Berserker (バーサーカー, Bāsākā?) is a Berserker-class Servant able to be summoned by the Protagonist in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Berserker's True Name is Mysterious Heroine X (Alter) (謎のヒロインX〔オルタ〕, Nazo no Hiroin X (Oruta)?). An orphan Villain (bad guy) that came visiting from the Servant Universe. The last survivor of the now destroyed chivalric order of darkness - Dark Rounds. The title bestowed to her is Sir Pendragon. Burning the prana converter reactor Altereactor, an Anti-Anti-Saber Decisive Weapon that sworn to defeat Mysterious Heroine X.[1]

« I shall fight.
Until the day when Heroine X is defeated, and the universe is dyed on the dark color go villains. »


The vroid "K6-X4" (aka. Black Knight-kun) is always watching her, who made such vow, from the shadows. One can also say he is casually hiding from work.[1]



« 'I don’t understand anything anymore', you say?
―――Don't think. Feel it! »

(Mysterious Heroine X (Alter))

A very unusual intellectual Berserker.[1]

A diligent girl with an unassuming attitude. Her favorite food are sweets. A glutton character who requests high-class Japanese candies whenever she gets a chance, thus costing quite an amount of money. She spends her days off reading or listening to music, without taking a single step outside of her black, round table-type kotatsu.[1]

Fundamentally, a sloven person who tends to think of most things as bothersome. Yet, she strangely follows the orders and instructions from others with relative obedience, even while replying with sarcasm. She is quickly lured with sweet things.[1]

Her prided sword "Wicked Holy Sword, Necrocalibur" was bought from a shady mail order.[1]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Mysterious Heroine X (Alter) Trial QuestEdit


The prana converter reactor - Altereactor (オルトリアクター, Orutoriakutā?) - converts calories into magical energy by using the Alternium crystals concealed inside her body as catalysts. She stresses that "the ingredient balance of Japanese sugar has maximum efficiency. Also, I would like some tea as well". Her glasses are a necessary item to relax her boosted optic nerves. Rather, her eyesight drops while she has them on.[1]

The mysterious item that she possesses, "∞(Infinity) Chocolate", was produced from six primordial energies - desire (soul), sugar content (power), point of sale (space), cost price (reality), manufacture (time) and demand (mind) - and supposedly bestow infinite power to its owner, but X Alter doesn't really get it.[1]

She employs many diverse, strangely familiar techniques such as the psychokinetic power "Alter Choke", or the special move "Alter Lightning" that releases magical energy from the tips of her arms. Emitting a red magical energy, the "Wicked Holy Sword, Necrocalibur" can freely transform into a twin-blade or a chain-sword, but it often breaks and explodes. Seems this is related to the common universal rule in which cool weapons are not all that strong. As expected, a commonplace long sword is truly supreme.[1]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

BUNBUN is the character illustrator for Berserker.[1]


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