Berserker of "Black" ("黒"のバーサーカー, "Kuro" no Bāsākā?) is the Berserker-class Servant of Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia of the Black Faction in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha. She is one of the Servants summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Berserker's True Name is Frankenstein (フランケンシュタイン, Furankenshutain?), the Frankenstein's monster (フランケンシュタインの怪物, Furankenshutain no Kaibutsu ?). Based upon the artificial life created by Victor Frankenstein in Mary Shelley's novel "Frankenstein: or the Modern Prometheus".[5][6] Victor sought to recreate the original couple described in the bible -- Adam and Eve. Due to the limitations of man, he first built Eve, intending for her to give birth to the counterpart.[3][6] What started as a patchwork of lifeless flesh was given life by the energy harnessed from lightning.[3][6] Unfortunately, what awoke was not the ideal woman that Victor envisioned, but an abomination with the mind of an infant. Having no developed capacity for expression, her sense of morality was completely absent. After presenting the entrails of a slain dog as a gift for the master, she was branded a failure and disassembled, before being abandoned completely.[3]

Though still in pieces, she still lived, and over a period of time, was able to reconnect and repair herself. In her former master's absence, she came into contact with the outside world, and developed the emotions and feelings that could never be created in the first place. Thus she realized a great anger towards the one who abandoned her, but also admiration for the one who was effectively her father.[3] She doggedly pursued the man until finding him in Geneva, Switzerland, where she made the following appeal:

« I never wanted to trouble you... but when you created me, you made me as only me. I am all alone, and it's painful... it's agonizing... it hurts. So, please, just one more. Please, create one more of me. If anyone can, it is you. Please... give me a mate. »


However, he flatly refused. Believing himself to have birthed of a hideous creature, it seemed unthinkable to even consider creating another. Though she pleaded, he denied her again and again, causing her to realize the truth and fall into deep despair. She decided that she must have him create another no matter what, so she killed those acquainted with him, those with no relation at all, and even his fiancee. He continued to flee from her despite that, denying her request to the end.

Getting tired of her persistent chase, Victor fled to the South Pole, choosing to die over granting her one wish.[3] Dying in madness, he regretted her creation until his last breath. With the man she had looked up to gone and without anyone to hate, she parted from Walton, the man who watched over Frankenstein's final moment, and traveled to the uttermost north. She built herself a pyre, allowing herself to be consumed by the flames while thinking, "May my ashes be scattered across the seas..." That was the end of the monster born from the delusions of Frankenstein.


  • Frankenstein's face

Berserker is a lovely young girl clad in a white dress with empty eyes, carrying a giant mace. Her eyes are normally covered by her long hair and only peek between the gaps. While Frankenstein is known for being a tall man over two meters tall, reminiscent of the portrayals of Boris Karloff and Robert de Niro, she resembles the Bride of Frankenstein at first glance. Due to her appearance, Caules is confused as to whether Victor Frankenstein had a twisted sense of beauty when looking upon her and calling her repulsive, or if she possesses an inconcealable foulness despite her external beauty.

She gives off the image of a large-breed dog that, despite never wagging her tail and always making a bored expression, desperately approaches people. Like how she always kept close to Caules when she walked behind him.[6]


Mad Enhancement has robbed her of most of her linguistic ability, limiting her responses to head-shaking and grunts; the only time she was able to speak was when she was summoned and when she was trying to kill herself along with Saber of Red using her Blasted Tree. She can differentiate friend and foe, and she is able to communicate simple ideas. Due to a lack of skill in expression, and fearful of her own monstrous nature, she maintains a shy silence that conceals her high intelligence and empathetic capabilities, except for the emotion of sorrow.[5] She prefers to remain in material form, and she sullenly moans when forced by Caules to remain in spiritual form. Rather than running wild, she prefers to pick flowers in the castle's courtyard garden or stare at the sky. She dislikes the overly-friendly Rider of Black, only rarely responding to his inquisitive attempts to speak with her out of annoyance. Extremely mindful of energy conservation, she will turn off the lights in the bathroom if her Master leaves them on after use and directly unplug the PC's power plug.[3][5]

Her wish is to bring forth a mate that is the same kind of being as her. Beings like the homunculi of Yggdmillennia, although similar, are not good enough for her, showing lines that she refuses to cross in her own way. The reason why she seeks a pair is not an instinctive desire, but a logical reason because she seeks a way of being a proper human. If her master succeeds in making her open her heart, there is a possibility of the Master being chosen as the "bridegroom of Frankenstein".[3]


Edison and Nikola Tesla
Charles Babbage



Beginning Stages of the WarEdit

  • The Black Faction summoning
  • Black Faction witnessing Red Faction floating fortress
  • Caules flashback of Berserker.

