Berserker (バーサーカー, Bāsākā?) is a Berserker-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Berserker's True Name is Kiyohime (清姫?) from the Kiyohime Legend (清姫伝説, Kiyohime Densetsu?).[2]

  • Embrace of the Scorching Heat (灼熱の抱擁?)

She fell in love at first sight with the handsome monk Anchin, who requested for a single night's lodgings while on his way to a temple in Kumano. However, upon visiting Anchin late at night, Kiyohime was bluntly rejected. Nevertheless, Anchin promised to meet her again while on his way back from the temple in Kumano. However Anchin broke his promise out of fear for Kiyohime and ended up running away without meeting her. Noticing that, Kiyohime felt into despair, grief and resentment over being betrayed, turned into a Dragon and began to pursue him. Finally catching up at a temple, she burned Anchin to death while he was hiding inside a bell.[2]

« I loved him, I loved him, I loved him, he betrayed me, I was sad, I was sad, I was sad I was sad I was sad, I hate him I hate him I hate him hate hate hate hate hate hate hate... so I burned him to death. »



Kiyohime's distinguishing characteristics include kimono, fan, and horns.


She is a self-styled girl that lives for love. Since she seems to believe her Master is the reincarnation of Anchin, special care is required in managing her. If you lie to her even after being reminded that she does not want to be lied to, there is a chance she might come to take away your Command Spells. That aside, she is a fine bride with a good disposition and skillful in cooking. She is in love with her Master (the Protagonist) and will eliminate any rivals for his love.[2]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Orleans: Wicked Dragon Hundred Year WarEdit

Sometime after being summoned, Kiyohime encountered Georgios. They almost fought until he realized she was a "genuine" Berserker. She eventually made her way to Theirs where she met Elizabeth Báthory. The two end up bickering with each other, which is witnessed by Ritsuka, Mash Kyrielight, Siegfried, and Wolfgang Mozart when they arrive. They end up fighting the group when Ritsuka insults them. After they're defeated, Ritsuka tells them that they're looking for a saint. Kiyohime tells them that she encountered Georgios. She says that he went west, the same direction that Jeanne d'Arc and Marie Antoinette went. Unfortunately though, Jeanne and Georgios regroups with the others in the Theirs without Marie, who sacrificed herself to allow the former to escape when Georgios' town came under attack by Jeanne d'Arc Alter. Kiyohime and Elizabeth join the group after Jeanne and Georgios remove the curses from Siegfried. After defending the town from enemy attack, the group set up camp in a nearby forest to prepare for their assault on Orleans. The next day, Siegfried says their only option is an frontal assault since the enemy already knows their location. Kiyohime says she will protect Ritsuka on their way to and during the assault. As the group march towards Orleans, they defeat Atalanta, Vlad III, Chevalier d'Eon, Carmilla, and Fafnir. Kiyohime and Elizabeth are convinced by Siegfried, Mozart, and Georgios to aid the others inside the palace while they stay behind to deal with the wyverns. Neither of them are aware of the three's disdain for their Noble Phantasms. Inside the palace, the group encounter Gilles de Rais, but he proves too strong for them to defeat. However, Kiyohime and Elizabeth implore the others to go on ahead while they hold him off. They eventually help defeat Gilles following Jeanne Alter's demise. They both disappear when the era is restored. They end up chasing after him though when he suddenly runs off to the throne room. There they learn Jeanne Alter is actually the manifestation of Gilles' wish to the Holy Grail, twisted by his own rage towards France and God. After the era is restored with his defeat, Elizabeth and Kiyohime bid farewell to Ritsuka before disappearing.

Singing Pumpkin Castle Adventure ~Mad Party 2015~Edit

Following Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight through the Ghost Forest, Kiyohime soon meets them at the Pumpkin Town to help prepare for lunch. She tells them that she came because she wanted to make sure Ritsuka was safe when they decided to follow the Halloween party invitation. After she and the others defeat a group of monsters, they head towards the castle gate. There the group are greeted by Mata Hari, whose erotic dancing causes Kiyohime to fly into a rage. After defeating the monsters then Mata Hari herself in the ensuing fight, the group proceed to enter the castle.

