Berserker (バーサーカー, Bāsākā?) is a Berserker-class Servant appearing in the Agartha Singularity in Fate/Grand Order: Epic of Remnant.



Berserker's True Name is Megalos (メガロス, Megarosu?), the alias given to a Berserker Heracles whose Saint Graph is highly modified by Scheherazade using her Noble Phantasm in conjunction with the power of Phenex.[1] Deciding that names like Gigas or Gigant would likely offend the hero due to being enemies of the Olympian Gods, Da Vinci and Mash name him Heracles Megalos (巨英雄ヘラクレスヘラクレス・メガロス, Giant Hero Heracles?), and then further dissociate him from the regular Heracles by deciding to just call him Megalos.[2]

It is implied that elements of the Giants were incorporated into his Saint Graph, or at least that of Alcyoneus and Porphyrion, two of the greatest Giants who were killed by Heracles during the Gigantomachy, based on skills that Megalos uses in his final battle with Chaldea.




Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Agartha: The Mythical Subterranean SocietyEdit


Berserker's Saint Graph is highly modified, towering over his already massive 253cm self. His output, endurance, and Divinity have greatly risen. He possesses the Skill Enormous Twelve Labors.


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