Berserker (バーサーカー, Bāsākā?) is a Berserker-class Servant appearing in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Berserker's True Name is Xiang Yu (項羽?), a Chinese warlord who lived during the late Qin dynasty.

Due to the connection formed with the Master in the Chinese Lostbelt, a form different from the Greater Human History's "Humanoid-type Xiang Yu" has been summoned. The Man-Horse type tactical framework is a "construct" assembled with the best of the Eternal Sin Empire's sage art cybernetics.[1]

Greater Human HistoryEdit

Family name Xiang, given name Ji, courtesy name Yu. In the Greater History of Man, he was the person who destroyed the Qin dynasty and contested with Liu Bang for the title of next Emperor.[1]

He was ridiculed as "a man with brute courage, but the benevolence of a consort" for causing his own faction to self-destruct with inconsistent policies, despite boasting of many inhumane massacres and innumerable deeds of arms. During his childhood, he couldn't quite master the scholarly and martial arts and only learned the gist of the art of war, but later he made himself widely known by distinguishing himself with nothing but his wisdom. He's surely the Hegemon of Vast Plains who exceeds human intellect and morality. Actually, the truth is───[1]

He is an artificial human designed based on the wreckage of Prince Nezha that Qin Shi Huang recovered while he was searching for the immortal realms/realm of the sages, and was stolen by Xiang Liang who, giving him the name Xiang Ji, then pretended to be his uncle. After Xiang Liang's death, there was a sense of purpose that's been programmed into him in the beginning――――――namely, the intelligence of a machine that kept driving him for the sake of the early realization of a "peaceful world". However, that methodology was a complete deviation from morality. He destroyed and slaughtered with the intention of "simplifying and limiting" the strategical scope of China so the next ruler could quickly rise to power. From the people’s point of view, however, these were just like the futile deeds of a tyrannical Demon King.[1]

However, as a result, the Chu–Han Contention - the chaotic period after the collapse of the Qin dynasty - ended in just 4 years, and Liu Bang went from being a chivalrous person from the countryside to becoming the founder of the Han dynasty.[1]




The Xiang Yu who was handed down to others as a hegemon who was a rare genius and a fool at the same time. After all, his true character wasn't something that others could comprehend. Due to the unique sense of time gained from precognition, Xiang Yu's thought process is quite different from that of a regular person. Usually, he remains calm like a large tree, but the moment he perceives an omen of disorder with his future vision, like a storm, Xiang Yu will wildly eliminate his target. Since this would be impossible to understand for a regular person who can not perceive the future, as a Servant, Xiang Yu is classified as a Berserker.[1]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

S I N: The Land of Unified KnowledgeEdit

In the Lostbelt, where Qin Shi Huang's death did not occur, he's being used by the righteous Qin Shi Huang to assist the Qin dynasty's world hegemony under the code name Kuaiji Model Zero. That precognition derived from his high-speed calculation ability is what makes Kuaiji Model Zero function as an invincible weapon on the battlefield. As the standard-bearer and founder of the Sin Army's mechanized army corps, he's finally obtained the realization of his dearest wish, known as the Eternal Sin Empire.[1]


In the Lostbelts, the hegemon's military power is no longer in the realm of men, his galloping no different from a storm swallowing a large army. The Man-Horse type tactical framework is a "construct" assembled with the best of the Eternal Sin Empire's sage art cybernetics. That precognition derived from his high-speed calculation ability is what makes Kuaiji Model Zero function as an invincible weapon on the battlefield.[1]

Xiang Yu wields six swords that he swings with blinding speed. He can rotate his upper body to perform a spin attack with such speedd that it produces a whirlwind. He can unleash a large energy beam from his chest. He's also able to unleash an array of green energy blasts to bombard his enemies, or a burst of green energy from his body.[2]

His Skills are Misfortune Enhancement (Rank A+), Future Prediction (Rank A→A++), Tactical Body (Rank B), and Supreme Ruler's Martial Might (Rank A).

His Noble Phantasm is Mountain-hurling Power and Matchless Valor.

Hinako Akuta intentionally wanted to summon a Rider-class Servant due to her husband Xiang Yu qualifing for it but due to the Xiang Yu in the Lostbelt, she couldn’t.


Creation and ConceptionEdit


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