Berserker is summoned by Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia with Victor Frankenstein's plans for a "perfect human" as a catalyst.[7] As the Servants' true names are to be shared, the inquisitive Rider of Black asks for her name, but she shakes her head. Thinking it is solely because she cannot speak, Rider asks the flustered Caules, and Berserker grumbles in displeasure as he speaks it. They leave together after the ritual is over, moaning in something close to an agreement. She remains angry at him for revealing her true name when even the Black Faction may later become their enemies in the Holy Grail War, and while she picks flowers in the garden, he apologies to her. She feels assured after knowing that her Master properly understands the Holy Grail War, and she agrees to simply focus on surviving. He asks her to correct the details of her legend in order to better understand her due to there being obvious discrepancies, and she bows her head earnestly at the request.

She does not interrupt his tale, either because Caules gets it correct or she does not care. She identifies her wish of a mate, taking offense by shoving a flower in his face when Caules suggests something like one of Yggdmillennia's homunculi. She nods for him to relate his wish to her, but he does not have one at the moment. Initially displeased by the answer, he explains his reasoning, and she grunts to show that she approves to some extent. As he begins to leave, she gives him a flower. As she begins to rip other flowers to shreds, Caules is reminded of the part of the legend where she was said to have thrown the farmer's daughter into the lake thinking she would float like the flower game they were playing, and hastily retreats.[8]

Berserker is deployed along with Saber of Black to act as part of the plan to capture the rogue Berserker of Red. They encounter Rider of Red and Archer of Red as they act as Red Berserker's backup. As Archer retreats into the forest, Rider taunts the two, causing them to become angered at the insult to their pride. As Rider challenges them, they both charge at him. Despite having superior numbers, Saber and Berserker are unable to gain an advantage over Rider, who is capable of playing around with them, as they are unable to wound him due to his Noble Phantasm, Andreias Amarantos. Archer of Red also supports him, shooting arrows at Saber and Berserker. However, the battle is evened by Archer of Black, who himself supports Saber and Berserker and is able to wound Rider, due to possessing Divinity. Realizing that they are at a disadvantage, Archer and Rider retreat from the battle.[9]

Battle At Castle YggdmillenniaEdit

Berserker participates in the big battle between the Red Faction and Black Faction, rampaging across the battlefield and destroying the Dragon Tooth Warriors of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Berserker faces one of the Masters of Red, Shirou Kotomine, who is accompanied by Caster of Red, but is actually fighting himself. Shirou goes to ask Berserker to join the Red Faction, to replace their lost Berserker, but Berserker of Black refuses, attacking Shirou instead. Despite seemingly only being a human, Shirou is able to match Berserker.[10] He, however, decides to eventually retreat, with Caster of Red using his Noble Phantasm, First Folio, to trap Berserker in an illusion of her past. Berserker though is released by her Master using a Command Spell, continuing to fight in the battle.

Berserker eventually faces Saber of Red, who is overpowering Rider of Black and the homunculus, Sieg. Despite her strength, Berserker is unable to match Saber, who is far stronger than her. Due to this, she decides to utilize her second Noble Phantasm,Blasted Tree, that allows her to release a massive attack at the cost of her own life. Despite knowing the cost, Caules painfully forces himself to allow his Servant to use this attack, even assisting her with Command Spells. Despite landing the attack on Saber, the Servant of Red survives, due to her own Master using a Command Spell to save her.[11]

Despite his Servant dying, Caules continues to battle in the Great Holy Grail War, as an important part of the Black Faction. A part of Berserker also becomes attached to Sieg, granting him the Galvanism skill and his own version of Blasted Tree.

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

London: Death World in the City of Demonic FogEdit

Ritsuka Fujimaru, Mash Kyrielight and Mordred discover Frankenstein in the basement of Victor Frankenstein, who had been killed by Mephistopheles. They take Frankenstein to Jekyll's apartment, where she remains for some time.

