Berserker (バーサーカー, Bāsākā?) is a Berserker-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Berserker's True Name is Mysterious Heroine X (Alter) (謎のヒロインX〔オルタ〕, Nazo no Hiroin X (Oruta)?). An orphan Villain (bad guy) that came visiting from the Servant Universe. The last survivor of the now destroyed chivalric order of darkness - Dark Rounds. The title bestowed to her is Sir Pendragon. Burning the prana converter reactor Altereactor, an Anti-Anti-Saber Decisive Weapon that sworn to defeat Mysterious Heroine X.[1]

« I shall fight.
Until the day when Heroine X is defeated, and the universe is dyed on the dark color go villains. »


The vroid "K6-X4" (aka. Black Knight-kun) is always watching her, who made such vow, from the shadows. One can also say he is casually hiding from work.[1]



« 'I don’t understand anything anymore', you say?
―――Don't think. Feel it! »

(Mysterious Heroine X (Alter))
A very unusual intellectual Berserker.[1]

A diligent girl with an unassuming attitude. Her favorite food are sweets. A glutton character who requests high-class Japanese candies whenever she gets a chance, thus costing quite an amount of money. She spends her days off reading or listening to music, without taking a single step outside of her black, round table-type kotatsu.[1]

Fundamentally, a sloven person who tends to think of most things as bothersome. Yet, she strangely follows the orders and instructions from others with relative obedience, even while replying with sarcasm. She is quickly lured with sweet things.[1]

Her prided sword "Wicked Holy Sword, Necrocalibur" was bought from a shady mail order.[1]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Mysterious Heroine X (Alter) Trial QuestEdit

On Planet Lothian, X Alter is talking with Ritsuka, addressing them as Servant AUX Voloid K6-X4. She wonders if they picked up a funny transmission when they don't respond to her. This concerns her since she may need rely on them during battle. She then mistakenly interprets their question as they wanting a dumpling, which she already ate. She considers their conversation protocol strange, and surmises she may need to check for crossed wires. She then checks Ritsuka's circuits when Agravain contacts her. She asks if the next land to purged has been prophesied. However, her answers they will need to go into hiding for awhile since their enemy's pursuit is growing more aggressive each day. X Alter offers to join him, but he tells her that he has job suited to her skill instead. He tells her that few know of her in this region of space, so they use that to their advantage while they prepare to strike back. He continues their fellow lords have all fallen and sealed away, the only one left being him. X Alter responds she will not let the sacrifice of the great lord of Villains to be in vain. She declares her Mana Conversion Altereactor Engine is readily burning to defeat their sworn enemy, Mysterious Heroine X. Agravain tells her that she will go into a hiding, and go on a journey alone while they lie in wait. X Alter says she wants to stay by his side, not wanting to be alone. Agravain however tells her that she needs to find a job to her dismay. She asks if this means they will no longer communicate, but he doesn't answer her query due to Babbagen infiltrating the castle. Alter X readies to destroy him, but Agravain tells her to go to a new land and search for a superior Master. He then uses Black Knight's Black to seal away her memories, its effects becoming activate in a few days. After saying goodbye to him, X Alter goes to the escape pod bay with Ritsuka. She tells them to navigate the escape pod when Babbagen's drones intercept them. After breaking through, the pair escape Planet Lothian, then they warp away from the planet.

An unknown time later, X Alter meets X who wonders if she is a Saber. She decides she isn't a Saber, and gives her one of her red bean buns. X Alter asks where she is, to which X answers she is at Cosmo-Chaldea High School where many young students dream of becoming tomorrow's SSR Servants. X Alter realizes it isn't the place where a bunch of elite Masters can be found. The school principal, God Bless Edison, then appears to scold X for skipping class to eat again. X tells him she about to give X Alter a tour, assuming she is a transfer student. She then asks for X Alter's name, but the latter can only recall "Ex". Assuming that to be her, Edison tells that certain qualifications to be met if she wishes to enroll in their school. X Alter decides she wants to enroll to become a great Servant. Considering her words to be sincere, Edison says she passed the first entrance exam. He then has her and X do a mock battle, and he'll judge her enrollment based on the results. After the battle, X Alter is enrolled into the school. She later enters X's dorm to see her taking out her aggression on Ritsuka, whose body is still a voloid. She then reveals they will be roommates starting today to X's dismay. She explains it was an order from the student support division. She also considers X's room big enough to obviously fit two students. She then sets up territories, and removes X's soda from the fridge to stuff her own snack in there. X believes she is taking over her room, and readies to fight her again. X Alter then protects protects Ritsuka from X's attack. They ready to fight again when X considers X Alter to be a Saber due to her face, which X Alter accepts and feels a burden has been lifted her. They interrupted by the Student Dormitory Supervisor who kicks Ritsuka, which somehow results in their voloid body being accidentally cut down by X.

