Blessing of Wisdom (才知の祝福, Saichi no Shukufuku?) is the second sword Noble Phantasm of Suzuka Gozen, activated with her silver sword, Shoutouren. Along with Daitsuuren, it is a blade of wisdom belonging to Manjushri.[1] It is a sword forged by a bodhisattva, the bodhisattva's wisdom transmitted into the sword, and when unsheathed, the user would gain a wisdom matching that of Manjushri, bypassing the requirement of having to gather three people for this wisdom as scripture says.[1][2]

By equipping Shoutouren, the Noble Phantasm is able to greatly raise Suzuka's intelligence level.[1][2] Poor sword-handling becomes more refined, and combat skills further expands. Additionally, "Heavenly Demon Rain's" performance increases and use of "Trichiliocosm" becoming possible with all sorts of benefits.[2] But because her head needs to work more than usual, she will temporarily regret her inefficient way of life at playing the role of a female high-school student, falling into self-loathing.[1][2] As such, Suzuka Gozen is very adamant on not using this Noble Phantasm.[2]

In Fate/Grand Order, the Noble Phantasm is treated as a Skill.[2]


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