When the party is discussing the robotic Helter Skelters, Frankenstein reveals that she can track the one who controls the robots,Charles Babbage. Frankenstein then helps Ritsuka, Mash and Mordred track down the main Helter Skelter and later Babbage himself. Although Frankenstein is initially unsure about leading them to Babbage, as she believes him to be a good person, but agrees to help them due to Mordred's persuasion. When the party encounters Babbage, they discover that he is indeed regretting his actions, but is forced to fight the party due to Makiri Zolgen manipulating him with the Holy Grail. After Babbage is defeated, he reveals the location of his Steam Machine, Angrboda, before fading away. Before the group continues, they return Frankenstein to Jekyll's apartment.

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

Frankenstein is amongst the "London" Singularity Servants to aid Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars.[12]

Dead Heat Summer Race! ~Ishtar Cup of Hopes and Dreams~Edit

Death Jail Summer Escape ~Medb's Great Bastille of Guilt and Despair~Edit


Berserker is a relatively new mystery who does not stand out even with the raised parameters provided by Mad Enhancement, making her a suitable Servant for the low-aptitude Caules.[6] Her true worth instead lies in a unique, innate skill. As she is a Berserker meant to rage on the battlefield in madness without accepting orders and eventually fall, Darnic has little expectations of her in the battle plan of the Black Faction. He plans to use her to bring about massive destruction on the battlefield by having Caules use his Command Spells at the right time to strike up confusion in the Red Faction. Normally slow to respond in interpersonal interaction, she exhibits surprising agility and toughness in combat; in Berserk Mode, she executes commands with extreme faithfulness.[5] Her Noble Phantasms are Bridal Chest and Blasted Tree.

Due to her unique skill “Galvanism”, she has the big advantage of efficiently replenishing her Magical energy supply at an abnormally high rate, but since her Magical energy supply is being taken care of by the homunculi in the Great Holy Grail War, that advantage is made useless. Her Noble Phantasm also only reaches B rank by making a suicide attack, while the rest of the time its destructive power is at best C~D rank. Most likely, she would be incapable of winning in either a normal Holy Grail War or the Great Holy Grail War unless she had great luck and her Master had excellent judgment.[6]


The arrival of the summer season!! "Hot! Sluggish! Lazy!" The bad with summer cyborg, Fran-chan, changes into a swimsuit to keep cool, and enters the race! Her partners are a suspicious old man of around-fifty and the trans-morphed Giant Robo-Babbage. It's like the Great Blockbuster Film of Summer![13]

Old man of around-fifty: "Our Fran is the number one cutest in the world!"[13]

Saber Fran, made into a sluggard because of the summer heat. But when the moment comes where she starts to easily go berserk, hahaha, whichever it is, it's truly a problematic matter, hahaha, her image is like a "languid, large dog affected by the summer heat", and so the old man of around-fifty supports her rampage. Only Professor Babbage is reliable! Steam, Electricity, Evil Schemes; with these three combined, this team has no weaknesses! I think! Also, because her Saint Graph has been tampered with, she has somehow become a Saber.[13]

Because it's summer, even the normally diligent Fran-chan shows the Master her laa-zy side. Occupying the Master's bed, and idling listlessly while indulging in the air-conditioning. The kind of level where you'd upload a photo on social media with the caption of 'When your pet doesn't want to move away from your bed, what should I do?', while grinding your teeth in frustration as you watch over the innocent Servant who wickedly wants to occupy your bed.[13]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

She was designed by Meteo Hoshizora and illustrated by Takeshi Okazaki for the original cancelled online game project.[5]

The description for her original design in Fate/complete material IV differentiates in that she was rejected by her creator when she professed a love for him. Fearful of her interests, her creator dismembered her and escaped to his birthplace in an Alpine village outside Geneva. Reassembling herself and tracking him on instinct, she began to recognize over time that though she was kind in nature, she was also an existence of cursed monstrosity. The understanding of the reasoning behind her creator's rejection drove her to anger and despair, and she took the lives of his family members, pursuing him across Europe in the aftermath. Her creator eventually underwent a mental breakdown and took his own life. At the loss of the subject of her love, hopes, and hatred, the automaton drowned herself in the icy waters of the Arctic.[5]


Yuuichirou Higashide thought Fran in “Capsule Servant” looks super cute as her head rolls off when she is defeated.[6]


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