Traversing the castle halls, the group soon encounter Carmilla, who Kiyohime considers to be ugly and a lousy cleaner. After hearing from Carmilla that the Grail caused the current happenings, Kiyohime decides to defeat the mistress of the castle and take the Grail. She then asks Carmilla if she'll lead the group to the mistress of the castle, which results in a fight between the group and Carmilla when the latter refuses. After Carmilla is defeated by the group, she is seemingly begins to disappear, but Kiyohime stops her and tells her not to slack off from cleaning by playing dead. Kiyohime then realizes that Elizabeth Báthory possesses the Grail, and guesses what her wish probably is.

Eventually the group encounter Vlad III, with Kiyohime being impressed by his seriousness as a warrior despite him being a Berserker like herself. She then goes to say that no other Berserker can surpass in beauty and elegance. However, she becomes angry when Vlad III states that neither of them can ever return the wicked paths that they follow. Then, after some monsters sent by him, Vlad III thanks Elizabeth for preparing the event, which helps Kiyohime confirm even further that she holds the Grail. She disagrees with Vlad's statement that Elizabeth is a harmless Servant after he reveals that she took a fragment of the Grail during Orleans. After the group defeats Vlad, they continue to progress further into the castle.

The group soon meet Tamamo Cat, who mistakes Kiyohime's comment about her suddenly appearing as compliment. Kiyohime states that it wasn't a compliment, and tells Tamamo Cat to stay away from her when the former threatens to sharpen their claws on her kimono. She then states that dealing Tamamo Cat is very tiring, and wonders if she is actually related to her texting buddy, Tamamo-no-Mae. After the group defeats Tamamo Cat, Kiyohime makes her realize her loss when she thought she won. Then, as Tamamo Cat leads the group to Elizabeth, Kiyohime wonders why Elizabeth made the group go through all these trials.

Lead by Tamamo Cat, the group confront Elizabeth in, to the group's surprise, Ritsuka's room filled with Halloween decorations. Kiyohime then reveals to Elizabeth that her revealing herself to be sender of the Halloween party invitation is no surprise since she said the name of her castle in the letter. She then asks her what the purpose of making the group go through all those trials, to which Elizabeth answers that she wanted to tire out Ritsuka and have them listen to her concert in their room. Enraged by her reasoning for making the group through such trials, Kiyohime and the others fight Elizabeth. After the group defeats Elizabeth, Kiyohime tells Ritsuka, who's weary from Elizabeth's singing, to take a rest, but she becomes shocked along with Mash when Elizabeth decides to have an encore.

Solomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

Kiyohime is one of the "Orleans" Singularity Servants to assist the Chaldea against Demon Gods Pillar.[3]

Chaldea Summer Memories ~White Beach of Solace~Edit

Kiyohime, along with several other Servants of Ritsuka, is accidentally rayshifted to a deserted island. She doesn't recognize it, but knows it isn't Japan. The next day, the group learn from a near dead Blackbeard (who was convinced earlier by Mary Read to observe the island) that their location is still unknown, and its nearly impossible to leave with a normal ship. Agreeing with Artoria Pendragon's suggestion to leave the island to contact Chaldea, the group decide to build a ship capable of leaving the island. After slaying monsters, the group's Spirit Origins are altered by Scáthach to give them swimsuits in order to accommodate with their current environment. Kiyohime deludes herself into believing being stranded on the island with Ritsuka is their honeymoon. After more monsters are slain, the group go to gather materials for Scáthach to build their escape ship while also building other facilities.

