlock gently incapacitates Europa. Zeus then transforms into his true form. He attacks the group, but Mash protect them with Mold Camelot, forcing the temple to release his limiters. He reveals his plan to use Olympus as a colony to travel the universe again. With 35% of his limiters unlocked, Zeus prepares to unleash an attack that will wipe out all life on the planet. Golden Bear suddenly appears and stops him from unleashing the attack, bypassing his barriers. Zeus destroys it, only for it to use the Spiritual Cores of the defeated Servants to summon Ares from the Proper History. The group then activate Aether to trigger the Grand summoning, with Caligula using himself as a catalyst to summon the Grand Lancer, Romulus Quirinus. With his and Ares' aid, the group defeat Zeus. Mash then destroys him with Black Barrel when he readies to kill Europa.[15]


In his interlude Dimming Moonlight and My Precious, Caligula accompanies Ritsuka and Mash to Rome to defeat roman soldiers causing chaos in his niece's, Nero, Rome, and also to fix the historical inconsistency. Upon arrival, Caligula immediately attacks the roman soldiers that dared to devastate his niece's Rome. After driving off the rebellious soldiers, Caligula comments that Nero's Rome is more beautiful than the moon.

Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox TailEdit


Caligula is mentioned by Nero in a my room event. She mentions that he admired Iskandar, much as Julius Caesar did. She recalls how she sat upon his lap and regaled her with tales of old legends, such as the Iliad, Heracles, Ulysses, Perseus, but his passion burned most brightly for tales of Iskandar.


Although extremely close in nature to an Anti-Hero, he has manifested as a Heroic Spirit for an unknown reason. It could either be a "prank from a Divine Spirit that presides over the moon", or possibly the potential demise of human history raising the mentality from the period where he was called a wise ruler, the reason that exists in the shadows of madness.[2]

Due to his Mad Enhancement, his parameters are increased but most reason is lost. Only the mission to expand the Roman Empire and make it prosper is not lost; thanks to it, if an ally approaches him citing Rome a luck check occurs, and if successful he restrains his rampage. If the contact is by a person with ties with Rome the check occurs with a plus. That is to say, if he is approached by the likes of Nero or Romulus he would be able to reliably restrain himself. However, such restraint is just a condition of standby, and it's not like perfect communication becomes possible.[1][2]

Glory of Past Days (在りし日の栄光?) is the skill that the memories of the four years when Caligula lived as a wise king don't soften his madness; they actually accelerate it. He obtains a plus modifier to his resistance against mental interference and the like, and he raises his strength parameter temporarily if fighting unarmed, but every time Caligula uses this skill he also suffers damage. The rampaging madness makes his spiritual core grate.[1]

Berserker fights primarily with his fists. His Noble Phantasm is Flucticulus Diana.


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Hikaru Sakurai is the scenario writer for Caligula in Fate/Grand Order.[1] BLACK is the character designer for Caligula.[1][2]


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