Biten-Hassō Kuruma Gakari no Jin: Bishamonten's Eight Phases Wheel Charge Formation (毘天八相車懸りの陣びてんはっそうくるまがかりのじん, ?) is Nagao Kagetora's Noble Phantasm.

The rotating formation that Nagao Kagetora was said to be fond of, transformed into a Noble Phantasm suitable for individual combat. Originally, the formation involved splitting the army into several sections, which all take turns attacking the enemy lines.

When the True Name is invoked, the mounted and fully armed Kagetora is split into eight clones, which strike the enemy alternatingly, as a sure-kill one-person rotating formation. “Gallop forth, Houshoutsukige! Bishamonten’s protection is with me! " Let it be known that her beloved steed, Houshoutsukige, originally incapable of being summoned in any class but Rider, was forcibly summoned in a flagrant instance of rule breaking under the name of Bishamonten.

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