Some time later, X Alter is waiting with Edison for X, who seemingly disappeared with the increased number of Heroine Zs, to return. She notes all the Saber class students are all sighing in relief knowing X is gone. she also worries about her food in her fridge expiring. Later in her room, she asks Ritsuka what she should do. She recounts vague memories of her sitting bored with the other members of the Black R.O.U.N.D.S. She also recalls one secretly giving her candy,and them staying her when the others left, saying the empty room reminds her of that. She then hears a knock on the door and permits them to enter, but they do not do so. They confess they don't mind others seeing them talk, but they don't want their conversation to be recorded. X Alter realizes they disguising their voice, and asks who they are and what they want. The person calls themselves a classmate, and states spies for the Villain Alliance are everywhere, including the school. X Alter is relieved and considers them to be an elite agent. She also voices her relief that it wasn't Eliza, who always got caught in her own traps for X and X Alter. The person tells her that those who believe her potential are waiting, and a large-scale attack by the Villains will soon commence. They also says X will not return, and even if she did, she wouldn't able to repel the attack. After they leave, X Alter realizes she needs to leave the school, and changes her school while she has Ritsuka wait outside.

Later at night, X Alter calls Babbagen out to the school yard. She asks him the details of when he fought a dark lord on Planet Lothian since such confidential data isn't found in the school's database. Babbagen replies he cannot reveal such information to a student, so X Alter decides to rip out his memory media to read it herself. After he is defeated, Babbagen considers X Alter to one of his best students, considering she found the weak points in his armor. While not fully understanding the situation, he realizes she is leaving. She admit she couldn't endure her hatred towards him, but confesses she truly enjoyed his lectures. Babbagen then tells the dark lord he fought was Agravain, who created the Heroine Zs as failed artificial Servants. He also reveals Agravain was searching for a crystallized form of Magecraft, but he was unsuccessful. He says he fought valiant and fell into the castle's reactor core, though whether it was accidental or intentional is unknown. After the castle collapsed, he and others conducted thorough search, but they were unable to find Agravain's body nor the ceremonial rites for creating artificial Servants. After he collapses, X Alter is unable to finish him to complete her revenge for Agravain. Then, agents from the Villain Alliance arrive, ready to pick her up. One realizes that despite the reports saying she lost memories, X Alter also understands the situation clearly. X Alter regains her memories, and one of the agents welcomes her as the newest member of the Villain Alliance to serve him directly. X Alter accepts and requests she be allowed to bring Ritsuka with her. She requests she be given ninety seconds with Ritsuka before they leave, which the agent agrees to. She tells Ritsuka that they had tiny shard of crystallized Alterium embedded in their head for the purpose of tracking her. The crystal was receiving mana waves leaking through the cracks of multidimensional space. She considers it coincidental that they would on the same wavelength as someone else's mind (the actual Ritsuka). She readies to remove the crystal since information leaks and unknown elements aren't permitted in battle. Before that though, she tells Ritsuka directly goodbye, and hopes they can meet when she makes a name for herself as a Servant. She then removes the crystal, telling them that may the Alterium be always with them.

GudaGuda Meiji Restoration

MHX Alter appears very briefly as one of the Servant reinforcements summoned by Nobukatsu to defend Toyotomi’s fortress, ironically alongside her hated foe, Mysterious Heroine X. Medea comments on how cute she and her rival are.


The prana converter reactor - Altereactor (オルトリアクター, Orutoriakutā?) - converts calories into magical energy by using the Alternium crystals concealed inside her body as catalysts. She stresses that "the ingredient balance of Japanese sugar has maximum efficiency. Also, I would like some tea as well". Her glasses are a necessary item to relax her boosted optic nerves. Rather, her eyesight drops while she has them on.[1]

The mysterious item that she possesses, "∞(Infinity) Chocolate", was produced from six primordial energies - desire (soul), sugar content (power), point of sale (space), cost price (reality), manufacture (time) and demand (mind) - and supposedly bestow infinite power to its owner, but X Alter doesn't really get it.[1]

She employs many diverse, strangely familiar techniques such as the psychokinetic power "Alter Choke", or the special move "Alter Lightning" that releases magical energy from the tips of her arms. Emitting a red magical energy, the "Wicked Holy Sword, Necrocalibur" can freely transform into a twin-blade or a chain-sword, but it often breaks and explodes. Seems this is related to the common universal rule in which cool weapons are not all that strong. As expected, a commonplace long sword is truly supreme.[1]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

BUNBUN is the character illustrator for Berserker.[1]


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