Later, the group discuss what their first task of island life should be when a storms suddenly rolls in. They enter a small cave spotted by Mordred to escape the rain, but they run out due to a massive swarm of bugs. Outside the cave, the group decide they need to build a cabin to take shelter in. Kiyohime and Tamamo suggest building a wood cabin. She doesn't care how small it is as long as she can touch Ritsuka, desperately hoping to have children with them. If the wood cabin is built, Kiyohime considers it a love nest meant for her and Ritsuka. Later, the group decide to build a water supply to preserve any fresh water they collect. Kiyohime suggests a well constructed from wood. If the wooden well is built, she stares into its depths whilst sighing. She tells Ritsuka how she feels like she's going to explode from all the love and kindness they've given her. She then asks them if they ever heard of Ono-no-Takamura. She asks Ritsuka not to misunderstand as being unfaithful or frivolous, explain she mentioned Takamura as a point of reference. She explains Takamura was a court noble famed for his poetry and writing. According to legend, he descended into the realm of the dead every day and night via a well to help Lord Enma with his duties. Kiyohime recalls how her father warned her not to shout into a well otherwise the dead will drag her in. She thus considers wells to be linked with the netherworld. She finds this comforting though, believing she can use them to return to Ritsuka after she returns to the Throne of Heroes. She then tells Ritsuka to remember not to destroy the well, threatening to haunt them otherwise. Later, she eats roasted meat with the others, offering to let Ritsuka eat her if they're stricken with hunger again.

Tired of barbecue, the group decide to build a proper cooking facility. If the hearth is built, Kiyohime helps Tamamo rice balls, citing her ability to make them regardless of how hot the rice is as a skill perfect for Ritsuka's future bride. After the rice balls are made, she and Tamamo stare at Ritsuka intensely until they give a positive reaction to their cooking. Next, the group build a bathing facility. Afterwards, they decide to cultivate a vegetable field for a stable food supply. Kiyohime suggests radishes, citing how there is a plethora of recipes involving them. She then says how Ritsuka digesting her cooking is similar to them mating. If the radish field is made, she makes udon for Risuka, and begins to feed them. However, She starts to believe they think her and her cooking as useless when they hesitates it due to its heat. When she does feed the udon to them, she mistakes their tears, red face, and sweating as signs of their joy. She is delighted at the notion of piece of her being inside them, then starts to feed them more. Later, the group build a ranch to raise livestock.

Later, Kiyohime, Artoria, Marie Antoinette, and Mordred learn from from Scáthach that their crops were destroyed by a beast as determined by Fionn mac Cumhaill's use of Fintan Finegas. Unfortunately, they find Fionn and Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, who served as lookouts the previous night, fatally wounded. Fionn quickly dies, but Artoria is able to get Diarmuid to reveal their attacker to be a boar. When Artoria spots a boar piglet, the group (except Marie) consider it the culprit. Kiyohime agrees with Scáthach that boars destroy crops, saying how hard farmers try to drive them off their land. She also agrees with Artoria that they should surround and kill the piglet, wondering how she should cook it afterwards. After killing monsters that appeared, the group split up to search the island for the boar piglet that ran off earlier. Later that night, they reconvene at their crops joined by Tamamo, Saint Martha, and Anne Bonny and Mary. The group eventually find the boar piglet along two others defending the crops when a demon boar attacks them. Angered it attacked the piglet, Marie attacks the demon boar with the others following suit knowing it's the true culprit. After the demon boar is slain, Kiyohime and Artoria apologize to Marie for wrongly accusing the piglet, which she gladly accepts. She agrees with Scáthach contracting the piglets into protecting the crops.

The next day, the group build a pathway to improve their efficiency in material gathering as Artoria suggested. Next, they decide to build an aqueduct to improve their efficiency in storing water, with Kiyohime suggesting a wooden one with a water wheel. If the water wheel is built, Kiyohime gets annoyed at Sasaki Kojirou coming to admire since he's cutting with relaxation time with Ritsuka. Stating the more people disturb them reduces the coziness of being with Ritsuka, she demands Saski to finish his business and leave. When seeing Fou use the water wheel as an exercise wheel, she wonders if it is still elegant like Sasaki said. Afterwards, the group decide to build a bridge to make travelling easier for Ritsuka. Kiyohime suggests a building a wooden bridge similar to those in Japan. She then imagines holding hands with Ritsuke as they cross it together. If the wooden bridge is built, she compares it the Gojo Bridge that once existed in Kyoto. She becomes annoyed when Sasaki comes to admire the bridge. Sasaki comments how evil spirits are said to inhabit bridges, adding they're perfect for Kiyohime. Kiyohime responds that she heard of Hashihime, a female oni that dwells under a bridge. She leaves it to Ritsuka's discretion if such a thing is a perfect fit for her. She then says the keywords include "love", "jealousy", and "curse", and asks Ritsuka if they'd like to hear more details. She then explains anyone who compliments another bridge or woman atop the bridge Hashihime lives under will be cursed to death. She comments that since she isn't confined to a bridge, she always hear words of love toward her or words of infidelity toward other women no matter where. She summarizes the world is bridge called her and Ritsuka is the one crosses said bridge. She then gets excited at the idea of Ritsuka stepping on her.

