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« My God, the beauty of the Moon! Embodiment of golden hell, let yourself run freeeeeeeeee!!"
"Oh, woman of origin! Thou hast a broad beauty!"
"Berserkeryell! »

(Gatoh Monji and Berserker)

Blut die Schwester: Blood Sisters (血の姉妹
, Chi no Shimai
Burūto di Shevesutaa
?) is something like a Noble Phantasm possessed by Berserker in Fate/EXTRA and Red Arcueid in Melty Blood that is more akin to a special quality that she possesses, used to drop an image of the moon on an opponent. It is a method of world configuration utilizing the relationship between the Earth and the moon. She originates from the brain of the moon, and her prime body has become the "sense of touch of the Earth" after many years. Possessing both an Earthly Authority and the status of being a copy of the moon, she simultaneously embodies the basic rule of the moon and the basic rule of the Earth. She is able to use the discord when both are on the same level as a means of attack.

Utilizing a terraforming attraction with the Authority of bringing the surrounding environment, the Earth side, to her side, she uses the difference in gravity as a means of an attack.[2] The gravity of the moon is only a sixth of that of the Earth, and this fact does not change even within the cyber world of the Moon Cell because all of its information is drawn to the mass of its core in a way thought of as the gravity of cyberspace. Everything within the Moon Cell abides by the rules of the Moon for that reason, so before her, whose body embodies that concept while being on the Earthen side, anything is reduced to a sixth of its power. It does not matter how high the opponents' Magic Resistance as it is an unavoidable rule of the world. The ability is conceptual, so it has no concrete definition. The point of view of the Earth views the other side as being reduced to a sixth of its previous state, while the point of view of the moon views the other side becoming six times its previous state. Though it can be viewed either way depending on the observer, it clearly reduces the power of the opponent to a sixth. The most clear way of defining it is to view her as being only being able to boost herself on Earth, and being only able to impart a penalty onto her opponent on the moon. Once activated, she is surrounded by a crimson aura that forms a full, red moon behind her. She then rushes towards the opponent and unleashes a flurry of slashes, imparting the "moon" abnormal status effect that causes them to suffer from reduced Strength and Endurance parameters.[3]

The Fate/EXTRA Material would also conflate Blue die Schwester with White Berserker's Ultimate One skill, stating that it allows her to become an Authority that can become slightly stronger than her opponent in battle when used on the Earth.


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