Berserker (バーサーカー, Bāsākā?) is a Berserker-class Servant able to be summoned by the Protagonist in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Berserker's True Name is Vlad III, known as the king of Romania and a hero.[1]


Vlad III completely loses the "refined elegance" possessed in his normal Lancer state.[1]


Differing from his normal self who abhors the image of Dracula and wishes to wipe away the disgrace it caused him, Vlad III embraces it to become "an avatar of calamity who uses his vampiric powers without mercy." He still resents the idea of being summoned in such a state, but he will generously work together with a Master so long as they did not deliberately summon him as a Berserker. Although he can converse properly despite his high level of Mad Enhancement, he requires a truly exceptional Master, or else he will quickly make to suck their blood. He will hold their relationship as that of between a king and retainer until the bitter end.[1]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Orleans: The Wicked Dragon Hundred Years War Edit

Vlad III appears as an enemy in the singularity where he is known as Berserk-Lancer (バーサーク・ランサー, Bāsāku-Ransā?). He was summoned along with Carmilla, d'Eon, Saint Martha, and Atalanta by Gilles de Rais to be Jeanne Alter's Servants in her campaign to destroy France. At a later point, he and the rest of Jeanne Alter's Servants traveled to Lyon, which was protected by Siegfried. Together with his comrades, Vlad III defeated Siegfried, leaving the town to be easily destroyed.

When Ritsuka, Mash, and Jeanne come to La Charite to gather information about Orleans, they soon encounter Vlad III along with Jeanne Alter and her other Servants. He along Carmilla are then ordered by Jeanne Alter to kill Jeanne, but the group manages to repel the two vampires. However, before the rest of Jeanne Alter's Servants could attack the group, Marie suddenly appears to aid the group. She then calls upon Mozart, who uses his Noble Phantasm to repel Vlad III and the others, allowing the group to escape. After Jeanne Alter sends Saint Martha to find the group, Vlad III asks her if Saint Martha can handle them alone. Although she claims that Saint Martha's Noble Phantasm can destroy the group, Jeanne Alter admits that Vlad III is right in that she should be cautious. He is then told by her to continue destroying France, and to kill the group if he encounters them before she leaves. After Jeanne Alter leaves, d'Eon asks if the woman with the Chaldea group was the real Jeanne d'Arc, to which Vlad III answers that their Jeanne is real as well. Vlad III then leaves with Carmilla in search of people to drain blood from. Vlad III later fights the group along with d'Eon during the final battle between Ritsuka's party and Jeanne Alter's army, but both are defeated by the group. He thinks about the irony of him encountering a "Dragon Slayer" again; noting that as evil it must be his destiny to be struck down in the presence of a slayer of evil. Accepting his demise, Vlad III requests Ritsuka to summon him before finally disappearing.

Singing Pumpkin Castle Adventure ~Mad Party 2015~Edit

Summoned by Elizabeth Báthory using a fragment of the Grail she found in Orleans, Vlad III welcomes Ritsuka Fujimaru, Mash Kyrielight, and Kiyohime when they encounter him. After Kiyohime states no Berserker can surpass her in elegance and breeding, he comments that neither him nor her can ever return from the wicked paths they walked. Afterwards, he says that it is time to entertain the group, saying that he understands the importance of a festival as the ruler of a nation. A little insulted by Romani Archaman calling him the only sane person in the event, Vlad III decides to "entertain" the group with a "dance of blood". However, he states that his talent lies more in embroidery, and offers Mash a lesson so she can decorate Ritsuka's uniform. After the group defeats the monsters he sent at them, Vlad III thanks Elizabeth for creating the event, calling her one of the few Servants that can shamelessly spread such sweet delusions. He then reveals that Elizabeth possesses a fragment of the Grail that she found in Orleans, and calls a blessing that she found it as, to him, she was the most harmless Servant there. After Kiyohime calls Elizabeth not harmless, Vlad III comments that Elizabeth has the mind of a child, simply seeking her own entertainment. He then proceeds to fight the group himself, but he is defeated by them. Though he comes out of the fight with nary a scratch, Vlad III says that his role is now done, and tells the group to continue on towards Elizabeth.


Normally summoned as Lancer, being summoned as Berserker is an extremely rare circumstance where "his notoriety is based on the very shame he wishes to erase." The Noble Phantasm Legend of Dracula is automatically activated by default, granting him its abilities. He can use the Bloodsucking skill to decrease the health of his targets and replenish his own, possibly applying the detrimental status effect of Seduction (Chaos). It has a medium chance of being applied and affects both men and women. His primary Noble Phantasm is Kazikli Bey.[1]



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