Later, the group decide to construct a garden; Kiyohime suggests a conventional garden. If the conventional garden is made, Kiyohime comments its ordinariness is how she envisioned her future with Ritsuka. She then imagines Ritsuka building an average house with an average backyard. She continues to imagine herself as their wife, who they're happy to see despite after a hard day of work. She then threatens to incinerate the garden if Ritsuka tends to it more than her. She begins to imagine a name for their second child, saying she wants a girl. Afterwards, the group build a play area at Marie's suggestion. If the Coliseum is built, Kiyohime participates in the tournament said to determine Ritsuka's number one Servent, or in her case, their true wife.

Kiyohime, Ritsuka, Tamamo, and Martha later follow Cú Chulainn and Karna. Along the way, Kiyohime agrees with Tamamo's sentiment that men with guilty consciousness will go to extreme lengths. They eventually come across Saski wearing a mask, calling himself Island Mask. After they defeat him, he brings him to a secret village built by the men. Kiyohime and Tamamo are somewhat jealous that the men's building are better constructed that theirs.

The next day, the group construct a lookout tower. Later they decide to upgrade their residence to increase its size. If the Japanese residence is made, Kiyohime believes it was built for her. She finds the kitchen and living room spacious. She threatens to burn Cú Chulainn to death without hesitation if he ends up ripping the shoji screens with his spear. After the tour, she brings Ritsuka to a private area. She requests they enter the room five minutes after her. After five minutes pass, Ritsuka enters the pitch dark room, and are told by Kiyohime to test out the futon she laid out. Realizing she is hiding under the covers, Ritsuka puts Fou under there to trick her. Kiyohime comments how they hairier than she imagined, not realizing she's cuddling Fou. Afterwards, the group decide build a statue as they reach final preparations for their escape ship. Kiyohime declines to have a statue of herself built, finding it too embarrassing. She would be pleased however if Ritsuka were to crave a wooden bust of her and sleep with it every night. A giant demon boar suddenly arrives, but the group force it to retreat. Afterwards, they construct the statue.

Later, Kiyohime goes on a walk with Ritsuka. She begins prattles on about how they'll talk about their future, where their first memory was made, and so forth. She interrupt however Ritsuka asks her why she is a Lancer. She explains she learned to use the naginata, a new weapon in her era, for self-protection. She decided to wield one in order to get Ritsuka excited since she's not in her usual attire. She says a swimsuit is graceful, and believes nothing is more graceful than naginata. Kiyohime asks Ritsuka if they're excited, but she doubts if they're telling the truth when they answer yes. After they say it's the truth, she comments how her heart is beating faster. The pair eventually come to a river; Kiyohime suggests taking a dip in. She begins to tell Ritsuka how she used to be not good at swimming when she notices a demon boar on the other side of the river. She sees it hasn't noticed them, and that is returning to its den. She wonders if it is another poisonous swamp like the ones they had cleaned up previously. The pair decide to follow the demon boar so as to not lose sight of it. Kiyohime says they'll need to stealthily swim across the river since jumping it would alert the demon boar. After crossing the river, she asks Ritsuka how her swimming was. After hearing their answer, she explains how she never used to be able to swim until she began slithering after Anchin across the Hidaka River. Moving on from that subject, the pair follow the demon boar to a poisonous swamp. Kiyohime says they should remember the location, so they bring everyone else back to help destroy it. After slaying the demon boar, she says to let the others cleanse the poisonous swamps. She then asks Ritsuka if they would like to swim together. When they decline, she vaguely threatens to drag them to the bottom of the river with her like she imagined doing to Anchin.

The next day, the group have finished constructing their escape ship. Kiyohime imagines she is going on a cruise with Ritsuka, and requests they reenact the bow scene from Titanic. The giant demon boar then arrives, and the group fight it for the sake of the piglets. During the course of the battle, the demon boar charges at the ship to destroy it, and the piglets form a wall to block it to no avail. The piglets continue blocking the demon despite knowing they couldn't defeat it according to Marie to protect the ship. The group continue fighting the demon boar, and succeed in eventually killing it. After boarding the ship, Kiyohime is concerned about their course when Scáthach says to just sail straight ahead. She is also concerned about whether or not the compass even works. The group then set sail to try to contact Chaldea.

Chaldea Heat Odyssey ~Evolving Civilization~Edit

The group eventually reach a new land, but they quickly find it to be utterly desolate. Finding unlikely there is food, Kiyohime offers Ritsuka to eat her body. The group then hear a cry for help, and are surprised it is coming from a boar piglet. After defeating the Shadow Servant chasing the boar piglet, it reveals itself to be a demon boar in disguised. The boar piglet then calls the group goddesses, and asks them to save this world.

Later, led by the boar piglet, the group find the ruins of a city. They're eventually led to the boar piglet chief who thanks them for saving his grandchild after hearing their circumstances. They become shocked when they learn the buildings were from an advance civilization built by the boar piglets. Unfortunately that came to an end with the arrival of the demon boars and Shadow Servants fifty years ago. The group then learn from the chief of a legend in his clan about nine goddesses called Nine Sisters who gave the boar piglets civilization. The goddesses were said to take human form, so the chief's grandson assumed the group were them. The group decide to redevelop the island in exchange for the boar piglet's help.

The group start to rebuild the boar piglet's civilization. Later, they learn from Scáthach's search party that their current location is actually the same island from before 2,000 years later. They also realize they are the Nine Sisters the boar piglet chief spoke of. They decide against leaving the island by ship again as Scáthach points another thousand years may pass on the island and the boar piglets may be extinct. Kiyohime then asks Scáthach that due to the island's distorted space-time if she and Ritsuka can become Adam and Eve. Scáthach allows if it is consensual, so Kiyohime begins demanding Ritsuka to give their consent. She continues to do so until Tamamo hits with an ice spell. The group then decide they need to discover why the island's space-time is distorted as they continue to redevelop the island and make contact with Chaldea. Later, they learn from Cú Chulainn's demon boar hunting party that Beowulf is also on the island as an enemy.

Later, Kiyohime is constructing a new bridge. She attempts to incinerating the board piglets when they're not taking it seriously, agreeing with Mash that they're her natural enemy. She then asks Ritsuka to decide what type of bridge should be built. If the rainbow bridge is built, Kiyohime threatens to sacrifice the boar piglets when they criticize it. After Thomas Edison, who gave the boar piglets electricity 2000 years, is woken from cryosleep by Ritsuka, Mash, Scáthach, Artoria, Mordred, the group learn he needs the Holy Grail to build an escape device to contact Chaldea. After completing several construction projects, the group decide to go to where the demon boars reside as they likely have the Grail. As they near their destination, Artoria points out a vast number of demon boars guard the cave as Scáthach surmised. She realizes the Grail must be inside the demon boars' cave, but they outnumber the group. Going with Mordred's plan, she and the others helps breakthrough the enemy line and hold them off so Ritsuka, Mash, Scáthach, and Edison can enter the cave. After the escape device is built, the group leave the island. They are then contacted by Romani Archaman, and learn they were only gone for a hour before rayshifting back to Chaldea.

Shimosa Province: The Stage of Rivers of Blood and Mountains of CorpsesEdit

Main article: Kiyohime (Shimosa) The daughter of Shimousa's ruler, Matsudaira Shimousa no Kami, shares her name and appearance. The similarities between the two is attributed to Ritsuka filling in the details with those of their Servants during the dream-like scenario of the Shimosa Singularity.


In her interlude Lips to Lips (虚ろな唇を重ねて, Utsurona kuchibiru o kasanete?), Kiyohime wakes up with Ritsuka and Mash in an unknown location, and unable to contact Romani, the group decide to start walking. After defeating some enemies, Kiyohime talks about her pursuing Anchin, wondering why he never apologized for leaving or reproached her for her behavior. She says that Tamamo told her that she loves too heavily when she is loved only just a little. But, Kiyohime then calls Tamamo a shut-in that easily falls for any man that looks at her seriously. She then begins to ask Ritsuka several questions, afterwards the group continue their journey where they eventually find a cavern. Inside the cavern they encounter another Kiyohime, who ridicules Kiyohime for her past behavior and hiding her dragon form. After defeating the another Kiyohime, Kiyohime asks Ritsuka if her dragon form is hideous. She is happy when Ritsuka answers that her dragon form is reliable.

Other appearancesEdit

  • Kiyohime in TMitter2015

Kiyohime is referenced as a Servant appearing in the Moon Cell during the story of Fate/EXTRA. It is unknown if she participates in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War, but she is mentioned by Caster as an "e-mail friend." She says that Kiyohime's method of dealing with love rivals would be to "trap them in a bell and then set it on fire."

She has an expanded story role in the ~turas réalta~ manga adaptation, which sees her make a pinky promise with Ritsuka Fujimaru during the end of the Orleans Singularity, allowing her to be summoned to Chaldea and joining Ritsuka and Mash on their journey to the Okeanos Singularity. Her presence is likely in reference to the fact that she is the gifted Servant upon completion of the Orleans Singularity in game.

Her design first appeared in TMitter2015 under Caster's Twitter account.


There are no records of her having the blood of the Dragon Kind mixed in.[2] Her Noble Phantasm is Samadhi Through Transforming Flames and her personal skills are Shapeshift.

Kiyohime's Mad Enhancement makes so that if you tell a lie, she sees through that lie 100%, you automatically lose a Command Spell.[1]

Her Shapeshifting skill is also called borrowed-body molding. By a woman's determination, she was reduced to a poisonous snake and crossed a large river. She transforms into a low ranking dragon of the orient. She will keep on running while she still have feet, but once her feet disappears she will start to crawl around on the ground. Also spit out fire.[1]

Stalking (ストーキング, Sutōkingu?) is a Skill for keep on pursuing her beloved target. Something that may also be described as a wild instinct that includes the fives senses and magic power, she tracks down Anchin no matter how far.[1]

Flame Colored Kiss (焔色の接吻, Enshoku no Seppun?) is a Skill for what Kiyohime wishes from her Master. If it means she would be able to join her lips with her Master's, she would be willing to push aside every obstacle and become Super Kiyohime-chan. The compensation would be that the future of the Master would be fixed (as a groom), but that is just a trivial risk.[1]

Forms and Alternate VersionsEdit


« Burn, burn, burnburnburnburnburnburnburn--- alas, this is surely a passionate love! Vexa! Tion!  »

(This is Miss Kiyohime on a strange high tension)

Having been summoned as a Lancer this time around, she possesses a naginata. Her own testimony is: "Of course, as a maiden, I have a general understanding about martial arts. However, with the slender arms of a frail and helpless woman such as myself, it would not come to the point of being useful. Alas, how regretful." Still, while her competency with the naginata is indeed second-rate just as she herself stated, given her overflowing killing-intent and lack of mercy, there are rumors of how she would actually be peerless in the battlefield.[5]

A woman that lives for love. In other words, it is the same Kiyohime as usual; but how about losing yourself and praising her swimsuit since it is summer. Surely, this summer will pass away in the blink of an eye... under the nuance of being locked up somewhere by a Kiyohime that was overcame with emotion.[5]

That being said, due also Kiyohime being born in ancient Japan, she has an exceedingly great reluctance towards swimsuits, in short, it seems this is extremely embarrassing for her. And yet, she is gallantly enduring it in order to please the Master. So, in order to also release her tension, you should surely praise that she looks good on a swimsuit. But please be advised, we will not concern ourselves at all with any accident that may arise at that occasion.[5]

  • Pursuer of Love: A

Stalking's power-up version. The summer heat makes Kiyohime's internal engine accelerate. Howling entrails, accelerating lungs, a breath in which the scent of nitro hangs; no matter in which place the other party is, she beings a super-high-high-speed pursuit.[5]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Her scenario was written by Yuuichirou Higashide in Fate/Grand Order.[1][4] BLACK is the character designer for Kiyohime.[1][2][4][5]


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